OLTL Update Tuesday 8/5/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Natalie comes down the stairs and “Jessica” greets her happily and graciously. Natalie informs her sister that she found some photos of Nash on the computer. Viki enters and Jessica tells her mother and sister that she has a surprise for both of them.

Clint and Nora brainstorm about how he is about to get the company back from Dorian. He tells her that he has yet to actually do it. They are past “plan B”. He tells her that he is about to implement plan “M”. And he admits that he may not want to tell her exactly what is involved in his most recent plan.

At Dorian’s home, Langston asks her foster mother what her new plan is. Dorian appears to her foster daughter as though she is happy. They go and find Starr in the living room, in the dark watching a movie and appearing sad.

Cole returns home and informs Nora that he has decided to sign away his rights to the baby. Mrs. McBain can now adopt his child. He and Starr are now over and there is nothing more anybody can do. She can tell that he is very upset to have broken up with Starr and under these terms.

He notices his father and rushes up to see Todd. Blair is not comfortable with that.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser, Jonas and the masses are ready to murder Antonio and Cristian along with Tina and Cain for helping Talia escape. But she tells her “father” that if he thinks he’s going to kill them, he will have to kill her first. She tells Carlo that he needs to let her friends get on the plane and fly away safely. Then she will do what he wants. He tells her she must know that she is in no position to “negotiate”. But she tells him he should not be so certain of that.

At Roxy’s motel, Jared enters and asks her what is wrong with the air conditioning. She tells him that it will be fixed at some point and asks if he is looking for his father. He admits that he is. She tells him that she wishes he would spend more time with Natalie in her home dipping in the pool. And he asks her what it is like to be fulfilling Jessica’s wishes when everybody blames Jared for her husband’s death. Jared admits that he is not comfortable with that. And she admits that it is very odd that Jessica would welcome him or Natalie into her family’s home at this point. She knows there must be something behind it.

Jessica then presents Viki and Natalie with a “surprise” that Viki finds very “sweet” but which Natalie is concerned about. Natalie then goes into the main area and gets on the phone to call Clint. He tells his daughter he is busy and cannot be bothered. She tells him she is not asking him for help. She is concerned about her mother.

Dorian and Langston notice that Starr is distraught. They ask her why she is not happy now that Cole finally came around and agreed end the custody battle with her and let Marcie adopt the baby. She tells them that she is upset because they have hereby broken up.

At the coffee shop, Blair reminds Todd that there is a restraining order in place. He tells her that he has as much right to enter a public place as she does. He does not have to leave and is not “stalking” her. He asks her if she plans to call “her new boyfriend” and report him. Jack tells his mother she needs to back off and stop grilling his dad.

Charlie tells his son that he is really making efforts to clean up his act. He is going to AA and not burdening anybody with his problems anymore. Hearing that, Jared surprises his father by revealing that he is happy to hear that.

After Dorian has heard from Starr that Cole agreed to give up their baby, she tells her niece that she bets that Cole did not make that decision on his own. “Somebody” must be behind that.

Nora tells Cole that she believes he did the right thing to give up the fight with Starr and agree to let Marcie adopt the baby. But he tells her he does not feel like a man giving up on his child. He asks Nora if she believes that if his mom were alive that she’s be proud of him. She tells him of course. But Cole is still sullen.

In Mendorra, Carlo and Jonas build a fire. Talia tells her father that he can “make” her stay there and married to a man whom she does not love. But she will never love nor respect him. So she doesn’t know what he thinks he is proving. She will do whatever he wants if he can let her friends go. Antonio then turns to her and tells her he cannot let her do that. But she tells him he cannot “Fix” anything. Jonas tells her that she cannot be ridiculous. She asks him if he thinks that he can make them all stay there. Carlo then tells Jonas that he needs to let the others go. Tina and Cain leave. Cristian goes. But Antonio will not leave Talia. She tells him there is no time now. He has to go. But he tells her not without her.

At the coffee shop, Jack tells his parents they may talk alone. Blair tells Todd that she will see him in court. He asks her if she feels “empowered” just because she and McBain were able to intimidate and brow-beat some scared young kid. Hearing that, she demands that Todd tells her what he is talking about. He tells her that Cole Thornhart suddenly decided to sign away his rights to their grandchild. And he knows that she and John persuaded him to do that. But Blair reveals this is the first she’s heard about it and she had nothing to do with it.

Talia tells Antonio that he has to return to his mother and daughter. And maybe if she stays she can prevent Carlo from hurting more people. He must know all that Carlo has done and that this has to stop. He tells her that this should not be her responsibility. She tells him he must know that she is right. He must go back to Jamie. She pleads with Antonio not to let her horrible father make Jamie an orphan. She tells him that he must know that her life was great because she had him and Jamie in her life for a little while. And it will always mean everything to her.

Dorian tells Starr that Cole was upset with her decision. But it was Todd who turned Cole against her. Todd cannot accept any man in his daughter’s life except himself. But Starr protests that Cole made the decision all on his own. And there is nothing Dorian can do about it. Dorian then tells her niece that she can find out what Todd did to make that boy break Starr’s heart.

In the coffee shop, Blair tells Todd that they have to respect Starr’s wishes. He tells her that she does not care about their daughter or the baby who is their own flesh and blood.

At Llanfair, “Jessica” gives Viki a present that is a travel itinerary. She’s even ordered her a car to come and pick her up. Viki is grateful for her daughter’s generosity but knows that something is not right.

Charlie and Jared talk about Viki. Jared tells his father that the reason she broke up with his father is because he “forced” his father to go along with his lie. But Charlie affirms to his son that he (himself) is a big boy. He made his own decision. And the last thing one wants to do is give an alcoholic any more excuses.

Natalie calls Clint and tells him that Jessica has invited him and her and Clint. And she’s concerned about what might have caused Viki’s accident. The brakes were cut and that is a little odd. Inside the living room, “Jessica” acts gracious. But Viki can tell that her daughter is not ok.

While Tina and Cristian are in the plane, Jonas has a trick up his sleeve involving keeping the jewels. Tina and Cristian are both distraught to have lost Sarah. She tells him she realizes he must be furious with her. And she admits that at least when her daughter was with him, she was happy.

Natalie manages to persuade Clint to attend Viki’s party and accept that she and Jared will also be there.

In the living room, “Jessica” notices that Viki is looking at her funny. Viki then admits that she just remembers a “dream” that she had when she was in the hospital. And she is concerned about what has happened to her daughter. “Jessica” tells her mother she mustn’t worry about her. She (Viki) needs this trip. And she won’t let her mother miss it. At that point, Clint comes as Natalie has asked and is ready to “join the party” for Viki.

Markko comes by to see Cole. He tells him that he knows he is upset. But he cannot isolate himself. They need to talk about what has just happened.

Dorian tells Starr she knows that Todd persuaded Cole to turn on her. But Starr protests that her dad did not do this. It was Cole’s choice. Dorian then tells her niece fine. She will leave Starr and Langston alone. Langston then asks Starr if she wants to tell her what happened. Starr tells her no. But the first time she saw the movie, it was with Cole. They laughed so hard. And she remembers that they thought they’d be together forever. In the other room, Dorian says: “Todd Manning, you are going to pay for what you did to that little girl”.

In the coffee shop, Todd tells Blair that it is killing him not to be with his kids. She tells him she didn’t want to do this any more than he did. But this obsession he has with Starr and Cole has gone too far. Right then, Todd gets a call from Viki. She invites him to join her going away party. He tells her he will be by a little later. Jack asks his dad what that was. Todd tells his son that his aunt Viki is having a going away party. Jack asks if he can go. Blair tells him no and leaves with her son. Alone, Todd tells her she cannot take his kids from him.

Antonio grudgingly agrees to fly back with Cristian and Tina. But he tells his brother that he is determined to get Talia back whatever it costs.

Jared shows his father a book. Charlie is amazed that his son would remember all that he did when he was sober.

Todd attends Viki’s party and grills Natalie about what happened to the brakes on her car. He is very suspicious about whether Viki is in danger because of the brakes and how ironic that it would be Natalie’s car where somebody tampered with the brakes. But nobody wants to hear that..

Blair and Jack return home. Dorian demands to know if Blair called the police when Todd approached them. Blair tells her aunt no. Todd went to Viki’s going away party so she left him alone. Hearing that, Dorian asks why, after she saved “that cow’s” life, did Viki not invite her. And she informs Blair that Cole broke Starr’s heart by breaking up with her and she knows that Todd is behind that. Now that she knows where to find Todd, she is going to confront him.

Starr talks to Langston about the devastating loss of Cole.

Markko demands to know why Cole would break up with Starr. Cole buries himself in video games and adamantly tells Markko that he lost both of his parents. And if he were to continue being with Starr, he would only remember the loss of his child. But Markko tells him that he does not believe he has the right to do that to the girl he loves.

When Cristian, Antonio and Tina are on the plane, Cristian looks out the window and demands that they stop the plane. He believes that he has found Sarah.

Jared goes to join Natalie at Viki’s party, knowing he is not exactly welcome. Viki greets him coldly and asks him how Charlie is. He tells her that his father is doing better and thank you for asking. Jared then approaches Clint and tells him it’s good to see him. Clint tells Jared that is not true. Jared must stop pretending. He tells him that he tolerates him only because Jessica has asked him to.

Blair returns home to Starr and Langston. She see Starr crying and goes to hold her daughter, knowing that she is devastated over the loss of Cole. She goes into the other room and leaves Starr alone with Langston. Starr tells her best friend that she is glad they are alone. Langston is the only person who realizes what is really going on and that it will not simply be “ok in time”. Blair goes out into the main entrance and reaches in the shopping bag where she believes she has the stuff she bought for Starr. But she realizes that she mistakenly picked up the bag that Todd had. And she notices a woman’s robe and underwear.

At Viki’s party, “Jessica” announces to everybody she’s really glad they all came to wish her mother well. Right then, Dorian enters and asks if somebody “forgot to invite” her. Noticing her, “Jessica” looks very disappointed, as though Dorian is about to “ruin her plan”.

Cristian demands that the pilot stops the plane. He runs out. And he comes back in with Sarah. Tina looks at her daughter in awe so surprised that she is alive and well.

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