OLTL Update Thursday 7/31/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/31/08


Written By Jennifer S.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser announces to the country people that they have all been taken for fools for too long. They have been lead to falsely believe that these two imposters (Tina and Cain) are the king and queen. And he announces the new and valid king, Jonas Chamberlain and his queen, Talia Hesser. Talia stands by Jonas in her wedding dress but it is only because they have promised not to hurt Antonio if she does.

Right then, Antonio has been lying on the floor of the prison after being stabbed when somebody appears in a cape to save him. It’s Cristian.

At Dorian’s, once Addie concludes that her sister has forced her and David to divorce, she will not do what Dorian has asked. They enter the living room to hear violin music and David is wearing a tuxedo. Dorian demands to know what is going on. David gets down on one knee and asks Addie if she will marry him.

Blair returns home after spending the night “out”. Starr asks her mother where she has been. Blair reminds her daughter that she does not have to answer to her. Starr asks her if she was with Todd. Blair tells her daughter no. Realizing that she was obviously “with somebody”, Starr walks away telling her mother she hopes that she (Blair) used protection. Hearing that, Blair knows she cannot say anything to that.

Back in Paris, TX in 1968, Bo and Rex are in the Bon Jour Café. They run into a woman who looks like Dallas, Clint’s ex girlfriend. She recognizes them as everybody else does (Rex as Bo and Bo as Asa) And she introduces herself as Renee Divine.

Charlie goes to see Viki in the park and asks her if she has arranged to meet him because she doesn’t want to see him again. She tells him that she is going to Africa. She has been offered an opportunity to be an ambassador for a heart transplant. Hearing that, he tells her he hopes she is up to that. She tells him she has spoken to her cardiologist and he said that everything was fine. She also informs him that Jessica encouraged her to go. But she admits to Charlie that she is not certain what she wants.

The woman who is Renee tells “Bo” (Rex) that she sees that he is the spitting image of his father but hopes he is a decent person unlike Asa. Rex “plays along” and asks his “pa” what he did to this “fine filly”. She tells him that Asa has been using too many girls. He is toying with the affections of a single mother who is trying to provide for her child. And he’s making promises he has no intention of keeping.

In Llanview in the present, Clint gets a visit from the real Dallas. She tells him that she has gotten her home restored. She asks him what has been happening with him. He replies that “these days” he is all Buchanan Enterprises. She then tells him she hopes there is more for him in his life.

After David has invited the violin player and preacher for his wedding ceremony to Addie, Dorian demands that they end it at once. He recites the words from “We’ve only just begun” from the Carpenters. And the violin player plays the song. She tells him that he better get out of there. He is not going to undo the undoing of his marriage to her sister. But he insists that it is up to Addie. Only she can decide. He was speaking to her, he tells Dorian. And he asks her again if she will marry him.

In the Mendorra prison, Cristian helps Antonio to get up and walk. But they realize that they cannot find Sarah. Cristian cannot bring himself to answer that Sarah may have been killed when she went over the waterfall. He confesses that he had her. He was going to be successful in saving her. But the water kept pulling and she drowned. Antonio doesn’t want to believe that. But Cristian tells hi brother he needs to realize that it’s over.

At the wedding ceremony of Talia and Jonas, Cain acts like he is having fun. But Tina tells him that she is grieving for her daughter and finds nothing humorous about anything. Carlo then tells them that they may enjoy the ceremony before they get beheaded for being frauds. And he announces that in times like this, all we have is our hierarchy. Tina protests if anybody should trust the man who murdered her daughter. Cain also protests that this man wants to judge them we he let an innocent girl drown from a water fall. He could do the same to their children. But Carlo announces to the masses that these two people have committed treason. And they must be punished.

In Paris, TX in 1968, Renee (played by Dallas) tells Asa (played by Bo) that he should be very proud of the fact that he has such a nice boy. He has no right to treat his son the way he does. She is over him. But Emma Bradley still has this misconception that Asa will leave his batty wife and commit to her. And she asks “Asa” if he is going to make good on his promise or not.

Starr tells her mother she did not intend to get into her business. But she just hopes that all people can learn from her mistakes. Blair tells her daughter she understands. And she hopes that Starr is ok, knowing she is in her second trimester. And she sings to the baby.

Cole talks to Nora about his custody battle with Starr. He asks her how it is that Starr would believe that giving their baby up for adoption would be the right thing. She tells him that she is not certain that he can go through with going to battle with Starr. Cole must know that even if one “wins” a trial by getting the judge to rule in their favor, it is dirty business. It’s brutal and hurts people. He tells her that he is not concerned about whether he “wins”. He just wants what is best for the baby. Hearing that, she tells him she realizes that that is what he wants. But does he really believe that that is what Todd wants? So maybe he should think twice about teaming up with Todd to prevent Starr from doing what she wants with their baby.

Viki tells Charlie that she doesn’t want to be “careless” about her life in Llanview. He asks her why she believes that the two of them would be careless. He tells her that the last time she took a chance, things worked out for her when she went to Paris, TX. Hearing that, she asks him if he is thereby encouraging her to leave. He replies that the last thing he wants is to lose her. But maybe she needs somebody to tell her that what she “left behind” is still going to be there when she gets back.

In response to David’s question, Addie tells him that the ceremony that he has just arranged is beautiful. But it’s empty. She knows that there is no love. She shows him that she has intended to leave him and it’s been on her “to do” list for a long time. He asks her if she does not want to go on a cruise with him like she said she would. She tells him that he is really hot. He has a great body. He would be great for some woman. But he does not love her. She does not love him. And it’s over. Hearing that, Dorian rejoices that her sister has given the answer she’s wanted her to give David. And she tells David it’s over and he better get out of there.

Starr admits to Blair that Cole has not contacted her. She is afraid that he is taking legal action behind her back. Blair tells her daughter that maybe Cole will come around. And maybe she should not push him. Starr tells her mother she doesn’t want to push Cole to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. But he must realize that giving their baby up for adoption is the best thing for them to do.

At Nora’s home, when Clint is talking to Dallas, she asks him if he’s been seeing anybody. He tells her yes. And the woman in his life now owns Asa’s house. She admits she has no clue whom that is. He answers that it’s Nora Hanen. Hearing that, she asks why Clint would take up with his brother’s ex wife.

In the Bon Jour Café in 1968, Moe looks like a hippy from the 60s with long hair, wearing a tie-die apron. When he hears “Asa” arguing with “Renee”, he tells her that he thinks he can help her “take the edge off”.

In Mendorra, while the “wedding” is underway, Cristian tells Antonio that he will help him get out of there and prevent Talia from marrying Jonas. But Antonio is afraid they will not succeed. There are too many guards. But Cristian tells his brother that they can get past them. He wears his long robe that disguises him, And he covers Antonio to make it look like he’s going to dispose of his dead body.

Jonas answers that he takes Talia to be his wife. But when she is asked if she takes him, she replies: “Hell, no!”

Dallas concludes that Clint and Nora must make for some interesting dinner parties. He tells her they are all adults. He then asks her “what lucky guy” has snatched her up. She admits nobody. He asks her if she is really “free”. She replies no. It’s not like that. He then asks her if she is hungry. And if she goes into the kitchen with him, they can talk about many things.

In 1968, at the Bon Jour Café, Moe (the hippy) invites “Renee” into the kitchen. He tells her that he is about to make some “magic brownies”.

Bo and Rex sit at the table. And Rex assesses what kinds of pigs the men in his family are. Bo admits that that was their culture. His father did some really bad things to his mother. He and Clint really tried but failed to help her. He concludes to Rex that many people have the mistaken idea that being a Buchanan gives one a “Free ride”. But they are dead wrong.

Dorian tells David she is so happy that her sister has finally come to her senses and ditched him. She reminds David that he also left herself at the alter. In the other room, Starr and Blair overhear their argument. And Blair tells her daughter that she hopes that she and Cole do not end up like Dorian and David. They need to be more civilized. And that may require Starr to compromise with Cole.

In Nora’s home, she tells Cole the same. He tells her that without the baby he feels alone. Hearing that, she asks him if that is how he feels to be living in her home. He tells her that he feels like an unwelcome guest. She tells him he must stop his pity party and get over it. She wants to be there for him. All that has happened with the baby and Starr is killing her and Matthew, and Clint and Nigel and Renee. They want to be a family to him and give him all the love they have. She realizes that she may not be able to promise him everything. But she really hopes that he can see the love of their family. And she asks him if he really needs a baby to make him feel that way.

In Mendorra, after Talia has refused to marry Jonas, she demands to know what has happened to Antonio. But Carlo does not answer. He tells her if she does not marry Jonas, Antonio will join Tina and Cain on the chopping block.

In the prison, downstairs, the guards tell Cristian that they will take the “deceased” (Antonio) to be cremated. And they demand that Cristian lets them take over. But he physically attacks them to prevent them from doing what they plan to do.

At the ceremony upstairs, after Talia announces she will not marry Jonas, Carlo announces that this is nothing more than a case of the jitters. The show must go on. And he asks her if she takes this man to be her husband. She says sure. He believes he’s now gotten what he wants.

Cristian manages to get Antonio away from the guards. But they haven’t gotten out of the prison yet.

David enters the front room to see Blair and Starr and mentions how Starr is a teenage statistic. He reminds Blair what her ex husband his done to his kids. Addie brings down the dog named David Vickers and tells David that this will be his new companion.

While Clint and Dallas are talking and laughing, Nora enters and asks whom this woman is. Clint tells her she must remember Dallas Jones.

“Renee” (played by Dallas) gets done talking to “hippy” Moe in the Bon Jour Café kitchen, she comes out and tells “Asa” that maybe she was a “tad harsh” on him. He then tells her that he wants to do right by Renee. She tells him that all she wants is for him to fix this mess with “Emma”. And at that point Emma (played by Gigi) and young Spencer Truman (played by Shane) enter. And “Renee” tells him here is his chance.

Charlie gives Viki his sobriety chip. He tells her 30 days is 30 days. And before too long, it will be 60. She tells him she would like that very much. And she departs.

In Mendorra, Carlo declares Talia and Jonas man and wife. Jonas attempts to kiss her but she turns away. Carlo announces that they are the rightful king and queen of Mendorra. But right then, Cristian and Antonio enter and are ready to end their plans.

Cole goes to see Starr. Blair asks all the others to clear out and let him and Starr talk,

Addie then sends David out the door with the dog.

Inside, Dorian tells Blair that she really wishes that Starr would keep that baby. But Blair reminds her aunt that it’s Starr decision. Dorian protests that the baby will be a Cramer. Addie tells Blair that Dorian is right about that.

Inside the room, Cole agrees to sign papers to give their child up for adoption. But he also announces to Starr that they are through..

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