OLTL Update Monday 8/18/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex is stuck at the ranch in 1968 not knowing how to get back to the present. Not far away, Gigi awakens from her sleep and walks toward the door of the ranch not knowing that she has traveled to 1968.

Michael returns home to Marcie after being away for a long time.

John and Blair enter his apartment assuming that Michael will be there soon. She tells him that she knows he may be in mourning over the loss of Marty. He assumes that she might still have Todd on the brain. But she tells him that she is there to “cheer him up”

Right then, Marty is sleeping and having a nightmare where she relives being raped. She awakens screaming. Todd rushes in and comforts her, playing the hero.

In 1968 at the ranch, Rex assumes that he will never get back to Gigi and they will never see each other again. Unknown to him, however, she enters the house and calls to him.

Michael and Marcie both realize they do not know what to say or do. She is still determined to adopt Starr’s baby with or without him. He tells her that he cannot be a part of a custody battle with Todd. He reminds her that Todd will stop at nothing in order to prevent them from adopting his grandchild. Marcie must know that Todd is and always was an outlaw and will always believe that he is justified in whatever he wants to do.

Marty awakens from her nightmare and cries. Todd holds her and asks if she was dreaming. He tells her he will get her something so she can go back to sleep. But she does not want him to leave. She tells him she needs to know what she was dreaming about. She was on a bed. There were all these hands that were grabbing her and she could not get up. They were hurting her arms. She tried to scream. But nothing would come out because there was something in her mouth. There was someone laughing. She tells him she tried to get up but couldn’t. She breathes heavily. She tells him that she knows she was being raped. And he might know about that. He looks at her appearing to be afraid that she might be regaining her memory and recalling what really happened.

At John’s apartment, he gets a six pack of beer. Blair tells him she might like to join him. He tells her he never thought of her as the beer drinking kind of girl. She tells him that if they or anybody are doing something that is not working, maybe they need to try something different. She knows about too many people out there who keep doing the same thing that never works. And she tells him that this is not about Todd. They are not drinking to her getting rid of Todd. They are drinking to her becoming independent.

Marty tells Todd she does not want to sleep. He tells her he will make her some Téa. But she tells him she does not want him to go. He tells her he is sorry. This is all his fault. She asks him how that would be. He tells her that although he’s no shrink nor expert on the subject, he should not have been telling her about this terrible memory. She tells him it’s ok. She remembers seeing a banner and a flag. It looked like Greek letters from a fraternity. And she saw him in her dream.

Gigi enters the ranch, unaware that all of the people she sees are living in 1968. She notices Rosa who looks just like Noelle the waitress. And she believes she has spotted Mo when she sees Jeremiah. But when she calls to them, they do not respond to the names Noelle and Mo. Right then, she runs into a strange woman whom she has never met. It’s Renee who recognizes her as Emma. Renee wonders, however what happened to Emma’s hair and why is she dressed so unlike Emma dressed in 1968. Gigi then asks if this is 1968. Renee tells her of course. Gigi then tells her if this is 1968, has anybody seen “Rex”? Obviously, Renee has no clue whom she means by Rex. Right then, Rex (known as Bo) calls to “Emma” and calls her Morasco. Little does he know that the real Gigi Morasco is not far away. Little does the real Gigi know that Rex is not far away. Rex talks to “Emma” about going off to the Viet Nam war the next morning. Gigi then asks “Renee” if she has seen Rex Balsam. She describes a guy with spiked blond hair about 5’10”. Renee has no clue whom she is talking about. Gigi has no clue that her name is Renee. Renee assumes this is Emma who should know her name. And she recalls that the blond guy that “Emma” described is Bo. Not far away, Clint enters. But Gigi sees him as Jared as she knows him. Renee concludes that “Emma” must have lost her memory and faculties after the thunder storm. In the room, all of the people gather around and play the song: “Monday, Monday” by the mommas and the poppas. IN the other room, Rex talks to “Emma” whom he believes must be Gigi. But she has never heard of Gigi nor Rex and believes that he is Bo.

Back in Llanview, Marcie asks Michael if he is saying if she adopts Starr’s baby that he will divorce her. Is he saying if she brings this baby into their lives, that it’s a deal-breaker? e tells her she must know that she is his family. But does she know what happened to him when she took off with Sam.? He tells her that he cannot live in fear of all of the things that could happen. He’s already been through enough. He is just getting his footing back at the hospital but knew he could not work tonight. He still has not gotten over that nightmare. He knows how lucky they both were to have gotten off as easily as they did and be able to get their lives back as well as they have. And he can’t go through it again. In response to that, she tells him that nobody knows what the future holds. Life is a mystery and they must have faith. He must know that if they want to be together and give the baby the love that they both have to give, that they can make it. In response to that, eh tells her good luck. Hearing that, she asks him how he can say that. He tells her that they can never go back to the life they had with Tommy. He tells her that he doesn’t want to stop her from doing what she intends to do. Maybe she will make it work. He prays for her and the baby every day. But he cannot go there with her. Hearing that, she asks him if he’s saying that this is it. He is really breaking up with her?

Blair is with John encouraging him to wear some more colorful clothes. She notices that he only wears black clothes. She tells him that she knows how to change that. Not far away, in the hallway, Michael tells Marcie that he had planned on returning to John’s apartment. But he realizes that John has assumed that Michael is working late. Michael came back to see if he could work things out with Marcie but that did not work. And Michael now realizes that John believes he will be alone in the apartment and he will be “entertaining”. So Michael cannot stay at John’s tonight.

At the ranch in 1968, while we hear: “Monday, Monday” playing, Gigi notices “Rosa” and believes she is her former co-worker at the diner, Noelle. But the woman she sees only knows herself as Rosa and Gigi as Emma and wonders what she is talking about.

Not far away, in the next bedroom, “Emma” tells Rex (whom she believes is Bo) that she can be anybody he wants her to be. She can be “his girl” and he may call her Gigi. But he is only thinking about finding the real Gigi.

Blair tells John he has to have something that is not black. He tells her with only black, everything matches. But she tells him she will look in his closet. She notices all of this clothing is black except for one gray shirt. He tells her it used to be darker and it may have faded in the wash. Then she discovers a Hawaiian shirt that is hidden behind his black clothes. But he tells her this is not really “his”. It’s kind of a joke. Every Christmas, he and Michael give each other at least one useless Christmas present. But she insists that he put it on.

After Marty tells Todd that this dream is unlike any others she’s had, he asks her what was special about this dream. She tells him that this is different because she feels as though she has been there before. But he tells her it may be because he described it; the fact that it happened in a frat house. He then tells her he will get some Téa. But she tells him she doesn’t want him to go. She is afraid if she falls asleep, she will “go back there”. He then tells her it was only a dream. She asks him if he can just stay with her tonight at least until she falls asleep. She even trusts him to lie beside her in the bed. He asks her if she wants the lights on or off. She tells him she does not care.

Blair demands that John puts on the Hawaiian shirt. He puts it on and tells her he feels totally ridiculous in this thing. But he kisses her and they go at it again.

Michael enters the empty apartment with Marcie. Not having been there in a long time, he remarks to her that the place looks great. She tells him she wanted to get things in order for when the baby comes. She reminds him that he or she is due in November. And they both appear to be torn realizing they love each other and cannot be apart, yet cannot come to terms with their conflicting plans.

Gigi runs into “Clint” who looks just like Jared. She asks him if he’s seen “Bo”. He tells her that his brother is not far away. She rushes to find him. But she runs into young Spencer and screams to see Shane. Young Spencer stairs at her (assuming she is his mother, Emma) and wonders why she would call him Shane.

In the other room, “Emma” tells Rex that she can sleep with him tonight. And she kisses him. He pretends that she is the real Gigi. She goes to hug him. But “Spencer” kicks her. She is horrified that her loving and courteous son would do that. He tells her she has to stop calling him Shane. She asks why. That’s his name. He tells her his name is Spencer. He tells her he knows she cannot keep track of the names of all of the men she is with and now can’t keep track of his name either And young Spencer seems to know that this woman is not his mother. She is shocked that Shane would talk to her like that.

In the other room, “Emma” gets ready to sleep with Rex.

We then see John and Blair sleeping together. And the song: “You’re All I Need To Get By” plays.

Todd is lying fully clothed and awake in the bed beside Marty.

Marcie and Michael are together wondering of they should be intimate.

Rex and Emma sleep together. Gigi sits alone just down the hallway and relives being with Rex. She declares that she loves him. She will find him and bring him home. Rex sleeps with Emma thinking only of Gigi.

After Marcie and Michael have slept together, she turns to see that he is crying.

John and Blair sleep together and he sees Marty.

Marty lays beside Todd and sees John.

In 1968, Gigi knows she must find “Bo”. She asks Jeremiah whom she believes is Moe. He tells her that the last he heard “that kid” was off to Canada. She goes looking for Rex knowing he is known as Bo. But she cannot find him until she stands outside the door of one room. And she enters the bedroom to see Rex.

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