OLTL Update Tuesday 7/15/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Langston wants Markko to do a “sex tape” with her. But he is not really on board with that idea.

Dorian is ready to make a lot of “plans” now that she’s taken over B.E. and made it C.E. (Cramer Enterprises)

Nora and Clint go to the former B.E. to meet with Dorian. She shares with him her plans. But he is not talking. She then tells him she is sorry about what he did to Bo and Lindsay’s wedding. But she wishes he’d get over it and realize she has to do what she has to do. He tells her that because of what she has done, Bo has drunk himself silly and has disappeared. She tells him she has many plans about how to take back the company from Dorian. But he tells her he has concluded that the only way to get to Dorian is through David Vickers.

Right then, while Langston is dressed is seductive clothing, she finds David Vickers in the other room and looks like she has “plans” for what to do.

Blair goes to talk to John and brings Sam with her. She finds out that Michael is staying there. Seeing him, she apologizes if it’s “awkward” that she has come with the baby. He tells her she must understand what it’s like for him to see the baby who has been taken away from him and Marcie.

In the courthouse, Todd tells Marcie and Starr that he will never let them go through with their plans for Marcie to adopt his grandchild. And Cole backs him.

Jessica (Tess) invites Natalie and Jared to talk to her in the kitchen. At first, she appears very friendly. But she pulls out a kitchen knife. Natalie still believes that her sister is making peace with her. Jessica invites them to help her make dinner. And she talks about how they can do their part and she will do the “chopping”.

Clint tells Nora that he is going to do whatever he needs to do, however “unethical” to get that witch, Dorian, out of the president’s office of his company.

At John’s house, after Michael has confronted Blair, John defends her to his brother. But Blair tells John it’s alright. She assures Michael that he must know that Todd is not going to “win” this. And she told him that she will support him and Marcie in the adoption of Starr’s baby. But Michael reveals to Blair that he is not on board with what Marcie wants to do. He is worried that she is setting herself and him up for heartbreak and serious consequences. He doesn’t want to confront Todd. Hearing that, Blair sounds disappointed and concludes that whatever Todd touches, he ruins.

In the courthouse, Starr asks Cole how he could do something so malicious as to “side” with her father. She tells him that she is not going to let her baby anywhere near either of them nor know it’s grandfather.

Clint and Nora go to see Dorian. She is having a “meeting” with an agent. Clint and Nora have a trick up their sleeve to “dethrone” her. Nora reveals to Clint that they will have to see what will happen as soon as Dorian finds out what they have in store for her. They enter her office. She greets them and sarcastically tells them she hopes they are not desperate enough to ask for a job at her company. She’s fully staffed. They are just as confident as she is. Clint tells her that he is fascinated to hear that her sister Addie has tied the knot with David Vickers. He offers his congratulations.

Meanwhile, Langston “lures” David into her bedroom. He is shirtless. She is wearing a halter top and mini skirt. She looks like she wants to seduce him and he is not ready to run anywhere.

Starr tells her father and Cole that Marcie is going to adopt her baby. And there’s nothing either of them can do to stop her.

Blair talks to John and Michael about how the decision is ultimately going to be up to Starr and Cole.

In the empty courtroom, Starr tells her father that she will never feel the same way about him again. And she asks Cole why he would go through with this.

Alone with John, Blair tells him she hopes this “thing” with Marcie and Michael is permanent. He tells her he believes that is the case. He asks her if she is really over Todd. She tells him of course. She tells him that she feels so helpless and it makes her crazy.

Todd introduces Cole to the lawyer whom he has hired to represent them both. Cole is not comfortable with that. But Todd informs him that the lawyer will do what he pays him. And Cole needs to work with the lawyer so that he can help get his kid back. The court preceding start. Marcie’s lawyer, Judy enters and represents Marcie and Starr. Todd’s lawyer informs them that Starr Manning wants to start a “closed adoption” process behind his client’s back. And she must be stopped.

In Dorian’s new office, Clint asks her if she was the maid of honor at Addie’s wedding. In response to that, Dorian defensively tells him that she did not even know about it and certainly did not approve or support it. Nora concludes to Dorian that she is about to take legal action, through the DA's office, in criminal court. She informs her that she is going to subpoena information about Dorian’s secret dealings with business rivals. And Clint “taunts” her, asking her if she is working there, burning the “midnight oil” so that those two “frisky kids” can skinny dip in the pool. Hearing that, Dorian yells at him to shut up.

Langston comes on to David Vickers, sitting on his lap and informing him that “rules” mean nothing to him.

In Viki’s kitchen, Jessica (Tess) tells Natalie and Jared that she wants everything to go just the way she planned it. She finds a way to excuse herself and goes to find Natalie’s car in the garage. She pops the hood and reads some “instructions” for doing something to the car. Right then, she sees Nash’s ghost. He asks her if she is sure she knows what she is doing. She tells him that she could “pray” for Natalie’s breaks to fail. Or she can take action. He tells her that she is getting herself into trouble. But she tells him that she has to “protect” Jessica from a situation she cannot get herself out of.

In the kitchen, while Natalie and Jared prepare the salad, they seem to trust Jessica and have no suspicion. Jessica (Tess) enters and acts all friendly and happy. She puts some nuts in the chopper and grinds them up, telling Natalie and Jared it’s “her favorite recipe”.

In John’s apartment, he shows Blair the dart board that he and Marty used to use that has Todd’s face on it. She looks at it and tells him that she can understand why they made use of it.

In court, Todd tells the judge that “this lunatic woman" (Marcie) wants to adopt his grandchild. The judge tells him he cannot talk that way. Judy tells the judge she objects to Mr. Manning’s characterization of her client. Cole protests that it’s his baby too. The judge then tells them all he realizes and they need to listen to what he is about to say. He tells Cole and Starr that the laws will only come into play when the baby is born. And he tells Starr that she and Mrs. McBain cannot have any legally binding contract at this time. Starr stands up and protests that she has the right to do what she wants with the baby she is carrying. He tells her that so does her baby’s father. He asks Cole toe stand up and tells him that he also has no “legally binding” contract until the baby is born. He tells them in the mean time, it might not be a bad idea for them to talk and attempt to reach a resolution.

Dorian tells Nora and Clint that they are sore losers. Clint tells her that she needs to give David and Addie a wedding reception. She protests that that is not a real marriage. And she is going to do everything she needs to do in order to protect her sister from that no good mooching gigolo. She tells them they better get out of her office or she will call security.

Langston tells David she needs a man. A real man like him. She attempts to seduce and paw him. And at that point, Markko appears and reveals himself. IT sounds like David might know what he is up to.

When Jessica (Tess) hears Natalie playing some music, she breaks down crying, telling her that it reminds her of Nash. She admits to her sister that she tries so hard to stay strong but can’t always do it. And she left something behind in the vineyard. Jared tells her he can go and get it for her. She asks him if he could do that for her.

Starr asks Cole if he really wants to go though with getting custody of the baby and letting him or her know what Todd is all about. She tells him he must first think about what Todd has done, how he has hurt them and how he can hurt their baby. Is that really what Cole wants?

David tells Langston that he knows she perpetrated blackmail. He knows she wanted to catch him in an act of indiscretion so that his wife would divorce him. He knows that Dorian must have put her up to it. And he tells her and Markko that they are amateurs and he is completely on to them. They leave. And right then, he goes into Dorian’s closet and notices she has a bottle of the “date rape” drug in her pocket,

Dorian gets on her phone in an attempt to get Blair to help her. Blair tells John that she is not going to pay her aunt any mind with that. But she is worried about her daughter and Cole breaking up. Michael enters. She takes Sam out and goes home, wanting to be friendly to both John and Michael as she leaves. Alone with John, Michael indicates to his brother that he is not ok with his situation. But John tells his brother he need to not be afraid nor think about Todd Manning. He must know that things are going to be “different” this time.

After Starr and Marcie are out of the courtroom, Marcie can sense that Starr is worried. But she tells her she will be there for her. And she knows that they will win their case sooner or later. Todd tells the lawyer and Cole that he intends, when the time comes, to “make certain that baby winds up where it belongs”. Cole goes outside and notices Starr. He tells her he is sorry. She tells him she is not.

When Jared gets up to go and find the things for Jessica that she left behind, she asks Natalie to go with him and go in her car. She wants to “make certain that they are together and ok”. And she asks them to drive safely. She stares at them waving from inside the window.

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