OLTL Update Wednesday 8/20/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/20/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jared and Natalie are in bed and talk about looking for jobs. Natalie tells him she is really happy with him. Suddenly she sits up and smells smoke. Downstairs Tina is burning muffins. She talks to her dog about fencing the jewels. Jessica comes up out of the cellar.

Nora tells Clint that Matthew heard from Bo. They are relieved. Cole is sitting there saying he has a headache.

Starr, Langston and Sam are eating breakfast and wondering where Blair is. Addie saw her leave last night. Blair walks in and they ask her where she was last night. Blair tries to lie her way out of it, but her mother says there is no shame in admitting she was out on a booty call.

John goes to work and one of the officers gives him a bag. Some lady left it there for him. Inside is a bagel and a note that says, “Sweet dreams last night?”

Todd wakes up in bed with Marty. Marty tells him he snores.

Blair avoids the questions. She says hello to Sam. Starr presses Blair to say who she was with last night. Addie says they could always guess and runs through some names, Bo? Starr guesses Cristian Vega. Blair says stop.

John is looking through his file on the missing woman.

Marty and Todd talk about his snoring. The nurse walks in and sees Todd lying on the bed with Marty. Todd yells at her to get out. She gives him the tray of food and runs out. Marty says she had another dream about John.

John is in his office and asks someone to pick up Keeshan, aka Keys, the man who worked as a bodyguard for Todd.

Tina asks if Jessica was downstairs by the mausoleum. Jessica says it was the breaker box. Tina says there was no coffee and asks where Lois is this morning. Jessica tells her she’s on vacation. Tina asks why. Jessica says if she wants to be waited on she should go somewhere else. Jessica says she doesn’t need a babysitter. Tina wants to call Vikki but Jessica stops her. &# 9;Jessica then explains Vikki doesn’t need to be bothered. Tina says she heard Jessica up at two a.m. Jessica says she was just hungry. Pregnant women get hungry. Natalie and Jared come down. Natalie’s steps in a puddle that David Vickers made on the floor. Tina admits the dog isn’t house broken. Natalie sees a newspaper with John’s picture saying “Look out, John McBain is Top Cop” and is mad that Todd printed it. Jessica tells Tina that John was involved with Natalie and was the one that got away.

Nora checks on Cole and they decide to go out to breakfast. Clint is bad that BE stock is up. Nora tries to make him feel better and asks how his plan is going. He says he has an appointment. Simon comes in. Nora tells him they found Bo and they are sorry he had to do all that work for nothing. Clint and Simon exchange knowing looks. Simon says he’ll leave what he found out because you never know if they’ll need it.

Blair says she doesn’t want a boyfriend, but refuses to tell who she spent the night with. She says her life is complicated enough. Addie says if she’s so happy it’s already complicated and suggests getting Madam Delphina back. Blair forbids it. Blair reminds Starr its time for the doctor. They leave.

Marcie is at the doctor, waiting for Starr.

Todd asks what Marty dreamed about. She says she wanted answers from John. She says it was almost like he was challenging her. She doesn’t remember much more. Todd tells her to forget about John McBain.

Jared reads the paper about Dorian’s take over of BE. Natalie calls her a bitch. Tina offers to talk to Dorian. Natalie doesn’t think Dorian will listen to reason. Jessica talks about Nash and how he felt when he joined their family. She says she’s sorry Clint is being so cold to her.

Clint tells Nora and Cole to go and he needs to stay and talk to Simon. They leave and Clint thanks Simon for not saying anything. Simon says keeping secrets is what he does for a living. And boy! Does he have some secrets for Clint!

Langston and Addie talk about Delphina. She remembers Delphina says she’s not alone.

Clint reads the report Simon has on Langston. He is surprised and offers Simon a bonus.

Starr and Blair are at the doctor. Marcie asks if they changed their mind. Starr says no. Marcie and Blair talk in the waiting room as Starr goes in for her exam. Marcie apologizes for not calling Blair when Starr first brought up the adoption.

Inside the exam room, Starr asks if the girl helping her went to Llanview high. She says she graduated the year before. Starr mentions she’s going back in September and the girl is surprised. She puts it together that Marcie is adopting.

Todd and Marty talk about John. She says in the dream he didn’t seem like a bad guy. She wants to confront him. Todd says she should be afraid of John.

At the precinct, an officer brings Keys in. They go into John’s office. John says he has a signed complaint from Blair about holding her captive, forcing her to wear a nightie, and not letting her leave. Keys denies doing anything. They talk about Todd and Blair. Keys tells him it might be about the lady Todd is keeping up in his place.

Simon thinks Clint will put the information on Langston to good use.

Nora and Cole talk about college. She says Cole had a bad time this year, but made it through. He has the whole year to figure out his future.

Jessica reminds Natalie she forgives her and will stand behind her even if Clint and most of the town are against her. Tina says she’s been where Natalie is and people forgive and forget a lot sooner then you think. Jared leaves to look for a job.

John asks about the woman at Manning’s. John opens the door and asks someone to take the man down to holding. Keys starts telling John that the woman came from Ramsey’s penthouse. John asks the woman’s name.

Marty asks if John finds her, will he kill her. Todd gives a vague answer. Janet comes up and gives Todd a report from his investigator. His new body guard is downstairs. Todd tells Janet to let Marty see the copy of the Sun.

At the doctor’s office, the girl tells Starr how amazing she is for what she’s doing. Starr doesn’t feel so good, her parent are upset, her boyfriend won’t talk to her but bringing the baby into the world and giving it to someone who cares is what’s right.

Outside in the waiting room, Blair says she doesn’t want to get attached to a baby they won’t keep. They talk about Marcie being a good mother. Marcie asks what if she wants the baby to have a grandmother and for it to be Blair. She tells her to think about it.

John sits Keys down and they talk. Keys says Todd is crazy. John asks the woman’s name but Key’s doesn’t know.

Marty tells Janet she dreamed about John. Janet says he was in the newspaper and shows Marty the article about him being the Top Cop in Llanview.

Starr, Blair and Marcie get ready for the ultrasound. They show the baby on the screen. The doctor points out things. The baby looks great. She asks if they want to know the sex. Starr asks the Marcie. She doesn’t care. So they decide to be surprised.

Nora gives Cole a guide to all the colleges in America. The doorbell rings and Jared comes in. Jared asks to talk to Clint. Clint comes out. Tells Nora and Cole to go and have a good time.

Tina talks to Natalie about how great Jared is. Then she invites them to go shopping. Natalie says she won’t shop without a job. She tells her they’ll go sometime soon. Natalie leaves. Tina asks if the mall will let pets in. She invites Jessica to go shopping with her. Jessica says as much as she likes being her second choice, she’d rather pass. The dog jumps down and paws at the door to the basement. Jessica asks what the dog is doing.

Tina picks the dog up and asks what’s in the basement. Jessica pushes her away and tells her its time to get something straight between them.

Clint guesses Jared is there just to look good in front of Natalie.

Langston tells Addie that when Delphina says she wasn’t alone, she wasn’t sure what she meant.

Jared says he will help do anything it takes to get BE back. Clint asks if Jared knows about what Asa said about people who got the best of them. Asa said he never got taken if he was ready to sink lower then the other guy. Clint asks if Jared is ready to stoop as low as Dorian Lord and hands him Langston’s file.

Addie tells Langston she will never be alone. She’s a Cramer now.

Starr gives Marcie the ultrasound photos. Marcie hugs her. Blair invites Marcie to lunch.

Marty asks if John killed Lee. She worries that John wants her dead too. Janet says Todd won’t let anyone hurt her.

John gets a search warrant for Todd’s place.

Todd barges into Starr’s doctor’s office and tells her he wants his grandchild.

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