OLTL Update Wednesday 7/23/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dorian and David get Viki to the hospital. Dorian informs the doctors that this woman has a heart transplant and needs immediate attention. David tells Viki he will be there for her. But he doesn’t hesitate to annoy Dorian in the process.

While Todd is with Marty in his new apartment, she is interested in finding out about his family. He confides in her that his 16 year old daughter got pregnant.

Meanwhile Starr is with Langston wondering what she is going to do now that the judge has made both her and Cole wait before any decision is made about their baby.

Cole talks to Markko at the diner about the situation. He tells him that he would do anything for Starr. Markko asks Cole if that includes supporting Starr’s decision to give the baby up for adoption.

Marcie goes to John’s apartment. She tells him she wants to do his laundry. But is she really there for another reason like finding out what he and Michael may have talked to his brother about in regard to whether to adopt Starr’s baby.

Right then, Michael is at the hospital treating Viki after Dorian has filled him in on the details.

Clint informs Nora that he just talked to his son, Cord. They are attempting to figure out how to overthrow Dorian as CEO of their company. And he admits to her that he has considered what his options are involving whether they tell David that he is Asa’s son. And he is not certain what to do, given that he cannot get a hold of either Bo or Rex.

In the hospital, David and Dorian discuss what it has meant that she did a “good deed” in saving Viki, the fact that he was willing to “bargain” with her so that she would and how he must come through on his agreement by divorcing her sister, Addie.

Marcie tells John that she wants to adopt the baby but she wants Michael to be on board with it. He tells her that Michael would be completely on board with the idea were it not for the fact that it was Todd Manning’s grandchild.

After Todd has informed Marty that his 16 year old daughter is pregnant, she asks whom the father is. Knowing he better not tell her that it’s her own son, he tells her it’s this “moron kid”. But he realizes that maybe he should not talk that way about her son if he wants to win her trust. He informs her that John McBain’s brother and his wife want to adopt his grandchild. And his daughter wants to give the baby to them. McBain’s sister in law kidnapped Todd’s child. John McBain has this great way of knowing how to manipulate women. Nobody can see through his façade. Everybody falls for it including Todd’s soon-to-be ex wife. Hearing that, she “explores” the many psychological theories about all of that. In response to that, Todd reveals to her that she is a “real shrink”. Finding out for the “first time” that she was a shrink, she demands that Todd tell her why he never told her about that. She wishes she had known that she was a shrink.

Starr informs Langston that Marcie McBain wanted to adopt her baby. And they were ready to go to court and get the judge to help them with that. But they just happened to run into Cole and her dad. And the two of them are siding together in order to prevent her from giving the baby to Marcie and Michael.

Cole tells Markko that it sucks that if he were to exercise his parental rights, he can get in trouble. Markko tells Cole that maybe he needs to look at it differently. Maybe there is no good guy or bad guy. He admits that he is still having difficulty grasping this whole “paternity” thing. Cole admits knows he cannot trust Todd Manning. But they are on the same side not wanting Starr to give up the baby. Cole admits that he doesn’t have a clue what to do and just wishes that his mom was there. She’d understand and know what to do.

Marty asks Todd why he did not tell her that she was a shrink. She tells him that she knows she cannot help others if she cannot help herself. And she assesses that if she is a psychiatrist, that would mean she went to college for 4 years and then to med school. But she admits she still has absolutely no recollection of anything. She concludes, however, that maybe if she is a doctor, she can work her way back to the past. And she asks him how he could have met her in college. Was he is med school? He admits to her not exactly.

Clint tells Nora that now that David has married Addie, maybe he can “bribe” David. But he’s not certain exactly how to go about with his scheme.

At the hospital, Michael McBain tells Dorian she is a hero to have saved Viki’s life. Dorian tells David that he must know that since she came through on her end of the bargain, he must know what he is going to do. She invites a lawyer to talk to them and informs David that this is the attorney who will be handling his divorced to Addie.

Michael goes into Viki’s room and informs her that after the accident, she went into cardiac arrest. That means that she “died” for a short while. Hearing that, Viki is intrigued when she remembers her temporary journey to the afterlife. He informs her that the epinephrine saved her life. She then remembers that Dorian was in the car with her. She asks if Dorian was alright. He tells her that Dorian actually walked away from the accident unscathed.

Dorian asks David to sign away his marriage to her sister. David tells Dorian that Addie will be very disappointed. He does not believe that divorce would be on her “to do” list. He argues that he likes Addie. She argues that he only wants her money and she demands that he signs on the dotted line.

Marcie tells John that even though Cole is currently opposing Starr and went so far as to spill the beans to Todd, she believes that Cole might come around. John asks her what if he does not. She tells him that she cannot give up on her chances of adopting a baby. She must take this chance. She admits to him that she first told Starr there’s no way it could happen. She tells him that she is fortunate to have Michael with her. But she can’t just sit back and give up and assume that she and Michael cannot have more. She knows what Tommy did for both of them. People can leave you. But children will always live on in their memory. And at that point, she asks John how he feels about Marty’s death and what it would mean if the two of them had had a child that could live on in her memory.

Marty is right then trusting Todd to help her move her legs and do her physical therapy. And she asks him what she was like in college. She asks if she liked to have fun or if she liked to party. And right then, we see a flashback of her remembering a wild party where she was dancing on the table. He tells her she was very smart. He admits that she was his tutor. And he informs her that they slept together. Hearing that, she sounds amazed. and somewhat embarrassed.

Clint concludes to Nora that he knows that Dorian would do anything to get David to divorce Addie. And David will do anything to get money. He will do anything in order to get B.E. back. And if he plays it out just right, then everything will work to his advantage.

At the hospital, Dorian gets David to sign the papers. She tells him she needs another favor. When he speaks to Addie about this, he cannot name her (Dorian). He asks her what she will do if he does not do what she wants. Will she put Viki back in another cardiac arrest? She tells David she will make his life miserable. He remarks to Dorian that she is never happy unless she makes others’ lives miserable. Right then, David gets a call from Clint who tells him that he has an offer that can make it worth David’s while. But Clint has not yet worked up to telling David all of the details of his plan.

David then goes in to Viki's hospital room. He tells her that he wanted to see for himself that she was ok. She asks how he found out she was there. He replies that he went looking for Dorian and then went looking for help when he saw that they were in an accident. She then tells David she owes him her life since he saved her life. David then informs Viki that it was not himself who saved her life. It was Dorian. But he does not tell her the entire story. He tells her she must rest and leaves. Viki is then fascinated to find out how it was that Dorian, of all people, could have or would have saved her life.

Marty grows comfortable with Todd, smiling and telling him that she finds it very strange that she is now learning about her past. He tells her that she has definitely changed throughout the years. He helps her move her legs. She seems to trust him. And she tells him if she “hurt” him, even if it was all those years ago, she is truly sorry. Hearing that, Todd is taken by surprise.

After Marcie broaches upon the subject of John losing Marty, he tells her that they need to focus on her and Michael. He remembers that Michael did everything he could in order to hold it together for her when she went on the run. He got himself thrown in jail. She tells John that she knows that Michael made many sacrifices for her. She believes her husband deserves better. He deserves to be happy. And that might mean being without her.

Langston shows Starr a “surprise”. She plays the video of herself attempting to seduce David Vickers. They watch it and Starr laughs uproariously. She asks why she did it. Langston admits she did it hoping that Dorian would be able to get the goods on David. Langston then tells Starr it’s good to see her friend laugh. And she feel Starr’s baby, remarking that there is a “little person”. Starr admits that she has given so much thought and wondered what this baby will be like or how he or she will feel about things. She wonders how the baby will feel and if she will ever be able to let the baby know how it is that she had to do what she did.

In the diner, Markko reveals to Cole that he and Langston cooked up a plan to “help” Dr. Lord. Langston attempted to seduce David Vickers and he taped it. Cole asks Markko if Dorian may have put Langston up to it. Markko replies no. It was all Langston’s idea. But unfortunately, David was onto them. Cole then tells Markko that he wishes more than anything that things could be the same between him and Starr. Markko replies that if he was on board with Starr’s idea, wouldn’t that put things the way they were before?

Marty asks Todd to give her the “next piece”. What was it that made her go from party girl to doctor? Did something happen? He replies yes. Something “happened”.

Michael tells Viki that her test results look good and it’s a miracle she is still alive. She then asks him if Dorian Lord is still there. Dorian is then outside “wrapping up” her dealings with the lawyer. And it looks like she has another trick up her sleeve.

David Vickers then goes to meet Clint and asks him what is up. Clint asks David if he’d like to know what he has to do in order to win millions of dollars. David tells Clint of course he is interested and wants to know how he can make that happen. Clint then informs David he can have the money if he divorces Addie Cramer.

Marcie concludes to John that she doesn’t want to get him in the middle of her situation with Michael. She knows that he has to back his brother. But if they cannot reach a resolution, then maybe they need to stay apart.

Starr and Langston prepare a video where she is talking to her child on his or her 16th birthday. She informs her baby that she has asked its “mother” to wait until now to show the baby this. She introduces herself as Starr, the baby’s real mother.

At the diner, Cole admits to Markko that once they found out that Starr was pregnant, they wanted to run away. But when Starr’s parents found them, everything changed. And like his mom always said; once you cross a certain line, you can never come back.

Marty demands that Todd tell her what exactly happened that turned her life around forever. He evades the question. But she demands that he tell her. He then replies that she was raped.

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