OLTL Update Friday 8/15/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the ranch in 1968, everybody watches the television presentation of Nixon winning the nomination. Emma and Renee are skeptical and don’t believe that the likes of him should be accepted by the GOP any more than an actor should be governor of California. But the male ranch hands tell them that this man is going to reform this country and end the war. They must wait and see. At that point, the power goes out in the rainstorm.

Not far away, Gigi is reaching for Rex and he is reaching to find her in the rainstorm.

At Nora’s, Cole plays video games with Matthew. Matthew is becoming competitive and confident that he can beat Cole at the game. They reveal that Matthew is going to start his freshman year in high school. Cole forewarns him that there will be lots of peer pressure and competition in high school. But Matthew wants to talk about his friendship with Starr. And at that point, Cole grows silent and no longer wants to talk.

Todd sneaks into the house and sees Starr in her bedroom. She panics. She asks her father what he plans to do. Kidnap her? Scare her into losing her baby? He tells her no. He just wanted to see her and find out how she and all of the family are doing. He misses his two sons and can’t even see them. And she doesn’t want to see him. He tells her not a minute goes by when he doesn’t think of her. He then gives her a voodoo doll. He assumes she might want to use it in regard to Cole.

After Dorian has manipulated Blair to call John, John asks Blair why she would call his number for Blair. She tells him that there are no secrets in the Cramer family. He asks her if Dorian “knows”. She attempts to rationalize about whether they are “hooking up” or just what is the status of their relationship. He then asks her if that is how she would characterize what they are presently doing together.

Right when the power goes out at the ranch and the lightning causes the metal gate to catch on fire, the rain stops. We only see the professor and Madam Delphina. The professor assumes that he has “succeeded” But when the see Rex lying on the ground passed out, the professor admits maybe not.

Inside without electricity or lights, they all wonder if they should find candles. It seems Jeremiah (Mo’s father) and Renee are the only ones who do not care for Nixon and appear to be liberals. Most of the others appear to be conservatives in favor of their future president. Right then, young Spencer Truman (played by Shane) reveals to his mother that he has social troubles. He goes and spills the beer that Clint is drinking all over him. Emma remarks that her son has a “mean streak”. The teacher like him because he’s so smart. But he has serious social problems. Clint (played by Jared) reminds Emma (played by Gigi) that his pa and younger brother Bo are both missing.

Right then, Rex awakens and is alarmed to see the professor, afraid that he is still stuck in 1968. He tells the professor that whatever they need to do to get back to the present, they must do. And they must find Bo. The professor informs Rex that Bo is gone. He never left 2008. Rex screams out into the open sky and has to get out of there. And at that point, it looks like we are in the present. On the other side of the fence, Madam Delphina notices Bo lying on the ground unconscious.

Blair and John talk on the phone both assuming that the other does not want to talk to them. But he admits he is not doing anything special and might want to spend time with her.

Upstairs in Starr’s room, she asks her father if he would sneak into the house, risk going to jail for violation of a restraining order, just to give her a voodoo doll of her boyfriend. He tells her that he realizes that Cole broke up with her. He tells her he knows she is upset and was hoping she could feel better. He tells her that he thinks it’s really sad and unfortunate that Cole cannot appreciate the amazing person she is. But she tells him that she knows that he is playing her to sound as though he has a problem with Cole and her breaking up. That is always what he wanted. Isn’t it? She then asks her father if getting what he’s always wanted is really worth it for him. And she does not buy that he appreciates nor cares about her any more than Cole does. But it’s kind of odd that although he hates Cole’s guts and tried to kill him, he “sided” with him in order to prevent Mrs. McBain from adopting Starr’s baby. And she reminds him that she has lost his “little ally” against her and Marcie. Hearing that, Todd admits that he despises Marcie McBain. But he wasn’t out for revenge. She tells him that the reason why she is pregnant in the first place is because he wanted her and Cole to believe that that would never see each other again. Hearing that, Todd shouts at his daughter that he needs her to understand his point of view.

Right then, Blair and John admit that they would like to spend time together and he invites her to his home.

In response to Todd telling her she must understand his point of view, Starr tells her father that all he cares about is what he wants and he has no regard for anybody or anything else. Todd then calmly tells his daughter that he doesn’t want to lose her. He doesn’t want her to turn against him. She must know that they are all Mannings. And that includes the baby growing inside of her. He tells her that he knows something that she does not realize that he knows. He knows what it is like to have to give up a child. He had to give up Sam. And he doesn’t want her to wake up, years in the future and regret that fact that she gave her child up.

After Matthew observes Cole becoming silent after he brings up Starr, Matthew tells Cole that he did not mean to bring up a sore subject for him. But he realizes that they broke up and would be curious to find out more. Cole then tells Matthew that he realizes that when he returns to school he will hear many questions and gossip about why they broke up. Matthew then asks Cole why they did. He doesn’t want to be nosy but he wonders if it’s because of the baby. Cole then admits to Matthew that he doesn’t want Starr to give up their baby. He has lost both of his parents and doesn’t want to lose his child as well. Hearing that, Matthew admits that he is concerned about the fact that his dad is missing and he has not seen nor heard from him in weeks.

Right then Bo awakens on the ground outside the ranch and is not certain whether he is living in 1968 as Asa or in 2008 as himself. Madam Delphina stands by him and sounds like she only knows him as Bo. She helps him to his feet. And it looks as though he is right back where he was before he and Rex got stuck in their “time travel”. It sounds like he had a riding accident. He then tells her that Rex Balsam was there. There was a storm. He touched the gait. There was a “flash”. At that point, she tells him it must have “worked” Rex and Gigi got what they want. Hearing that, Bo asks where Rex is. And it looks like the fortune teller has an answer that Bo might not want to accept.

Right then, Rex seems to be stuck in the past with the professor. Delbert tells him that he has some kind of complicated things to explain to him yet no way to get him back to the present. It looks like Rex is afraid that Bo’s life is in danger. And at that point, we see Gigi sleeping not far away.

Madam Delphina does not seem to know or to want to tell Bo what has happened to Rex. She then explains to Bo that Gigi Morasco hired her to come out there and attempt to find Rex. And they got stuck in 1968. Hearing that, Bo asks her what reliving 1968 has to do with wear Rex went. She then asks Bo if he has no memory of the last 3 ½ weeks. Because that is how long he has been traveling in the past. Right then, we see Gigi lying on the ground not far away.

The professor leads Rex to the door of the ranch. They still seem to be stuck in 1968. Rex demands to know what he is supposed to do. Rex realizes that he is going to get drafted the following morning. And what is he supposed to do? Live as Bo Buchanan and forget everything he has known living as Rex Balsam.? The professor indicates to Rex that he might not have a choice.

Todd tells Starr that he knows that she will regret giving her baby up for adoption. She tells him that he hasn’t a clue how she feels about anything. He tells her that she will always wonder how her child is growing and developing, what is happening in the child’s life and if it is loved. And he tells her that he happens to know that wondering these things keeps one up at night. He sounds emotional when he discusses that. Hearing that, she tells him that she realizes he is suffering. But what is right for him may not be what is right for her. And she tells him she thinks they should go.

Right then, Blair is in the other room, talking to John and ready to go and meet him. Having absolutely no clue that Todd is in Starr’s room, she knocks on her daughter’s door to inform her that she is leaving. Assuming her daughter is asleep, Blair heads out the door. Starr pretends to be asleep in order to prevent her parents from having a fight in her bedroom. When Blair is gone, Starr gets out of bed. She tells Todd that to be putting her in a position to lie to her own mother is not ok. He tells her he did not mean to put her in the middle of the situation. He tells her that he wants to make certain that her baby is well taken care of and has everything it needs. She tells him that that is the reason she is giving it to Marcie and Michael. He tells her that he does not believe that she knows what is right for her child. She is too young. And she needs to trust him that he understands what all of this will mean.

At the ranch, Bo tells Madam Delphina that he just wants to find Rex Balsam and then go home. But she tells him that it’s not going to happen as simply as that. She knows that there are “portals” and some sort of “conduit” that could send him back to the present and get Rex and Gigi back. But nobody can question the divine order. And she tells Bo that they must get him out of “this nightmare”. Yet it’s not clear exactly where they are going.

Right then, there is light. Gigi awakens. And it looks like she is traveling back to 1698 although unaware of it. She calls to Madam Delphina. But the fortune teller is gone. Gigi demands to know where she went. Did she take off with Gigi's $5000? And where is Rex?

Inside, Spencer (played by Shane) talks and impresses the adults. Hearing him, Renee tells Emma that “that boy needs a firm hand”. Emma asks her not to start. Outside the door, Rex talks to the professor. Clint (played by Jared) sits down and talks to “his brother”. He tells him (Bo, played by Rex) that their father has a lot of deluded ideas about being a Buchanan.

Madam Delphina leads Bo into the other room and there is still a power outage where they are. She tells him that maybe she should talk to her “colleagues” and find out how to get Rex and Gigi back. He tells her he has to make one phone call first. She steps out of the room. He calls Matthew. From the house, Matthew hears the phone ring and answers it. Cole is in the room with him. Matthew is very relieved to hear from his father after all this time.

In 1968, Clint (played by Jared) and Bo (played by Rex) sit by the door. Clint tells his younger brother that he has learned, from experience, that no matter how great somebody is on the ranch, unless they stand up to their “pa”, they are still worth nothing. He swigs a bottle of booze. “Bo” asks his brother if he’s stood up their father about Maria. Clint tells his younger brother he is not going to even deal with their father anymore. He is going somewhere although he is not certain exactly where. Bo (played by Rex) then suggests some town in eastern Pennsylvania. Clint (Jared) then stands up and tells his younger brother he has to stand up and be his own Buchanan.

Bo is able to reach Matthew by phone. Matthew asks his father what happened. Bo apologizes and assures his son that there is “a reason”. Matthew tells his father that he was really worried about him. So was his mom. And he left without saying good bye. Bo then tells his son that he realizes there is no excuse for what he did. And he wants to explain it to Matthew. Matthew tells his dad he is not angry at him. He just wants him back. He wants his dad.

At the same time. Starr tells Todd that she is not ready to raise a child. She doesn’t want to defy nor disrespect her father. She just knows that she needs to give her baby to somebody who can raise it and be the parent that it really needs to have. She then asks her dad to please leave, reminding him that he must know that he has “lost this one”. At that point, Todd opens the window and gets ready to go. She then throws to him the voodoo doll and asks him to take it with him. But he tells her he won’t. She needs to keep it so that she will have “something of Cole”.

Meanwhile, Blair arrives at John’s and is ready to ‘have fun” with him.

Rex sits against the door of the ranch, alone, still stuck in 1968. He then calls to Bo and seems to be afraid that he will be “stuck in the past forever”. How can he ever get back to Gigi?

Outside the door of the ranch, while in 1968, Gigi appears, not certain where she is.

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