OLTL Update Tuesday 7/29/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Blair and John awaken in his bed. She asks if she is awake. She tells him that for a moment, she thought she was dreaming.

Marty awakens in her bed and notices Todd has been sleeping beside her in the chair. She laughs when she notices him and smiles. He asks if he was snoring or keeping her awake. She tells him no. The reason she is laughing is because this is the first time she can remember something that is not depressing.

In Mendorra, after Carlo Hesser has arranged for his “daughter”, Talia to marry Jonas Chamberlain, she doesn’t know what to do with her new husband.

Carlo takes Tina to the jail and releases Antonio. She hugs him revealing she’s glad he is ok.

Bo and Rex are still stuck in 1968at Asa’s ranch. Rex is sleeping on the couch. Bo demands he wakes up. Rex awakens and calls him Bo. BO tells Rex he is glad that at least somebody knows his real name. Rex then tells Bo that he had a nightmare that they were both stuck in 1968. Bo assumes and hopes also that it was just a dream. But they notice the ranch hands dressed as they did 40 years ago. And Bo looks at the paper which reveals that LBJ is president and the Vietnam war is going on. They look at the “old fashioned” television. Rex tells Bo that this is really beginning to creep him out. A guy who looks like Nigel but who speaks with a southern accent addresses “Asa” (who is Bo) and reveals that he is Chuck Senior. He tells Bo (Asa) that he and his “son” need to take a vacation and get away from everything for a while. Bo tells “Chuck” that that sounds like a good idea. He then gets on the (old fashioned) phone and arranges for himself and Rex to “return to the future”.

Blair and John awaken and she tells him that this is kind of overwhelming for her. It’s not that she considers it a mistake. She remembers them drinking some Kentucky bourbon and feeling like a real person. He does not speak. She tells him he may jump in any time. He tells her hat he is very glad that she has been with him. She then asks him what happens now.

In Marty’s room, she and Todd both awaken. She tells him that she has learned a lot about herself. She concludes that even if he could have “saved” her from what happened all those years ago, she is grateful that she ha survived. And she tells him that she is nobody’s victim.

There has been a fire in the diner. Gigi and Carlotta are wondering what to do. Brody enters and tells Gigi he wanted to talk to her. He reminds her that she was supposed to wake him up and asks her if she remembers.

Bo (Asa in 1968) gets on the phone to call information to inquire about a “friend” in Pennsylvania. But the operator tells him that the area code in question does not exist in the United States. Rex wonders how that could be. Bo concludes that he remembers that that area code was not added for that area until later than 1968. So that means that the entire world is still in 1968. They both conclude that it’s really odd not only that Bo is Asa and Rex is Bo. But Chuck looks just like Nigel. Maria looks just like Natalie. Clint looks just like Jared. And Emma Bradley looks just like Gigi Morasco. Right then, a woman who looks just like Lindsay enters and reveals that she is one of Asa’s many wives.. She demands to know just whom her husband has been sleeping with this time. Bo addresses her as Lindsay. She then tells him (addressing him as Asa) that it’s real cute that he doesn’t even remember her name. She is Olympia, his wife. And she asks him if his most recent “conquest” is named Lindsay. But Bo (as himself) confronts her about how she could feel betrayed by him. She lied to him about faking insanity to avoid going to prison for murder. As Olympia, the Lindsay look-alike doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about and cries to “Chuck” revealing that he might be protective of her from Asa. And she reveals that she is the mother of Bo. She runs to Rex, calling him her baby boy. When she sees his wedding ring, she asks how he could have gotten married without telling her. She reveals that she is afraid that “somebody” wants to take her son away from her. Perhaps Asa wants to. Rex then confronts Bo (as Asa) about how he has no right to take Bo (played by himself) away from his mother.

In the burned diner, Brody asks Gigi if she might want to go out on a ‘date” with him like normal people do. And he asks her what she says.

In Mendorra, Carlo Hesser locks Antonio, Tina and Cain in the jail cell. He tells them he has to run. He is “giving his daughter away”. Antonio yells to him if he does anything to hurt Talia, he will kill him. Cain asks Tina what happened. She reveals that she is afraid that her daughter has been killed. She went over the waterfalls just like she did. And she knows the reason Carlo did it was in order to torture her. And Cristian went with her. He managed to get away from the guards and go after Sarah. But he could not stop the boat. And they both went over the falls to their death. Antonio looks at her devastated and tells her no. They could not be dead. She cries and tells him it’s all her fault. It would not have happened had she not been so greedy. He tells her she needs to tell him exactly what happened. Did she see their bodies? She replies that she saw Cristian run after her daughter. He tried to save her but obviously could not have. The falls are so steep and there is no way they could have escaped drowning. But Antonio doesn’t believe that they could not have survived. He reminds her that she did many years ago. Cain tells them they must excuse him. What they need to do now is escape from Carlo.

Upstairs, Carlo is making wedding plans for Talia and Jonas Chamberlain. But she tells him it’s not going to happen. Jonas is wearing his suit for the wedding. Carlo takes him aside and tells him he must go and find Tina and Cain and invite them to watch the ceremony. He leaves. The maids attempt to fit Talia for her wedding dress but she resists. Carlo then asks her if her mother did not teach her to be cooperative with the help. She tells him what her mother told her was that she must think for herself.

Marty reveals to Todd that she likes and trusts him. She thinks it’s really great that he slept beside her in a chair. She tells him when she does recover, she has him to thank. He tells her that he must tell her that it’s so weird but it’s wonderful having her there. He smiles. He tells her that throughout his life, the most important people in his life are his wife and kids. And now she has kind of filled an empty void for him. And it means a lot to him.

John tells Blair that he is not great at communicating his feelings. She then tells him ok. She can go first. She tells him that she trusts him and finds him very attractive. And she believes what happened last night was inevitable. She is very glad that it happened. But she is not ready to get involved with anybody now. He tells her same here. He tells her that he likes her and likes the way she stands up for herself. But he can tell that she is not over Todd. She tells him she can see that he is not over Marty.

After the “ranch hands” arrange for “Asa” and “Bo” to go off on vacation, “Olympia” tells them that she knows what is really going on. Asa is sending “her boy” off to go and fight in that terrible Viet Nam war.

Gigi tells Brody she appreciates the thought. But she really cannot consider dating anybody until she is financially secure. He reminds her that they both still have the money that Dorian gave them. But she tells him that she must put that in a trust fund for Shane’s future. He tells her he knows that they can both get jobs. She tells him that she has difficulty being asked why she works in the restaurant business and having to sound “bouncy and exited” instead of revealing to people that she has to work like a dog.

Lindsay (as Bo’s mother) tells “Asa” and the ranch hands that they cannot act cavalier about her baby boy having a gun in his head. Rex, remembering hearing about but being too young to actually know about the Vietnam war, protests to them that it was a despicable war that ruined people’s lives. And he refuses to go. Nobody can make him. But Bo (remembering the way it was for himself in 1968) tells Rex he does not have a choice.

Marty tells Todd that she believes his wife “has a screw loose” if she is leaving Todd for that John guy.

John concludes to Blair that he doesn’t know what he can offer her or anybody else. He has been told more than once that he is a workaholic and has relationship issues. She tells him that he has given her one thing that she has never gotten from Todd. And that is honesty. She likes him because he is smart and listens to her. And she likes being around him. And she does trust him. She admits that these days she does not even trust herself. So it’s pretty amazing.

Todd asks Marty if she wants to have breakfast. He tells her he is starving. She admits that she is hungry and would like a big stack of blueberry pancakes. He tells her he will go to the diner and bring some pancakes back for them. He’ll be back in a matter of minutes. Before he’s gone, she tells him it’s nice to see him smile.

Blair tells John that she is starved. He tells her he would like to get some pancakes. And he wants to go to the diner. She tells him she will be ready soon but has to check on the kids. And she asks him to agree that this is “just their business”. She asks if that is ok? He tells her sure.

In Mendorra, in the jail cell, Antonio confronts Cain and Tina telling them that he has a brother who could be dead. But she protests that it is not Cain's fault that Carlo Hesser is an animal. Antonio then clarifies that he is very concerned about what is happening to Carlo’s daughter.

Talia protests to her “father” that nothing about her is any of his business. But he reminds her that he “owns” Jonas and can have her married to him. And now that Antonio is “gone”, she will soon forget all about him. She demands to know just what he means by that.

After it looks like Rex (Bo in 1968) is going to be drafted, Bo (Asa) asks the others if he can talk to his “son” alone. Bo then tells Rex that everything that they have seen portrayed in this “scenario” really did happen. He remembers history. So Rex must know that he will have to go and fight the war. He (himself) made it though ok. So Rex need not worry. But Rex tells Bo that he cannot accept being forced to go to war. Right at that moment, it looks like “Chuck” has uncovered Rex’s cell phone (having never seen any such thing nor knowing what it is in 1968). And Rex grabs it from him. He asks what this “thing” is. Rex tells him it’s the answer to their prayers. And he dials.

While Talia is dressed as a queen after her father has arranged for her to marry Jonas, Carlo tells her what his plans are. She asks if she has his word that he will not hurt Antonio if she goes through with what he wants.

Right then, Tina, Cain and Antonio are wondering what to do. He tells her that there is no way that he will let Carlo Hesser force Talia to marry Jonas Chamberlain. IT will only happen over his dead body.

Right then, we see Marty looking like she is missing Todd while he goes off to the diner.

In the burnt diner, Gigi asks Carlotta what she can do to help her. Carlotta tells her what she needs to do is look for another job instead of worrying about the remains of this building. She tells her the Lord gives and takes away. And they are fortunate, at the very least, that nobody was hurt in this fire.

Rex tells Bo that the cell phone could get them back to 2008. Bo reminds him that he has already tried and failed to make a call to the present. But Rex reminds Bo that that was on a 1968 phone. The cell phone might be different. At that point, Rex calls Gigi. She picks up her phone at the diner. And it looks like he is successful in getting back to the present.

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