OLTL Update Thursday 7/17/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Talia and Antonio sit in the jail cell together in Mendorra. She asks him why he has been so nice to her and is not angry at her for failing to tell him that Carlo Hesser is her father. She tells him that she knows all that Carlo has done to his family and asks how he can even look at her knowing that she is Carlo’s daughter. He tells her he does not see her that way. She is the same woman he fell in love with. And he kisses her.

Cristian and Sarah go to find Tina. And they inform her that Jonas is the last person they need to worry about. Unknown to everybody, Jonas is Carlo Hesser’s “boy”, they tell her. Hearing that, Tina is shocked and cannot believe it. Right then, Carlo appears.

Brody and Shane go to the diner to meet Gigi. Brody kisses Gigi. She pulls away making it clear that she is not ready for that. Shane asks his mom why she turned away and did not want his dad to kiss her.

Rex finds Bo in Texas at Asa’s horse stable. He asks Bo why he suddenly left and why he sold his house. Bo tells Rex that he is “getting out of dodge." He’s no longer going to live in Llanview.

Viki is driving when she sees Dorian in the street flagging for the “oncoming car” to pick her up after David has stranded her. Viki finds that her brakes are not working and she barely stops the car in time before hitting Dorian. When Dorian sees Viki, she demands to know if Viki intended to run her down. Viki demands to know why Dorian is standing in the road and tells her if she wanted to “hit” her, she’d be road kill by now.

Right then, Jessica (Tess) is making nice to Natalie and Jared who are unaware of what she is doing.

At the horse stable, Bo asks Rex how he found him. Rex replies that the fortune teller gave him some tips about pie, told him that Bo was a long way away and he was in danger. She also informed him that there was something involving the “woman he loves." Rex explains the situation to Bo. But Bo doesn’t want to hear all of the “clues” that the fortune teller gave to Rex.. He is more interested in the implication that Rex is in love with Gigi.

At the diner, Shane asks his mom if she has a problem with his “dad” kissing her. She tells him no. She just needs to talk to his dad alone. Shane goes off. She demands that he “cuts the bull." She can see that he was drinking with her son in the car and that is unacceptable.

After Viki almost runs down Dorian due to what Tess has done with the brakes, she explains to Dorian that she has no intention of failing to stop for any “animal." Even the likes of her. And she demands to know why Dorian is in the road alone stranded. Dorian replies that that idiot, David Vickers drove off without her. She seems to assume that Viki will be kind enough to drive her home in the car. But Viki gets in her car and locks the doors. Dorian asks Viki if she “thinks” she can leave her there. Viki replies no. She “knows” she can.

While Jessica is with Natalie and Jared, She loses it. But she knows she must keep up the front that she is “innocent Jessica." She leaves to “collect herself."

Talia tells Antonio that she knows she is not Carlo’ daughter in her heart. He tells her that it is not her fault that Carlo has done what he’s done. But she reminds him that he is there because of her. He tells her that he only wants to be with her. He tells her that he knows that they can find a way to get themselves out of there. They are two smart cops. She needs to have a little faith. He kisses her. At that point, Jonas appears with the guards. They demands to know what he wants. He informs them that he wants to ask them a question. Antonio asks him what.

Carlo addresses Tina and Cain. He “greets” Cristian and Sarah. And he calls a group of people there and reveals to them that their “prince Helmut” and his princess are frauds. Hearing that, they are all shocked.

Dorian bangs on Viki’s car window and demands she opens the door. Viki ignores her but does not drive away. She then asks Dorian if she’ going to stop yelling. Dorian tells her she just wants to get out of there. Viki then get out of the car and tells Dorian she needs Dorian to do something for her. Dorian has no choice.

Tess goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror to see Jessica as she was dressed at Nash’s funeral. She asks Jessica how the hell she managed to get out.

At the diner, Gigi tells Shane she knows that he has been drinking around “their kid." He comes up with excuses and justifications. But she tells him she is serious that he must never drink anywhere near Shane. He protests that he would do anything in order to protect Shane. But he seems to know that she has other concerns about his relationship with Shane.

Bo asks Rex if he really is in love with Gigi Morasco. But Rex does not want to talk about Gigi. He tells Bo that he cannot get on his horse drunk. He will be in danger. But Bo tells Rex that he must get out of his way. And he pushes Rex aside.

Natalie and Jared discuss Jessica’s recent “180” change in her behavior. Knowing that she (or whoever she really is) is really upset, he tells Natalie that she should not trust her sister. But Natalie protests that if she were in Jessica’s situation with what happened to Nash, she’d want to kill the people responsible for that.

In the mirror, Jessica tells Tess she is going too far. There are going to be serious consequences if she poisons Natalie or Jared and/or cuts Viki’s brakes. Tess tells Jessica that she must be in control because Jessica is too weak to handle this situation. They argue and it looks like neither has “won” the argument.

Viki tells Dorian that Dorian has to do something for her. Or else she will leave Dorian stranded in the road.

Tess tells Jessica that she knows what she is doing. She didn’t intend to endanger Viki. IT was just Natalie and Jared. But when Jessica hears that Viki’s brakes have been cut, she pleads with Tess not to go through with it.

In Mendorra, the guards and Carlo expose Tina and her “prince” as frauds. They take them away. Sarah wants to protect her mother. Antonio and Talia enter and ask Sarah and Cristian what has happened. They inform them that Carlo has exposed Tina and Cain as frauds. People ask whom the new “royalty” is. Carlo replies it’s Jonas Chamberlain.

Viki tells Dorian that she drove to pick up some stuff at Nash’s winery for Jessica. And if Dorian wants to get a ride to La Boulaie, she has to go with Viki to the winery. Dorian has no choice.

Tess protests to Jessica that neither of them should care less what happens to Viki. She left Jessica in the bar with that creep many years ago. Jessica protests frantically that Viki could not help what she did when she was sick. But Tess smugly replies that it doesn’t concern her. Viki is not her mother. Right then, Jared and Natalie knock on the door. Jessica protests to Tess to please not go through with endangering Viki nor killing Natalie or Jared.

At the diner, Gigi informs Brody that Shane worships him. So he mustn’t ever let him down. She tells him that she has decided that he cannot be around Shane anymore.

At the horse stable in Texas, Rex demands that Bo tells him what is going on. Bo replies that he wants to take his horse out in the thunderstorm drunk because of “the old man." Rex tells Bo that he must know that Asa would not want him to do that. Bo admits to Rex that the ghost of Asa has told Bo that he (Bo) is a coward. Rex protests to Bo that going out on the horse, in the storm, drunk, is not going to prove that he’s not a coward. At that point, Bo pushes Rex in a horse stable and locks him in. And he tells Rex while he is in there, Rex must come up with a reason for why there are more horse’s asses than there are horses. Rex demands that Bo does not get on that horse. Bo tells Rex: “watch me” and he goes off on the horse. Rex then manages to get the door to the stable unlocked. And he attempts to go after Bo. He attempts to get on a horse and asks it to go and “find is friend." And they go after Bo.

Natalie asks “Jessica” if she is ok. Jessica tells her she is fine. She will be out in a few. Tess tells Jessica she is no longer calling the shots. But Jessica pleads and cries that Viki is not only her mother. She is both of their mother. They cannot let anything happen to Viki in her car. But Tess tells Jessica to get out of there.

Jared tells Natalie she must realize that Jessica is not getting through her situation the way she wants them to believe she is. They confirm that they are together and getting closer. And they kiss. Tess comes down the stairs to see them and eyes them coldly.

Bo is on his horse attempting to evade Rex.

In the diner, Shane asks Brody what he and his mom talked about. And Brody and Gigi attempt to figure out what to tell to Shane about their most recent decision.

Bo tells Rex that he has to do something. He needs to find out, for the first time in his life what it’s like to be on “the other damn side." He has to find that out for himself. At that point, they notice there is thunder and lightning.

Carlo asks the guards to let the members out the door. They leave. Talia asks him if this is what it is all about. He kidnaps all of them and has everybody watch as he lets his “flunky” take over the royalty. Carlo then tells his “daughter” that every king needs a queen. So he announces to Jonas Chamberlain that he offers him his daughter, as the queen of Mendorra.

Tess plays Jessica to Natalie and Jared and promises them that she will “keep it together.” But they admit to her that they are concerned that she is not ok.

Dorian tells Viki that if she has to go with her to the winery, she is going to at least take her purse and cell phone along. Viki waits for her and then drives her.

Gigi tells Brody that he might want to consider an AA meeting. He asks her why. She tells him it might help him to find out why he needs to drink as he does. He protests that he is a war hero. She tells him he still needs help. She tells him Shane must come first. He protests that that kid means everything to him. He will not let anything happen to Shane. She tells him maybe not intentionally. But when he drinks, he could slip up. He must be completely “on his game” and he is not when he drinks. And she concludes that regardless of the consequences, maybe she should just tell Shane the truth. Shane enters and asks her about what.

Bo tells Rex he needs him to leave him alone. Rex then tells Bo if he wants to be a “bad dude” and see life on the other side, he may do that. SO Rex rushes toward the gait where Bo wants to jump off of. Bo pushes him away. But at that point, it looks like they have both been electrocuted by the metal gait in the thunder and lightening.

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