OLTL Update Tuesday 8/12/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cord appears at Llanfair to see Sarah. And Tina comes out to see him. They look at each other and reveal that they may not be over each other.

Todd is with Marty. She tells him that she knows he still has some “issues” involving Blair.

At Rodi’s, John reveals to Blair that it looks like Todd has some woman in his home. But he cannot tell her the details since it’s police business.

Gigi arrives at the Bon Jour Café with Madam Delphina. Noelle comes to hug her and greet her. Mo runs out to greet her, tells her if she wants her old job back, she can’t have it, but he hugs her and welcomes her back. Right then, Madam Delphina stares at Mo and admits that she can see the future and can also see the past.

From the old television, in 1968, Bo and Rex watch the election where Nixon wins and the Viet Nam war is underway. Delbert Fina enters with antennas and tells them that there is going to be a storm. But he talks about some sort of “portal” that they might be able to travel through. And it looks like they have to meet a “deadline” or else they will be stuck in the past for many more years.

At the Bon Jour café in the present, Madam Delphina holds the ketchup bottle. Noticing her, Mo tells her that only the health department gets to fondle the ketchup. She tells him that she is “getting a vibe”. She seems to know that Jeremiah, the hippy who used to own the restaurant is MO’s father and currently in a nursing home. Hearing that, Noelle is amazed that she would know that. Gigi tells Noelle and Mo that they have to go and find Rex. Madam Delphina reads a book but won’t talk to Gigi. Gigi demands that she talks to her. She has already paid her a lot of money. Madam Delphina tells Gigi she needs to “pay more”. She needs to have faith.

In 1968, Bo tells “The professor” that they have to get out of there, whatever that means. Right then, the ranch-hands come and talk about all of the festivities they have arranged so that “their boy" (young Bo, who they know Rex to be) is ready to go off to the war, tomorrow morning. In the other room, “Maria" (played by Natalie) and her mother, Rosa (played by Noelle) are ready to leave and keep their secret. But they are intercepted by “Clint" (played by Jared). They inform him that Asa has fired Rosa and they both need to find other jobs and get out of town. He still does not know that Maria is pregnant with Cord.

Cord is surprised to see Tina after all this while. But he asks Sarah why she just suddenly disappeared for so long and he heard nothing from her. Tina overhears and doesn’t know what to tell him for why their daughter was gone. He tells her that her grandfather and all of her family was worried about her. But Tina interjects and tells him that it was not Sarah’s fault. There is a reason why she was gone. She then asks Cord if he wants to hear “the whole story”. He tells her he has all the time in the world to hear everything. But Tina is not certain where to begin.

Alone with Clint, Nora knows that something is on his mind. He is still determined to get the company back from Dorian and also concerned about his family. Right then, Dallas enters and reveals that she wants to “visit” with them, even though Nora might want that.

Marty tells Todd that she knows he has a lot on his mind. He still must have feelings for Blair. He tells her his “feelings” for Blair are about contempt and disgust. Marty tells Todd that she’s noticed that he talks about his family a lot. He then asks her if she is implying that he is “obsessed”. She tells him no. He is hurting. She sounds like she cares ad wants to help him. Todd then reveals to Marty that not only has he has “issues” with Blair. She has too. Hearing that, she asks if it is true that she knew and also “hated” Blair. Todd replies yes. She also knew Blair and hated her guts.

At Rodi’s. John informs Blair that he happens to know that when he and the cops went into Ramsey’s home to investigate before he died, there was an invalid woman there. She seems to have “disappeared” right when Todd moved into his new home and is probably living with him. Blair asks if that is the woman with whom Todd has romantic involvement. John replies that he doubts there is anything “romantic” about it. And it sounds as though Blair might be jealous of this woman in Todd’s life.

In 1968 at the ranch, Rex tells Professor Fina that he has to get back to 2008 or else he will be sent off to war the next day. He then tells Bo that maybe if there is a big party, tonight, it might be too difficult for them to “escape”. But Bo tells him that it will be crowded and everybody will be distracted enough so that nobody will notice them leaving.

At the Bon Jour café in 1968, Emma (played by Gigi) tells Renee (played by Dallas) that she thinks Bo is such a nice young man. He is going off to war tomorrow and they are having a party for him. She wants to be there but she’s probably not on the guest list. Renee realizes that she also has not been invited and asks Emma if she wants to crash the party with her. Jeremiah is nearby and ready to join the party.

At the house, “Clint” enters and demands to know how his “pa” can run Maria and her mother out of the house. He has no right to treat people that way, Clint tells him.

At the Bon Jour café, in the present, Noelle tells Gigi that she knows that Gigi is in love with Rex. She knows that this is the place where everybody finds true love. She knows that Viki and Charlie were meant to be. And so are Gigi and Rex. Gigi tells Noelle that she has to leave with Madam Delphina or she may never see Rex again. From the kitchen, Mo warns Gigi not to go anywhere with “that loon”. But they leave together to go and find Rex

At Nora’s home, Dallas enters with some of those biscuits that only she and Clint remember from England. He leaves to take them to the kitchen. Alone with Dallas, Nora asks her how long she plans to stay in Llanview. Dallas replies indefinitely. Nora asks her what about her job. She replies she quit. Many of her investments weren’t working. And she wanted to be there for Clint during this “trying time”. And she can tell that Nora is interrogating her. Nora laughs that off by admitting that she is a lawyer and tends to cross-examine people in conversation. But she clarifies to Dallas that she does have one question for her. She asks Dallas if she’s come back with the intent to “re-kindle” things with Clint.

After finding out that Tina sent Sarah and her friends on a wild goose chase in Mendorra after years of being missing in action, Cord demands to know how she could do something like that. Tina attempts to explain and justify her actions but he is angry at how she neglected and then almost got their daughter killed. He asks her if she ever “thinks through” anything. He then concludes to Tina that he has spent a lot of time worrying about his daughter being with a dangerous man. But now he knows that he should really be protecting her from her dangerous mother. At that point, Sarah tells her father that he needs to lay off of her mother and realize that Tina loves her daughter and she loves him.

In 1968, while “Maria” and “Rosa” are leaving, they appear at the Bon Jour Café. Jeremiah wants to offer them some peace pie and indicates that he “likes” Rosa. Rosa then gives her daughter the phone number of her god father who can help her raise her baby. She advises Maria not to trust Clint. But Maria still believes that some day she and Clint will find their way together and have their baby together.

At the house, “Clint” confronts his father for bullying Rosa and Maria out of the house. Rex (known as Bo) agrees with his “brother” that it’s not cool that Asa is doing that. And they conclude that Bo (who is Rex) is going to war the next morning.

In the present, at the ranch, Gigi and Madam Delphina run into the real Chuck who has a cell phone for her to call Rex. He tells them he can get them the map and attempt to find Rex. Gigi then attempts to find the message that Rex left for her. And she finds that he left it in 1968.

Marty tells Todd that she knows he is angry and hurt from what Blair did to him. But he needs to allow himself to feel the hurt and not harden his heart. Hearing that, he tells her that he has had his heart stomped on too many times by Blair and it’s been hardened many times over. She tells him that it’s alright for him to admit how much he loves Blair even if they can’t get back together. And it’s ok for him to admit how much she hurt him. Todd replies that she didn’t.

At Rodi’s, Blair tells John that she believes that Todd is not just talking about this woman in his life in order to push her buttons. She believes he really has feelings for this woman. John tells her that he believes he has to handle this case because he believes there is a crime being committed. She asks him if he should contact the “new commissioner”. He replies that until Bo returns, there is no police commissioner.

Gigi and Madam Delphina brainstorm outside Asa’s ranch. And they know that they need to find out just where and when Chuck found the cell phone. It’s the only way for Gigi to find Rex.

In 1968, Bo and Rex go outside the door with Professor Fina and he tells them that he is looking to see what they need to do.

In the present, Madam Delphina tells Gigi that “they are here”. She senses their presence in the room.

Sarah tells her parents she will leave them alone to talk although Cord tells his daughter she doesn’t have to do that. Alone with Cord, Tina admits that she has spent too much time running away from the truth and attempting to get over him and be with other people. But she knows that the truth is that she will always love only him. She tells him that if he loves her too, then maybe they can start over.

Dallas tells Nora that she never took Nora for the “insecure type”, after Nora asks her what her plans are with Clint. She clarifies to Nora that she and Clint are only friends and have a history together.

In 1968, at the Bon Jour café, Dallas plays Renee and asks “Emma” (played by Gigi) what she plans to do. Emma tells her that she has “wisdom” to give to Bo. Hearing that, Renee concludes that they need to get on their party dresses and let those Buchanan boys be in for big surprises. And is this going to be the night when David Vickers is conceived? Not far away, “Maria” (played by Natalie) tells her mother (played by Noelle) that she needs to find Clint and tell him she is pregnant with his child.

While Bo and Rex are struggling to get back to the present, Rex tells them that he needs to call Gigi and hear her presence, just in case the professor’s plan doesn’t work.

Not far away, Gigi tells Madam Delphina that she must call Rex on her cell phone, just in case the fortune teller’s plan doesn’t work.

At the Bon Jour, in 1968, Jeremiah notices that Rosa has to leave. He tells her if she needs anything, he is there for her and he hopes he sees her in the “not too distant future”. He then gives her a rose.

In the present, at the Bon Jour café, Mo (the same actor as Jeremiah) tells Noelle (the same actress as Rosa) a secret about his father. He informs her that he went to visit Jeremiah at the nursing home today and his dad informed him that he fell in love with a woman whom he never told anybody about before he met Mo’s mother. And at that point, Mo asks Noelle if she will marry him. She says yes and they happily rejoice.

In 1968, at the diner, Maria (played by Natalie) tells Rosa (played by Noelle) that she is going to have a baby boy. She will name him Cordero and have a good life with her son.

In the present, in Llanview, Tina tells Cord that she and he and Sarah can have a good life together. But he tells her that he is very concerned what it will do to their daughter if she gets her hopes up about her parents and then Tina runs off with another man. He tells Tina that he has gotten his hopes up over her too many times and cannot do it anymore. He then calls to Sarah. He tells her he will take her home as Cristian is waiting for her. Sarah then cries and tells her mother she loves her. Tina cries and tells her daughter she loves her too. Cord tells Tina good bye. Tina shuts the door and cries at the loss of the love of her life.

Todd tells Marty that he did everything he could in order to be there for Blair and the kids the way his old man never was for him. He had a great life. And now his kids are growing up hating him. He then realizes that he is really spilling his guts to Marty and maybe he should not But she is listening very attentively and sensitively.

In 1968, Rex is ready to use the cell phone. But Professor Fina tells him he must do this perfectly. Even if he uses the cell phone for a tiny minute, he could “lose that girl” forever.

Not far away, in the present, Gigi is determined to find Rex and not listen to what the fortune teller tells her. But Madam Delphina tells Gigi that she has to do this right or she could lose Rex forever.

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