OLTL Update Monday 7/28/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Blair and John are up on the rooftop of his building kissing. And then there’s a heavy rain storm. They go inside.

Todd talks to Marty. She has asked him about the time when she was raped. He tells her answers that she seems to be ok with and she seems to still trust him. They notice the rainstorm. He tells her that he doesn’t want to live with the memory of what “that bastard” did to her. But hearing that, she realizes he has contradicted what he previously told her, that there were three of them and she was gang raped. He drinks some wine. She then asks him what happened to “them”. Where are they now?

Charlie goes to see Viki in her hospital room. He tells her that he had to come to make certain that she is ok. She assures him that she is. She tells him that Michael told her she was very lucky. He looks worried. But she tells him there is nothing to be worried about. She will be fine. But he protests to her that he was worried. The idea that he might never see her again was too much to bear. He tells her that it means everything to him to know that she was ok. She asks him how it is that he knew that she was there. He informs her that Dorian told him.

At the diner, when Dorian goes to make certain that David and Addie sign their divorce papers, Addie has no clue what her sister has been up to. And she doesn’t realize that David agreed to divorce her, under the “deal” he had with Dorian where if she saved Viki’s life, he’d divorce Addie. At that point, David tells Dorian that he does not intend to live up to his end of the bargain. He reminds her that he was “under extreme duress”. He asks her if he should tell Viki about their “deal”. And he reminds her that she had to be bribed in order to let a woman live.

Viki asks Charlie how it was that Dorian would have told him that she was there. He explains that he ran into her and David when he was talking to Addie at the diner. Viki tells Charlie that she can tell that Dorian is motivated by some “act of conscience”. And it must be something very extreme that would motivate Dorian to save her life.

At the diner, Dorian and David argue about the situation. Addie listens and doesn’t know what to think. She tells him she did what she had to do for her sister. And she can “top” David any day of the week. At that point, she hands the divorce papers to Addie and Addie tears them up. David indicates that he does not plan to divorce Addie.

Blair and John rush into his apartment soaking wet. They dry off and talk.

Marty tells Todd she wants to know exactly what happened to the three men who raped her. Did they get sent to prison? He tells her yes. One of them is still there. But it’s complicated. He doesn’t want to tell her more. He tells her she must know that they got what they deserved for what they did to her. He tells her that one of them is still in prison. The other lost it and wound up in a mental institution. And the third one (possibly himself) is still free. He tells her that it’s complicated. Even though “he” did not go to prison, he is suffering. He lives with what he did every day of his life. And he is completely alone.

Charlie is very surprised to hear Viki inform him that Dorian saved her life. He asks her if he might have been “wrong” about Dorian. Viki tells him she seriously doubts it. Yes, she is eternally grateful to Dorian for saving her life. But she has known that woman for a long time and knows what Dorian is all about. He tells her that he knows how she feels about him. He understands how she feels that way. But he had to come by to make certain she is ok regardless. She then asks him to “stop”. She tells him regardless of their issues, she is so glad that he is ok. He seems to have no clue that she might believe that he was set up on the night he got sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. She then tells him that she has to find something out. She remembers that he admitted that right before he blacked out, he remembered being in Dorian’s bed. But, Dorian, herself admitted to Viki that she and Charlie did not “sleep together”.

At the diner, Addie and David tear up the divorce papers although Addie knows nothing about Dorian’s scheme to get them divorced. She asks her sister what is going on. David then takes Addie aside, tells her how much she means to him, but announces that he is leaving her. He asks her to “say something”. Addie then says to David it’s raining.

John asks Blair to stay the night with him.

Marty tells Todd that hearing him say that one of them men who raped her is “alone” and unhappy. And does he believe that that should be punishment enough for what he did to her. But, she still has no clue about Todd and assumes that he is only the “messenger”. So she tells him she is sorry. He tells her she does not owe him any apology for anything.

Addie asks David if she heard him correctly that he is leaving her. When and how, she asks? Dorian tells her that he was about to sign annulment papers. She asks how he would do that. Only hours ago, they were making many plans to do many things together. And she asks him why it was the Dorian showed up with the papers. He replies that she will have to ask Dorian about that. Dorian tells her sister that she was looking out for her safety and well being. But Addie tells her sister that it is she (Dorian) who needs help. The high and mighty Dorian Lord decides what is best for her poor, helpless demented sister, Addie tells her. She tells Dorian that she (herself) is not helpless. And she is not going to put up with any more of Dorian’s behaviors. Dorian tells her sister she realizes she is justifiably upset. But she must now that David merely saw her as a “means to an end”. Addie faces Dorian and tells her she already knows that.

Viki tells Charlie that it doesn’t make any sense that he’d want to drink that night. And she knows that no matter how drunk he was that he would never want to sleep with Dorian. She has proof that when he came to, the first name he uttered was hers’. Hearing that, he tells her that he has to get to the bottom of what happened when he wound up drunk. He knows that he did not intend to drink. He wanted to come clean and admit the truth to her and to Rex. But she seems as though she believes that he was set up.

Todd tells Marty that these sick bastards locked her in a room and terrorized her. It’s not her fault. And he apologizes to her for having to tell her about it. But she tells him that it was not his fault that it happened. He then tells her that yes it was. He could have stopped it. He then looks away and looks like he is having an “act of conscience”. He buries his head and tells her that he could have stopped it but did not because he was a coward. And he is deeply sorry. He buries his head. She then asks him how does he think he could have stopped it just because he was at the party. How did he know that it would happen? He tells her he did not know. He just wishes that things would be different. She then tells him that he mustn’t blame himself for something that happened so long ago. She tells him he saved her life after Ramsey was killed. She owes him and doesn’t blame him for anything. She believes that instead of dwelling in this unproductive situation, maybe he should put his energy into fixing his own life with his own broken relationships. Hearing that, Todd is speechless.

John tells Blair that he wants her to stay with him in his apartment in the rain.

At the diner, Dorian asks Addie if she is really aware that David merely intended to “use” her. Addie tells her sister of course she realizes that. He is using her as she is using him. That is what people do. For fun and companionship and love. She then tells Dorian that she sounds just like Todd, judging and blaming everybody except herself for everything and wanting to control other peoples’ lives.. Hearing that, Dorian asks her sister how she could even consider comparing her to that psychopath, Todd Manning with all that he has done. Addie explains to her sister that Todd wants to manipulate and control Starr’s life no differently than Dorian wants to control her sister’s life. What is the difference? Just because Starr is 16 and she (Addie)) is older? She tells Dorian that she is happily with a younger, good looking and really great man. And she is happy.

Charlie asks Viki how it is that she would have picked up Dorian and been in a car with her in the first place. Viki replies that Dorian was stranded. She drove her. They argued about him. And for some reason, the brakes failed. Hearing that, he tells her that cannot “let this go”. She almost died tonight. He tells her that the most important person in his life could have died and he would not have known. And if she had not “come back”, she would have died without knowing how much he loves her. He cries and emotionally tells her that he would do anything to get her back in his life.

Dorian tells Addie and David if either one of them think that she’s is going to apologize for wanting to protect t her sister, they have another thing coming. But they do not listen. Addie leaves. David sits down and tells Dorian she better not follow Addie. She has hurt her sister enough for one life. Dorian asks him how he can say that she hurt Addie. IT is he who is hurting Addie. She asks him why he rushed in and intended to prevent her from giving the annulment papers to Addie. Why? David eats a sandwich and doesn’t answer.

Charlie tells Viki that he wants to work to earn back her trust and her love. Because he knows that his life would not be worth much without her. She tells him that when she regained consciousness, she got this idea that she’d been given a second chance. He then asks her what exactly she means. He knows that she is not a quitter. She tells him that she realized that she came back for a reason. He then tells her that her kids are enough reasons. But she tells him it’s not about them. There’s more. She cries and tells him that so much has happened. And she is not “equipped” to make a decision tonight. But she is so happy that he came by to see her. He tells her so is he.

At John’s apartment, Blair wonders what kinds of clothes he might have in his closet that she could wear. She tells him she bets he only wears black. She asks him about the clothes in his dresser. And she tells him she would like to wear some of his “sweats”. He tells her she can change in the bathroom. And he kisses her passionately.

Marty admits to Todd that it may be because of the storm that she is “frightened”. But she still seems to trust him. He then informs her that there was a storm that night. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be alone tonight. He tells her he is not going anywhere. He will be just down the hallway in the next room. But she asks him if he will stay with her in her room.

Dorian asks David if he’d care to “enlighten” her as to why he has defaulted on his promise to divorce her sister. He replies that his marriage means too much to him. He tells her that he is not about to be out on the street with no place to live for wanting her to save Viki’s life. She tells him that even if she can’t make him divorce Addie, his “free ride” is over. And we will see how long he wants to stay in her life without the meal ticket. She smirks and goes out the door. Alone in the diner, David takes out the check for $10 given to him by Clint (so that he would divorce Addie and no longer live off of Dorian) and he burns it.

Todd asks Marty if she really wants him to stay with her in her room. It wouldn’t make her uncomfortable? He tells her he will remain seated on the chair while she falls asleep. And he wants her to know that he will never let anyone hurt her.

John and Blair kiss and look like they are ready to sleep together.

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