OLTL Update Wednesday 8/13/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/13/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex and Gigi (split screen) looking at the cell phone. Delphina picks up the phone says something about it being warm. Professor Fina says it’s not warm. Rex says it was warm like someone was touching it.

Layla confronts Brody about not being Shane’s father.

Gigi and Delphina plan to meet by the fence during the storm.

Rex (Bo in 1968) talks to Professor about the phone as Clint comes out to get him. He’s having a party for Bo’s going away. The TV talks about fatalities in Vietnam. Olympia turns it up and says isn’t this what Asa wanted? Why doesn’t he send him to college or Canada?

Delphina and Gigi talk about the possibilities of Rex getting drafted to Vietnam. Gigi presses her for an answer. She remembers studying the Vietnam War and how many died.

Layla tells Brody she knows how much money he got from Adriana and Dorian. Brody says he’s a man of his word and Shane needs a father. Layla asks how Rex would feel about that.

Delphina's psychic powers are working when she “sees” when Gigi said goodbye to Brody when he was shipping out. She asks why Gigi is pretending he’s Shane’s father.

Layla and Brody talk about his pretending to be Shane’s father. He says he loves Shane. He says three tours of duty were hard and messed some guys up, but Shane is his reason to get through it now. Layla says he’s living a lie and lies have a way to come back and get you. Brody asks if Adriana knows what she’s doing. Layla says lies hurt people and she doesn’t want to see Rex hurt.

Asa (Bo in 1968) says Canada is for a bunch of candy assed hippies. Rex says Canada is a terrific place. Jeremiah comes in with food. Emma, Spencer, and Rene come in. They call Asa a dog.

Bo talks to Professor Fina about when to go to the fence. Jeremiah asks when Rosa is coming back. Clint says Pa fired her.

Rene introduces herself to Olympia. She calls her a whore and Rene says she’s the head whore.

Bo talks to Professor Fina about Olympia looking like Lindsay. He tells him what Spencer did when he grew up. He talks about Spencer’s mother, Emma, looking like Gigi. Spencer squirts Olympia with a water gun. She glares at him and Spencer is scared. Rex asks Emma why she’s there. She says to say goodbye to him.

Gigi tells Delphina her story and why she’s saying Brody is the father. She says she told the story just to give Shane a war hero for a father.

Emma and Rex talk as if they know each other. Chuck calls Rex over for some tequila. Rex refuses. Emma asks why he’s not in the party mood. Rex says he’s praying for a miracle. Emma asks to go for a walk.

Layla says all the time Vincent was nice to her was an act. She goes on about lying. She asks how Shane will feel when he finds out the truth.

Delphina asks why she didn’t tell Rex about Shane. Gigi says because of Adriana. Delphina says, Dorian’s daughter? Yuk!

Gigi confesses that it was Dorian’s idea for her to stand up at Rex’s wedding. Delphina stops and thinks she hears something.

In 1968 Professor Fina says it’s almost time. He asks what 2008 has that 1968 doesn’t. Bo says, his son.

Rex and Emma take a walk. Rex says she reminds him of someone. Then he says they should get back inside. She asks him to dance.

Clint asks Chuck where Maria is. Chuck doesn’t know.

Olympia meets Professor Delphina. He says Olympia is the place from heaven. She calls him half man/half woman and walks away. He touches his mustache.

Delphina feels like she has a mustache. Then she tells Gigi that Dorian could still want her to break up Rex and Adriana.

At Rodi's, Layla says if she was Rex she’d never trust Adriana again and suggests Rex might get together with Gigi.

Gigi and Delphina talk about hearing music from 1968. She says it’s from the past. They are traveling across fields of time. Now they have to wait for a sign.

Texas, 1968, Emma and Rex walk into the stable. She asks who the girl is he’s thinking of. He’s says he married but separated. He says he’s not in love with his wife now. He tells her she reminds him of the woman who is the one.

Delphina tells Gigi they will get to Rex. Chuck comes in and says he’s playing the music. Gigi sarcastically says they are traveling across the fields of time. Delphina is sure Rex is listening to that song.

Rex says the other woman is the one but kind of out of our time. Emma asks if she’s coming to the party. Rex says no. Emma says it’s his last dance for a long time and holds out her hand. They start dancing.

Rene tells Bo she didn’t realize Olympia was like she is. They talk about regrets. Rene was going to let him have it for how he treated Emma but after meeting Olympia she sees he just needed some love.

Clint likes the brownie’s Jeremiah made. Jeremiah says they’ll cure what ails you. He tells Clint Maria went to Mexico. Bo talks to Professor Fina about the storm. If it doesn’t move fast enough they may be stuck. Bo talks to Rene about being a better father.

Gigi and Delphina talk about the storm. She says if they don’t have lightning by midnight-no dice. Gigi tells Delphina about how she was going to tell Rex about Shane at the wedding but Brody walked in.

Shane and Brody are at home. They play chess.

Delphina tells Gigi it’s a big problem. She asks if Shane’s mother deserves happiness too. She says she is not doing anyone any good being all torn up like this. She sees Gigi loves Rex and Rex loves her. Gigi says even if Rex wants her enough she still can’t take Brody away from Shane.

Dancing in the Barn in 1968, Emma asks about Gigi. Rex says she’s with someone else now. Rex is sad he never had the chance to tell her he loves her. Emma says she knows. Lightening starts flashing outside.

Clint stops Jeremiah. He looked everywhere for Maria and can’t find her. Rosa comes in. Clint asks if she was hired back. He figures out Maria was sent away. The TV shows that Nixon won the election. Rene talks to Professor Fina. But he’s trying to count. Rene goes away.

Gigi talks to Delphina about going out to stand in the storm. Gigi calls Shane.

In the barn Rex and Emma talk about Gigi. Rex worries about Vietnam. The storm gets louder. Rex wants to head back to the house.

Professor Fina gets Bo and says its time to go. Rex comes in.

Gigi talks to Shane as Delphina says they have to go now. Gigi says goodbye. Shane offers the phone to Brody as she says she loves him.

Bo and Rex start to leave as Clint comes in and demands to have it out with Bo/Asa.

Shane says they have a package from Paris, France. Brody says to go up to bed. Shane leaves and Brody looks at the package.

Gigi and Delphina go into the field. Gigi says she doesn’t know where she’s going. Then they come to the fence and Delphina says this is it.

Clint yells at Bo for sending Maria away.

Brody opens the package from Adriana. It’s Rex’s DNA on a toothbrush.

Delphina says she lost the signal.

Clint yells at Bo.

Delphina says something’s blocking it.

Clint and Bo argue. Bo says he sent Maria back home. Professor Fina urges them to go. Rex tries to get them to leave. Bo tells Clint it’s the way it has to be.

Delphina says when the portal opens Gigi should reach in and yank Rex back as fast as he can.

Clint goes to hit Bo and knocks out Rex instead.

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