OLTL Update Tuesday 8/26/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

In 1968, while Rex (as Bo) is getting shipped off, his commanding officer demands that he gets going. He has to go off to war. But at that point, Gigi suddenly decides that she must tell Rex that he has a compelling reason not to go to war. She divulges to him that Shane is his son. Hearing that, he cannot believe what he has just heard.

Antonio, Cristian and Sarah find their way to the palace in Mendorra. Antonio tells the others that they must let him do what he needs to do. Cristian encourages his brother to “find his girl."

In her bedroom with Jonas, Talia brushes her hair and acts coldly to her “new husband." He reminds her that she cannot avoid him forever.

At Todd’s home, Tess wanders in the door realizing she left her purse behind. Todd is distracted and unaware that she’s gotten in. She walks into Marty’s room. She is dumbfounded to notice Marty there, when everybody thought that Marty was dead. Seeing her, but not remembering anybody she’s known in her past, Marty sees Tess and asks if she is Blair. In response to that, Tess is very surprised that Marty would not be able to distinguish her from Blair. She informs Marty that she is certainly not Blair, but she can sure see that this is Marty. Marty looks at this strange person and asks how she would know her.

Meanwhile, Blair goes to find John in his office but notices that it is empty.

In 1968, after Gigi has spilled the beans to Rex that he is Shane’s father, the professor gets an electric shock and seems to know that something monumental has happened.

In the palace in Mendorra, a servant of Carlo Hesser reminds his boss that he might not be able to get his daughter to “consummate” with Jonas. Carlos seems to know what he needs to do. Not far away, Cristian and Sarah spy and overhear.

In their bedroom, Talia tells Jonas that she is tired. He asks her why she would be tired. She doesn’t do anything, nor does she fulfill her commitment. She reminds him that he was pretty desperate to marry somebody who doesn’t want to be with him for the sole purpose of appeasing Carlo Hesser. She reminds him that she knows that he “needs” her, because without her he cannot become king. So he is “indebted” to her.

John and the cops are ransacking Todd’s home but find nothing. Todd is distracted and unaware that Tess has gone up and found Marty.

Tess plays Jessica to Marty, remembering that Jessica and Marty were great friends. Realizing that Marty must have lost her memory, not to know her or Todd, she “makes nice” realizing she might be able to convince Marty to trust her. She wonders why Marty would trust Todd of all people and stay at his home. Marty then asks Tess if she knows something about Todd that nobody else knows. Tess acts friendly and tells Marty that it was really amazing; everybody thought she was dead, and all of a sudden, Todd has found her. Tess doesn’t really know what to tell her about Todd’s secret. Marty then asks Tess if she knows John McBain. Tess plays Jessica and replies that she knows John. Right before Marty is about to reveal to Tess what Todd has told her about John, Todd enters to see the two of them talking. Tess concludes to her “uncle” that he has been keeping some secrets of his own.

After Gigi reveals to Rex that he is Shane’s father, a major breakthrough occurs that transforms Rex out of the role of Bo Buchanan, in 1968. The soldier who plays Bo is the real Bo, played by another actor. At that point, both Rex and Gigi are sent back to 2008. They ask a passer-by if they are really in 2008. The guy tells them, "Of course." They are in an office somewhere and observe the people are dressed like the present. Rex assumes that he has been in this dream alone and that Gigi would know nothing about it. He tells her that he had this really weird dream and she was in it. They traveled back to 1968. He met a bunch of people that he knows now and saw them playing the roles of people who lived around Asa Buchanan 40 years ago. The strangest thing happened right before he woke up. She had informed him that Shane was his son. Hearing that, she reveals to him that it was not a dream, and it really happened. She did tell him that it’s true, and Shane is his son.

In Mendorra, Jonas reminds Talia that she “made a promise." She reminds him that she made a promise to marry him only because she had no choice, and the day she sleeps with him will never happen. She is in love with Antonio. At that point, he touches her, and she throws him over. The guards rush in. Jonas tells them they must lead him to Hesser.

Blair waits for John in his office, and she leaves him a note. He then walks in the door. She tells him that she left him a note and should have called first. He tells her he’s glad she came by and there is something he must tell her, about Todd Manning.

After Todd interrupts Tess’s conversation with Marty, Tess tells him that she and Marty were just catching up on their “girl talk." Noticing that Tess appears friendly and hearing that she and “Jessica” used to be friends, Marty asks Todd why he wants to rush “Jessica” out of the house. If she is Todd’s niece, Jessica, and close to her uncle, what is up?  Tess seems to wonder why it is that Marty has heard all of these terrible things about John McBain. Who would have told her all about that? Marty informs Tess that Lee Ramsey got killed, and Todd brought her to this place to take care of her. Hearing that, Tess concludes that Todd knows this secret about Lee Ramsey and so does Marty. Now she knows it, also. Todd then addresses her as Tess and tells her that she knows a lot. Hearing Todd call her Tess, Marty asks why, when she thought his niece’s name was Jessica.

After Gigi confirms to Rex that she really did tell him that he was Shane’s dad and it was not just a dream he had, he demands to know why she never told him that before. She’s kept this secret throughout the last ten years. Why was that? Was it because she thought he was not good enough to be her son’s dad?

At the palace in Mendorra, Carlo tells his servants that he will “handle” things with his daughter. He reminds them that the future of this kingdom depends upon them. He tells them that the people in Mendorra deserves stability. After the scam perpetrated upon the good people by Tina Roberts and Cain, they need to trust him. He reminds them that his daughter has always been “headstrong." It’s now time for her to meet her destiny. When the others are distracted, Antonio knocks a guard out, and he finds his way to Talia’s room. He enters. She assumes he is Jonas and demands that he go away. When she sees him, she asks him if it is really him. He asks her if she wanted somebody else to come into her room. She tells him, "Of course not." He lifts her up, turns her around, and they kiss.

After Marty asks Todd why he calls Jessica Tess, Todd and Tess act all friendly and talk about the nicknames they call each other. She seems to trust them both. She tells Tess that she is eternally grateful to Todd for all he has done for her. Privately, with Tess, Todd tells his “niece” that he is taking care of Marty for the time being, and it might be worth Tess’s while to keep her mouth shut about what he is doing.

At the station, John tells Blair that he is investigating Todd and knows he is up to no good. She then tells John that she realizes that she has been fooling herself, for so long, believing that Todd will clean up his act and he never did. She tells him that she must stop talking about Todd, and she must take off her wedding ring.

After, Rex has concluded that Gigi has kept the secret from him all these years, that Shane was his son, she tells him he must know that it was not because she thought he was not good enough to be her son’s father but that he disappeared and was nowhere to be found. She was 17 and pregnant. She never thought she’d see him again, and then she met a nice guy who was willing to play the role of father, for her. He reminds her that they have been in contact for months, now. He’s developed a relationship with Shane, and neither of them were given any clue that they are father and son. She then asks him what she was supposed to do when they ran into each other after all these years -- greet him, tell him he looks great, and then tell him, "By the way, you're my “baby's daddy?" As soon as she met him again, she found out he was ready to marry Adriana. He reminds her that he has asks her many times, point-blank, if he is Shane’s father, and she’s lied to him by saying, "No." She then reminds him that he never told her that he loved her after she spilled the beans, and that he loved her right at his wedding. Did he ever think of that? He then replies to her that she now knows that he loves her. She tells him that she wasn’t certain what to do in the dream. She realizes she should have told him. He had the right to know. Rex replies, "So did Shane." He realizes that Shane has envisioned this hero in Brody, and he believes that Brody is his father. She asks Rex if he hates her. He replies, "No." He wonders what they do now. She admits she is not entirely certain, either.

When Tess is with Todd and Marty, Tess tells them that it really amazes her that Marty is so trusting. Hearing that, Marty asks her why she would not trust Todd. Tess then knows she must act friendly and be Jessica. She tells her it was so great to see her. She wants to visit with her again and relive old times. Todd then tells Marty that he and Jessica “will be right back." He then follows Tess into the downstairs room so that they are not overheard. He asks her if she is done “having her fun." Tess then smiles, and laughs, and tells Todd that he must be a terribly sick bastard. He is the “poster child” for mental health. He wouldn’t dare spill the beans on her knowing that she knows his secret with Marty. If only Marty knew that he raped her many years ago.

At the palace, Jonas runs out with the guards, frustrated that Talia refuses to consummate their marriage. Cristian and Talia hide and spy upon them. Antonio runs in and embraces Talia. She tells him that she will not let that "pig," Jonas, come near her, and she has really missed him. She asks him how Jamie is. He tells her she is great, and they will all be together soon. At that moment, Carlo enters his “daughter’s” room. She opens the door, and Antonio hides. She asks Carlo what he wants. He tells her he has heard that she has “upset” Carlo. He reminds her that they have an agreement. She reminds her “father” that even if he did kill Antonio, he will never kill her love for him. At that point, he tells her that she better not get too sure of herself. He reminds her that even if she believes her friends are all safe in Llanview, they may not be. At that point, Antonio makes himself known to Carlo.

After Blair removes her wedding ring with Todd in John’s office, he tells her she may not want to leave it there. It could go into the “evidence room." She tells him, "Who cares. It’s only jewelry." And at that point, she can see that John has an important file. He admits to her that it’s about this “mysterious woman” who Todd is keeping in his home. Hearing that, she reminds him that maybe he doesn’t need to know about Todd’s “new friend." Maybe there is a woman out there who John McBain does not need to save.

After Tess tells Todd that he is “playing house” with Marty, he tells her he is not doing that. He is taking care of her. She reminds him that he certainly would not want Marty to find out that her “knight in shining armor” forced himself on her. She asks him if Marty really has absolutely no clue about the rape. He tells Tess she does, but she does not suspect him. He asks her how long she has “been Tess." She answers, "Since Nash." Since Jessica does not know how to “do bad times”, Jessica checked out and now Tess is in control. They debate how both of them rely upon the other to keep their respective secrets.

Gigi reminds Rex that when he told her he loved her, it was before he knew that Shane was his father. She now asks him if he still loves her. He tells her, "Of course." and he holds her. She tells him she is so sorry. They kiss, and it looks like they are at a bus station.

In Mendorra, Jonas demands the servants to bring him some cake. One servant notices that he is very angry and tells “his highness” that he will get him some cake, but what he really needs is a cold shower. At that point, Cristian and Sarah dress like servants. Jonas notices Sarah dressed like a maid and stares at her (obviously thinking that maybe he can cheat on his “wife” if Sarah wants to help him with that), But when he gets distracted looking at her, Cristian comes up from behind and knocks him out.

Blair and John conclude that maybe they should both forget about their work and personal issues and go home together.

Tess and Todd conclude that they are both going to be in serious trouble with Marty if they ever get found out. He reminds her that he could have her committed just as easily as she could get him nailed. She does not appear afraid of anything and goes out the door.

At that point, we see the newspapers reporting the war in Vietnam and Cambodia. We see that the “real Bo” (in 1968) appears, and he confirms that he is “good to go." We see an American flag, and the past unfolds.

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