OLTL Update Monday 8/11/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the station, John and Antonio are wondering what to do in regard to the mayor taking over now that Ramsey is gone. Antonio tells John that maybe he (John) should be the commissioner. And he asks John that while he is acting commissioner if he will accept Antonio’s resignation.

Todd returns home with the white nightgown he’s gotten for Marty. She is very pleased and grateful that he found her this really great thing to wear. But he reminds her that it was not his “first choice” the other thing he bought her that he preferred is what Blair took from him.

Right then, Blair goes to Rodi’s. Brody is bartending. He observes her looking at the white nightie. And he knows that she has some sort of “issue” involving the man who gave it to her, or to somebody.

Cole is alone in his room at Nora’s home while he gets calls on his phone. He doesn’t seem to be answering them.

In the living room, Nora and Clint are wondering what has happened to Bo and Rex. They are both gone and missing in action. Right then, Cord enters and hugs his father

Sarah reunites with her mom. Tina tells her daughter that she can tell that she is happy and in love with Cristian. She informs Sarah that she just met Natalie and Jared. And she can see that they are in love. Sarah tells her mother that she feels really bad for Jessica. Hearing that, Tina reveals that can tell that there is something “not right” about Jessica. Right then, Jessica (really Tess) is in the other room calling a construction man and tells him she has a “big job” for him.

At Rodi’s, Brody asks Blair if this nightgown is something her ex got for his new girlfriend, what is she doing with it? She attempts to explain how she accidentally picked up the shopping bag of Todd’s. And Brody can tell that Blair really has some “issues” involving her ex and his new girlfriend.

At Todd’s home, Marty asks him what is up with him, knowing he has some “issues”. He then admits to her that he ran into Blair and his son, Jack at the coffee shop. And Blair accidentally picked up the shopping bag that he got for Marty. And then she came to the house and told him she wanted to keep it and wear it for John McBain.

At the station, Antonio tells John he has to get back to Mendorra and rescue Talia from Carlo Hesser and Jonas Chamberlain. So will John accept his resignation? John says no. Antonio may go on temporary leave. And John is going with him to Mendorra.

Cord visits with Clint and Nora. Clint asks his son if he has seen Sarah. Cord admits that he has not had a chance to visit his daughter. He hasn’t seen many people in the family and is concerned what it means now that Dorian Lord has taken over B.E. But Clint tells his son that they are not “done”. They are not going to “roll over” and accept defeat.

Tess continues her phone conversation with the construction man and then goes into the other room to “make friendly” to Natalie, Jared and Tina. They all know that she is completely phony. Natalie then goes out to see her sister and make certain that she is ok. “Jessica” tells her sister she is tired of everybody asking her that. She is fine. She is just very busy. Natalie tells her she realizes it must be very, very upsetting for Jessica to see Natalie and Jared together. But Tess “makes nice” and pretends as though she is ok with that. Natalie clearly does not buy a word she says.

After Todd has shared with Marty his thoughts and feelings about running into Blair and the kids and Blair’s seeing John McBain, he tells her he apologizes for “venting”. But she smiles and tells him that she does not mind. He may confide in her. She asks him to do a crossword puzzle with her. And they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

At Rodi’s, Blair protests to Brody that she is completely done with Todd and could care less whom he is seeing or what he is doing. But he tells her if that were true, she would not be carrying around the nightgown. She tells him that she will just go and take the receipt and get the money for it. And then she’ll call it even. But Brody tells her if she is really “complete” about the entire situation, she will throw it away and be done with it. Right then, Jessica enters with her construction contact, Leo.

Starr calls and finally gets through to Cole.

At Rodi’s, Leo, the construction guy knows that Tess is doing some sort of dirty deed and it looks like he might want to “scam” her. But she makes it clear to him that she means business. And he better not get the mistaken idea that he will mess with her.

In the living room, Tina tells Natalie and Jared that she is concerned that Jessica is not very friendly to her. She asks if they may “put in a good word”. They leave. Alone with Sarah, Tina asks her daughter if she believes that she was being too forward, asking Natalie to do “PR work” on her behalf. Sarah tells her mother she doesn’t’ believe she did anything wrong. Tina admits that she has not been in this house nor a part of this family for a very long time. And the last time she was in Viki’s home, she was with Sarah’s father. On that note, Sarah recalls that when they were on the plane home, Cain made a remark about how Tina’s heart is always with Cord. And Sarah asks her what he may have meant by that.

At Nora’s home, Cord tells Clint and Nora that he is very relieved that his daughter is surrounded by her family all in Llanview. He’s glad that she has both of them. But they admit that they are not able to find out what has happened to Bo or Rex. It’s odd that Bo has not contacted Matthew or anybody but he’s certain that his brother is alright. Nora admits she hopes so because she has been “doing summersaults” with the questions Matthew asks of him about his father. Cord tells Nora that perhaps Bo has just taken some time off because of the situation with Lindsay.

In response to Sarah’s question about whether Tina might still have Cord on the brain, Tina admits that she has only had Cord on her mind even when she has married other men throughout the years.

At Todd’s home, Marty engages him in doing crossword puzzles. And when he hears the word “Cole”, he admits to her that that reminded him of “somebody he knows”. She asks if he knows somebody named Cole. He replies yes and so does she.

Starr calls Cole and tells him that she was looking at her fall schedule. She asks him what he thinks about some of the teachers. But he tells her he knows she did not call him about her class schedule. So he demands to know what she wants. She replies that she wants him. She wants him back.

At the station, Antonio tells John that he has to be the commissioner and stay back while Antonio goes to Mendorra alone.. John then agrees to help Antonio get away and get Talia away from Carlo Hesser.

At Rodi’s, Brody tells Blair that he can tells that she is still “hung up” on her ex. Whenever she talks about him, he can see beads of sweat on her. She protests that she just gets agitated when she thinks of her ex because she is so sick of him. And she informs him that she has a ‘new man” in her life. She likes him and he knows how to treat a woman.

Tess tells Leo that he needs to do what she wants and she is not going to be swindled by him. He then seems to realize that he better not think he can mess with her.

Marty asks Todd whom he knows named Cole. He replies that Cole is the kid who got Todd’s daughter pregnant. Marty asks if he is Starr’s boyfriend. Todd replies not anymore. He dumped her and broke her heart. And Todd then goes so far as to tell Marty that Cole attacked Starr. Marty then asks if he raped her. And Todd does not know how to answer that.

Tess talks to Leo at Rodi’s. She tells him that her husband was killed. She’s been upset for a while. But she is ready to get on with her life and start a “new project”. He asks her just what the new project is. She replies that it’s kind of a “labor of love”. She admits that it’s a “payback” for her dead husband.

At Llanfair, Natalie and Jared talk alone about what they should do in regard to Jessica. They both know that Jessica does not like to see them intimate together. But he reminds her that Jessica is not there now and they are alone. And he kisses her.

In the other room, Sarah probes her mother to answer whether Cord is the love of her life. At that point, Tina admits that he is.

Right then, Clint informs Cord and Nora that when Tina married Max Holden, she called him Cord when she declared she loved him. Cord reflects that he and Tina married a second time. But he realizes that “some things were not meant to be”.

Tina tells Sarah that it does not matter if Sarah’s father is the love of her life. She has lost him forever.

At Rodi’s, Tess talks to Leo. John goes and finds Blair and seems to know that she has some sort of “plan” involving Todd.

Cord tells Clint that he wants to know about his plans to take the company back from Dorian. But Clint tells Cord that can wait. Cord needs to go and see his daughter first. She is more important. Cord leaves. Alone with Clint, Nora tells him that Cord is a great guy and wonders why some girl hasn’t “grabbed him” by now. Clint answers that he believes that maybe Cord never got over Tina.

At Llanfair, Sarah asks her mother what she has to lose by admitting to Sarah’s father how she feels. Tina replies that her dignity is on the line admitting that she loves him when she does not believe he loves her back.

Antonio goes to Rodi’s, Antonio shares with Brody that he needs to go to Mendorra and get Talia back.

Tess tells Leo that she knows how to find him a place to live and “buy his silence” while he does the work she wants him to do for her.

John asks Blair what happened. She replies that she ran into Todd the other night. Jack was with her and wanted to see his daddy. She didn’t know what to do with that. Todd made some “snide comment”. She wanted to get her son out of there as quickly as possible and away form Todd. And in the heat of the battle, she accidentally grabbed a shopping bag of Todd’s and discovered a nightgown he apparently bought for somebody. She then admits to John that she went over to Todd’s home. But his body guard told her he would not let her in unless she wore the nightgown.

After Marty asks Todd if “Cole” raped Todd’s daughter, Todd admits that he did not rape her. But he scared her into believing that she had to sleep with him. And he doesn’t want to have the child with her. And he tells her that he needs to confide in her the fact that his kids have been taken from him. Blair has dumped him. His sister is the only family member he has whom he cares about. And she is gone on some “humanitarian mission” for God knows how long. He has no friends and doesn’t see a shrink. So it’s been really great to have somebody to talk to. Hearing that, she tells him that she is his friend.

On the phone, Cole tells Starr that he agreed to sign away their baby to Marcie. But they cannot be together ever again. He tells her they cannot have it “both ways”. She asks if they cannot even try. He tells her it’s too late and hangs up. She looks at herself in the mirror starting to show from the pregnancy.

At Rodi’s, Blair shares with John that she is so used to being judged and manipulated having been with Todd so long. She tells him it’s nice to “be involved” with somebody who is not a jerk. Hearing that, he asks her if they are, in fact, “involved”. And he admits that he may have some complicated feelings for her.

Marty tells Todd that he has been so good to her. She doesn’t know what she would have done without him. He tells her she is strong and smart and he’s certain she could have managed. She tells him that he really helped her get through all of the pain she’s experienced. He’s made it all bearable.

Tess and Leo go to Viki’s home and she’s surprised to see Cristian. Leo immediately hides in the bushes. They make certain that they are not seen when they enter. She shows him the “place” down in the basement where he will do the job she will pay him for.

In the living room, Tina tells Sarah that she thinks her daughter has a “keeper” with Cristian. Sarah asks her mother if she is not the slightest bit prejudiced. And right at that moment, the doorbell rings. It’s Cord. Sarah is shocked to see her dad. He seems to know that she needs her father and wants to make certain that she is all right. Right then, Tina enters and observes her ex-husband unseen.

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