OLTL Update Friday 8/22/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Bo is back in Llanview living in the present but he knows that Rex is still lost in Texas in 1968 and has not returned. He gets on his phone and calls contacts to do everything they can to find Rex Balsam and his friend Gigi.

In 1968 at the ranch, Rex and Gigi know that they are stuck there not knowing how to get back to the present in Llanview. But they confirm that they love each other. He tells her he apologizes for dragging her out there. And he informs her that it’s very important that they get everything straight since he is being shipped off to war the following day.

At Rodi’s, John meets with his boss and tells him he needs a search warrant to search Todd Manning’s home.

At the Ob/Gyn clinic, Tess is having “being Jessica”. She goes off on a nurse about not making her wait and threatens to pitch a fit that will make her freaking sorry. At that point, Todd is in the other room and cannot help overhearing. He enters to “greet” his niece, knowing that she is “not herself”.

Starr returns home and notices that Cole is waiting for her. She asks him how he has been. He tells her he was great until he noticed her mom and Mrs. McBain having lunch and observing a sonogram that he was unaware of.

Realizing that they are both “stuck” there, Rex asks Gigi if she has left Brody to stay with Shane and if he is a “good dad”. Gigi doesn’t want to answer that but Rex reminds her that it’s very important that Shane is ok since neither of them knows how to return and even if they can, it might be too late if he has to go off to war. At that point the “professor” enters with some big machine.

At Rodi’s, Layla asks Brody some questions about his situation where he’s lied to Shane about being his father.

At the other table, John informs his boss that he happens to know that Todd has a mysterious woman staying at his home and he’s hiding her.

After Todd walks in to hear “Jessica’ going off on the nurse, so unlike herself, Tess knows she better attempt to “play Jessica”. She then cries, apologizes for her outburst and explains that she is hormonal and distraught because her husband passed away and she has to have a baby without him. The nurse tells her she is so sorry. Alone with Todd, Tess realizes he may very well be on to her.

Cole tells Starr that he has been thinking about calling her all the time, just to hear her voice. She asks him why, then, he has not. He replies because it has always hit him that he will never forgive her for giving his kid away.

In 1968 at the ranch, the professor enters. Rex introduces him to Gigi and explains that she is also from 2008 and stuck here. The professor observes her and notices that she looks just like Emma Bradley. Gigi tells the professor she realizes that and “he” looks just like “that woman” she knows form the present whom she had to rely upon and pay to travel back to 1968 in order to find Rex.

In Llanview, in the present, Clint tells Jared that he might be able to use his help in getting Dorian where she is weak, with some plan involving Langston. Jared admits that he is clear on what Clint wants but is not comfortable going through with it. Clint reminds Jared that after what he has done to Clint’s family, he might not be in any position to “negotiate”. At that point, Bo enters and is surprised to notice the two of them meeting and privately discussing something.

Back at the ranch in 1968, the “ranch hands” are all awoken by the loud music and ready to send “Bo” off to war. In the other room, Gigi tells the professor that she cannot be stuck there any longer. If she does not get back to her son and her life in the present, she knows she will die. He balks about whether he can give Gigi and Rex what they are asking for. She tells him he better do something, anything. They are desperate. He then explains that he had a “conversation” with some “colleagues” about some sort of “portal opening”. Rex then demands to know how and what they must do in order to make it happen. The professor talks about some sort of law of physics but doesn’t have any clear answers as to what they do. He leaves. At that point, “Clint" (played by Jared) enters to ask his “little brother” if he is ok. Rex yells no. Clint tells “Bo”, he is looking for their “pa”. It looks like “Asa” (played by Bo) has disappeared and is nowhere to be found.

When Bo goes to see Clint and notices him with Jared, he asks his brother if he has “forgiven” Jared. Clint tells his brother no. Jared leaves Bo and Clint alone to talk. At that point, Nigel enters and tells “Mr. Buchanan" (Bo) that it’s great to have him back and that everybody was worried about him. Hearing Nigel’s English accent and observing his formal suit, Bo stares at his father’s butler, recalling that the guy who played Chuck Sr. in his trip to 1968 looked just like Nigel. At that point, both Clint and Nigel notice that Bo is lost in thought and ask him what is up.

At the ranch in 1968, “Clint” assumes that the real Gigi must be Emma, since she looks just like her. He asks her how it is that she is dressed differently and cut her hair. But he realizes that he got drunk last night and may not remember many things. At that point, “Chuck Sr.” (who looks just like Nigel although dressed like a ranch hand and speaking with a southern drawl) tells Clint that he mustn’t be harsh with his “Pa”. Asa just has his ways and Clint must not take it too seriously. But “Clint" (played by Jared) tells “Chuck" (played by Nigel) that he has had it with his father. He needs to find him and confront him but he is nowhere to be found.

In the present, Bo is not certain what to say to Clint or to Nigel when he is recalling the guy who played Chuck and looked just like Nigel from his “dream”. And he now realizes that the real Clint is meeting with the same “actor" (Jared) who played young Clint in his “dream”. Not knowing what to say about that, he asks them if they know where Matthew is. Nigel replies to Bo that his son is at school attending freshmen orientation. But they both know that Bo has something else going on that he is not revealing to them. Clint remarks to his brother: “there’s that look again”. Bo then informs them both that he had a really “weird dream” when he was away. Ironically, Jared was playing Clint. Hearing that, Clint is not happy to hear that anybody would liken Jared to him. Bo also informs them that in his dream, Chuck Sr. looked just like Nigel. Hearing that, Clint and Nigel both laugh and find it amusing. Nigel then remarks that dreams do sometimes lend themselves to some sort of truth He admits that he sees himself as having similarity to Chuck since they have both been loyal servants to Asa, to the point of being a detriment to those around them both. Hearing that, Bo smiles and confirms to Nigel that he hit the nail right on the head.

Meanwhile, John informs his boss that Todd Manning’s body guard is a well known parolee. And that might mean that they can “motivate” the guy to help them get the goods on Todd.

At the Ob/Gyn clinic, Tess knows she better play Jessica for Todd in the hopes that he might buy it. But realizing he may not, she questions him about what he’s doing at an OB/GYN clinic. He tells her that Dr. Joplin is Starr’s doctor. Hearing that, she attempts to “play nice” telling him she has heard that Starr is pregnant and she’s “sorry” about that. She then asks Todd if he has taken his daughter to her appointment. But then recalling that Todd is not allowed near his kids anymore, Tess instantly knows she can “get the goods on Todd” with that. She gloats in a way that he knows is not Jessica-style behavior, by asking Todd why, then, if he cannot have anything to do with Starr or her pregnancy, was he is an examination room? She then concludes that he must be up to some sort of dirty business in attempting to find out information he is not supposed to have about his daughter’s pregnancy. He then tells her she can shut up now. She gloats by telling him that she knows he is grumpy to have his grandbaby taken from him. She knows that Todd must have been giving the doctor an “earful” of something. And she wants to know about that. IN response to that, Todd warns his niece that she better not “press” him about that. Because he will “press” her right back. In response to that, she boldly asks him if he is “threatening” her.

When Starr and Cole are alone, they run into some of their peers. The other teenagers gather around and remark that they have not seen either one of them in a long time. And they know the reason.

After Tess asks Todd if he is threatening her, he tells her that he is advising her not to “press” him. She asks him what he plans to do if she does not. Will he go and tell everybody that she is “stressed out”.? She holds her belly so that he can see that she is pregnant. She tells him that she has had good reason to be under pressure. She lost her husband. She has Jared and Natalie staying at Llanfair and they are driving her up a wall. He asks her why, then, would she invite Jared and Natalie to stay at her home. She has no answer for that. And she goes on to sarcastically tell him how Llanfair has gotten “even jollier” now that “auntie Tina” has come there to stay. Hearing that, he admits that he thought he saw Tina the other day. Tess, then, concludes that instead of Tina staying somewhere where she is not wanted, why can’t she stay with her “beloved brother”, Todd in his big house?

John informs his boss that the parolee who is Todd’s bodyguard got hired to move the mysterious invalid woman to Todd’s new home. The man tells John that that is not enough to give reason for a search warrant. They cannot invade this guy’s privacy until they have unequivocal proof that he has broken the law or violated his probation.

While Todd and Tess speak and she makes desperate attempts to “play Jessica”, he tells her he cannot let Tina stay at his home. Hearing that, she asks why he cannot share his huge house with his beloved sister. But when she rubs his nose in the fact that his wife and kids went bye-bye, protests that Tina might be the only family member that will tolerate him and gloats about how nobody cares about Todd, he calmly says no and fears nothing. She then lashes out at Todd for how he is so selfish to “leave her saddled up there with that worthless cow and her disgusting little mutt” She angrily tells him all he ever thinks about is himself and that is why he lost his family and she calls him an arrogant little bastard. At that point, Todd knows that she is not the real Jessica.

Clint tells Bo he must go and inform the rest of the family that his brother is back. At that point, Bo tells Nigel he needs to go and see if he can find Rex Balsam. But Nigel tells Bo he needs him to wait just a moment. And he presents Bo with old letters that Mrs. Buchanan (Renee) found up in the attack that Bo wrote to his father from Viet Nam. How coincidental is that? At that point, Matthew enters. Bo hugs his son and tells him he has really missed him. Matthew asks his father if he was “mad” or had to go away because of the devastating situation with Lindsay. Hearing that, Bo tells Matthew no way. And recalling what he “learned” about fatherhood from being Asa for the last few weeks, he tells Matthew that he is going to do everything he can in order to be a “better father”.

Back in 1968 at the ranch, Rex asks the professor that if BO has returned to 2008 and is no longer Asa, does that mean that Asa Buchanan is gone? The professor replies that he does not know. Rex and Gigi then demand that he comes up with some better answers. And he indicates that they might have to “wait it out” and look him up in another 20 years. He leaves. Gigi concludes that they are stuck there and she may never see her baby again. She tells Rex that he is all she’s got. She cannot lose him too. And they must “find a way” somehow. Hearing that, Rex looks at her wondering what exactly she is talking about.

At the OB/GYN clinic, in response to Tess’s outburst and failure to successfully play Jessica, Todd asks her what is up with her. She replies nothing is “up” with her. She is merely expressing her opinion. Todd then tells her that he is not hearing “opinions” He is hearing hostility and aggression. It’s very “Tess-like”. She tells him it’s hormones and grief. And if he will excuse her, she needs to go and see Dr. Joplin. He then asks Jessica of she can possibly find a way to get a hold of Viki in Africa for him. She tells him she will see if she can. Todd leaves, smugly aware of what has happened to his niece. Alone in the room, Tess admits to her unborn baby that Todd is “onto them”. And she cannot have that happen. At that point, the nurse tells “Mrs. Brennan” that the doctor can see her now. Tess tells the nurse to shove it.

At Rodi’s, Layla admits to Brody that she can see that there is some sort of definitive proof of whether he is really Shane’s father. She can tell that Gigi may have a secret and is still uncontestable while looking for Rex. And she admits that that is “not good news” either for Adriana or for him.

Lost in 1968 at the ranch, Gigi tells Rex that they must do something to get back. They cannot accept the professor’s doubts that they can travel back to the present. But he tells her that he knows of no other way. This is 1968, The next 20 years have to unfold. He might have to live the life of Bo. He has to let Matthew be born and let himself be Bo.

In the present, Renee greets Bo and tells him everybody is glad he’s back. He then asks her what has become of Lindsay. She admits that Lindsay went to trial, did not fight the charges and is now serving a life sentence for the murder of Spencer Truman.

Meanwhile, in 1968 at the ranch, we see Bo’s mother, Olympia (played by Lindsay) having real difficulty with young Spencer Truman (played by Shane) while he goes around squirting everybody with a squirt gun. “Renee" (played by Dallas) tells “Bo" (played by Rex) that she will miss him and prays for his safe return. At that point, Gigi observes young Spencer and his “mother’s” inability to control him while he goes away with “Emma” and “Renee”. She rushes and hugs him, knowing the similarity he has to her own son about to lose his father.

At Rodi’s, Madam Delphina goes and informs Brody that she may have “blown it”. She is afraid she has lost Gigi. She is gone. Hearing that, Brody demands to know what has happened to Gigi. Is she hurt? Is she dead? What did Delphina do to her? Delphina then replies that Gigi is very much alive and well. But she “just can’t come back”. She walks away. But Brody demands that she comes up with better answers. She then tells him she is very sorry. But there is nothing she can do. At that point, Layla overhears. Brody tells her he knows that Gigi would never abandon Shane.

In 1968 at the ranch, “Bo" (played by Rex) is ready to go off to Viet Nam. His commanding officer appears and tells him he better get a move on.

In the present, Bo reads the old letters he wrote to his father when he was serving in Viet Nam. Clint enters. Bo tells his brother that their father really was despicable. And he does not blame Clint one bit for fleeing from the ranch when Asa ran Maria out of town after Clint got her pregnant with Cord all those years ago. Clint admits to his brother that he has no argument that their father was not very cool with the way he treated other people. At that point, Clint informs Bo that although they have no reason to forgive Jared, he realizes that this guy has a relationship with Natalie whether they like it or not. And maybe they can put him to some use and let him “redeem himself”. Hearing that, Bo is lost in thought remembering that “young Clint” in 1968 was played by Jared.

At Rodi’s, John’s boss tells him that he may go and search Todd’s home for any “clues” of what John suspects. But he warns John if he does not find anything, he has had it.

Todd returns home and finds Tess at his door. She seems to know that he is hiding something. She tells him that she knows that there must be some reason why he does not invite anybody to his home. He tells her he knows that she is Tess.

When Starr and Cole run into their schoolmates who seem to know what is going on with the two of them and they leave, Cole stares speechlessly at them. She asks him if he wants to go with them. If so, it’s ok. She has to get back to her mom and Mrs. McBain anyway. Cole leaves to join the group.

After Tess corners Todd in his home, he tells her he is about to call Viki. But she is not about to let him do that.

At Rodi’s, Brody tells Layla that he cannot let Gigi abandon Shane. What will become of his “son” if she does not get back to him? She tells him she bets that Gigi will call soon. But at that point, he remembers that he brought a mysterious toothbrush that he found on Gigi’s couch that she put in a plastic bag. It could very well be DNA evidence.

In 1968 at the ranch, “Clint" (played by Jared) tells his father (played by another actor who is not Bo) that he is going to go away. He will never come back. And Asa will lose both of his boys.

In the present, in Llanview, Bo tells Clint that he is glad that John is the new police commissioner. He believes that John can handle everything. And he is a good man. Clint knows that Bo had something going on when he went to Texas. And Rex is missing and still down there. He demands that Bo tells him what really happened.

At that point, in 1968, they are shipping “Bo" (played by Rex) off to war.

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