OLTL Update Friday 7/25/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dorian enters Viki’s hospital room. Viki tells her she is very happy to see her and that she is alright. She admits that her brakes failed. And she knows that Dorian saved her life. Dorian is assuming that Viki wants to continue arguing with her about Charlie. But Viki tells her no. She is grateful. And there might be “hope” for them after all. Hearing that, Dorian admits to Viki that she has a confession to make.

At the carriage house, Brody attempts to kiss Gigi. But she pulls away, revealing that she is not ready for that. She may not want to be with Brody

Blair and John sit on the roof drinking and talking. She tells him that she has had a theory that because Marty never forgave Todd, he must take it out on her son. John concludes that it’s jut Manning and who he is.

Todd is right then talking to Marty while she’s in his home. She asks him about the time when she was raped. And she is able to remember that he was “there” when it happened. And at that point, Todd is beginning to grow afraid that she will regain her memory and remember exactly what happened. She remembers that he told her that he knew the man. And she asks who he was. He admits to her that he was a student at LU. She asks if Todd knows why “he” did it. Todd replies that he hated her.

Clint and Nora invite David to talk to them and make him an offer. Clint offers him $10 million to divorce Addie. But David tells them that he would really rather not. And he wants to know how it is that if he goes through with what they want, that Clint won’t “stiff” him. Clint tells David that he’s already made out a check to him. And at that point, David knows he cannot pass up an offer to get $10 million. And he rushes out the door.

In Viki’s hospital room, Dorian admits to Viki that she is about to bear her soul to Viki. But Viki asks her if this “confession” is to make Viki feel better or is it to make Dorian feel better.

Blair admits to John that she has blamed Marty for Todd’s compulsion to make a “victim” out of the kids. She admits that she believed for too long that Todd was really going to change. And maybe she was just afraid of being alone. Like when she was a kid moving from foster home to foster home. And then when she met Todd, she felt like she was home. But she has now come to realize that he was just “another one of those places”. She knows how abused wives always mistakenly believe that their husbands will change and they keep coming back for more. He tells her that he’s known from working for the police force that abusive husbands know all too well how to twist things around and make the women trust them. Blair concludes that Todd has really defined for her whom she really is.

Todd explains to Marty that he and others were at a frat party. She was drinking. And he was there with her. She asks if it was a “date” or something. He admits to her no. He did not know her. And he attempts to tell the story.

Addie meets Charlie at the diner. She asks him how he is doing. He replies one day at a time. She tells him that she can see that “this day” is taking its toll on him. And she asks him what exactly it is that is getting him down. And right then, he remembers at the AA meeting, hearing Brody tell the group that he wants to be the “best dad” that he can be. But Brody admitted that his girlfriend’s son is not his son. And at that point, Charlie asks Addie how much time she has.

Brody tells Gigi she must realize that Shane is their son. But she tells him Shane is her son but not his. She admits that she is eternally grateful for all that he has done for Shane. But she has to admit that she does not “feel that way” about him. She did not want him kissing her. He protests that they have a connection. She replies they have a connection because he is her friend. He asks her if it’s Rex that is really the forefront of her thoughts and feelings. She does not answer. And that reveals to him that the answer to his question is yes. And at that point, he tells her he will not kiss her again.

After Viki asks Dorian what her “motive” is for confessing, Dorian asks Viki if she is implying that Dorian is selfish. She then reminds Viki that were it not for herself, Viki would be dead, in the morgue with a tag tied to her toe. Viki tells Dorian she realizes that and is eternally grateful. But she asks Dorian what it is that Dorian wants to tell her. Dorian asks Viki if she is really certain she wants to hear it. Doesn’t Viki assume that anything she could possibly say would only be self serving? Viki asks Dorian if she should not only go by her past track record and their extensive history. Dorian then reminds Viki that she did enlighten Viki about “finding herself”. And Viki admitted to her that she really had a great opportunity to go and waitress in Paris, TX, find a life of her own away from her family and fall in love with Charlie. Viki admits to Dorian that that is true. And she wants to hear what Dorian has to say. Dorian then asks her if she is really certain that she wants that.

At the diner, Addie asks Charlie what has gotten him so upset. He replies that he “cannot really talk about it” He tells her that AA rules tell you that what is said there stays there. And that is what makes it a safe environment and ensures confidentiality. She concludes it must be kind of like going to a priest for a confession. She takes his hand realizing that he really wishes he could “break the rule”. He admits to her that he heard somebody in the meeting share something that sounds very much like his own situation.

Right then, Brody asks Gigi what she plans to do in regard to what Shane has heard about whom his real father is. She admits to him that she has lied to Shane throughout his life. And she has to get up and go to work tomorrow. He asks her if she can wake him up before she leaves. He tells her she must get some rest and he is glad they talked it out. She goes upstairs and tells him she is too.

In Viki’s hospital room, she asks Dorian what is “the truth”. Dorian then admits that she and Charlie did not get drunk nor sleep together. And he did not say those terrible things about Viki which she wanted Viki to believe he said. Charlie only speaks very kindly of Viki. Viki then asks Dorian why, then, she told her those things. Dorian replies that it was to “get Viki off her back”. Viki again tells Dorian she really needs to know how it is that Charlie almost killed himself with alcohol poisoning. Right then, Dorian remembers drugging Charlie. And she tells Viki that she must know that one may never know why somebody would “do things” of that nature. Hearing that, Viki asks Dorian if she is talking about Charlie or about herself. Hearing that, Dorian tells Viki she did not bring her back to life in order for Viki to taunt her about all the terrible things Viki believes she has done. She admits to Viki that it’s bad enough she has Mel to do that. Hearing that, Viki asks Dorian if she “talks to” Mel. Dorian admits that she does from time to time. And she asks if Viki “talks” similarly to Ben in a similar manner. Viki admits that she has. Dorian admits to Viki that Mel has told her that she and Viki need to find a common ground. Viki tells Dorian that she believes that Mel is right. And she reminds Dorian that they have had some times together when they got along and supported one another. At that point, Dorian relives the times when she and Viki were friends. And at that point, Dorian tells Viki believe it or not, she is very grateful that she is alive.

Blair asks John if he has defined his job as a cop as his major purpose. He admits to her that he has wanted more in his life than being a cop. She is fascinated to hear him talk about his situation. He tells her that he has made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of people he really cares about. She admits to him that she knows the feeling. He tells her that Marty had this one poem she read to him. And Blair also knows that poem The Art of Losing Isn’t Hard to Master. It’s by Elizabeth Bishop. Blair admits that she knows all too well about the loser’s club. And they drink and talk together and seem to be happy to be together.

Marty continues to ask Todd more questions about the time she was raped. He tells her that this guy liked to push his supposed “friends” around. And he believes that she made him feel “small”. She asks Todd then what happened.. She admits that she has no recollection and would like Todd to tell her.

Dorian admits to Viki that during those “moments” when she thought Viki was gone, she felt for a moment as though she lost her best friend. She may have never seen Viki as her friend. But she realizes that their relationship might have had enough good to them so that she would miss it if something happened to Viki. And she shakes Viki’s hand. She tells her that Mel always told her that maybe she should live her own life and stop living in reaction to Viki’s life. Viki thanks Dorian. Dorian says your welcome. Dorian then leaves the room and breathes a sigh of relief. She gets on the phone to call Addie and demands to know where she is. Addie admits she is at Carlotta’s diner. Dorian then tells her sister they have “some business” to attend to. And this cannot wait.

Blair and John talk. And at that point, she yells from the top of the roof and announces to Llanview that this is the “new Blair Cramer”. She is going to kick a few asses and shake some things up. And she is a force to be reckoned with. She then tells John it’s “his turn”. He tells her he is not into those kinds of things. But he does want to kiss Blair.

Todd tells Marty that on the night in question, she went upstairs to “sleep it off”. And the guy and his friends went upstairs and locked the door. She tried to fight them off but may have been too drugged. There were three of them and they held her down and prevented her from screaming. And “that son of a bitch” was the first one. And he said to his friends that they must all take turns. Marty hears that and cries. But she still does not catch on that the rapist was Todd. He takes her hand and she seems to trust him.

Brody remembers reading a letter Gigi wrote to him when he first got on the bus to go to war. At that point, she wanted to marry him when he came back. She was pregnant with Shane and ready to have him be her son’s father. And she admitted at the time that Rex abandoned her. And Brody is presently reading the letter that he has the letter in his possession to this day. As he reads it again, Gigi then comes down the stairs to ask him why he is not sleeping. He asks her if she remembers writing this letter. She tells him that shortly thereafter, she got word that he was killed.

In Clint’s office, he speaks to his deceased father’s picture that he hopes that David Vickers can come through for them. He admits to Nora that Vickers is a good scam artist. But he wonders if he will be able to pull off a scam on Dorian Lord. Nora concludes that they must always find a “plan B”.

At the diner, Addie admits to Charlie that she is married. She shows him her ring. He is very happy for her but seems to have no clue whom she could have married.

Right at that moment, David goes to see Viki. But it looks like he hurt his leg and cannot walk. SO he rushes out of her room.

Addie explains to Charlie that she has been in the “bin” throughout most of her life. And when she got her “second chance”, she decided that she really wanted to have the opportunities that she missed out on.

In the hospital, David rolls up his pant legs after “treating his wounds”. He walks into Viki’s room. She demands to know what is going on. He demands to know where Dorian is.

Dorian walks into the diner to inform Charlie and Addie that Viki had an accident but is ok. She’s in the ER room. And she tells them she is “just fine, thank you”. Addie asks her sister what is wrong. Dorian tells Addie that it’s time that they have a private talk about Addie’s marriage.

John kisses Blair and she does not stop him.

Dorian tells Addie that they need not worry what might have happened to her (herself). But all Addie needs to be concerned about is that she saved Addie’s life. Hearing that, Addie asks her sister why she believes she needs saving. Dorian tells her sister that s has and it’s all in these “papers”.

Right then, when David is with Viki, Charlie rushes to see her. He tells her that when he heard she was in an accident, he could not wait a moment to see her.

John and Blair kiss passionately and it looks like it might go to another level.

Dorian shows Addie a document. She tells her it’s a gift for her dear sister. But Addie clarifies to her that it’s not her birthday. Dorian tells Addie that she will, in time see what Dorian has done for her. But right then, David rushes into the diner and demands that Dorian stops what she is doing and stays away from “his wife’.

Blair and John continue to kiss and undress each other.

While Marty is talking to Todd about the rape, she seems like she might be remembering what happened and questioning whether Todd could hurt her.

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