OLTL Update Monday 8/25/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Proofread by Melanie

In 1968, at Asa’s ranch, Rex is playing the role of Bo, going off to war. He is in uniform and ready to be shipped out. He and Gigi realize that “Asa” is still there. He’s no longer played by Bo. But they wonder why there is still an “Asa” presence.

In the present, at Clint’s home, Bo and Clint reflect upon that very time in their lives when Bo got drafted in the Vietnam War. Clint tells his brother he remembers that very well. They were all worried that Bo might never come back. Bo recalls to his brother that something was “incomplete” when he got shipped off all those years ago. He did not have a chance to make it complete with their father.

Tess goes to Todd’s home. She knows that he is keeping a secret. He is on his phone ready to call Viki to inform her about what has happened to her daughter, in an attempt to motivate Tess to stay out of his business. But there is a visitor at the door. It’s John McBain. Tess sees him and “plays Jessica” acting all happy to see him. John is accompanied by two uniformed cops. Todd tells John that he did not invite them to his home, and they better get out. But John informs Todd that he has a warrant for his arrest.

Upstairs, Janet, the nurse is talking to Marty about getting her looking nice on make up so that she can “have a life”. Marty wonders what is up with doing that.

In 1968, Rex plays the role of Bo going off to war. He goes to a recruiting office surrounded by military men. Gigi is with him. But before they can say anything, a guy appears dressed in uniform. He approaches Gigi and kisses her. And when she sees him, he looks exactly like Brody. He remarks that he has “been waiting 40 years to kiss her like this”.

Meanwhile, in the present, the real Bo and Clint relive their memory of when Bo went off to war 40 years ago. Clint remarks to his brother that he remembered Bo having some sort of “mystery woman”. At that point, Nora comes to greet Bo and welcome him back home.  Dallas is not far behind her. She is really happy to see Bo, and their conversation about the woman in Bo’s past is interrupted.

In 1968, at the station, the guy who looks like Brody is another man in Emma’s life. He confronts Rex, believing that he has some sort of mistaken idea that “Emma” is his. At that point, they realize that she (Gigi) is not the real Emma, when they see Emma standing nearby.

In the present, Brody takes Shane to a doctor’s appointment. Shane tells Brody that he realizes that his asthma is not getting any better. Brody realizes there is something else involved. He realizes he may not really be Brody’s biological father.

Antonio, Cristian, and Sarah are in a car trying to find their way to Mendorra. The two brothers admit they cannot find the way, but they will not consult the map. Sarah tells them that she will attempt to navigate the way, and she will help them find Talia.

When Todd is confronting John and Tess downstairs in his apartment, Marty and Janet overhear from upstairs. Janet indicates that she wants to distract Marty so she does not get to see John nor remember anything. At that point, Todd’s bodyguard comes down the stairs and asks Todd if he can “help him with something”. John stares at him and tells him he must be joking. Todd then reminds the bodyguard what he pays him for. And Tess falls over and screams that there is something wrong with the baby.

In the car, on the way to Mendorra, Sarah attempts to direct Antonio on how to get on the Autobahn. They all brainstorm about how they are going to get into the palace and find Talia. Antonio indicates that he would rather do it without the help of the other two. But Cristian and Sarah have a book that Tina gave them in order to help them. Cristian reminds his brother that busting into the palace and taking Talia won’t mean anything unless they can neutralize Carlo, once and for all.

At Shane’s doctor’s appointment. Shane tells Brody that he knows that “something” might be ready to happen.

In 1968, while Rex is ready to get shipped off, the guy who looks like Brody realizes that the real Gigi is not Emma when he sees “Emma” in the crowd. “Renee” tells Emma that she must see that this is the man who really loves her. She needs to get over Asa Buchanan. Gigi and Rex privately discuss that he may have to be careful what he wishes for.

At Clint’s home, when he sees Dallas and remembers that he saw a woman who looked just like her playing Renee, he stares at her. Again, Clint notices his brother’s fixed stare and asks if he is okay. Bo asks Dallas what has brought her into town. She tells him that she wanted to come back to the States. She admits that she wanted to pay her respects to the family after Asa’s passing. She remarks that Asa was difficult to like, but he was easy as pie to love. Hearing that, Bo smiles and seems to really understand his “journey” to the past much better.

At Todd’s home, when Tess falls over and tells everybody she is having problems with her baby, Todd becomes protective and demands that the others get her some medical care. It seems as though it’s a scam. Upstairs, the body guard informs Marty that they must get her out of there right away. She asks why. He tells her it’s Manning’s orders. The others get “distracted”, and Todd and Tess indicate that they are in on something together.

In 1968, while the ranch hands are all with “Bo” when he goes off to war, “Olympia” protests that she wants “her baby” to be safe. The guy played by Brody indicates that he is “Spencer’s” (played by Shane) real dad. He might be the “real man” for Emma. Spencer indicates that he respects and knows this guy as his real father.

In the present, at the hospital, Shane talks to Brody about how he knows all about the medals Brody has won for being a “real hero”. It’s a lot more significant what he has done than Shane’s accomplishments of finishing his homework and cleaning his room for his mom. Brody indicates to Shane that he may not be such a “hero” when he (himself) has not been there for his family. Shane then inquires, why it is that his mom has not called and if Brody might know something about that.

In 1968, when “Bo” is about to be shipped off to war, Rex and Gigi talk alone. She pleads with him not to go off to war. He doesn’t have to “play the part”. These people are not his family. They are nothing to him. This is all make-believe, and he is all she has and cannot leave her. He tells her he has to, and she must “see him off”. At that point, Chuck Sr. (played by Nigel) attempts to get “Bo” ready to go on his endeavor. At that point, “Clint” (played by Jared) tells his younger brother that he wants him to come home safe. Their mother (played by Lindsay) admits that she is very worried about her son falling into harm’s way and dying. She cries. Clint goes with her. The new “Asa” privately tells “Bo’ that he wishes that woman would not coddle him so. It only makes him weak. He privately tells his son he better not show anybody any mercy in that place: not a baby, or civilian, or anybody. Nobody will show him any mercy. He seems like he is only concerned about egotism and has no sensitivity for what is happening to his son. Alone with Rex, Gigi tells him she is having a real sick feeling of “déjà vu”. He asks her if she is reliving her memories of living in Texas. She then admits that she had so many thoughts and ideas of what she would have told him if he had come back when they parted ways so many years ago, but she did not know what to do. She assumed she would never see him again. So she put it all out of her mind. In response to that, Rex tells her that he is “not going away” this time. He tells her that he wants only her and they are going to be together again. He tells her he needs to know that she will still be there when he comes back. He tells her he loves her. They kiss.

Clint relives with Bo, Dallas, and Nora that Asa had this thing about getting all the women on a horse, no different than the men. Dallas, however, admitted that Asa may have seen her differently. Clint tells her that maybe he saw her as a kindred spirit.  Asa used to call her and Clint on a regular basis and demand that they tell him when they plan to “settle down.” In response to that, Dallas remembers that she is going to be conducting some business, so she asks the others if they know of any kind of sublet where she can live.

In the car, on the way to Mendorra, Antonio and Cristian brainstorm what they are doing to do in regard to the fact that Carlo is a dictator. Sarah then notices a newspaper article about the wedding of Talia and Jonas. There is mention of how the only way to continue the monarchy is for the “King and Queen” to produce an heir.

At Todd’s home, John and the cops go up to the room where they know Todd is hiding something and bust the door down. Downstairs a nurse examines Tess, and knows she cannot be distracted. She tells them she had a mild contraction and will be fine. She promises to see her own Ob/Gyn the next day.

After John busts down the door to Marty’s room, the bodyguard has already gotten Marty out of there. He walks in and observes Janet lying on the bed. At first, she tells John that they kept the door shut because of paint fumes. But he reminds her he did not smell any. So she tells John that she has just been resting because she gets so little time off. John tells her he knows that there is some woman there who has disappeared. But Marty is nowhere to be found. At that point, Tess is all alone downstairs, and she sneaks out the door.

In 1968, as Rex (playing Bo) heads off to war, Gigi is very tempted to tell him something, but she cannot get it out.

Antonio, Cristian, and Sarah are headed for Mendorra.

At Nora and Clint’s home, after Dallas has expressed that she needs a place to stay in town, Nora informs her that she knows of some realtors. Nora appears friendly but is obviously not okay with Clint’s ex-girlfriend back in town and so friendly with Clint.

At Todd’s home, he tells John and the cops that they may go and search his basement knowing they will find nothing now that Marty is gone. He discovers Tess’s purse on the floor. She re-enters.

In 1968, after Rex (as Bo) gets shipped off, Gigi notices the guy played by Brody, who is Spencer’s father, hugging his son and Emma. At that point, she calls to Rex and tells him she cannot let him get on that bus until she tells him what she must tell him.

At the hospital, Brody reveals that he is not there to take Shane for an asthma appointment. He is there to examine the DNA that will confirm whether Shane is his son or not. He knows that Gigi is ready to reveal to Rex, that he is not and Rex is. Brody talks privately with the doctor, informs him of the situation, and tells him that he must realize that he is this kid’s dad, regardless of DNA. So, could the doctor do a “favor” for him since he is also a dad?

At that point, Gigi finally spills the beans to Rex that Shane is his son. 

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