OLTL Update Thursday 7/24/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In the hospital chapel, Dorian talks to the deceased Mel. But he doesn’t seem to respond the way she wants. And at that minute, she notices that she’s been overheard. Right then, a nurse enters who has a name tag that says Mel. Dorian tells her that she was referring to a man named Mel who is dead. And yes, the nurse should believe she is crazy to be hearing her talking to a dead person, Dorian tells her. The nurse asks Dorian if she’s sure she is alright and if there’s anything she can do for her.. She can tell that Dorian seems to be upset. Dorian then tells her that Mel is a strange name for such a pretty girl. The nurse informs Addie that her name is Melinda. Addie tells her that that was her sister’s name. And Mel was her husband. Mel tells Dorian there are a lot of coincidences at work, here. At that moment, Dorian realizes that she maybe needs to come clean and atone for her actions.

David goes to talk to Clint after Clint has made him an offer to earn $10 million. Nora is also there to hear their conversation. Clint tells David that in order to get the $10 million, David must leave Addie Cramer and completely walk away from her family.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Shane are seeing if they can “raise” enough money to have pizza the following night. Brody enters. She tells Shane that maybe he should not get his hopes up. Shane then tells his mom that that is what she always says. Not to get his hopes up about Disney World or about Brody or about anything. In response to that, Gigi admits she is speechless.

Blair goes to see John wondering where Todd has gone and what the big “secret” is.

Right then, after Todd has informed Marty that while in college, when he knew her, she was raped, she demands to know the circumstances of how it happened. She asks if it might have been a stranger who attacked her. He tells her no. She knew the guy.

Shane tells his mom that he wishes he could spend some time hanging out with his dad since they haven’t been together in a long time. She tells Shane he must get to bed. Brody tells Shane he must mind his mom. Shane leaves. Alone with Brody, Gigi asks him if he plans to drink the next time he is with Shane. And she wonders where he was when he took off without telling anybody. He tells her he went to an AA meeting.

Starr talks to her child from the video. She tells him or her that she knows that many people have opinions about the choices and decisions she’s made. But she wants her child to know that even if he/she was not planned, he/she must know that he/she is not a mistake. She has and always will love her child’s father. She will love him for the rest of her life.

At the diner, Markko tells Cole that he really disapproves of his “teaming up” with Mr. Manning. Cole must realize that the man is a psycho. Cole tells Markko that he is merely doing what he needs to do.

After Marty inquires to Todd about the “rape”, and admits that it was by somebody she knew, she asks him if it was “date rape”. At that point, he knows he better not tell her any more. She tells him that she needs to know. He asks her why she wants to know. She tells him that she cannot leave this “piece” of her life under the rug. She needs to know how she became a doctor and how it could have ruined her reputation and what it will mean if she goes out in society again. And she doesn’t want to just get more meds and fall asleep. Todd then asks her why she believes it will do any good to find out about something that will only cause her more pain to remember.

Blair goes to see John and admits that her house is really quiet without the kids. Dorian’s house can be really big and empty. And it can get lonely. And she admits to him that she doesn’t even know why she is there. But then she admits she does know why. It’s because she wants to see him.

After David Vickers indicates to Clint and to Nora that he is not willing to do what they ask even if he can get $10 million, Clint can only assume that David wants to “drive up” the price. And he tells David that $10 million is his final offer. David must know that he cannot pass up any opportunity to get that kind of money. David tells Clint that he wants to stay with Addie.

Dorian tells Mel, the nurse, that she not only saved Viki Davidson’s life. She rescued her sister, Addie from a very “dangerous” and reckless environment. But Mel can tell that Dorian, none the less, feels some sort of guilt. She tells Dorian that she thinks she knows what is bothering her and what she can do to fix it. But she has nothing more to say and must leave. She tells Dorian she is off duty for the night. Assuming Mel is a nurse at the hospital, Dorian tells her that she knows there is not going to be a “shift change” right now. But Mel tells Dorian that there is with the type of work she does. And she leaves Dorian alone in the chapel.

Gigi asks Brody if he really went to an AA meeting and just what he might have discovered when he went there. He tells her that he wants to figure out what is going on with him that makes him want to drink. She tells him good. Because he will not be able to be around Shane until he figures it out and stops drinking. He tells her it’s not just about Shane. He also wants to get back with her.

Marty then tells Todd that she wants to know what happened in regard to her being raped and what it meant in her life.

At John’s apartment, Blair tells him he’s been a really good friend to her. It’s nice to be able to talk to somebody who doesn’t threaten her and who doesn’t want to just get some favor from her. She tells him that Dorian’s house is empty. At that point, he goes to get some booze and asks her if she wants to come with him.

After Brody tells Gigi that he wants to clean up his act not only for Shane but also for her, she tells him she does not know what to think. He tells her that he has had her on his mind for a very long time. With all that has happened to him in the last decade, the only thing that has kept him going was the thought that he could come back to her. She tells him that she was almost 8 months pregnant and with all the plans the two of them made and the future that she thought they could have was gone. She could not stop crying nor stop thinking about him and the fact that he died. And when she made up the story about his dying a hero, she didn’t just make it up for Shane. She made it up for herself also.

After Starr and Langston have made the video, Starr makes it clear that she believes that her child is better off without her. And she indicates she will never forgive Cole for what he has done. But Langston tells Star she must cut Cole some slack.

Markko tells Cole that he knows that Cole only plans to go home, isolate and stare off into space. And there is something better he might be able to do. Like call Starr. Cole tells his friend that he cannot do that. Markko tells him that he mustn’t trust Todd Manning. Need he remind Cole that that is the guy who raped Cole’s mother? Hearing that, Cole tells Markko that he has wanted to kill Todd for what he did to Cole’s mother. But he is willing to stop at nothing, including joining forces with a man he hates in order to prevent Starr from giving their baby away. Markko concludes to Cole that he is making a deal with the devil.

Todd tells Marty that in view of the situation that he’s just told her about, he knows how he can give her a “new life” where she no longer has to remember or deal with any of this. She asks him if he is serious. He tells her yes he is.

David tells Clint and Nora that they must know how great his life is. He is married to a wonderful woman and living high on Dorian’s hog. They tell him that Dorian is not going to want to help him with anything. He tells them that the best part of marrying Addie is being able to piss Dorian off. Clint then reminds David that he could arrange for David to find himself behind bars. SO he asks David if he really wants to decline his offer.

In the chapel, Dorian tells God that she knows she did a terrible thing to overthrow B.E. and what she did to Charlie and the fact that she told Viki that she and Charlie slept together.

Gigi tells Brody that she may have told Shane somewhat of a “story” when she said that Shane’s father left to go and serve his country. But it was no falsehood that he rescued her. And with all of the things she’s told Shane about him, she now believes that Shane is convinced that his father is some sort of hero that nobody could ever be.

Markko tells Cole that he realizes he cannot fathom what it would be like to have a baby. Cole tells Markko in that case, he may go home, forget all about it and place video games. Markko asks Cole if he can just answer one question. If he loves Starr, doesn’t he realize that he cannot team up with her father against her?

After Langston suggests that Starr calls Cole, Starr tells her she must realize that he stabbed her in the back and sided with her father against her. Langston tells Starr that she believes that Cole will come around. But from hearing Langston defend and excuse Cole, Starr angrily demands that Langston gets out of her room.

Brody tells Gigi she has nothing to be sorry about. She tells him she does. He tells her that he needs to change his ways and stop drinking. She must realize that he came back from the dead in order to be there for her and for Shane.

Langston tells Starr she believes Starr has every right to be upset. But she must call Cole. Starr asks Langston if she does not get it. That guy who opposed her in the court hearing and who teamed up with her father is not Cole.

Markko tells Cole that he demands that Cole calls Starr. He needs to call her in order to prove to her that he is not like her psycho father. Cole then attempts to get on the phone. But when he’s alone, he says that maybe he is.

Blair and John go up on the roof. She asks him what he would do without his job. She remembers living for her work and career. But throughout her life, Todd Manning has gotten in the way. SO much of her life is about being a mom and wife and daughter. Now she will soon be a grandmother. And she now reflects that Todd Manning has been a major part of her life. And so has Marty Saybrooke.

Todd tells Marty that he has a lot of money and connections. He can find a way for her to move somewhere and start a whole new life. But she wants to find out about the man who raped her. She asks him who he was. He tells her that he was another student at L.U. But he knows he cannot broach that subject any more.

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