OLTL Update Tuesday 8/19/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John awakens in his bed after sleeping with Blair and he sees a vision of Marty Saybrooke. He doesn’t know if he is dreaming or delusional. At the same time, Marty is sleeping in the bed where she stays with Todd and envisioning John.

Bo is alone in Asa’s house, in the present. He’s blowing out candles, turning out the lights and ready to go to bed. At that point, he sees the ghost of Asa. He tells his deceased father that he’s glad he is there. Because now is the time to put the past to bed for good.

When Shane and Brody are alone in Gigi’s home waiting for her to return. Shane gets out of bed and tells Brody he had a nightmare. He dreamed that Brody was “not his dad anymore”.

Meanwhile, in 1968, Gigi is in the hallway outside of the room where Rex is sleeping with “Emma" (who looks exactly like Gigi and whom he is envisioning Gigi). She walks in and is in awe to see him. She first assumes he is alone. But when she sees that he is not, she is in shock.

Marty sleeps in her bed and dreams that she is talking to John. She tells him that she recalls him from the picture. He admits to her that that is whom he is. She asks if he hurt her. Hearing that, he asks her why she would ever believe that he could hurt her. She informs him that she heard that he left her to die and shot out the tires in the van that went off the cliff. He asks her why she would believe that he would do that and where she heard that he would. She replies that Todd told her that that is what he did. He tells her that he believes that Todd would tell her something like that. At that point, the both seem to realize that they are only dreaming and not really together. She tells him that she knows that John is moving on and seeing Todd’s ex wife. And she has heard that Blair hates her. John informs her that that is not the case. Marty then asks John if he misses her at all. John cannot answer that.

While Bo is alone and seeing Asa’s ghost, Asa asks him if he wants a drink. Bo tells his father that he is not about to drink. That is the very thing that got him into this mess in the first place. Bo admits that he was very delusional the night when he was drinking and hearing Asa tell him he was chicken and needed to “man up” and do what he failed to do as a kid. Bo tells Asa’s ghost that he recalls wanting to “redeem himself” and be like his father. And after he did that, he went over the fence. After that, he got struck by lightning. And he became “enlightened” when had to be Asa for the last few weeks and live in 1968. Hearing that, Asa asks Bo how that went. Bo tells Asa that he really learned a lot of valuable things about his association with his father.

In the room upstairs, Gigi is devastated to notice Rex in bed with “another woman”. Not knowing what to say or do, Rex introduces her to Emma Bradley.

While Blair sleeps in John’s bed, he hears and envisions Marty asking him if it is really true that Todd has lied and falsely accused him of doing what Todd alleges he did. John tells her of course Todd lied. She cannot trust Todd. From her bed, while Todd sleeps beside her, Marty asks John if he really believes that it was worth it for him to be with Blair, knowing that she is not the right person for him.

After Shane has informed Brody of the “bad dream” he had, Brody asks Shane to tell him more. Shane tells Brody that throughout his entire life, he has been without his dad believing that he died. And now that he has known him, it would be far worse to lose him now. And he’s afraid that for “some reason” that will happen.

At the ranch, in the bedroom in 1968, Rex rushes to Gigi when she catches him in bed with Emma. He touches her hands and her face and asks her if she is real. She tells him she is. She had a vision that she had to find him. Madam Delphina guided her on a trip to Texas. He tells her that he knew that he had to find her also. They have both been on a journey to get back to each other. He hugs her when he hears that she really wanted to find him. But she admits that she is angry that she came all this way, spent all this money and made all this effort. And she catches him in bed “with this”. Hearing that, Emma admits she is offended. Rex then protests to Gigi that she cannot judge nor be angry at him for what he has done. She has been “sleeping” with Brody, he tells her.

In their “mutual vision”, John tells Marty she cannot trust Todd. He has falsely accused John of hurting her and of killing Ramsey. But she tells John that she does not believe that Todd would do anything wrong nor hurt anybody. John tells her that she must know all of the people that Todd has hurt. She doesn’t believe what he says about Todd yet she seems to know about John’s history of wanting and needing to “save” so many women in his life. He did that with Natalie. He tried and failed to save Caitlin. And she seems to know about John’s “tendencies”. Hearing that, John tells her the last thing he needs is somebody acting like his shrink. But she reminds him she is not really there to “act” as anything. She is part of his dream he’s having and part of his subconscious.

Bo tells Asa’s ghost that he knows he went into some sort of “time travel”, whether Asa buys that or not. Bo tells his father that he really saw what happened in those days in the Viet Nam war. He saw the body count. And he saw what a real SOB his father was when he was Asa. He knows how Asa used and exploited so many women. He hurt Bo’s mother. He hurt Renee. And he hurt Emma. Bo has learned that Asa has no respect for women. All he cares about is money and power and egotism. Bo now knows that Asa’s two sons have been misguided carrying on their father’s legacy. And Bo has learned that just because a man “makes a baby”, that does not make him a father.

Brody and Shane talk about the fact that Shane only considers Brody his father. He once saw Rex that way. But when it looked as though Rex made the choice to marry Adriana and not be with his mom and then Brody came back into their lives, he thought differently.

In the bedroom, in Texas in 1968, Gigi asks Rex where he would get the idea that she slept with Brody. He clarifies to her that he called her cell phone in a desperate attempt to reach her. Brody picked it up and informed Rex that Gigi was in the shower after “being” with Brody and not interested in returning Rex’s call. Hearing that, she is shocked but tells him she tells him she has no control over what Brody. And she affirms to Rex that did not sleep with him. Rex, on the other hand really has slept with Emma. It’s not just a misunderstanding. In response to that, Rex attempts to rationalize that he didn’t believe he’d ever see her again. He knows he’s made many mistakes. But the biggest mistake he made was leaving her in 2008 without telling her the truth. And that truth is that he loves her. She stares at him speechless. He then tells her it’s true. He loves her. Observing that, “Emma” concludes that that is her cue to leave. She does not appear angry or jealous. And she informs Gigi that “Balsam” is a good guy and Gigi should trust him. She knows the only reason he was with her is because he was thinking about Gigi. And she runs out to leave them alone. Rex tells Gigi that Emma is correct. It was all about Gigi.

Bo clarifies to Asa’s ghost that he wanted to be different than his father. He didn’t want a woman to be with him so he could use and bully her. All he wanted was for a woman to love him. Asa asks Bo if he felt that way about Lindsay. Bo responds that he really did believe that Lindsay loved him and that is why he asked her to marry him. He learned that the way his father treats women is not cool. He went through a lot of hardship in the last year of his life. But he finally saw the light and has learned something that he never before known how to do. Asa then asks what that is. Bo replies that he has finally learned to let go of Asa’s ghost.

Back in Llanview, Shane asks Brody why he believes that Gigi would go away in search of Rex. Brody concludes to Shane that he wasn’t about to prevent Gigi from going where she wanted and he doesn’t want her to be with him if she does not want that.

At the ranch, Rex explains to Gigi his situation about how he went searching for Bo. They went horseback riding in the thunderstorm. Then they got struck by lightning and found themselves in 1968. They met a guy who looked just like Mo who owned the diner in those days. He noticed Emma who looks just like her. Everybody thought he was young Bo and Bo was young Asa. But all he wanted was to go back to her. And then this weird professor came out of nowhere and he and Bo depended upon him to get them back to the present. Bo was successful in traveling back to 2008. But Rex had to find out what his real “journey” was before he could return. And now he knows what is up. What he wants and needs in his life is her. And at that point, they kiss.

While Marty sees John in her dreams, (when Todd is sleeping in her bed beside her), he asks her out of all the people she would have met and trusted, why would it be Todd Manning. She replies that Todd has been a friend to her and has taken care of her. He asks her what she is doing “in Todd’s bed” right now. She explains that she was scared and needed Todd to be there with her. John, again, affirms that she must know that he (himself) would never hurt her. And he wishes that she could wake Todd up and ask him what he has to say about this. Again, Marty asks John why he left her for dead. He asks her why she left him for the likes of Todd Manning. IN John’s vision of Marty (while Blair is sleeping in his bed), she asks him what would have happened. If she had not died, would she have been “the one” for John? Or would somebody else be?

At the ranch, in 1968, Gigi asks Rex how he “got into this mess”.

Back at Gigi’s home, Shane and Brody play cards. Shane informs Brody that throughout his life, his mom has not been interested in any guys. And Shane realizes that he has believed, throughout his life that it was because she missed Brody. But maybe it was because she missed Rex instead. Shane admits that he knows that Rex made a mistake to marry Adriana. And maybe Rex was meant to be his dad and the right man for his mom.

At the ranch in1968, Rex explains to Gigi that he found out from the professor that in order to “get back” to the present and to Llanview, he would have to jump the fence and go through some of “portal”. Hearing that, she tells Rex that in that case, that’s what he’s got to do. They have to do it together. But he tells her that he is afraid that they will not be able to do it.

In Marty’s dream, she angrily tells John she does not know why she is dreaming about him. She wants him out of her thoughts. She wants to be rid of him. He tells her she may keep telling herself that. She then awakens not knowing what to do or think.

In John’s dream, he tells Marty that he will never know whether she was “the one” for him or not because she is no longer here. She indicates to him that she wishes she was. But she “has to go”. At that point, John doesn’t seem to want to let her go and asks her what she means by that. He kisses her and she disappears.

Asa asks Bo if he really wants to “let him go”. Bo tells his father of course he does. Asa asks his son what he plans to do with his life and what his life will be like without his father “riding him”. Asa tells Bo that he will always be Asa Buchanan’s son. Bo tells his father he realizes that. But he is also Bo Buchanan. He is his own person. Asa then asks Bo what about his son. Doesn’t he realize that he also has “big boots to fill” in regard to Bo? BO tells Asa of course. But he never wants Matthew to have to feel the pressure that he felt. Asa then admits to Bo that in spite of everything, Bo and Clint are the best things he ever did. At that point, Asa disappears and Bo walks away to see the empty chair and realize his father is really gone. And he also turns to look at the empty glass that Asa always drank booze out of.

Brody asks Shane why he would believe that Rex would be his dad instead of himself. Shane explains it was because Rex was alive and Brody was not. Brody tells Shane he understands that. But he will always be there for Shane. He hugs Shane and tells him he better get up to bed. If his mom returns, they will both be toast. Shane goes upstairs. And right then, Brody notices something kind of “noteworthy” in a plastic bag on the chair.

At the ranch in 1968, Gigi tells Rex that he must know that they must do whatever it takes in order to get out of this place and this timeframe. Does he know that there is a guy downstairs, dressed like a hippy who looks just like Moe? And a woman who looks just like Noel? Rex admits yes. The hippy guy is Jeremiah and the woman who looks like Noelle is Rosa the maid. And Gigi reminds him, more importantly, there is a little boy downstairs who looks just like Shane. Rex clarifies to her that that is Spencer. She asks who Spencer is. He tells her Spencer Truman, the evil doctor who Lindsay Rappaport murdered. At that point, they both realize that they better get back to their real lives in the present with Shane and everything else. They conclude that they are happy to be together and they must go back.

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