OLTL Update Thursday 8/14/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tess is alone in Viki’s kitchen with Leo the crooked contractor. She tells him he better hurry up and get all of his “estimates” and close the deal before everybody returns home and sees him there. He tells her that he needs to know exactly what she wants. He is usually used to having customers ordering different types of “home entertainment” work from him. But what she is asking for appears to be something different. Hearing that, she replies that what she is paying and asking him for will provide “many years of entertainment”. And she smirks in grim satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared are upstairs in her bedroom aware that Jessica is not ok with them together sleeping in this room in her home, no matter what she says to the contrary..

Right then, we see Blair alone in her room and John McBain enters. They kiss passionately and go at it. And then it appears to only be a fantasy that Blair is having. She is in the bathtub with a facial mask and cucumbers on her eyes. Dorian enters and interrupts Blair’s fantasy. She informs her niece that she has been “haunted” by Mel. Blair asks her aunt how it is that a dead man would be talking to her. Dorian informs Blair that Mel is telling her that she still has feelings for Charlie Balsam.

Meanwhile, at Roxy’s motel, she tells Charlie that she is really worried that her son is missing in action. She asks him if he has a clue what happened to Rex.

Meanwhile, we see Rex and Bo stuck in the ranch in 1968 urging Professor Fina to get them back to the present. And Rex has passed out and is lying on the floor. And not far away, Gigi and Madam Delphina are outside at the horse stables right where Rex and Bo got struck by lightening. The fortune teller seems to know that that is exactly what happened to Rex. But Gigi does not believe that. She tells her that even if Rex did get struck by lightning, he would have been taken to a hospital. And she must get out of there and go find him. But Madam Delphina seems to know exactly what really happened.

Right then, in 1968, Rex (known as Bo) is lying on the floor unconscious. Bo is still playing the role of Asa. Clint (played by Jared) tells his father that he has really crossed the line with what he did to Maria and Rosa. But Bo tells “young Clint” that he need not worry that either Bo or Clint will turn out like Asa. He knows that that will not happen even if nobody else can predict the future.

At Roxy’s motel, Roxy admits to Charlie that she has asked everybody who might know where Rex has gone if they have seen or heard from him. He suggests that Adriana might know. Roxy tells Charlie that she has contacted both Adriana and Layla that they have not heard from Rex. She admits to Charlie that she is scared. Charlie puts his arms around her and holds her Right then, John enters to see them together.

Meanwhile, Blair seems to know that Dorian had some sort of “secret” going on. She just heard Dorian speak of Charlie Balsam. And Blair admits that it’s very odd that Charlie stayed at her home and then disappeared and then suddenly was found drunk and passed out in the alley at Rodi’s.. And she also has some questions about what happened when Dorian got into the car accident with Viki. But Dorian does not want to answer her niece’s questions. She asks Blair if maybe she has some sort of “Thing” going on with Todd.

At Roxy’s motel, John tells Roxy that he thinks it’s odd that both Rex and Bo are missing in action and nobody can get a hold of either one of them. Roxy then concludes that perhaps they are missing in action together.

In 1968, at the ranch, young Clint, (played by Jared) demands that Asa (played by Bo) tells him why he wants to “escape” and go somewhere with this professor and not tell anybody about it. He demands that his father answers for his actions about what happened to Maria. And he seems to know, consciously or unconsciously that she is pregnant with his son, Cord.

Natalie tells Jared that she is sorry. She is so “focused” on this thing regarding Jessica and now that her mom is gone. And she hasn’t been there for him. And they both admit that they are surprised that her mom’s sister, Tina suddenly appeared after being gone so long. And they both realize that the fact that they are together so soon after Nash died, indicates that they have to decide how long they want to spend before they can get on with their lives. They want to know how long they have to feel responsible for a man’s death and how long before Jessica forgives them.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Tess attempts to explain to Leo about the “secret rooms” down in the basement where her mother used to go whenever one of her “alters” prompted her to go there.

In the bedroom, Natalie tells Jared that she knows that Jessica has asked them both to move back. He tells her that maybe they should not be living under the same roof as Jessica if she is not ok with it. But Natalie tells him that Jessica needs her especially now that Tina has come back. Jessica cannot be left alone in this house without anybody to offer her support. But Jared sounds frustrated with the situation involving Jessica and Natalie’s need to protect her.

At the ranch, in 1968, Bo “plays Asa” and tells Clint that he needs to make certain he uses better judgment than what he’s been “doing with the help”. Somebody must keep an eye on his son while he’s gone. Jared plays Clint and tells his father he wont’ listen to him anymore. Bo (as Asa) tells Clint he needs to stop venting and help him revive “Bo" (played by Rex) “Clint” protests that he will not allow his younger brother to turn out like his father.

Outside, in the present, Madam Delphina tells Gigi she must do what she says and she seems to realize the “place” where Rex really is.

Inside, “Clint” confronts his father about the abhorrent way he has treated people all his life. Even Chuck admits that Asa has gone too far. Alone with the professor, Bo admits that he hates “being his father”. But the professor warns him if he doesn’t hurry and get out of there, he will be “stuck” being Asa for many more years.

In response to Dorian’s inquiry of whether Blair is really over Todd, Blair replies that she wouldn’t clip a toenail for Todd Manning. Dorian indicates that she hopes that is true. And is that the reason for her makeover? Blair replies that she is doing the makeover for herself. Her daughter is going to make her a grandmother soon. And she wants to feel pretty and sexy and all. But Dorian knows that there is something going on. And the reason for Blair’s recent “transformation” is for a man. AN she needs to know just whom he is.

At the motel, Roxy talks to Charlie and John and admits she is worried about what might have happened to Rex. She turns to John admitting that she knows he had “company” in his home not long ago.

Meanwhile, Blair asks Dorian if she (Dorian) might have feelings for Charlie. And now that she has broken Viki and Charlie up, she must now know that Charlie is a “free agent’. Hearing that, Dorian remembers drugging and kidnapping Charlie. And she replies to Blair that she is no longer going to “take” Viki’s sloppy seconds. And, she reminds Blair that they were not talking about herself and Charlie. She wants to know about Blair and John McBain.

Roxy tells John that she knows he is having a “thing” with Blair. But John does not want to admit to that.

While Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968, they go out into the thunderstorm. Rex awakens and hopes that it was only a nightmare that they were all stuck in 1968. But Bo reminds him that it was no dream. Rex then screams into the sky that he can’t keep living this way.

Inside, Clint (played by Jared) tells the others that he must find out what his father has most recently done.

Outside in the rain storm, the professor tells Rex and Bo that he now knows he can get them both back to 2008. But they have to do exactly what he says.

And not far away, in the same rainstorm, Madam Delphina tells Gigi that she is going to help her get to Rex.

Jared tells Natalie that she is correct that he cannot sleep. The love of his life is miserable and blaming herself for what happened to Nash. He has no job and is not exactly “contributing” to living in this house. He knows that Jess does not want him there. He knows that Natalie is torn between them. So it might be better off if he was not living there.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Tess is making plans with Leo. Natalie tells Jared that the only thing that is helping her to get through what is going on with her is having him there.

In 1968, at the ranch, Clint (played by Jared) tells Chuck (played by Nigel) that he is determined to find Maria. He won’t let his father control and dominate his life any longer. And Asa can’t walk away and escape this time. But Chuck tells Clint that he must realize that Asa will never give up with what he wants and with whom he is . If he did, he wouldn’t be Asa Buchanan.

Outside Gigi and Madam Delphina stand out in the pouring rain determined to get Gigi to find Rex. Not far away, Bo and Rex are struggling, in the pouring rain, with the professor. Madam Delphina tells Gigi if she wants to bring Rex back, she has to get struck by lightning. But Gigi protests that she cannot do that. She has a son who needs her. But Madam Delphina tells Gigi that is the only way she can be with Res. Similarly, not far away, Rex argues with the professor about what he must do in order not to be stuck in 1968 forever. Rex says he now realizes that he has to divorce Adriana and admit that Gigi is the one for him. The professor tells him there is only one way to be able to do that.

After Blair admits to Dorian that she has been “seeing” John McBain, Dorian sounds excited and tells her niece that anybody is better for her than Todd Manning.

Meanwhile, Roxy asks John about his encounter with Blair. But he is more concerned about another “hidden woman” whom he must find out about.

Blair admits to Dorian that she and John slept together. Dorian wants to hear all about it. Blair tells her aunt that she and John want to “take this slowly”. But Dorian asks Blair why she is all alone and not with John. And she indicates that the reason Blair wants to “take things slow” with John is because she may not be completely over Todd. And she doesn’t want that to happen.

After Charlie hears John admit to Roxy that he is seeing Blair, she tells him that she believes that Blair is cool even if she has been married to that low life Todd. John leaves. Alone with Charlie, Roxy tells him she wishes that he really was Rex’s dad. He admits that he wishes he was too. She tells him that she really wishes Rex could have made it work with Adriana. And even though she hates the thought of anybody calling her a grandma, she believes that her son would be a “great dad”.

In the pouring rain at the ranch, Madam Delphina tells Gigi that she must do what she says and have faith. And then “professor Fina from 1968” will help her the rest of the way. But Gigi finds the fortune teller’s instructions a little “fishy”. Not far away, Rex and Bo are having the same argument with the professor.

After Blair gets out of the shower, Dorian calls John McBain and pretends to be a foreign operator connecting him to Blair. John takes the phone and doesn’t know what to do with Blair calling him.

Natalie tells Jared that she knows that she can be happy with him. He tells her that he may not deserve to be happy. But when he is with her, he believes that he can be happy.

Downstairs, in the kitchen, Tess writes Leo a check and reminds him that this is a secret that he cannot divulge to anybody. He asks her if she knows what time it is. But she reminds him how much she has paid him. He then agrees to get his tool box but tells her he is a bit confused. First she said she wanted to do this project to “honor” her dead husband’s memory. Now she says it’s for her sister. What do those two things have to do with one another? Tess replies that he must trust her that they have everything to do with each other.

Right then, Natalie and Jared kiss in their bed together.

Bo and Rex are on one side of the fence, stuck in 1968 and dependent on the professor to get back to the future. Bo knows he has to get back to Matthew and his family and friends. But Rex is hesitating. On the other side, in the present, Madam Delphina reminds Gigi that on the other side of the fence is her son’s father and the man she loves. She is right now living with a man she does not love and living a lie. She has to move forward. Gigi then attempts to climb the fence with one hand on the ledge and the other on her cell phone. And from the other side of the fence, Rex is reaching to find Gigi.

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