OLTL Update Wednesday 7/30/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written By Jeannie

Gigi is in the burnt out diner and gets a call from Rex. Rex asks her if its 2008 where she is. Rex looks to the newspaper with the 1968 date.

In the kitchen at Llanfair, Jessica asks Natalie where Jared is. He’s at a job interview. Nat asks where Viki is. Jessica says she’s probably all right. Jessica remembers fiddling with the brakes. Natalie is worried because her car isn’t in the garage and Viki borrowed it last night. Jessica asks if Natalie really thinks something happened. Viki walks in and says something did.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser plans Talia’s wedding. Jonas goes in to the cell with Antonio, Tina and the prince. He tells the guards to get the imposters ready for the wedding. They take Tina and the prince out. Antonio says he won’t let him marry Talia. Jonas pulls a knife and says Talia will have no choice.

John and Blair meet Todd in the park, Todd thinks they slept together. Todd says he slept with a chick last night, too.

Charlie and Brody are in front of the burnt out diner. They start talking. They realize they both know Gigi. Brody realizes Charlie was at the AA meeting where he spilled his guts.

On the phone from Texas, 1968, Rex tells Gigi he’s stuck. She is having trouble hearing him.

In the park, Todd asks Blair if it bothers her that he slept with someone else. Blair asks how much it set him back. Todd says the woman is amazing, but they were only sleeping in the same room. Todd tells John to have Blair checked by a doctor so he doesn’t contract anything.

Natalie and Jess fuss over Viki. Viki says she didn’t call because she didn’t think they needed any more upsetting news. She told them she was dead and Dorian saved her with a shot of adrenalin to the heart. Viki tells them what happened. She says Nat’s car was totaled and that the bakes failed. Nat says she just had the car checked it was fine.

Brody asks Charlie about what he heard at the meeting. Charlie says he won’t say anything because it’s an AA rule. Charlie says it’s not illegal. He asks if Brody is doing Shane or Rex a favor by lying to them.

Rex says he’s stuck in the year ‘68. And he needs her help. She doesn’t understand. Is he on route 68? Then the connection breaks. Rex yells for Gigi not to let him lose her.

Natalie worries about Viki. Viki says she doesn’t remember much, but that it was painless, almost pleasant. Jessica mutters that hopefully Nash had a pleasant death. Natalie gives Viki a message from the international Heart Association. They want her to go to Africa to talk to heart patients. Jessica urges her to go.

Brody says Rex left Gigi flat and never looked back. Brody reminds him that he has a lie or two under his own belt about being Rex’s father. He says what if Rex found out and didn’t want Shane. Wouldn’t that hurt Shane? Charlie says Rex would still want to know.

Rex and Gigi lose the connection. Bo tells Rex there is no signal in 1968. He says they need plan B. Rex asks what’s plan B? Bo says he’s working on it.

Todd talks about the fortune teller and her predictions.

Antonio asks Jonas what it’s like to force a woman who can’t stomach you. Jonas says he’ll make her a queen. The guards grab Antonio as Jonas holds a knife to his throat.

Carlos asks Bitterman if he is satisfied with the punishments. Tina asks why Sarah had to die. Carlos says it’s and eye for an eye. Talia walks in wearing her wedding dress and demands to see Antonio. She says the wedding isn’t happening until she sees him.

In his cell, Antonio makes Jonas promise to treat Talia right. Jonas says he will, until he gets rid of her father. Antonio rushes Jonas and gets stabbed in the gut. He tells Jonas to tell Talia he loves her. Jonas and the guards leave as Antonio falls to the floor clutching the knife in his stomach.

Jessica tries to convince Viki to leave. She says she needs distance from Charlie.

Brody says Rex threw Gigi under the bus. She was just a kid, pregnant and alone. He says he’s in love with her and he’s the only dad Shane knows. And that was Gigi’s doing. She wanted Shane to have a dad he could be proud of and not some creep who bailed. Charlie says Rex might have stayed if he had known.

Worried about being shipped out to Vietnam, Rex shows Bo the paper that says how many soldiers were killed in the past month in Vietnam. They talk about how many men died there. Rex says he doesn’t want to die. What if he screws up and gets killed. Will it change everything in the future? He has to get through to Gigi. Bo has an idea.

Still in front of the diner, Charlie admits he doesn’t know how Rex would have dealt with Gigi’s pregnancy. Brody says then let’s leave it alone. Charlie reminds him that he said Gigi wasn’t that into him. Does he really want to live with a woman who’s in love with someone else and another man’s kid? Brody says he’s working it out. He reminds Charlie of the code of silence. Gigi rushes up saying Rex needs help.

Blair tells Todd the new girlfriend will find out what a bastard is. She says he hurts everyone. Todd says what he has with this new woman is pure and sweet. Blair asks if she told his new woman that he’s a convicted rapist. He asks if John told her she’s nothing but a stand in for Marty.

Bo tells Rex that Emma and her son looked like Gigi and Shane. Remembering she said she stayed at a motel across from the Bonjour. He remembers Delphina said to follow the pie. Bo says, so we follow the pie. Rex asks why? So he can sleep with her and father David Vickers?

Charlie and Brody ask what Gigi was talking about. Charlie tries to call Rex. Brody says he got the want ads and there are some possibilities. Gigi is talking to Charlie and ignores him. Charlie goes to leave and Brody asks about the AA meeting. Charlie says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Gigi asks what that was about.

Bo and Rex start to leave but Chuck’s father comes to talk to them. Bo reminds Rex they have to stick together or they're sunk.

Natalie tells Viki that it’s okay if she leaves. She and Jared are there with Jessica. Jessica keeps urging her to go and tell her story. Viki asks Jessica if she is okay. Jessica says she fine. Viki says she’s so brave. Jessica says she learned it from her and Natalie.

At the diner, the insurance investigator is there talking about the claim for the fire damage. Carlotta is upset because she can’t find the little frame with the first dollar they ever made. Charlie offers to look for it while she talks to the insurance man.

Todd tells Blair John might have been in bed with her, but was thinking of Marty, the woman he let die. John punches Todd and he goes down.

In Mendorra, Carlos fawns over Talia. She tells him to shut up. He says she’s soon to be Queen Talia of Mendorra. She says not until I see Antonio. Carlos says as long as she does what she is told Antonio will be fine.

In the cell Antonio is on the floor in pain.

Bo and Rex get to the diner. The place is full of hippies. One of them looks at them in their cowboy hats and boots and asks Rex if he’s straight. Rex says yeah, but they did go to this bar one time. Bo has to explain “straight” doesn’t mean what it means now. Rex agrees he’s straight and flashes the guy a peace sign. Moe comes out of the kitchen. He has a tie dyed shirt, long hair and little gold rimmed glasses. He says he’s Jeremiah. They ask who works the motel across the way. No one was at the desk. Jeremiah says well, when it happens, it happens. They ask about Emma Bradley. Bo starts to describe her and Rex says she has a smile that will rip your heart out.

Brody and Gigi talk, he comments that maybe Rex needs AA. Gigi says Rex wasn’t drunk.

Jeremiah says Emma was there last night. Sent the son over for some pie. Bo and Rex decide to wait for her.

Todd asks John if he touched a nerve. John tells him to get the hell out of here. Todd leaves. Blair asks if he can believe she had kids with that man. John says he cannot. She tells John last night was wonderful but maybe they should forget it happened.

John says he can handle Todd. Blair says she can too and has been doing it for years. She says she has to get back to her real life. John tells her not to be a stranger. Todd watches from behind a statue.

In Mendorra, Tina and her prince talk to the people gathered. Jonas comes out in a white, military uniform. Talia and Carlo come out. As they stand there Talia says if anything happens to Antonio, she’ll kill him herself. In the cell, a man in a long robe and hood comes in. We can’t see his face. He cradles Antonio and pulls the knife out of his stomach.

At the diner, Charlie gives Carlotta the framed dollar. She goes back to talk to the insurance man. Charlie pulls out his phone and dials as he steps outside.

Natalie worries about her car and the brakes. Jessica suggests she go call the insurance company. Natalie agrees and goes upstairs. Alone, Jessica/Tess calls for Nash but he doesn’t appear. She rubs her belly and says she will fix everything. With Viki out of the house it will be easy.

Charlie calls the hospital about Viki but she taps him on the shoulder. They talk about the fire at the diner. Charlie comments that you never know, one day you have something and the next day it’s gone. Viki says she came to say goodbye.

Tess/Jess talks to her baby. With Viki away they can give Natalie and Jared what’s coming to them. A fate worse then death.

Brody has to go to the job interview at a gym. He starts to walk off with her phone, but Gigi calls him back. He makes a remark about her having to call Rex and leaves. Chuck answers the phone and says Rex as here yesterday, but he hasn’t seen him since.

Rex and Bo talk about going to look for Emma. Bo says they should wait at the diner for her. Rex says he doesn’t have time. He’s the one getting shipped to Vietnam. Jeremiah says make peace not war.

Gigi says she just talked to Rex a little while ago. Chuck says he’s had the phone since this morning. Gigi is confused.

Rex tells Bo that Emma might be the key to getting out of this mess. A red-haired woman walks into the Bonjour and slaps Bo.

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