OLTL Update Thursday 8/7/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex is still stuck in 1968 at the Bon Jour Cafe when the guy who looks like Moe (dressed like a hippy) tells him that he knows about time traveling. He shows Rex a book. Rex notices that author might be the fortune teller, Madam Delphina..

Meanwhile, Todd returns home and catches Blair is his home wearing the nightgown he was about to give to Marty. He knows that she is snooping around to find out what is going on.

At the airport, while Viki is ready to board a flight for Africa, she is freaked out when she runs into her long lost sister, Tina. Tina hugs her. But Viki does not know what to say or do.

Meanwhile, Gigi seems to have some sort of “premonition” that Rex is somewhere trying to contact her and is in need of her help.

At the Bon Jour café, Bo (as Asa) enters. Rex asks him if he slept with “Emma”. He still believes that this is Bo sleeping with Gigi. But Bo keeps telling him that if “Asa” does not sleep with “Emma” and conceive David Vickers, then they will not be able to return to the present. At that point, “Emma” walks in and tells Asa that he is a no good person to use women by sleeping with them and dumping them. And she would never sleep with a low life like him.

At Rodi’s, Madam Delphina finds Gigi and tells her she needs to talk to her. Gigi is skeptical but has the idea that she must listen. Meanwhile, Brody finds Layla and confronts her about Adriana. But she reminds him that he was supposed to reconcile with Gigi. He took a bribe. But what did he do? He wound up in a motel room with a woman drunk. She tells him that all men are alike. He has no business judging her. He doesn’t care about Gigi nor does she buy his “sincerity” about anything. He protests that he is attempting to clean up his act. But she knows that he is keeping some sort of secret. At the other table, Madam Delphina indicates that she knows Gigi’s name and knows that she is being pursued by a sailor. Gigi tells her she doesn’t believe a word she is saying. But Gigi may not really believe that.

“Jessica’ is alone in Viki’s living room. As Tess, she tells her unborn baby that she can find a way to make its aunt Natalie and Uncle Jared pay. Right then, the doorbell rings. It’s a mechanic who is there to see Viki. Tess asks him what he wants. He tells her that he has inspected the brakes of Natalie’s car and has found out what really happened.

Viki talks to Cristian and Antonio while Tina reunites with Sarah. Viki asks the two brothers what is going on. But they cannot tell her what she wants to know. They have to get home. They leave with Sarah. Viki tells her sister she cannot believe she is there. All of these years have gone by and nobody has seen or heard from her. It’s as if she had died. Tina tells her sister that she has wanted to contact her family. But she had “reasons” to stay away. She admits that Sarah has been filling her in on what is going on. Viki then admits to her sister that she was in a car accident not long ago. And for a brief moment, she died.

At Viki’s home, the mechanic tells “Jessica” that he wants to talk to her sister about her car. He happens to know that neither Natalie nor Viki are responsible for what happened to Natalie’s car. He happens to know that somebody tried to kill Mrs. Davidson. And when he leaves there, he is going straight to the police. Hearing that, she knows she must act like she is concerned. She invites him in and asks him if he is saying that her mother’s “accident” was not an accident. He tells her that he knows it was not an accident. Whoever did this to her brakes knew what they were doing. She acts like she is shocked. But he tells her if he cannot talk to Mrs. Davidson or her daughter, he needs to go to the police. This is obviously attempted murder.

At the airport, Tina admits to Viki that she got mixed up with a man she did not love named Cain. And she now realizes that she only loves Cord. Viki reminds Tina that she said Cord’s name when she married Max Holden. Tina tells her sister she realizes she has made some mistakes. But if anybody would understand and forgive her, it would have to be Viki. Right then, Viki hears the announcement to board her flight. Tina asks her why she is going to Africa by herself. Viki replies she is going to Africa to do work for the heart association. Tina then concludes who needs a man anyway.

Todd demands to know why Blair has worn the nightgown. His bodyguard replies that she wore it for him. She asks Todd if he really buys that. She tells Todd that she came over there because she wanted to meet “this lady” and warn her about what she’s getting herself into if she’s seeing Todd. Todd tells Blair that his “new relationship” is none of her business. But she asks him if this woman knows all of the terrible things he has done throughout his life including raping Marty Saybrooke.

At Rodi’s, Gigi notices that Rex has tried to call her on her cell phone but Brody did not want her to find out. She demands that Brody tells her what Rex said when he called.

At the Bon Jour café, Bo (as Asa) attempts to “follow history” so that he and Rex can get back to the present. But “Emma” tells Asa that he is a no good piece of trash if he thinks he’s going to get her in bed. Rex however tells her that she must sleep with him. It's a “matter of life and death”. Hearing that, she obviously has no clue what he is talking about.

Cristian, Antonio and Sarah return home to Carlotta’s diner after it’s burned down. She admits that she is very happy to see her sons. She asks why the three of them were in Mendorra. Sarah answers that they just found out that the princess of Mendorra is her mother.

At the airport, Tina tells Viki that they both have their families even if neither of them have men in their lives. Sarah is back in town. CJ might come back. And Viki has Jessica and what is her name, again? Viki replies that her other daughter’s name is Natalie. Tina attempts to explain how it is that a no good leader in Mendorra tried to kill Sarah. Viki remembers all of the crooked schemes that Tina has pulled. Tina reminds her sister that that is all in the past. Tina asks Viki if she has visited Megan’s gravesite. Viki then admits to her sister that she had a “dream” where Megan was trying to tell her something. And she just wishes she knew what it was.

Jessica (who’s really Tess) tries to get the mechanic who examined Natalie’s brakes to trust her. She attempts to bribe him and promises that she will inform her mother and sister that he was there as soon as they wake up tomorrow morning.

At the Bon Jour café in 1968, Rex (as Bo) attempts to explain to “Emma” that she has to “trust” Asa. He informs her that he (himself) has to go to war soon. She informs him that Spencer’s daddy is also fighting the war. She reminds Rex (as Bo) that she knows he is a nice young man who cares about people and unlike his father. She departs. Rex admits to Bo that if they have to “follow history” in order to get back to the present, then that is what they must do. But Bo admits that he cannot “play Asa” and use a woman for sex. He admits that Emma (played by Gigi) is young enough to be his daughter. It just wouldn’t be right.

In the present, at Rodi’s, Brody protests to Gigi that he did not tell her that Rex called because he wanted to “protect” her from getting hurt again. He doesn’t want her to get burned yet again, because she has a soft spot for a guy who abandoned her once before and is still married. But she demands that he tells her what Rex told him and she seems to trust Rex more than Brody. She walks away. Layla then approaches Brody and tells him that he cannot make the same mistake that he’s made before. She tells him that she has found out, the hard way, that nobody can “be a better person” for somebody else. She tried and failed that with Vincent. You can only do it for yourself.

At the other table, Gigi asks Madam Delphina just what it is that she thinks she knows about Gigi’s life, past, present and future. Madam Delphina seems to know about the situation involving Rex going to Texas. And she knows that there is something that is having him stuck in the past. Hearing that, Gigi tells her she is cutting off her “drink consumption”. But Madam Delphina seems to know that there is some sort of “restaurant” in 1968. Gigi does not believe a word she says when she hears the fortune teller say she needs $50.00 in order to enlighten her. But Madam Delphina knows there is something significant with the fact that Rex called her on her cell phone from his cell phone, since there was no such thing in 1968. And it could be a key to going back in the past in order to “reshape” the future.

At the Bon Jour in 1968, Rex and Bo somehow know that if they use the old fashioned pay phones, they will not get any present information about anything that has changed throughout the last 40 years.

At the airport, Tina asks Viki about Jessica losing her husband. Viki tells her sister that she is very worried about what this is doing to her daughter. She has an infant daughter and another on the way. And she has lost her husband so young.

Back at Llanfair, Tess gives the mechanic a nice chunk of money and attempts to convince him that she is on the up and up. He then concludes that he is very sorry for her family’s loss. She asks him if he knows anybody in the construction industry. He tells her he will look into it. And he goes out the door. Alone, she tells Natalie that she is not going to let her “off the hook”.

Todd demands that Blair takes off the nightgown and gets out of his home. She leaves wearing the nightgown and tells him he has lousy taste in women’s clothing. He needs to find something “sexier”.

Antonio leaves the burned down diner. Alone with Sarah, Cristian tells her that he is concerned about all his brother has been through in the last year. He’s lost Talia. But she assures him that he will not lose her.

At the airport, Viki asks Tina just what she plans to do when she returns to Llanview. Tina tells her the first thing she plans to do is reunite with David Vickers. Hearing that, Viki assumes Tina is talking about David Vickers the person. But Tina clarifies to her sister no. She has a dog whom she named David Vickers and he’s gone lost. Her dog is very special to her. Viki tells her sister she hopes that she will be less concerned about her dog than she is about Sarah. Viki knows she has to leave and asks Tina if she will be there when Viki gets back. Tina tells Viki of course. She loves her. Viki tells Tina she loves her too. Regardless of circumstances, Tina is the only sister she has. She leaves. Right then, Tina rushes out and notices the dog on the table with the nuns. She grabs her dog and is happy.

Blair goes to Rodi’s and asks Brody if he can make her something strong. Right then, Gigi goes to talk to Madam Delphina, realizing that she may be onto something. She just remembers that Rex told her that he was stuck in 1968.

At the Bon Jour café, in 1968, a man (played by Madam Delphina) enters and introduces “himself) as Professor Delbert Fina. He asks Bo and Rex how “he” can help them. Rex explains that they are supposed to be living in 2008 but got struck by lightning at Asa Buchanan’s ranch and are now stuck in 1968. Hearing that, the “professor” laughs and tells them he might have some convoluted ideas about how to help them get back home and to the present.

Cristian and Sarah talk about whether she should reconcile with her mother. He indicates that eh believes Tina may care about her daughter. She tells him yes. Maybe it is not “too late to teach an old dog new tricks”. And at that point, Tina enters Viki’s doorsteps with her dog. She rings the doorbell. Tess answers and demands to know whom she is . Tina tells “Jessica” it hasn’t been that long. She is very sorry about the loss of her niece’s husband. And she informs Jessica that her aunt Tina is moving in. And her little dog too. Tess indicates that she may have never heard of Tina.

Todd’s bodyguard indicates that he might not be able to keep Todd’s secret about Marty. And he goes out the door.

At Rodi’s, Madam Delphina enlightens Gigi about what is going on with Rex and she asks if she can get Rex back. Madam Delphina replies that she will “try”.

Right then, while in1968 at the Bon Jour Café, the “professor” makes a similar attempt to get Bo and Rex back to the present.

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