OLTL Update Wednesday 7/23/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In Starr’s bedroom, Langston and Starr talk about Cole and the baby.

At the diner, Markko is shocked that Starr wants Cole to sign away the rights to the baby. He blames it on hormones. Cole says he would do anything for Starr and his baby. Markko asks if it includes putting the baby up for adoption.

Marcie shows up at John's with some clean clothes for Mike. Mike’s at work. She tells John she wants her husband back.

Dorian brings Viki to the hospital. She tells Mike what happened. David asks if Viki will be alright now.

Clint and Nora are at the mansion. She offers him something more interesting then his paperwork. He turns her down. He tells her about his talk with Cord. Clint doesn’t think they have a fast way to nullify the takeover. Nora says it will take years in court. Clint asks for a more drastic approach. Since he can’t reach Bo or Rex he wants to offer David something he can’t refuse.

At the hospital, Dorian tells David they made a deal. David says she should know better then to trust him. Dorian says she saved Viki so he has to divorce Addie. David says Dorian must have had another reason to save Viki. He tells her she did the good deed because it was the right thing to do. Mike comes out and they ask if Viki is okay.

Marcie and John talk about Mike. John says Mike loves her and Marcie says she loves him more then anything. Marcie says Mike is the one who is making it a choice to adopt or him. John says it’s because of Todd. Marcie tells him Todd knows about Starr wanting to give her the baby.

At his condo, Todd talks to Marty about Starr being sixteen and pregnant. Todd says he knew Cole had this in mind all along. Todd admits Cole is taking some responsibility. He tells her about who Starr wants to give the baby too. Marty commiserates. Todd tells her that John has this wounded thing he plays that all the women fall for, including Blair. Marty understands. He mentions she’s a shrink. Marty is shocked that she’s a shrink and demands to know what else he hasn’t told her.

Starr tells Langston Marcie will adopt the baby. She says Todd and Cole will try to stop the adoption. Starr thinks Cole would have changed his mind if Todd hadn’t found out.

Cole tells Markko he will never give away the rights to his child. Markko says that’s a good thing. Cole says if he exercises his parental rights he could lose her forever. Cole says he can’t stand the thought of someone else raising his child. Or Mr. Manning raising it. Markko says Todd will not be a hands off grandfather. Cole thinks about his mother and Markko reminds him Marty wouldn’t want Cole anywhere near Todd.

Marty yells at Todd for not telling her about being a psychiatrist. She asks him for more information. Todd says she helped him. She thinks of all the education she had to become a psychiatrist. Todd looks worried as he asks if it’s coming back to her. She says no. She thinks about working her way backwards to find out who she was. She asks if she was a pre-med study geek in college and Todd Says not exactly.

Clint says he’s going to offer David money. Nora says he has Addie’s money. Clint says Dorian is Addie’s guardian and in control of that money. Clint says he’s going to offer David enough money to jump ship. Nora asks where he’ll get the money from. Clint says from Dorian.

Dorian and David find out Viki is okay. Mike goes back to see Viki. Another man walks up and Dorian introduces David to the lawyer who will handle his divorce.

Mike tells Viki she was clinically dead for a while and is lucky to be alive. Viki says Ben saved her.

Mike says she’s right. Ben saved her life because his heart was strong enough. He tells her she’s staying overnight. Viki asks about Dorian. Mike says she’s okay.

David asks if Dorian called the lawyer from the ambulance. Dorian says yes and they hand him the divorce papers. David takes the pen but then stops. He says he likes Addie, she’s fun. Dorian yells at him to sign the papers.

John hates that Todd is using Cole. They talk about Cole and how much he wants the baby. John asks if she thought this through. Marcie says she searched her heart and has to fight for this baby. She says Mike is just scared. She pleads her case about wanting to move forward and try to find what she wants out of life. They talk about losing people. She mentions Marty.

At Todd’s, Marty asks about what she was in college. Todd changes the subject and says its time for physical therapy. She pulls back the covers and Todd starts to move her legs. Marty continues to ask if she was popular in college. Todd has flashbacks to the night he raped her and how she was partying. He tells her she was very smart, liked to party and was his tutor. He tells her they slept together.

At the mansion, Clint says if David can force Dorian to give the company back in an exchange for divorcing Addie he’ll have BE back. He thinks Dorian will do anything to get David to divorce Addie.

Dorian tells David its time for him to live up to his part of the deal. David signs the papers. Dorian tells him to explain it to Addie without mentioning her or she will ruin him. David says she’s only happy when she brought someone down. He says none of her triumphs are enough to save that empty little space inside her.

Clint rings David’s cell phone and tells him he has to see him immediately and not to tell anyone. David agrees then goes into see Viki. Viki tells him it was really odd. David says she came back for him. He tells her how he found them after the crash. She says she owes him her life. He tells her Dorian stuck her with something that brought her back to life. He tells her she has no idea how much she means to him. He leaves. Viki is shocked Dorian saved her.

Marty asks Todd if they dated. She tries to think but then doesn’t remember. Todd says Marty told him he wasn’t good in bed. She guesses she was a bitch back then. He says she changed. They keep exercising. She says it feels like someone else’s past. She says if she hurt him, she’s truly sorry.

John tells Marcie it almost killed Mike when she ran with Tommy. It took everything he had to hold it together. Marcie says she knows. She says if they can’t be happy about this together then maybe he’s better off without her.

Langston shows the video of what she did to David to Starr. She tells her she was trying to set up David for Dorian. Starr laughs. She touches her stomach and Langston says she’s starting to show. They talk about the baby. She wonders if the baby will hate her for giving him up. If she’ll ever be able to tell him why she did what she did. Langston picks up the video camera and says maybe she can.

At the diner, Markko tells Cole about the tape they made on David. Cole is shocked. Markko says it was a complete disaster. He says Langston was really into it, total sex kitten and saying younger guys don’t know what they’re doing with sex. He stops and Coles says it’s okay. He wishes he could go back and do it over again. Markko says if Starr gives up the baby wouldn’t it be like going back? Things would be the way they were before?

Marty asks Todd about more of the missing pieces of her life. She asks what made her go from party girl to doctor. Todd says something happened.

Mike tells Viki her test results are good. It’s a miracle she’s alive. Viki asks for Dorian.

David arrives at Clint’s. He offers him ten million dollars to divorce Addie.

John asks if Marcie is ready to let Mike go for a kid she may not get. Marcie says he didn’t deserve what she put him through and might be better off without her. John says he tries to remain objective but he’s behind Mike on this. Marcie says she can’t back down. She says John should take care of Mike for her.

Starr sits in front of the camera. She talks to her baby. She says if the baby is watching she just turned 16. She’s going to ask the adoptive mother to wait until baby is that old to show them this. She says I’m Starr and I’m your birth mother.

Cole tells Markko there will always be a baby. Cole says since he found out Starr was pregnant they were planning for a life together. Then her parents found out and everything changed.

Marty presses Todd to find out what happened to her to turn her life around. Todd says she was raped.

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