OLTL Update Monday 8/4/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David stands outside the door of Nora’s home with the dog, David Vickers. Nigel answers but doesn’t want him to bother Clint and Nora this late at night. David insists that he talk to them. Nigel asks him if they will understand the nature of his visit. David tells Nigel that they should. He has some very important plans that they will certainly understand.

In 1968 at the Bon Jour Café, Bo (as Asa) talks to “Renee” (played by Dallas). We see young Spencer (played by Shane) attempting to rip off the juke boxes. And the song “Love Child” plays while “Emma” is wondering who is the right man for her.

In the present time, Gigi is talking to Brody at Rodi’s while the song plays.

“Emma” talks to Rex (whom she believes is Bo). And he informs her that there is somebody he is in love with.

Dallas is visiting Clint in Nora’s home. They are talking and enjoying being together, reliving old memories. Nora attempts to engage in the conversation but is not as comfortable as they are.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser announces to the masses that Tina and Cain are going to be beheaded for their crime. But Cristian wears his “disguise” and is ready to attempt to save them. Carlo asks them if they have anything to say before they die. Cain replies yes. And he yells help.

While Talia has her “honeymoon” with Jonas, he reveals to her that her father did not kill Antonio. He did. From outside Antonio overhears.

Nigel reminds David that the last time he saw him, he was “investing” his future in marrying Alex Olanov. Hearing that, David admits that he and Alex parted ways. He admits that he missed her. But she lied on the divorce settlement. Nigel reminds David that he remembers David marrying Addie Cramer not long ago.

Inside the living room, Dallas asks Nora if she is overstaying her welcome in Nora’s home. Nora tells her no. But she wonders why she would suddenly arrive in town after all this time. At that point, Nigel informs Clint that Mr. Vickers wants to talk to him. Nora then asks Dallas to step outside so that Clint and David can talk. David then reminds Clint that Clint gave him a check in order to divorce Addie. And hearing that, Clint reminds David that he gave him the $10 million check not only in order to divorce Addie, but also to persuade Dorian to give the company back to the Buchanans. Outside the door, Nora “dismisses” Dallas.

In 1968 at the Bon Jour Café, Dallas (playing Renee) tells “Asa” that she knows that he and “Emma” must be done. Not far away, “Emma” observes “Spencer” engaging in very socially inappropriate behavior. And she tells her son he must stop. This is rude. Rex (whom everybody believes is Bo) clarifies to her that he knows who is the right person for him and how the future should be shaped.

In Mendorra, Jonas tells Talia that she must believe him that Antonio is dead. But she tells him she needs proof. She is a cop. She needs to see the body. And when she is able to do that, she promises that if he lets her see Antonio, she will do anything he asks. Outside the door, Antonio smashes something to draw attention. The other guards ask what was that and walk toward him. He hides so that they do not see him and sneaks up on the guard as he walks by.

While Carlo Hesser is about to have Tina and Cain from being beheaded, she announces that she has something to say. She tells them that she had no intent of hurting anybody. Especially her own daughter. She would die many times over in order to get her daughter back. Carlo wants her to stop talking. But she announces that she is not finished. She talks more about how people must know that Carlo and Jonas are just are corrupt as she and Cain are. And while everybody is distracted. Cristian moves up closer and has a plan.

In 1968 at the Bon Jour café, Rex still sees “Emma” as Gigi and tells her that she needs the “right” man for herself and her son. But he realizes that she sees him as Bo and not Rex.

In the present time, at Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody that she realizes that he is sincere about his commitment to her but it might not be enough.

In 1968 at the Bon Jour, Maria (played by Natalie) enters with her mother telling her that she and Clint are in love. They will have their baby and be together forever. Right then, “Clint” (played by Jared) enters, kisses her and tells her she looks beautiful.

At Nora’s home, David does not want Nora or Clint to know that he has already divorced Addie. And he doesn’t want them to call Dorian in order to find out what has happened involving kicking him out of her home..

In Mendorra, Talia demands that Jonas lets her “see” Antonio. But he stone-walls her. She tells him that he is a pig and he will die before she lets him touch her. In response to that, he tells her he hopes it does not come to that. Outside the door, Antonio hides and when a guard walks by, he knocks him out.

At the announcement hall, Tina protests to the masses that Carlo Hesser and Jonas Chamberlain cannot get away with what they are doing. But they physically move Cain toward the guillotine and are ready to behead him. Not far away, Cristian is disguised and ready to prevent that from happening.

Talia asks Jonas if he is threatening to kill her only an hour after they are “married”. She asks him if he thinks that will make him look like a real charmer. He replies to her that her “rebellious streak” will not be of benefit to her. He reminds her that he has wealth and power to offer her. But she tells him he can shove his wealth and power. She only wants Antonio. Meanwhile, outside their room, Antonio knocks out a guard and attempts to take the keys out of his pocket while he is on the ground.

At the Bon Jour café, Maria’s mother talks to the long-haired hippy owner, played by Moe. And it looks like he might be attracted to her. And Maria’s mother looks to be played by Noelle, the waitress. At the table not far away ‘Bo" (played by Rex talks to “Emma" (played by Gigi).

At Nora’s, David demands that Clint give him his money. Clint tells him he mustn’t rush anything. Clint must first call Dorian. But David tells him there is no point in contacting Dorian. Clint asks him why. David replies she is a sore loser. Clint then tells David he will shoot her an email. David asks them why they must involve Dorian. Nora then clarifies to David that what she cannot believe is that Dorian would really sign over B.E. without a fight.

In Mendorra, while Antonio struggles and grabs the gun from the unconscious guard, he hears Jonas attempting to “consummate” with Talia. She fights him and yells. And at that point, Antonio enters, pulls the gun on Jonas and demands he lets her go.

Carlo wants Tina and Cain to die. But she admits that since her daughter is dead because of her, she has no right to live. But Cain tells her she must speak for herself. He wants to live. Right then, a faceless man enters and looks like he’s going to cut their throats with an axe. But, unknown to everybody, it’s Cristian Vega who saves them and helps them get away.

Antonio enters the “honeymoon suite” and knocks Jonas out. But he notices that he is also in pain after having gotten stabbed. He and Talia escape and depart together.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody that she has already told him about the status of their mutual “plans for the future. He tells her he was not talking about their future together. He was talking about jobs for both of them. He might be able to get a bartending job at Rodi’s. And she can get a better paying waitress job than what she currently has by working at Rodi’s. They can work and go home together and make enough money to provide a home for Shane. But she is not going to go for that idea.

At the Bon Jour Café in 1968, Bo plays Asa and tells his “son”, Clint (who looks just like Jared) that he needs to “dump that girl” (meaning Maria, played by Natalie). And he tells Jeremiah (played by Moe, who looks just like a hippy from the 60s) that he would like something to drink. And he wants something stronger than that “hippy herbal Téa” that “Jeremiah” always serves his customers. Right then, Rex (who is not ready to be Bo and let Bo be Asa) tells him that maybe he should not tell Jared that he should believe that Natalie is beneath him. He sees her as his sister who deserves better than Jared and not “Maria”, the maid’s daughter who was in love with Clint 40 years ago.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Brody that he’s been a little “heavy” on the togetherness. He tells her that he is a bit concerned about her very weird phone call from Rex where he said something about the 60s and Viet Nam and Route 68. But she tells him that she believes that Rex was sincere. He was stone cold sober and she knows he really is in trouble. But Brody reminds her that Rex would not be abandoning her for the first time and she cannot count on Rex.

In 1968, “Clint”, (played by Jared) follows his father’s instructions and snubs Maria. Rex asks Bo why he would dismiss his own son and have total disregard for his becoming a father (as Asa a grandfather). Bo replies that if Clint gets to commit to Maria and to Cord at this time, then he will never meet Viki nor have his kids with her.

At Nora’s, she tells David that she knows that he already signed off on his marriage to Addie before he asked Clint for the money again. Clint then tells David that he bets if he were to call Dorian and inform her what has happened, she will have a good laugh and confirm that she also knows what David has pulled so that he will get nothing. He tells David he will not give him a cent for his scam.

In Mendorra, in the rain, Talia escapes with Antonio. Tina rushes to find them. And they all attempt to find Sarah not knowing where she is. Cain has also escaped but has been left behind. Antonio asks Tina where Cristian is. Tina admits that he is not with her presently. He saved her life. He is a hero. But she doesn’t know how Cristian could have possibly survived. At that point, Cristian appears behind the locked fence and asks her if she wants to bet on that.

At Nora’s, Clint asks Nigel if he would be so kind as to show “these two creatures” out of this house. Nigel then escorts David and the dog out the door. Clint then tells Nora that she is so brilliant. He tells her he has a few ideas as to his next plan of action. But for the time being, he is happy that he does not have to tell David Vickers that he is a Buchanan.

At the Bon Jour Café, Rex and Bo (as themselves) talk privately. Rex asks Bo how they can get out of there.

At Rodi’s, Brody tells Gigi that he wants to talk to the manager about a job. Alone, she gets a call from Shane. She tells him he may stay at his friend’s home if he wants. Brody then comes out with the w-2s and asks her if she is “in”.

At the Bon Jour in 1968, the hippy owner (played by Moe) notices Rex’s cell phone and asks what that thing is. Rex replies it’s a cell phone, not realizing that nobody has ever heard of any such thing in 1968. Rex clarifies that it’s something that people use in 2008. Hearing that, the “hippy” tells the two of them that they look like they are part of some sort of “journey” or time travel. And it looks like he smokes a lot of marijuana and uses many hallucinogenic drugs so that he would believe that.

While Tina, Talia, Antonio and Cristian all look like they have escaped, they come face to face with Jonas.

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