OLTL Update Wednesday 8/6/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Cristian brings Sarah into the plane as it gets ready to leave Mendorra. As Tina and Cristian hug her, Kane looks at the jewels in his pocket.

Blair goes to Todd’s house to see the woman Todd has there. The guard tells her there is no one home. Blair asks if the hot little nightie is for the body guard.

At Viki’s goodbye party, they tell Dorian she isn’t invited. Jessica reminds her that she put Nash in the ground.

David talks to his dog (David Vickers) about the fire at the diner saying they did not do it. But they have to leave town.

In Texas, Jeremiah shows Bo the time travel book. Rex tries to get his phone to work.

Gigi is waitressing at Roadies. Brody, who is bartending, tells her she looks good. Layla comes in and sits at a table. Gigi gives her purse to Brody to put under the bar and walks away. Her cell phone starts buzzing and Brody looks at it.

In Texas, Rex yells that it’s ringing.

At Roadies, Brody watches Gigi’s phone ring. When it stops he says the jerk didn’t even leave a message.

Rex says his battery is about to die. Bo asks if he brought his charger.

At the airport, David says Addie’s money barely covered the ticket. He says he’ll get by on his looks. He looks in a mirror and he doesn’t have a reflection.

At Viki’s, Jessica says that when Dorian took over BE and it caused Nash’s death. Dorian says she wasn’t the cause of his death, it was the imposter. Nora says she took advantage of the situation. Dorian says Todd is the reason she’s there. Cole broke up with Starr and its Todd’s fault.

At Todd’s, Blair tries to get the bodyguard to let her go upstairs and see the woman. Blair flirts with him.

In the plane, Tina checks on Sarah. She’s fine. She tells how she got caught in the rapids and went far down the river. She says when she came to, the boat was gone and she was on the shore. She just started walking, heard cheering and then followed the noise to the ceremony. She heard people talking about the airport so she went there. Sarah asks where Talia is. Antonio says they had to leave without her.

Gigi asks Layla what she wants. Layla tells her that she spoke to Adriana and she’s really missing Rex. Vincent comes in. Layla asks why he’s late and he says he had to make money for them. They argue. Layla says she doesn’t need a boyfriend to make money for her. A woman walks up to their table and asks why did Layla called Vinny her boyfriend? She’s his girlfriend.

Rex tries to reach Gigi on the phone while Bo and Jeremiah read the Time Travel book.

David is confused. He says strange things are happening. He thinks the dog caused things to change. He sneezes and a nun blesses him. David looks at the nun and says if it was good enough for Todd’s baby, its good enough for his.

Dorian and Todd argue about Starr. Nora steps up and tells both of them to leave the kids alone. Clint accuses Dorian of coming over to make a scene. Everyone tells her to leave. Dorian tries to talk to Jessica and she tells her to save it.

Rex gets through to Gigi’s phone and Brody answers. He says he has to talk to Gigi. Brody tells him no.

Layla asks Vincent to tell her that the woman is a crazy bitch. The woman says to check her phone records because he was the one doing the calling. Vincent admits to hooking up with the both of them.

Brody tells Rex Gigi is in the shower and he’s about to join her.

On the plane, they tell Sarah what happened with Talia. Antonio says he will get her back no matter what he has to do. Sarah and Cris walk to the other side of the plane and exchange a kiss. Cris goes back to Antonio. They talk about Talia. Cris suggests calling the Feds when they get back to Llanview. Antonio wonders if he could have done more to get Talia out of Mendorra. Sarah and Tina talk about going over the falls. Tina blames herself. Tina says she’s going to have Sarah checked out at the hospital as soon as they land. Sarah sees Kane take a jewel out of his pocket. She goes over to him and grabs the jewels. They are shocked.

Blair tries to get the bodyguard to let her upstairs. She offers him money. He asks her to try on the sexy little nightie on for him.

Dorian is shocked Viki is going to Africa. Viki thanks Dorian but tells her she won’t forget what she did to Charlie, BE and Nash. Dorian asks if one of her spare personality will lock her in the secret room in the basement. We see Jessica smile.

Kane says he was going to share the jewels with her. Sarah tells Tina not to listen to him. Tina remembers she had fake stones made and put the real ones in the little doggie coat her pet, David Vickers wore. Sarah pretends to believe him.

David asks to make a donation. He puts the dog on the table. The nuns refuse him.

Sarah tells Tina not to believe Kane, but Tina says she does. They she asks him to give the jewels to charity when they get to Llanview.

Bo and Jeremiah read the book about altering the past to the future. Bo says he broke things off with the woman who was supposed to have his father’s baby.

Brody tells Rex he’s living in the past. Rex says that’s what he’s trying to tell him. Brody says stay there and hangs up.

In Texas, Rex starts yelling and Bo tries to calm him down. Jeremiah interrupts about Vickers not being born. He says if they don’t make a baby, neither of them are going back.

Layla is broken up because Vincent cheated on her. He blames her work. She tells him where the exit is and starts crying. She says he should have talked to her before he went sleeping around. Vincent wants to talk. She says she stood up for him, trusted him and loved him and he still did this to her. He says he still has some of his stuff at her place. She says she’ll leave it on the stoop, look for the bonfire.

Dorian tells Todd to stay away from the Cramer women. Todd says she can’t tell him about his children. She leaves. They go one with their little party. Viki asks Todd to make peace with Blair and kids. Viki goes around and tells everyone goodbye. She tells Jared to take care of Natalie. She tells Jessica to call if she needs anything. They say goodbye and Viki leaves.

Sarah asks what they are going to do to get Talia back. Cris says Sarah isn’t going to do anything. They talk about Talia and getting her out of Mendorra. Tina comes up and says didn’t she look great in her wedding dress. Everyone just stares at her. Kane appears in a parachute and says he never learned to share. Besides, Tina is still hung up on Cord. Sarah is surprised and smiles at this fact. Kane jumps from the plane. Sarah tells Tina she’s sorry for Kane jumping and she’ll find someone better then Kane. Tina says she wants someone she can trust like her dog, David Vickers. She says she’s going to make finding him her first priority.

David Vickers tries to get the nuns to take the dog. They agree. David walks off and meets with Viki. He tells her Adie dumped him. They talk. David sees his reflection in a mirror.

The other woman tells Vincent not to look at her and walks off. Brody steps in and asks Vincent to leave. He does. Layla sits down and Gigi walks up. Layla asks if she’s enjoying herself. Gigi says she knows how Layla feels.

Bo tells Rex that it is not Gigi across the street, its David Vickers’s mother. Bo says the sooner Asa gets over there and father’s Vickers the sooner they can get back to the real Gigi. Rex says go and don’t talk about it afterwards. Bo leaves. Jeremiah tells Rex to go with the flow and gives him the book. Rex looks at it and says he hopes Delbert Doolittle Fina knows what he’s talking about. Rex says the man’s name again and then looks out the window.

Blair puts the gown on and then wants to go up the stairs. The man makes her turn around for him and as she does, Todd walks in.

Clint and Nora go to leave and Natalie thanks them for coming. She knows they don’t like that she’s seeing Jared. Clint says he’ll always love her. Jessica comes down stairs. Clint and Nora leave. Jessica says she’s tired and they all turn in for the night. Jared asks about the secret room in the basement as he walks up stairs.

Gigi tells Brody sometimes she thinks he’s the super hero in the comic book. A customer comes in and Gigi goes over to her.

Rex looks at the book. He realizes that the name Delphina is in the author’s name.

Gigi waits on Delphina and asks to take her order. Delphina says it’s the other way around.

Tina goes through the airport. Viki gets a text from Charlie then sees Sarah, Cris, Antonio. She asks what they are doing there. Then she turns and sees Tina. Viki is shocked.

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