OLTL Update Monday 7/21/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Viki and Dorian collide and Dorian notices that Viki is unconscious and bleeding. Dorian concludes that it looks like Victoria Lord is dead. Right then, she sees the ghost of Mel. He replies that many of the best people are. He then tells her that she blew it and tonight she is going to have to answer to him.

Right then, we see a video where Carlo Hesser informs Cristian that he will have to kill Sarah. He tells him that the computer does not support the architecture. At that point, Cristian punches Carlo.

Right then, we see Viki walking in a white fog opening curtains. She asks where she is. She goes and finds somebody whom she assumes she knows. It’s a young woman with blond hair who looks like Jessica.

Ranch hands go to save Bo and Rex. Chuck appears and asks Bo if he can hear him. Bo asks where he is. Chuck replies that he hit his head and may be a little dizzy. He asks Bo if he knows where he is and when it is. Bo tells Chuck of course. It’s 2008. Bo then notices that Rex is not far away. And he asks about Rex Balsam. At that point, Chuck addresses Bo as “sir” apparently not knowing him as Bo. And he informs him he may not know where he’s been. But it’s 1968. At that point, Bo tells Chuck he loves a good joke. But this is not the right time. Chuck replies that he is not joking. President Johnson is in the Whitehouse. Rex then gets up and asks what is going on. Rex tells Bo that he told him not to take the ride. Chuck somehow assumes that Rex is Bo. And he believes that Bo is Asa.

Carlo tells the guards that they must take Cain to the dungeon. And the rest of them will come with him. He leads Tina, Sarah and Cristian into the other room.

Dorian gets out of the car and notices Mel. She asks if it is really Mel Hayes. He is also dressed like it’s 1968 with his hat, suit and trench coat. He asks her if she knows any other dead alcoholic reporters. She runs up and hugs him. He lifts her up. He seems as happy to see her as she is to see him.

Viki is “traveling” in the afterlife. She sees a young woman who looks just like Jessica and remarks to her that she looks just like her daughter. The young woman replies that she is Jessica’s daughter, Megan. Viki then replies that Jessie lost her baby about 10 years ago. Megan’s ghost invites Viki to come and see the afterlife. She takes her into a room with white walls. Viki asks if this is heaven. Megan tells Viki they will be making a few stops along the way and asks her if there is anybody she wants to see. Viki seems trusting of Megan. Megan asks her to take a look around.

Viki then goes and notices what looks like Asa Buchanan. Asa is on the phone making demands and telling people they must know that he is the one and only Asa Buchanan.

Bo finds out that Chuck believes he is Asa and Rex is Bo. Bo begins to talk like Asa demanding that his servants get to work and tend to his ranch. They leave. Rex closes the door and asks Bo if he wants to tell him what is going on. Bo replies if his father was still alive, he’d see it as another practical joke. They then look at a television in front of them. And it looks like Rex has never seen a television like the one that is there nor has he known what it’s like to operate one without a remote. But Bo remembers what it was like to live in 1968. The old television with antennas turns on and we see a newscast about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Rex asks Bo if it’s possible that they are dead. Bo tells Rex probably not. They are just living in 1968. They heard Chuck, he reminds him. He is Asa and Rex is Bo.

Meanwhile, “deceased Viki” goes to find Asa. She tells him she has missed him. But she apologizes for interrupting him when he was on an important phone call. He asks her how she “got up there’ She tells him that it was a car crash. She transported Dorian and the brakes failed. Hearing that, Asa asks her if Dorian is coming to join the “afterlife” instead of Viki.. Viki notices that Dorian is not with her.

When Dorian sees Mel, he tells her he knows what she has been doing. She has been hurting other people and up to no good. She tells him she is a business woman. He tells her he knows she does not care about Buchanan Enterprises. Nor any other company she calls it. She only wanted to get revenge upon Clint and his family. She asks him what she was supposed to do. He tells her that maybe she should have tried to find herself a warm and compassionate guy who wants to make her happy. She tells him that he is a very difficult man to replace. He tells her he knows that she has been in this “competition” with Viki for a long time.

When Viki talks to Asa, he tells her there is no justice with Dorian surviving her. He tells her that he knows what Clint has been up to recently with his dirty business. And Clint reminds him of himself. Viki tells him that is what she is afraid of. Asa asks her what that is supposed to mean.

Rex and Bo are wondering what they are supposed to do, forced to assume their “roles” and live in 1968. Right then, a guy (in the likeness of Jared Banks) enters. He is dressed like ranch hands in 1968 with the long sideburns and the western clothes. He does not know the name Jared Banks. But he worships Asa Buchanan. Bo then takes Rex aside and informs him that “they are not in Kansas anymore”.

Asa tells Viki he misses her stubborn, thinking she knows everything personality and her beautiful face. And he tells her she must know that everything is going to be ok. He then gets on the phone and resumes his business dealings. Viki returns to her deceased granddaughter, Megan. Megan agrees that her great grandfather was a real character. Viki asks Megan if she is supposed to be there. Megan replies that where anybody goes is up to them. Viki then walks through more curtains and into another room. And she notices a man who looks just like Elvis. And she sees Niki Smith demanding that she backs off because Elvis is hers. Viki asks Nikki how it is that she could be in heaven. Nikki reminds her that wherever she (herself) goes, Vikki goes. Viki looks at Nikki disappointed. But Nikki asks “Elvis” to go away so that she can talk to Viki. Nikki tells Viki that she knows that Viki needs her to “keep it real for her”. When Viki cannot deal with the things she is afraid of. And she knows that she might need Nikki now.

When Bo and Rex are at Asa’s ranch in 1968, the guy who looks like Jared asks the other ranch hands to bring them some booze. And he notices a guy who looks just like Nigel talking and behaving like a ranch hand.

Carlo leads Tina, Sarah and Cristian to the place where they get beheaded.

At the ranch, guy who looks like Nigel reveals that Jared is Clint and Chuck is Chuck Jr. And they drink shots. He asks if “you boys" (Bo and Rex) are feeling poorly. Rex replies they are not in great spirits. So the “ranch hands” bring in some women. Noticing the first woman, Rex tells Bo that she looks just like Natalie. But Bo tells Rex no. She is Tina’s mother. Sarah’s grandmother.

Carlo leads Tina to a waterfall. She sees a raft going over the waterfall. And she becomes afraid and cries. She pleads that Carlo not take her over the falls. He tells her she will not. But Sarah will. The guards pull Sarah and are ready to push her over the waterfall.

Viki asks Nikki how Jessica is going to cope without her mother. She lost her husband and has an infant daughter and another baby on the way. But Nikki “assures” Viki that Jessica will “cope” the way she always has. Jessica will just “bring in the troops”. And Tess will see her through. Nikki continues to carouse with her “Elvis” friend and a glass of booze.

Viki then goes to find Megan’s ghost and asks her what is up with Tess. She also wonders what has happened to Dorian. But Megan does not have any clear answers right now.

Mel’s ghost asks Dorian why it was not enough to steal Viki’s children’s legacy, take over the company and make Viki’s life miserable. She had to stab Charlie in the back. He tells her he knows she is very insecure and that she likes Charlie Banks. She must admit it. Hearing that, Dorian admits that she did kind of find Charlie to be charming. But he tells her that Charlie was nice to her, saved her life and she was secretly jealous of “losing” him to Viki. She acted nice to him and let him live in her home. And she had to destroy the man in order to break Viki’s heart. It was not her finest hour, Mel tells her.

Viki and Megan’s ghost go into a room. Megan informs Viki that this is where she works. Viki asks her if she is a television producer. Megan tells her she would like to help her find Jessica. But she’s at a network meeting. Viki may, however, stick around and meet the “big cheese”. Viki asks her whom the “big cheese” is. Megan informs Viki that “she” created the show. Viki then approaches Agnes Nixon. Agnes greets her and smiles at her. Viki tells Agnes it’s so nice to meet her. Agnes tells Viki that she’s known her and has been “watching over” her for a long time. It’s been almost 40 years. Technically, 38. And, Viki turns to see Megan on the screen ready to tell her grandmother something. Agnes then turns around and disappears. Viki watches herself years ago talking to her “friend”, Megan who told Viki she did not want Viki’s help. She only wanted Viki to leave her alone. Viki then turns to her granddaughter and asks why she had to see that. Megan (her granddaughter) replies that Megan (the other one) wanted Viki to see that.

Carlo Hesser tells Tina there is nothing she can do to save her daughter.

At the ranch in 1968, Rex asks Bo how it is that Tina had a different mother than Viki. Bo explains that Irene was the mother of both Tina and Todd. And she was a “hot girl” back in her day. Asa and his friends and many others messed around with her.

Viki tells her granddaughter that she thought that she and her deceased friend, Megan reconciled their differences. Viki's granddaughter tells her they did. But Viki needs to know that she, herself needs to forgive somebody she loves. Hearing that, Viki knows she is talking about Charlie. Megan tells Viki that she must know what Charlie meant to her. Many people have given others a second chance. Can’t she do that for Charlie?

At the ranch, in 1968, Bo tells Rex that he knows they are either hallucinating or in a dream. Hearing that, Rex slaps himself and knows they are not dreaming. Bo tells Rex he may go and run his head in a faucet down the hallway. Rex goes out the door but only sees the door that he knows he must open. And he sees Gigi with Shane at the door. He addresses her as Morasco and assumes that she and Shane know him and might be able to “help” him get back to the present. But the woman who looks like Gigi replies she does not know him and has never heard of “Morasco”. Both she and her son (who looks like Shane) are dressed like 1968. She tells him she has business to attend to. She has a southern accent. And it looks like he’s going to be one of the women who “work” for the ranch hands.

Carlo and his helpers put Sarah in a raft. Everybody is helpless to save her from going over the waterfall.

Viki tells Megan’s ghost that she would like to be able to forgive Charlie but is afraid she cannot. Megan seems to know how to “guide” Viki.

Dorian tells Mel she can see that he wants her to apologize to Charlie, admit to what she did and stop living her life in Viki’s shadow. But she refuses. He tells her this is her last chance to “atone”. Hearing that, Dorian reminds him that she is Dorian Lord. She never atones. But she somehow knows that only Mel has the answers and he expects and demands that she atones. She attempts to do what he says by going toward the car. But she remarks that it’s too late. Viki is dead. Mel tells Dorian that it may be up to her to bring Viki back.

Right then, Viki travels to a place where she hears the song: “I have a crush on you”. She walks in and notices a pool table. And Ben Davidson’s ghost comes up and greets her as Blondie.

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