OLTL Update Thursday 8/21/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Viki’s home, Jessica is suspicious when she notices Tina’s dog sniffing around and ready to go down in the basement. Tina asks her why she has a problem with her dog. Jessica tells her that her dog pees and creates a nuisance and is filthy. She is not about to clean up after that worthless rodent. Tina protests that she is not asking her to clean up after him and asks her niece why she is being so hostile to her and to her dog. She has obviously never heard Jessica displaying behaviors like that. Jessica tells Tina that she did not invite her there. She knows that Tina is a worthless low-life who only wants Viki’s money. Why doesn’t she go and “mooch” off of her own daughter? That is if Sarah can tolerate her. She’s a slut and a bimbo and nobody cares about her. Hearing that, Tina is shocked and knows this is not the Jessica that everybody knows. She tells Jessica she is concerned about her and needs to make some calls.

Antonio goes to the airport ready to board his flight to Mendorra to find Talia and bring her home. He brings Jamie and Carlotta with him. Jamie tells her daddy she wants him to bring Talia home. She misses Talia.

Jared goes to talk to Clint. Clint tells Jared he does not trust him. But Jared tells Clint in spite of all the things he’s done, he wants to help them salvage the company and take it back from Dorian. Clint tells Jared, in that case, they need to “hit” Dorian “where she lives”.

Outside Dorian’s, Langston and Markko talk about their plans. Cole enters and admits that Nora has given him a big catalog listing many different colleges he could attend in the next year. They ask him if he plans to go far away and leave everything he has known. He admits that he is seriously considering that. He wants to get as far away from Starr as he can.

After Starr has had the ultrasound at the clinic, she has lunch with Blair and with Marcie. They talk about the baby’s development. At that point, Marcie informs Starr that when she was alone with Blair she told her that she would like for the baby to know Blair as it’s grandmother. And she tells Starr she would also like for her to be a part of the baby’s life.

At the clinic, after they have left, Todd finds the nurse and tells her he demands to know the status of his grandchild. He will not be kept out of knowing what is going on.

After Marcie has told Starr that she wants her to be a part of the baby’s life, Starr tells Marcie that she realized that when Marcie kidnapped Sam, she sided with her dad and vilified Marcie. But now she knows that Marcie had every right to do what she did. Her dad is unfit to go near a child and she apologizes for doubting Marcie and all. Hearing that, Blair admits that she is uncomfortable hearing the two of them wanting to prevent Todd from having any rights.

Todd talks to the nurse at the clinic. He tells her that he knows that Starr wants to give her baby up for adoption to Marcie McBain. This hospital could get in a lot of trouble if they enable her to give her baby to a felon. Hearing that, the nurse tells Todd that he better get out of her office.

Starr tells her mother that she made a video for her baby. Even tough the pregnancy was an accident and it’s broken her and Cole up, she believes that her baby is a miracle. And she would like for Marcie to share the video that she made with the baby. Marcie tells Starr she would like very much to do that. She knows that Starr is a great birth mother that the baby should know and love. Starr then reminds her that Cole is also somebody that the baby should know and love.

While Cole goes to talk to Langston and Markko, Nora joins them to hear about their college plans. Markko reminds the others that his parents don’t have money to spend on him going to college. Langston tells the others that she is not certain that she should be going to college. Nora tells the teenagers that if they don’t mind, she would like to give them some unsolicited advice. She believes that it’s good for anybody to “get out of the nest”. But in response to that, Langston tells her that she doesn’t want to leave Dorian. She is afraid of what it will do to her foster mother if she goes far away.

Clint talks to Jared about how they can “get to” Dorian. He tells him that he knows that all of Dorian’s kids have left her. She is very protective of all of them. Hearing that, Jared concludes to Clint that even the “evil Dorian” would not disown her kids the way Clint would disown Natalie. Clint then tells Jared that he knows that Dorian has adopted Langston and doesn’t want her to go anywhere. And maybe if Dorian thought there was some sort of “threat” that she could lose Langston, it might kind of “force her hand”. Hearing that, Clint asks Jared if he plans to take Langston away from Dorian. Clint tells him no. He does not plan to. But he knows somebody who could.

At the airport, Carlotta tells Antonio that she knows that he has not asked Cristian to go to Mendorra with him. And the reason is because Cristian’s girlfriend’s mother is responsible for the big mess that they all got into.

Jessica goes off on Tina, telling her she could care less about her and she wants her to get herself and her disgusting dog out of her home. Tina knows this is not the “real” Jessica.

Clint tells Jared that he knows exactly where Dorian is weak. He knows all of her deep dark secrets involving her family. He knows that Starr is pregnant with Cole’s child.

After hearing that Cole plans to go as far away from Starr as he can, Langston admits that she believes he is being a jerk to abandon and hurt her best friend.

Marcie, Blair and Starr talk about all of the people and situations involved in her having her baby. But Starr tells them that she wants them that she doesn’t want to talk about any of the complications. She just wants to be able to do what she needs to do throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

At the clinic, the nurse tells Todd he does not scare her. He is a very messed up person who is alienating his family. He must have a sad and pitiful life. His daughter does not want him to be a part of her child’s life. And she is going to call security. When she gets on the phone, Todd tells her he wouldn’t do that if he was her. IF she takes action against him, she will really know what it’s like to have a “sad and pitiful life”. The nurse tells Todd he is not going to “bully” her to betray her code of ethics in order to do what he wants.

Cristian and Sarah enter Viki's home when Jessica is ripping into Tina. Jessica knows she better “make nice” to them. She tells them she apologizes if they heard her “yelling”. She is just concerned about how the dog could be in danger in the house. And the pregnancy hormones are really getting the better of her and all. She leaves. Alone with Sarah, Tina tells her daughter that she wants to catch up with her and Cristian. They talk about whether Cord plans to come back. Tina tells them she is ok with the decisions of Cord. She asks Cristian where Antonio has gone. He informs her that he knows that his brother has to go and save Talia. Right then, Tina remembers being able to “stash” the jewels. And she tells Cristian she knows just how to make his brother’s “job” much easier.

At the airport, Antonio tells his mother that he has to rescue Talia from her father. He is a monster. And he wants to get her out. He hopes she understands. Jamie then shows her dad a picture she drew of the princess whom she wants her daddy to be with.

After Cole affirms to Langston that he plans to get away from Starr, she tells him he is selfish and inconsiderate. Knowing he can’t “win the argument”, Cole leaves with Nora.

At the clinic, Todd tells the nurse that he knows how she “pulled strings” to get her son out of trouble and let him get away with breaking the law. She tells him how dare he judge her for that. Her son has gotten help for his drug addiction and is now a teacher. Todd concludes to her that he knows that that she has to do whatever is within her means for her family. So she needs to know that he needs to do the same.

Tina shows Sarah and Cristian a book about everything they would want to know about Mendorra. It might be useful for Antonio. She tells her daughter she loves her and wants them to give her best to Antonio. After Sarah and Cristian leave, “Jessica” comes down the stairs and resumes being hostile to Tina now knowing that nobody else can hear her. She leaves. The dog growls, sensing Jessica’s hostility to his “mommy”. Tina holds the dog and remarks that they both know that something is going on.

Langston and Markko are alone. She tells him that she can sense that somebody is going to abandon her. He tells her that she will never be alone.

Clint tells Jared that he might be able to put him to some use. If Jared can help him to administer his plan with Dorian, he might be able to redeem himself. Hearing that, Jared admits that he is a bit skeptical to want to help Clint by hurting Langston. He can see that she is an orphan and is happy living with Dorian. Clint reminds Jared that he scammed the company and did enough dirty deeds. And he tells Jared that the two of them have two things in common. They both love Natalie and they want to overthrow Dorian. And if they both really want it, they can make their plan successful.

Starr tells Blair and Marcie she needs to go to the bathroom. That is what pregnancy does. Alone with Marcie, Blair tells her that she wants to help her be able to adopt Starr’s baby and that they can all have a mutually beneficial situation. Marcie appreciates hearing that. But at that point, Cole enters and observes the pictures of the ultrasound they have at their table. And he asks if that is his baby. He appears angry.

At the airport, Antonio’s flight is ready to board. He bids his mother and his daughter farewell. He tells Jamie he wants her to mind her grandmother and he will be back soon. Hearing that, Talia tells him he must come back “with Talia”. After Jamie and Carlotta leave, Cristian and Sarah appear out of nowhere. They inform him that Tina provided them with some information so that they can help him. And they are going with him.

Alone with her dog, Tina tells him that she knows that she will get her daughter back. She will be able to help Sarah, Cristian and Antonio save Talia. She has her loving daughter. She has her loving dog. Her life is good except for her niece. And she wonders what she ever did to Jessica.

At that point, Todd is talking to the nurse at the OB-GYN clinic. And Jessica enters.

After Cole enters to interrupt Starr’s conversation with Blair and Marcie, Marcie tells Cole that she already told Starr that she wanted her and Blair to be a part of the baby’s life. And she wants for him to also be. She does not want to do anything to hurt him. But Cole is not ok with the decision that they are all making without him.

Todd gets on the phone at the clinic to get some people to print a story that will get the nurse’s son sent away to prison. But she asks him to please not do that. At that point, realizing that she may want to “cooperate” with him after all, Todd tells his contact that he must cancel his plans. He then hangs up and shakes the nurse’s hand.

At the airport, Antonio tells Cristian and Sarah that they are not coming with him. But Sarah protests that her mother is the reason why Talia is in trouble in the first place. Talia is her friend. And she plans to help Antonio get her back. He then reluctantly agrees to let them join him.

Langston is happily with Markko.

While Clint privately plans, with Jared, to make Dorian afraid she will lose Langston, Jared tells him that he believes that this plan might not be very cool.

Alone in Viki's kitchen, Tina wonders why it is that the door to the basement is locked. The dog also wants to unlock the door. Tina concludes that Jessica has her secrets. And so do they.

While Todd is talking to the nurse and getting her to “help” him, he notices that “Jessica” is in the other office demanding that they let her in. She yells at the front desk receptionist and calls her a lazy bitch. Todd opens the door, unable to ignore what he has just heard. And he knows that something is “not right” about Jessica.

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