OLTL Update Friday 8/8/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.

From a transistor radio at the Bon Jour Café, Bo and Rex hear the song “Hello, I Love You” by the Doors, while stuck in 1968 and trying to get back to the present.

Meanwhile, we hear the same song while Gigi, Shane and Brody are at her home. Brody asks her why she is listening to that song and wants to turn it off. But she seems to know the significance of it. She tells him that this is the top 40 countdown of music from 1968 and she loves this song.

Sarah is having a nightmare of going over the waterfall in a raft after Cristian has tried and failed to save her. But she awakens with Cristian beside her. He holds her and assures her that it’s only a nightmare, and she is safe with him now.

Tina enters Llanfair and wastes no time trying to find a “safe” in the wall. Jessica (as Tess) enters and demands that she get out. But Tina knows this is not like her niece, Jessica, whom she knows to have a very different type of personality.

In 1968, at Asa’s ranch, all of the cowboys are getting excited about going to war while we hear the song from 1968 playing.

In the present, we see Gigi, Shane and Brody at her home. She announces that she is going to leave for a while. Shane asks his mom why. Brody replies to Shane that his mom is going to find Rex.

In 1968 at the ranch, “Clint” (played by Jared) tells his “little brother, Bo", (played by Rex) that he is proud of him for going and serving his country. But Rex is not ok with the thought that he’s going to go to Viet Nam. He asks his “older brother” if he also had to serve in the war. “Clint” replies no. He did not have to. Rex then approaches his “father”. (played by Bo). But Bo plays Asa and tells his “son” that he is a worthless piece of trash if he is afraid to go and serve his country. Rex demands to know why a father would have a problem with his own son not wanting to go and fight in the abhorrent Viet Nam war.

At the station, Antonio informs John of the trip that he, Cristian, Talia, Sarah and Tina all took to Mendorra. He admits that they attempted to recover the jewels. But Cain now has them.

At Viki’s home, Tess demands that this “strange woman” (Jessica’s aunt Tina) gets out of her home. But at that point, she knows she is being overheard. Natalie and Jared enter and ask what all the yelling is about. Tess then knows she must “play Jessica”. She tells her sister and Jared that she was “yelling” because she is so happy to see “Auntie Tina”. She then acts happy, friendly and graciously introduces her aunt to Natalie and Natalie’s boyfriend, Jared Banks. They all know that something is ‘up” with her.

At the ranch in 1968, “Clint" (played by Jared) and “Chuck" (played by Nigel) demand to know what is with the “weirdo” who is demanding that they find him some “moustache wax”. Nobody knows what they are talking about until “Delbert Fina” enters.

In the present, after Brody informing Shane that his mother is leaving to go and find Rex, Shane demands she tell him why. Brody also wants to know.

In 1968 at the ranch, “Clint” and “Chuck” demand to know whom this strange “Delfina” person is. But Bo (as Asa) tells his “son” and “ranch hand” that this guy is a welcome guest in their home. He explains why he must be there. But the others find “Delfina” very odd. Rex (as Bo) asks “Clint" (played by Jared) why he thinks it’s ok that he has to go and fight in the war. “Clint” then turns his back and tells his brother he has “better things to do”. In response to that, Bo plays Asa and asks “Clint” just what is more important. That “little Philly” he has been hiding? (meaning Maria)

At Llanfair, after Tina has been “formally introduced” to Natalie and Jared by “Jessica”, she graciously greets them. She tells Natalie she is gorgeous and her boyfriend is a hottie. And she asks her if she is as happy with Jared as Sarah is with Cristian. Natalie replies yes. She is. Hearing that, “Jessica” cannot hide the fact that she is not ok hearing that.

When Sarah and Cristian awaken, she admits to him that she cannot believe that Talia is Carlo Hesser's daughter.

At the police station, Antonio explains the situation to John and informs him that they have found out some very “significant” information” about Talia’s “family”. At that point, the mayor enters and demands to know what is going on.

Shane demands to know why his mother would want to go away, abandon them and her job. Brody tells her that her son has a point and he would like to know the answer to that also. She protests to both of them that Rex is her friend. He needs her help. She wishes they would not fight her with that. And she asks Shane if he does not consider Rex his friend. Shane argues and does not seem ok with her decision.

Back in 1968, Rex (known as young Bo) grabs a hold of “DEFLINA” (while alone with the real Bo) He demands to know if they are merely being scammed and sent on a wild goose chase or if this “person” can really help them get back to the present.

Layla returns home and welcomes Sarah and Cristian. But she wonders why Talia has not returned. They do not know what to tell her.

At the station, Antonio tells the mayor he must know that Talia has been held against her will. But the mayor doesn’t seem to care. He tells them he washes his hands of the whole situation and declares that as far as “this government” is concerned, what goes on in Mendorra stays in Mendorra.

At Llanfair, Tina tells her nieces that it is so great to finally be home. Natalie tells her she hopes she can stay a while. Tina clarifies to Natalie and Jared that this is her home. Her father built it from the ground. She admits that she has many times throughout her life, not been ok with being on the “wrong side of the blanket”. But she is happy to be with her family’s heritage. In response to that, “Jessica” asks Tina if she is not a bit angry at Jared for what he did. But Tina tells her “niece” that she is not judging Jared for what he did. Natalie then rushes in to talk to “Jessica” alone and asks her if she is ok. “Jessica” acts all friendly, tells her sister she is “fine”, and assures her she has good news. Nobody has tampered with her brakes. Jessica is furious with Tina defending Natalie and Jared.

Alone with Brody, Gigi tells him that she has to go and see Rex. She is sorry if he has a problem with it. But she thinks he might have at least made an effort to “suck it up” with Shane. Right then, Madam Delphina enters unexpected with a book about time traveling that Gigi needs to read.

Meanwhile, in 1968, “Delbert Fina’ talks in riddles about what BO and Clint might be able to do in order to get back to the present. He tells them that they cannot interfere with David Vickers’ birth or they will stay back in 1968. Outside the door of the ranch. "Clint" (played by Jared) talks to his woman, Maria (played by Natalie) Rex asks Bo if he wants them to be stuck in 1968 forever. Bo replies no. But Rex needs to stop being so dramatic. Rex tells Bo he needs to “play the role” of Asa, or they will be stuck back in 1968.

“Jessica” goes out the door while Natalie and Jared talk to Tina. She has another trick up her sleeve to make them pay. Inside the room, Natalie informs Tina that “Jess” blames Jared for Nash’s death. But Tina doesn’t seem to believe that there is any reason to hold a grudge against Jared. She tells Natalie and Jared that perhaps it’s “payback” to Asa for taking Clint’s son away from him. She tells them the storey of Clint and Maria conceiving Cord. She explains to them that Clint got Maria pregnant with her husband and father of her two kids. Jared then recalls that he heard Sarah speak of her father, Cord Roberts. Tina further explains that Asa sent Maria away before Clint could even find out that she was pregnant. Her husband was abandoned from knowing his real father and his rightful heritage. Hearing that, Natalie and Jared both seem very interested to hear that. And she tells them she believes that is far worse than pretending to be a princess or Jared pretending to be a Buchanan heir. They smile, looking very encouraged to see that Tina might be their friend.

Right then, we are in 1968, with Jared and Natalie playing the respective roles of Clint and Maria. Right at the point when she is about to tell him that she is having his baby, she is interrupted by “Asa” (played by Bo) determined to prevent his son from knowing that the maid’s daughter is having his baby.

At Sarah and Layla’s apartment, Cristian leaves them to go and take a shower. Layla asks her roommate if she and Cristian are really serious. Sarah admits that they are in love. Layla looks at them indicating that she wishes she could have been as fortunate in her relationship as they are in theirs.

In 1968, at the ranch, “Asa” (played by Bo) demands that Clint leaves so that he can talk to “Maria" (played by Natalie) alone. She asks “Senior Buchanan” if she can be a good subservient little maid and perhaps get him some coffee. He tells her that the only thing he wants from her is to get as far away from his son as possible. In the other room, Rex asks “Delfina” if this story about going from the past to the future is valid or if it’s going to involve a “DeLorean”. Hearing that, “DELFINA” asks him just what is a DeLorean.

In the present, Madam Delphina gives Gigi “instructions” on how she and Rex can pass through the “time warp”. Gigi is skeptical but listening.

Back in 1968, “Delbert Fina” tells Rex and Bo that he has never heard of two people going through the same portal. It might be difficult.

In the present, Madam Delphina tells Gigi she must charge her $5000. Gigi tells her no way and turns her back to tell her she can leave. But Madam Delphina asks Gigi if she is not leaving in order to find her son’s real father.

At the station, the mayor does not seem to care about getting involved in any of the problems that John and Antonio are concerned about involving what is happening to Talia.

In 1968, Bo plays Asa and tells “Maria” that he knows what has happened right under his own roof. He tells her he knows she is a gold digger and she is not going to trap his son into marrying her. She protests that she is carrying his grandchild. He asks her if she wants money. He goes and gets her a wad, hands it to her and tells her it’s his final offer. He won’t give her one more cent. But she protests that Clint must know that she is carrying his child and that she loves him. Inside the other room, “Delbert Fina” tells Rex about what he must do in order to get back to the present.

At Gigi’s home, Brody tells Shane that they must accept this his mom is doing what she needs to do. But Shane must know that nothing will ever split them (he and Shane) up. Outside the door, Madam Delphina tells Gigi she knows that Rex is Shane’s father. Hearing that, Gigi admits that she is “good” to know that. But Gigi needs some help that the fortune teller admits she cannot give her.

IN 1968, Rex is having difficulty “following instructions” form Delbert Fina.

In the present, Gigi returns inside and admits to Brody and Shane that there is no point in leaving to find Rex. She has to come up with $5000 that she does not have.

In 1968, Delbert Fina tells Rex he hates to alarm him. But he believes Rex got to him just in the nick of time.

In the present, Brody presents Gigi with a check. She remembers that that was the money that he previously gave her for Shane’s college funds. But he tells her that it’s money that he was keeping for a “rainy day”. Hearing that, Shane clarifies that it is “not raining”. Brody then tells Gigi that he wants her to accomplish what she has set out to accomplish.

Sarah and Cristian go to Viki’s home. Cristian knows that something is “not right” with Jessica.

At the station, John tells the mayor that he realizes he is “just a cop”. But the mayor tells him that he is only there to “stand in” until they can find another replacement.

In 1968, “Asa” tells “Maria” he knows she is no fool. She knows the way the world works. She tells him she knows he does not want his son to know that he got the maid pregnant. He tells her she must get out of her son’s life. If she loves Clint, she will go. She must know that her baby will be just fine, grow up and have kids of his own

Tina right then tells her family that she and Sarah plan to stay in town for good. And maybe Cord will come and reunite with them.

In 1968, Maria tells Asa that he cannot control her life with her baby. She’s going to find Clint and let him know that they are having a baby whether Asa likes it or not. Bo, then, returns inside as himself and asks Delbert Fina if he and Rex are ready to go.

In the present, Gigi tries and fails to get a hold of Delphina. But she enters through the door, knowing that Brody has helped Gigi get away. She gets ready to leave and hugs Shane good bye.

In 1968, Delbert Fina tells Bo and Rex that if the “portal” closes before they get to it, then they will have to stay there. Bo asks him how long.

Gigi departs and thanks Brody for supporting her. Madam Delphina warns her if they do not leave now, they will not reach Rex in time.

In 1968, Bo asks them if he has to be Asa for another 20 years if they are late. Rex reminds him that Gigi would never wait for him that long. Delbert then tells them that they have to hurry and do what he says.

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