OLTL Update Tuesday 7/22/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Agnes Nixon reads the script and reports that Viki has gone to the afterlife. Dorian has met her deceased long-lost love and has had a chance to redeem herself. Tina’s daughter is ready to go over the waterfall. And Bo and Rex are trapped in 1968 where everybody thinks that Rex is Bo and Bo is Asa. She admits that she cannot wait to see what happens next. She then turns on the remote to see the show.

Right then, Gigi and Shane (or characters that look like them) enter Asa’s ranch in 1968. They see Rex and know nothing about him. When Bo sees them, he addresses her as Gigi. But she reflects that she is one of Asa’s many “conquests”, and very angry that Asa (who looks like Bo) doesn’t even remember her name.

Meanwhile, Cliff is sitting at Asa’s old desk wondering what to do about finding his brother and his granddaughter, Sarah.

Carlo Hesser and his goons have Sarah in a water raft and are ready to push her over the falls. Tina and Cristian struggle to save her but they cannot.

Dorian tells Mel’s ghost that she would like to “come with him” but it looks as though it is not her time. He tells her that maybe she needs to make some changes any way she can. Maybe it starts with “baby steps”.

Right then, “deceased” Viki runs into her ex love, Ben Davidson. He’s a bartender right where she met him. And they fall in love all over again. She asks him if this is real. He asks her how this feels. He invites her to play pool. He reflects that he has dealt with Nikki Smith. She admits that she misses everything about him. He tells her he knew the day would come and it seems as though he’s been waiting forever. And they kiss.

Cristian and Tina attempt to help Sarah. But the guards restrain them both. Sarah screams to Cristian that she loves him and she cries. The raft she is in moves closer and closer to the waterfall. She looks toward her boyfriend and mom but they are helpless to save her.

Meanwhile, Clint is on the phone making calls. He talks to his son Cord and asks if he’s heard form his daughter, Sarah. Cord admits that he has not. Clint informs Cord that Bo has also been missing in action. Cord reflects that Lindsay Rappaport really screwed Bo over. Clint informs Cord that Rex Balsam has been out looking for Bo and Rex has not been seen or heard form since he’s been gone either.

Back in 1968, Gigi’s “character” reflects that she’s been Asa’s mistress. She confronts “Asa” that he is not going to get away with using and betraying Emma Bradley. That’s who she really is.. Bo admits that he has never met Emma Bradley. Gigi's character also reveals that her son (who looks just like Shane) is young Spencer Truman. Rex faces Gigi, admitting to how he’d feel if she had slept with Asa Buchanan. Bo addresses him as Balsam. In response to that, Gigi as “Asa” why he’d name his son Balsam. What a weird name.

Clint talks to Cord on the phone and tells him that he wishes he’d stood up to “the old man” and not let Cord’s mother get run out of town just because she was the maid’s daughter.

Right then, we see the actor who plays Jared as young Clint. The actress who plays Natalie is wearing a dark wig and playing the maid’s daughter, Maria. They reveal that they had a secret affair and that is how Cord was conceived.

Dorian and Mel struggle to see how they can save Viki. But she reveals that she might be ok with Viki dying and failing to get the goods on her. But David Vickers appears in the “real” life. He tells Dorian that she must save Viki or he will never forgive her.

In the “afterlife”, Viki and Ben relive their romance together. He tells her he remembers the first night they met. They remember how she was fearless to go up and sing at the bar on karaoke night. But Ben tells her she cannot “stay there”. She has to go back.

Cristian struggles and gets away from Carlo and is ready to jump in the river to save Sarah. But Carlo pulls a gun on him.

David Vickers tells Dorian she must save Viki. She asks him how he expects her to do that. He tells her that she is a doctor and must know how. He cannot lose Viki. She asks what is “in this for her”. He replies if she saves Viki, he will divorce Addie.

Bo and Rex notice some interesting things while at Asa's ranch in 1968. They notice young Clint (played by Jared Banks) and the maid's daughter when the conceived Cord (Sarah's father). They also notice a woman who looks like Gigi who is Emma Bradley, Spencer Truman and David Vickers' mutual mother. She observes Bo as Asa. And Bo reminds Rex that if he (as Asa) refuses to sleep with "Emma", then David Vickers will never be born. Viki is living in the after life with Megan as her guide. She wants to stay there with Ben and forget her life. But he tells her she must return to her life. And she must forgive and realize that she loves Charlie. In the "here and now", Dorian is wondering if she should save Viki's life. Mel's ghost tells her she better in order to redeem herself. David Vickers appears and tells Dorian he can't let Viki die. If she saves her, then he will divorce Addie. So Dorian saves Viki. Meanwhile, Cristian tries but fails to save Sarah, when Carlos Hesser is ready to send her over the waterfall. And at the end we see Agnes Nixon narrating and telling us that although it seems unlikely that Sarah and Cristian will survive their accident, if Viki can be saved, maybe so can they

In Viki’s “journey”, Ben tells her that he knows she must get back to her life and forgive Charlie. She protests that Charlie lied to her. He tells her so did he by failing to admit to her that he was a bartender. And she forgave him. She must know that Charlie loves her and she must get back to him. He tells her that life is full of struggles. She must remember the fight that they both went through in their lives. He also knows that she is a fighter. He knows that she is that “do or die” woman. She tells him that Charlie slept with Dorian. He asks her if she knows that for sure. She admits that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. He tells her she must believe what is in her heart.

“Emma” (played by Gigi) tells “Asa” (played by Bo) that she and “Spencer” (played by Shane) have not traveled all this way just to be blown off by him. She has to let him in on a secret. In the other room, Maria (played by Natalie) admits to her mother that she is pregnant by “Mr. Clint” (played by Jared Banks). And she’s going to name her child Cordero.

In the present, Cord tells Clint that he really misses his mom. Clint tells his son he misses her too. He will always remember that feisty young girl he fell in love with all those years ago. Cord tells his father that he sees a lot of his mother in Sarah. And he also knows that she has both Tina’s and his momma’s blood in her veins. Clint asks Cord if he ever hears from Tina. Cord admits not recently. But he’s certain that Tina will turn up sooner or later. But now they need to find Sarah.

Cristian jumps in the river and swims to save Sarah. Tina urges him to hurry.

In Viki's “afterlife”, Ben tells her that she must forgive Charlie even if he did make a mistake. But she tells him that the problems they have are far worse than infidelity. She wants to live in the perfect world with him (Ben). But he tells her that they cannot be together. She needs to go back to the life she has now. Ben asks her if she is ready to give life another chance. He tells her she will never “lose” him. He will always be in her heart. But she tells him when her life is over, she is coming back to him. He tells her that he is right there waiting for her. At that point, they look at the television screen and see Megan (Jessica's deceased daughter) And she shows her grandmother all of their memories on the television screen. We see Viki and Ben together. Ben says he thought he knew about life and love. But he didn’t know anything until he met Viki. She showed him what life and love was all about. The way she laughs at his bad jokes. The way she talks to her plants when there is nobody else in the room. She was the one for him until he died.

Right then, Dorian tells David that she must be hearing things because it sounded like he told her that he would divorce Addie. He tells her she heard him right. He does not want to lose Viki. She is his friend. And it’s obvious that she (Dorian) is jealous of Viki. While Viki lies on the ground, Dorian asks him if it is not difficult to be jealous of a dead woman. He tells her that Viki is a very special friend to him. She sees right through him and knows all about his faults and accepts him anyway. If she lets Viki die, he and Addie will travel the world and flaunt their romance on Dorian’s dime. But he will be completely out of her sister’s life and leave them all alone if she saves Viki..

Viki and Ben watch the video of themselves together and reveal how good they were together. And he bids her farewell until next time. Right then, Viki returns to Megan who tells her she has a long history. They get on the elevator together. And Megan tells her grandmother she is so glad she is “going back”. There is so much life waiting for her. But at that moment, it looks like they are stuck on the elevator.

Cristian struggles to swim up to the raft to save Sarah. Tina rejoices that her daughter has been saved. But Carlo tells her Sarah might have been saved. But she has not.

Clint concludes to Cord that he bets that perhaps Sarah and Cristian took some time off. Cord asks his father how the law suit with Dorian is going. Clint tells his son he is pretty confident that they will win and take back their company in due time

In 1968 when Rex observes “Gigi” appearing as though she’s “had a thing” with “Bo”, he appears jealous. He asks Bo how he could have used Gigi. But Bo tells Rex that he is not himself. He is Asa. She is not Gigi. She’s Emma. That is not Shane. That’s Spencer Truman. And at that time, Bo reveals to Rex, for the first time that it’s David Vickers who is the real son of Asa and Emma instead of Jared Banks. Hearing that, Rex is really surprised and not in a good way to find out that Spencer Truman would be Bo’s son. But Bo concludes to Rex that if “he” (Asa) does not sleep with Emma (played by Gigi, then David Vickers will never be born. Hearing that, Rex concludes that he can live with that.

While it looks like Viki will die if Dorian does not save her and David tells Dorian he will stop at nothing to make certain that she does that, Dorian looks at Mel. She tells them both it may be easier said than done to save Viki. She has had a transplanted heart. But as it appears, Dorian is able to “perform a miracle” and bring Viki back to life.

Right then, “deceased” Viki tells her granddaughter, Megan she loves her. And Megan asks her if she is ready. And Viki gets off the elevator.

In the real life, Dorian saves Viki. David tells her he is eternally grateful. He then huddles near Viki and tells her she will be ok. He will make sure of that. Dorian then turns to Mel’s ghost. He tells her she did good and he is proud of her. And he leaves. She cries to be losing Mel.

Tina and Carlo watch as Cristian looks like he is failing to save Sarah. It looks like he is ready to go over the waterfall with her.

But then we hear Agnes Nixon say that it looks like Cristian and Sarah will not be able to survive a fall like this. But then she asks if they really cannot. Viki did. And at that point, Viki greets her “boss”. And they both announce happy 40th birthday to One Life To Live.

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