OLTL Update Wednesday 7/16/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jessica talks to Nash. She plays the music mix he made her when he and Tess first hooked up. Tess/Jessica says she’s making sure Natalie and Jared go bye-bye for good.

Jared and Natalie are in the garage. Natalie says Jessica will eventually forgive them. Jared doesn’t believe it. They kiss and Viki walks in carrying gardening chemicals. She says she wants to lock them in the basement so Bree doesn’t get into them. They tell her that they are going to the vineyard to get a case of wine for Jessica.

Charlie sits at the diner as Gigi serves him a cup of coffee. He remembers the Bonjour.

Rex is at the Bonjour in Texas. He talks to Noelle who remembers him. Rex shows her a picture of Bo. She says he was there and in bad shape.

Bo is at the ranch drinking from a bottle. He walks in and sees Chuck. Bo starts looking around. Chuck asks why he came home.

Dorian goes to her car and tells the driver to take her to La Boulaie. She says she’ll extricate her sister from David’s clutches if she has to prune him away. She has big pruning sheers in her hands. We see the driver’s face; David Vickers.

Tess and Nash talk about Natalie pushing on the brakes and nothing happens. Before they know it their bodies will be broken and covered in blood. Just like what they did to Nash.

Bo says he had a rough patch and had to get out of Llanview. Chuck says the Buchanan’s are always welcome. They talk about Asa. Bo keeps drinking. Chuck offers him steak and coffee. Bo declines. He says he just wants to be left alone. Chuck goes to check on the barns because there’s a bad storm heading toward them.

Noelle tells Rex that Bo comes in and was sitting there talking to himself. She tells him about Moe trying to talk to him and offered him something to eat. Bo wants “hair of the dog”. He asks where the liquor store is. Moe says all he has is Marcela wine for cooking but his girlfriend makes the best bourbon pecan pie this side of the Mississippi. Bo says loyalty like that gets you messed up and all alone. Moe says he trusts Noelle. Bo says sooner or later he’ll need something stronger then Marcela wine. And leaves.

At the diner, Charlie and Gigi talk about how simple and happy life was in Texas. He says the two people he loves the most are Jared and Viki. The problem was that one was hoodwinking the other.

Charlie asks if Rex is alight. Gigi says he’s mad at Charlie. Then Gigi says she’d never judge him.

In the garage, Viki says she’s going by the vineyard and its no problem to pick up the wine. Natalie and Jared say they will do it as Jessica wants to be alone. Viki says she understands where Jessica is coming from and she doesn’t really need to be alone.

Tess talks to Nash about the car crash Nat and Jared with have.

Natalie agrees to let Viki get the wine. When Viki mentions she forgot her car keys, Natalie gives her the car keys to her car.

Dorian tells the limo driver a gardener gave her the pruning sheers while she was waiting for him. She talks about slicing David’s baloney and cutting him off without a dime. David reaches back and takes the sheers telling her to stop. Dorian is shocked to see its David.

Roxy calls Natalie and she steps outside to talk. Jared tells Viki he was really rough on Charlie in the beginning. Jared says he had a chip on the shoulder and blamed Charlie for being a drunk and his little brother’s death. He says he bullied and guilted Charlie into choosing between the woman he loves and his son. Viki says no one forced him to tell Rex he was the father. Jared says that Charlie loves her and shouldn’t be blamed for what Jared forced him to do. He asks her to give Charlie another chance.

Charlie shows Gigi his “Big Book” from AA. Gigi asks about the family part and Charlie asks if it affects her. She says no. They talk about Charlie’s last binge. Charlie says he thinks someone wanted him out of the way for a while. But wonders how they got him to take a drink.

In the limo, David says she needs to answer questions. He shows her the rohypnol. He demands to know who she gave it to.

Viki says she has no intentions of discussing her feelings about Charlie with Jared. Natalie comes back. Viki takes the car keys and gets in the car.

At the ranch, Bo sees Asa. Asa says he’s a drunken bum who turned out to be a disappointment.

At the Bonjour, Noelle tells Rex that Bo left when he found out they didn’t serve alcohol. They talk about Bo’s broken heart. Rex says a psychic told him to follow the pie. Noelle asks if her pie has that kind of power. Rex says Gigi helped put the pieces together. They talk about Gigi and Shane and Brody. She asks if Gigi is still in love with Shane’s father.

Charlie and Gigi talk about Rex. Gigi says Adriana is living in Paris. Gigi tells him how she found Brody and brought him here. Gigi says Rex still loves Adriana. Charlie says he keeps hearing Shane talk about Brody. Gigi holds her head and says “Oh, Charlie”.

David says he found the drug in her doctor’s bag. He tells her what Markko and Langston did to him by trying to catch him cheating on Addie.

Viki drives and thinks about what Jared said.

Tess dances with Nash and wonders if Natalie is dead yet. Natalie comes in and tells her about Viki going for the wine and that she took Natalie’s car. Tess looks horrified.

Tess asks why Viki took Natalie’s car and plays off her upset as the music reminding her of Nash. Jared turns the music off. Natalie asks for the key to lock up the pesticide. She follows Jared down stairs.

Tess turns to Nash. Nash says Viki is driving the car with the cut brake lines. Tess says she deserves it for what she did to her when she was a little girl.

Viki remembers talking to Charlie about doing anything for their children when they were in Texas.

Gigi says she wishes they were all back at the Bonjour when they were happy. She says Brody is not--then stops and says he offered to marry her when she was pregnant. She says it’s been just her and Shane until Brody came barreling back. If Shane likes him that’s all that matters. Charlie asks if she’s sticking it out for Shane’s sake. Gigi says they’d do anything for their children.

David tells Dorian all the stuff Langston did. Dorian softens when she realizes Langston did all that for her. She says she’s a Cramer already. She orders him to take her home. David refuses to take her home until he finds out why the drug was in her bag. David says he thinks she used it to get Charlie drunk.

Rex and Noelle talk about Rex’s wedding when Brody showed up. She questions him about Gigi and how she reacted. Rex just says it was something. Noelle keeps talking about Gigi’s feelings for the father of her son. She says she always believed she was still in love with him but Moe thinks there was someone else. She tells him David Vickers helped her and Moe discover their true feelings. Rex says he has to find Bo. Noelle says she really thinks Bo needs a friend.

Bo talks to Asa about Lindsay dragging him to the altar a second time. Asa says he’s right, he’s a fool. Bo tells Asa that Clint believes they didn’t get along because he was the one horse Asa couldn’t break. Asa says he could break Bo anytime he wanted and still can.

Rex says the psychic saw Bo in some kind of danger from a ride. They ask Moe where he was going. Moe says Bo was mumbling something about Pa.

At the ranch, Bo tells Asa he can’t hurt him from where he is now. Asa says he is right here. They talk about Clint riding a horse and cleared a fence the new neighbor put up. But Bo balked and didn’t make the jump. Asa says that’s because Clint had guts. Bo says it wasn’t right. Asa says doing what’s right gets him fired from the police department, let’s Dorian get BE. Bo never had any guts and still doesn’t.

Natalie, Jared and Jessica are cooking. Jared and Natalie go to make drinks. Jessica/Tess picks up the key to the cellar and says maybe tonight will turn out okay after all.

David stops on the side of the road. He’s out of gas.

Jessica/Tess comes back to the kitchen singing about plan B. She puts poison in the food as she talks about everyone hating Jared and Natalie. She puts the empty poison bottle in the garbage and says that should get rid of the pests for good. Jared walks in and says what pests?

Jessica says she’s sorry for saying it out loud. She was remembering working in the vineyard with Nash on that last day. She says they were talking bout something he was using to get rid of the pests for good. Natalie comes back in and they get ready to eat.

Dorian calls David a moron for driving them out here and then running out of gas. She orders him to do something. He says she’s on her own and starts walking. She yells that this is kidnapping. There’s going to be payback.

Charlie and Gigi are talking and she says she’s going to tell him. Charlie asks where Rex is and she says he’s looking for Bo. Charlie says Rex really needs Bo now.

Rex arrives at the ranch and talks to Chuck. They look, but Bo isn’t in the living room. Bo is out in the stable saddling a horse. Rex comes in and tells him not to take that ride.

Dorian is standing by the car as she sees another car coming. It’s Viki. She steps on the brake.

Jessica sets the food in front of Natalie and Jared. She says she has morning sickness that lasts all day and doesn’t eat. She just wants to watch them.

Viki keeps hitting the brake. Dorian thinks the person isn’t stopping and stands in the middle of the road waving her arms.

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