OLTL Update Friday 8/1/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser announces Talia and Jonas Chamberlain as the rightful king and queen of Mendorra. He tells “his majesty’ that he may kiss his bride. But not far away, Antonio and Cristian have taken guards uniforms to wear so that they can enter unnoticed.

At the Bon Jour Café in 1968, Bo and Rex (as Asa and Bo) observe while Emma (played by Gigi) talks to Renee (played by Dallas). Emma asks Renee if she really wants to help her and cares about her. But at that point, “Emma” gets distracted by her son, Spencer (played by Shane) He reminds his mother that she promised him a new baby brother. And that might mean she should sleep with Asa.

Right then, David Vickers has been kicked out of La Boulaie by Addie and has nobody with him except the dog named David Vickers.

John McBain goes to talk to his brother in the bar, as though he might want to “confess” about what he did the previous night.

Todd returns to Marty. She knows that something is up with him and he is upset. He tells her that that no good loser, John McBain is sleeping with his (Todd’s) wife.

Cole goes to see Starr and tells her that he will agree to sign the papers for her to give up their baby for adoption. In response to that, she is very happy that he has “come around” . And she tells him that this is the best thing for the baby and the best thing for the two of them. But he clarifies to her that there is no more “them”. Their relationship is over.

In Mendorra, Cristian and Antonio observed, dressed like guards while Talia “complies” with what her father wants and begrudgingly kisses her “groom”.

At the Bon Jour Café in 1968, “Emma” asks “Asa” what is up and what his plans are. Bo plays Asa with the Texas accent. And he admits that they have to end their “thing” because he is not in love with her. Not far away Rex (known to all as Bo) sits with young Spencer (played by Shane). And young Spencer notices that this guy has a cell phone in his hand (something nobody has never seen in 1968).

David Vickers goes to Rodi’s with the dog and remembers his regrettable action of burning the check for $1 million that Clint gave him and declaring that he did it for Viki. He then wonders what his next plan of action should be. He notices the two McBain brothers sitting at a table talking. John observes that Michael is burying himself in work, maybe in an attempt to avoid dealing with his situation. Michael tells John that he knows that Blair stayed with John the previous night. And Michael notices that John had an “altercation” when he sees that his hand is bloody.

Todd tells Marty he does not want to burden her with his problems. But she urges him to share and see if she can help him and tells him after all he has done for her, he mustn’t feel that he’s a burden to her.

Cole tells Starr that he is agreeing to what she wants, which is to give the baby away. But he will never understand why she’d do that. He does not understand why she would even want to consider having an abortion, as she almost did. He tells her that he cannot go on with her. Every time he sees her, he will remember the baby that they could have had that was taken form them because she wanted that. She protests that they are both too young to raise a baby. They cannot give the baby the life it deserves. And they can always see their child if others raise him or her. He tells her that being able to see the baby only from a distance is not acceptable. She then tells him that she needs him to make this decision with her. She cannot be alone. He is the love of her life and she can never let him go. But, in response to that, he tells her that she already did.

In Mendorra, Talia clarifies to her father that the only reason she has agreed to what he wants is in order to protect Antonio. She needs to see Antonio again. He tells her in the meantime, she needs to greet her adoring public. Behind the scenes, Cristian tells Antonio that even if they manage to escape and save Talia, they still haven’t a clue what happened to Sarah and assume she has drowned.

Marty notices that Todd’s hand is bloody. She can tell that he’s been in a fight and urges him to let her help him.

After John admits to Michael that he and Blair slept together, Michael tells his brother he has no negative assumptions about that. He realizes that Blair has taken good care of Sam and he’s ok with John seeing her. But John tells his brother that he needs to reconcile with Marcie and understand the opposition involving Starr and Cole and the baby.

Cole tells Starr that they cannot pretend that they are ok and ready to go forward in their relationship if they are giving up their baby. She tells him that she thinks they should be able to do that. . They agree that they both want what is best for their baby and that he/she comes first. He tells her that he cannot accept giving up their baby. It won’t work for them to plan to get married some time off in the future and have more kids, yet forget about this one. But she urges him to please not go. She doesn’t want to lose him.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser announces that the previous and fraudulent king and queen (Tina and Cain) will be beheaded. And the new royalty, Talia and Jonas will take over. And he announces how the king and queen must first “consummate their union”. Overhearing that, Antonio wants to go and break that up. But Cristian restrains his brother and tells him he has a plan.

At the Bon Jour café, Rex shows “young Spencer” (who looks just like Shane) the really cool features of a cell phone. At the other table, Bo (known to all as Asa) tells Emma (played by Gigi) that he realizes he does not have what she wants and needs in her life. He doesn’t want to string her along. “Renee” (played by Dallas) encourages “Emma” to realize that she is young and beautiful and has her whole life ahead of her. But “Emma” cries and tells them that she has needs that are not met. Rex (known as Bo) sits at the table with the boy whom he sees as Shane. But he notices the “behaviors” unlike Shane and more like Spencer Truman at his age.

Todd tells Marty that she must know that John left her to die. She seems to buy everything he says about John’s wrong doings. And he tells her that his soon to be ex wife has been “taken” by him. Hearing that, she asks what she ever saw in John. He replies what every other chick sees in him. John manages to fool everybody into believing that he is so great. And even intelligent women like herself fall for John. He tells her that up until recently, he had a good life with a beautiful wife and kids that loved him. And then who showed up? John McBain. He turned Todd’s pregnant 16 year old daughter against him. And he wants to encourage his crazy sister in law adopt Todd’s grandchild. And in the conversation, Todd “plays” Marty perfectly, into believing that he did not fight back. He is non-violent, unlike John McBain.

At Rodi’s, John and Michael talk about

At another table, David reveals to the dog that he burned down the diner when he burned the $10 million check that Clint gave him to divorce Addie. And he concludes that he might be able to declare insanity.

Michael asks Marcie if she wants to talk. He tells her he assumes she has not changed her mind about adopting Starr’s baby.

Cole asks Starr what she plans to do after they give up their baby for adoption. Does she believe that they will be able to “resume” their relationship after giving up their baby? Does she think they can just hang out together and go to movies and pretend as if nothing has happened? He tells her that maybe, since she has a mom and aunt and grandmother and little brothers, she can give up their baby. But he does not have that. He tells her that he is certain that Marcie could be a good mom to the baby. But they (himself and Starr) can never again be together. She asks him even if she loves him more than anything and knows that he loves her also. He tells her he has concluded that love is not enough anymore. She tells him that she believed that she wanted to wait to make love to him until they were both ready. But she now realizes that they are ready to be in love and make this decision together. He tells her that when he looks at her now, he feels sad. He does not want that. He wants to remember them the way they were in what was the happiest time of his life. He tells her that he has concluded that giving their baby away is the best thing because she doesn’t want their baby. He realizes if he raised the baby by himself, the kid wouldn’t have a mom. It would be unfair for their child to feel unwanted or like a mistake. So he has to give up their baby and give up on his relationship with her. She cries and doesn’t accept that.

David comes up with a plan which he tells the dog. He tells him that maybe he can “put out” one fire after starting another. Maybe he can convince Clint that he has not really divorced Addie. He asks the dog how he could have gotten himself into such a mess that he’s talking to shih-tzu’s in bars. He doesn’t know how it is that Viki helped him develop a conscience. He really misses the “good ole days” when he did not have one.

Marcie tells Michael that she and Starr had Judy draw up the adoption papers and she’d really like for them to adopt Starr’s baby if they can. But it sounds like Michael wishes she’d change her mind. And they have nothing to say to one another. David then observes and remarks that “things get better and better”.

In Mendorra, Cristian and Antonio follow Talia and Jonas into their “Honeymoon suite” dressed like guards. Inside, Jonas tells his bride that she has “spunk”. And after they “consummate”, they will be the official king and queen. Hearing that, she tells him that he needs to eat some cake. She wants to see Antonio now. And the only thing that will be “made” in that bed is the bed sheets. She sits away from him and he smirks. Cristian tells Antonio that he must go and attempt to find Sarah.

Marty and Todd both act very gracious to each other. She believes that he “saved” her. And he admits that he really felt a lot better being able to talk to her about his issues involving his family. He remarks to her that it almost appeared that she “cared about him”.

Starr tells Cole that she does not want their child to feel as though they’ve gotten rid of it. She made “her” a video. She feels their baby kick. She believes it’s a girl. She tells Cole she will always love him. They both cry and he goes out the door.

In Rodi’s, Michael tells Marcie that, imagining that by some miracle, she got to adopt Todd’s grandchild, what if Todd comes after her and tries to kill her and kidnaps the baby? Will she go on the run again and ruin both of their lives? How could she possibly believe that this will work? She replies by telling him she odes not know the answer to that. But she has faith that she was meant to be a mom. She tells him she realizes that she will not be able to convince him to help her with this. But it might not even be an issue if Cole never signs away custody. And she tells Michael she bets he wants that to happen.

At the other table, David talks to John, admitting that his brother is responsible for the death of John’s father. But he wishes he had a father. He believes that he and Spencer might have been better off if they had had guidance of a roll model. Spencer might not have turned into a psycho. And he (himself) might have turned into a “normal guy”.

At the Bon Jour café, “Renee” (played by Dallas) tells “Asa” (played by Bo) that she’d like to talk to him alone. Right then, Emma (played by Gigi) enters and talks to “Bo” (played by Rex). She admits that she loves her son, even if he is the “evil seed” of Asa. Rex (remembering Spencer Truman) reveals that he believes that Spencer is a sociopath to be. He tells her that he believes she needs to “leave this life behind”. Hearing that, she asks him why he would care. He doesn’t even know her. He replies that he feels as though he does. Not far away, "Renee” (played by Dallas) praises “Asa” (played by Bo) about how he did the right thing in regard to “Emma”.

At Rodi’s, John terminates his conversation with David. And David tells the dog that maybe he should get on with his plans to get the money from Clint. But he seems to be having a “premonition”.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser announces that while the real king and queen (Jonas and Talia) are consummating their marriage, the fraudulent king and queen (Cain and Tina) will be beheaded.

In their “honeymoon suite”, Talia tells Jonas if he touches her, he will be dead. He tells her there is no point in her trying to find Antonio since he is already dead. But Antonio is right outside the door ready to rescue Talia.

While Todd is with Marty, he gets a call from Cole informing him that he has agreed to sign the papers Starr wants so that she can give their baby up for adoption. It’s done and there is nothing that Todd can do about it.

Meanwhile, Starr leaves a message for Marcie, informing her that Cole has finally “come around”. And Marcie will be able to adopt their baby.

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