OLTL Update Friday 7/18/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

While Viki drives Dorian, they argue. Dorian asks Viki why it is that she implied there is something wrong with her brakes. Viki tells Dorian she needs to stop whining and should be grateful that she is not still standing on the road stranded with her arms waving like an idiot. Dorian protests that that idiot, David Vickers, ran out of gas and left her stranded.

In Mendorra, Carlos Hesser announces that Jonas Chamberlain is the new King of Mendorra. And Carlos offers his daughter, Talia, as the Queen. Talia tells her father and Jonas that she does not want to marry Jonas nor be the “queen”. But they tell her that she has no choice.

Charlie goes to an AA meeting. He announces to the group that it’s good to be back. He recalls how long he’s been sober. But he admits that not long ago, he found himself blacked out for days and wound up in the emergency room in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. He has no clue how, exactly, it could have been that he could have slipped up. And he really wishes that there was an answer about that.

While Viki drives Dorian, she tells her she does not wish to talk about David Vickers. She wants to talk about Charlie.

While Bo and Rex are out riding horses in the thunderstorm when Bo is drunk, Rex goes after Bo, afraid he will put himself in danger if he goes over the fence. But when they run toward the iron fence, it looks like they have both been electrocuted.

In Mendorra, Talia tells Carlos Hesser that she is not about to marry Jonas Chamberlain. She will die before she will let anybody force her into that. Carlos then tells her if she does not go through with it, her friends will die. She can make the choice. She then looks around at Antonio, Cristian and Sarah.

In response to Viki's telling Dorian that she wants to talk about Charlie, Dorian tells her that Charlie was “her” problem as long as his own problem. Viki tells Dorian that she finds it very interesting and very suspicious that Charlie would have drank himself into the hospital in perfect timing with the time she took over B.E. In response to that, Dorian tells Viki that she understands what is up with Viki. She knows all too well what it’s like to be in love with a drink.

At the AA meeting, Charlie tells the group that he understands very well what it is like for all people to accept responsibility for their actions. But he absolutely knows that he had no control and no doing in what happened that caused him to wind up passed out drunk and almost dead from alcohol poisoning. When the other hear that, a man stands up and tells Charlie that he bets Charlie believes that sugar plum fairies dance through the sky.

While in the car, Dorian reminds Viki about Mel. She remembers that he was a wonderful man. And it’s tragic that he got into trouble and ended his life with alcohol.

A the ranch in Texas, both Bo and Rex are lying on the ground unconscious.

In the diner, Shane can tell that his mother has confronted Brody and he asks them what is up. Brody explains that Gigi has her concerns. Shane asks what kinds of concerns she has. Brody replies that she believes that he has a drinking problem. In response to that, Shane protests that he believes that his mother is wrong. She must realize that Brody does not have a drinking problem and is a great dad. At that point, Brody tells them both that he now knows that he has to stand up and accept some responsibility for his actions in order to be a good dad.

Charlie tells the group that he understands all too well the excuses he used to make in order to drink. He’s spent a long time justifying why he might deserve to drink. But he knows he did not do that on the night in question.

While Viki and Dorian are in the car, Viki admits that she believes that maybe she should have died instead of Mel. Dorian admits that she loved Mel. He was her husband and her life was shattered after he died. Viki can sense that there is something “going on” with Dorian. And she asks her how she can “live” with what she did.

Charlie informs the group that he was about to get his life together. He was reconstructing his relationship with his son. He was about to get a good job. He had this great woman whom he loved. He wanted to get his life straightened around and everything was positive. So how and why would he have done that?

Viki asks Dorian just what kind of nasty tricks she has up her sleeve. She knows that Dorian wanted to stab Charlie in the back.

In Mendorra, Talia tells Jonas Chamberlain that he and her father are out of their minds if they think for a minute that she should marry him. He tells her that her father knows the right direction they should take. At that moment, Antonio grabs a hold of Carlos Hesser and is ready to hold him hostage. In response to that, Talia tells Antonio that she loves him so much. She can deal with anything that has to happen. He just needs to let her father go. But before Antonio can even make a choice, guards come and drag him off.

Dorian tells Viki she knows that Viki is “enabling” Charlie to be a drunk. Viki tells Dorian she knows better. She knows that Dorian wanted Charlie “out of the way”. Charlie and Jared got the goods on her. She wanted to expose Jared as a fraud when she did the hostile takeover of B.E. and not have anybody there to do anything about it. She (Viki) knows that Charlie had no intention of falling off the wagon. Dorian protests that Charlie fell off the wagon because Viki abandoned him. Viki tells her no. He did not choose to drink. She knows that Dorian had a trick up her sleeve.

In the meeting, the other members ask Charlie if he really did not intend to drink. They all seem to be really interested in his situation. He tells them he knows he absolutely did not intend to drink. But he knows that many things happened right when it happened and he knows of specific people and situations that indicated that somebody might have wanted him incapacitated and incapable of intervening in a specific situation.

While Viki drives Dorian, she tells her she knows that she (Dorian) had something to do with Charlie’s drinking. Dorian asks her where she’d get the idea that she could have the physical ability to force alcohol down his throat. Viki tells Dorian she would not put anything past her. She believes Charlie. Dorian then reminds Viki that they are talking about a man who would make up a story that he slept with Roxy to conceive Rex, hid the fact that Jared was his real son and helped Jared falsify himself as a Buchanan.

While Rex and Bo are passed out, ranch hands come to attempt to help them.

At the diner, Shane asks his mom what her problem is with Brody. He tells her she must realize that Brody fought in the war and did all of these good things. And he can tell that Brody is very upset to have missed out on all of the time. And he asks her not to take his dad away form him.

Right then, at Charlie’s AA meeting, the group leader thanks Charlie for sharing and asks if anybody else has anything to share. At that moment, they notice Brody at the door. She asks him how they can help him. He admits that he thinks he needs a meeting. He needs to get help with his drinking problem.

Dorian asks Viki if she really wants to know the truth about what happened on the night in question. She tells her that she will reveal the truth. On that night, Charlie fell off the wagon and into her bed. They slept together. She asks Viki if she is happy now. Hearing that, Viki tells Dorian that is a lie. Dorian asks Viki if she really wants to know what happened. Viki tells Dorian she bets she is going to tell her. Dorian then informs Viki that she found Charlie in the emergency room. He was very messed up. He escaped. Then she found him in the park with a bottle, getting drunk. He was very upset and knew of nothing else to do given his situation. SO, realizing that he was all alone and Viki had “dumped” him. She (Dorian) knew that she has to “join” him in his pain. So she drank with him. Hearing that, Viki responds by telling Dorian that drinking with Charlie, that was the last thing he needed. Dorian tells Viki she only wanted to comfort him. And one thing let to another. And in the process, they had a few “giggles” as Viki’s expense. Viki tells Dorian she does not buy that. She tells her that she believes that even if Charlie had been 4 sheets to the wind, he would not have slept with Dorian. Dorian then tells Viki she believes that Viki once said the very same thing about Joey and about Clint. And they know that both of them wound up in Dorian’s bed.

Right then, cops and paramedics find and attempt to help unconscious Bo and Rex.

In the diner, after Brody has left to go to the meeting, Shane asks his mother what is up with her decision to get rid of Brody.

When Brody enters the meeting, he asks them what they want to know about him. Do they need to know his rank in the military? The leaders tells him all she wants to know is whom he is. He then shares that not long ago, he got back from Afghanistan. And he knew that after he saw his buddies die, he couldn’t get the memories out of his mind. And the only thing that eased his pain was booze. And the only thing that made his life seem right was moving to Llanview and reuniting with his ex girlfriend. He knew that things would be right with her. And she made him want to be a better man.

Right then, Dorian tells Viki that on the night in question, Charlie confided in her about his situation. He needed a friend who would not judge him. Viki then recalls Charlie coming and explaining to her that he had some vague memory of “being in Dorian’s bed”. And she appears to be afraid of something that she might not want to face.

Jonas Chamberlain tells Tina and her prince that now that the two frauds of them have been exposed, they no longer need their jewels. He tells them he can finally return the crown jewels of Mendorra to the people. He then finds Talia and tells her these are for a queen. Hew wants her to wear these to their wedding. She tells him and Carlo it will not happening. But the guards take her away. She turns to Carlo and tells him she hates him. At that point, Talia tells him that now it’s time to “head out”. Carlo tells her that she and the prince certainly will “head out”. It has always been the Mendorra law for traitors to be beheaded.

After Dorian tells Viki that Charlie chose to get drunk and sleep with her, she is able to get Viki to believe that she (Viki) abandoned Charlie. And she would not have if she really did love Charlie.

Brody tells the AA group that he wants to get his relationships back with “his girl” and her son. He wants to be the best dad he can be to her son. The leader tells him that he keeps say that the son is hers’ but not his. He tells her he knows that he is not Shane’s real father. Another guy is.

At the diner, Shane asks his mom just what the status is in her relationship with both Brody and Rex.

Right then, at the Texas ranch, Bo and Rex are both lying on the ground in the rain.

Viki tells Dorian that she is despicable. Dorian reminds her that all of the men who give up on Viki after failing to live up to Viki’s “grandiose posture” turn to her (Dorian). Viki then tells Dorian if she has one ounce of humanity she will tell Viki one thing. Dorian asks what that is. Viki then asks her if she really did sleep with Charlie. Dorian struggles to evade answering that question. And right then Viki attempts but fails to work the brakes. And the car will not slow down.

After Carlo tells Tina and the prince that they will be beheaded, the prince tells him he cannot be serious. But he tells them that after they have committed fraud, the people of Mendorra want them dead. Hearing that, Sarah rushes to her mother. Tina tells Carlo he may do whatever he wants but he won’t hurt her baby. Carlo smirks and tells Cristian that he will let him do the honors. Cristian demands to know what Carlo is talking about. Carlo tells him that he will be the one to kill them.

Right then, Viki and Dorian have a collision. The windshield is smashed and they are both “out”.

At the diner, Shane asks Gigi if she really loves “his dad” or if she loves Rex.

Right then, Rex and Bo are lying on the ground in the rain and paramedics attempt to get them medical care.

At the AA meeting, Brody shares that his girlfriend doesn’t love him. The leader concludes that that could cause a person to drink. She concludes that he has to get his act together and give her reason to respect him. Or else she will always be hung up on her kid’s real father.

In Viki’s car, Dorian comes to and notices Viki is unconscious and bleeding. She calls to her. But Viki does not respond. Dorian then concludes that maybe Viki is dead.

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