OLTL Update Monday 7/14/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

When Rex goes to find Bo in his apartment but discovers Bo and all of his furniture is gone, he only sees movers clearing boxes out of the empty apartment. They do not tell him where Bo went. All they do is give Rex the invoice from a storage facility. At that point, Madam Delphina enters and asks Rex if he really wants to find out where Bo is. She tells him for $50, she will tell him. She indicates to him that his friend is in danger.

Michael stays in John’s apartment after Marcie has made it clear that she is determined to adopt Starr’s baby whether he approves or not.

Marcie goes to the diner and talks to Gigi. Knowing that Marcie has “vaguely” told her about adopting a baby, yet not sharing the details, Gigi is curious to find out what is going on. But Marcie is nervous about what to tell her or what to do. At that point, Starr enters and sits with Marcie at her table. Marcie tells Starr that if Starr is still up for it, she would like to adopt Starr’s baby.

Todd meets Cole at the courthouse after calling and asking about Marty. Cole appears and asks Todd why he wanted to meet him there. Todd replies that he wants to help him petition, with a judge, to get custody of Starr’s baby. Cole appears very surprised to hear that.

When Antonio pulls a knife on Carlo Hesser, assuming he has hurt Talia, she protests that he must put the knife down. And she informs Antonio that Carlo is her father. She tells him it’s true. She is Carlo Hesser’s daughter. At that point, Antonio lets go of Carlo. Carlo smirks. She turns to Antonio and tells him she is so sorry. Carlo asks her why she is apologizing for saving her father’s life.

Sarah informs Cristian for the first time that Carlo is Talia’s father. Hearing that, he tells her that she must understand that Carlo is not “wired” like most people. He is very dangerous. She asks if he knows Carlo Hesser. He then reveals to her about when he was in prison, Carlo was a big part of that. She reminds him that she’s never heard of that. He admits that that is a part of his life that he has tried to forget. She asks what Carlo did. He replies that Carlo turned him into a murder.

After Todd informs Cole that he wants to help him take Starr to court to get custody of the baby, Cole replies that that would be cruel. Todd informs Cole that that is what is usually involved in custody battles. And he tells Cole that he knows they both want to prevent Marcie McBain from adopting the baby. Cole does not dispute that.

Marcie tells Starr that she knows that Cole is against giving her and Michael the baby. Starr tells Marcie she knows he is presently. But she believes in time, Cole will come around. And she knows she can convince him that Marcie and Michael would make excellent parents for the baby.

Michael informs John that he is concerned that Marcie sees having the baby as the be-all, end-all. John concludes that if she is dead set on having the baby and he is dead set against it, then what does it mean for the two of them? Michael tells John that he just does not want to set himself or Marcie up for another train wreck that will only break their hearts.

Madam Delphina informs Rex that she knows that Bo has put his place on the market. She knows about his life (Rex’s) in regard to the “woman he loves”. And she can tell him more.

Talia informs Carlo that she did not stop Antonio from killing him in order to save him. She did it because she wanted to prevent Antonio from being a murder. Carlo continues to argue with her and taunt her about how he is her real father and her mother abandoned him as well as his daughter. She tells him that he better not talk about her mother. The family who raised her are more of a family to her than he could ever be. She wanted to get away from the life she had with him. And she worked hard to succeed in her life and become a cop so that she can put criminals like him away.

After Marcie reveals to Starr that she may or may not get back with Michael, she tells her that many single moms can raise kids. She points out her friend, Gigi to Starr and informs her that she is a great single mom to her son. Starr tells Marcie that she is not judging nor does she have a problem with whether Marcie and Michael get back together. But she wonders how, without Dr. McBain, could Marcie raise a child.

Todd tells Cole that he knows that he (Cole) wants to keep his child in order to carry on his mother’s legacy.

Rex tells Madam Delphina that he believe she is phony and knows nothing about him. She knows that she is merely trying to scare him into believing that Bo’s life is in danger. He does not buy it. She is just as fake as his mother. She protests that his mother loves him and did what she could in order to take care of both him and his sister. And she knows some thing about Bo that she will tell him only if he pays her. At that point, he gives her some money and asks her what has happened to Bo. She does not tell him exactly what is going on with Bo. She goes out to the deck and tells Rex that she is looking for an “aura”. She tells him that all she knows is that Rex is supposed to “stop” Bo from going on some sort of “ride” or the consequences will be detrimental for both of them.

In the diner, Marcie tells Starr that she understands Starr’s concerns about whether she and Michael stay together. Starr then asks Marcie if she even has a job. Marcie replies that she has applied for positions working for the school board and is confident that something will pop up for her so that she can earn a living. She also has her dad and brothers to help her out. Starr asks Marcie how she is going to care for a child without her husband to help her. Marcie replies that she can find good daycare. And Starr must remember what a good mom she was with Sam.

John and Michael discuss the situation. Michael asks his brother why Marcie would believe that being able to adopt Starr’s baby would miraculously “fix” things. John tells his brother that maybe things could work themselves out. Michael tells John that even if the adoption goes through without a hitch, how do they know that Starr and/or Cole might not change their minds? What would happen whenever they run into them, which is very likely to happen since they live in the same town. And then there is Todd Manning. John replies to Michael that he must forget about Manning. But Michael tells John that he really believes it’s unrealistic to assume that there won’t be detrimental consequences in the long run.

At the courthouse, after Todd alludes to Cole about the “legacy” in regard to Cole’s mom, Cole demands to know what Todd is implying about his mom. Todd replies that he knows the reason why Cole is fighting so hard and why he’s willing to risk breaking up with Starr. He knows it’s because of Cole’s deceased mother. And he tells Cole he must realize that Starr is not going to see things his way. She is too stubborn. She is not unlike her father. He also knows that Cole is the reason why his daughter hates him. He believes that the reason why she wants to give this baby to the McBains is to get back at both himself and Cole.

Starr concludes that regardless of circumstances, she believes the best thing for her baby would be to have Marcie as its mom. Marcie is really happy to hear that. But Starr, at that point, admits that she has to go and doesn’t want to talk about “something”. She goes out the door.

Madam Delphina tells Rex that if he would “heed the warnings”, he might be able to “save” Bo. She reveals that she knows that Bo has left Llanview. And there is something involving a pie. And she thinks it’s pecan. He finds that ridiculous. She tells him that’s all she’s got. And now she has to go. He then assesses that what he has there is a “ride”, a “pecan pie”, and how he has to leave town. She also reveals to him that before he (Rex) leaves town, he must say goodbye to a woman he loves. Hearing that, Rex tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about. His wife is out of the country. But she clarifies she is not talking about Adriana. She is talking about the “woman he loves”.

Talia tells Carlo Hesser that her life is nowhere near him. She has fallen in love with Antonio. At that point, Carlo reveals that he has ties to Ramsey. And Antonio concludes that Carlo must have had Ramsey to do his dirty work.

Cristian informs Sarah that Carlo Hesser had him “programmed to kill”. He realizes that sounds crazy. But that is what happened. And now he knows if he was willing and able to kill somebody, he knows whom it would be. She tells Cristian she knows he could never intentionally kill anybody. He clarifies to her that he could kill Hesser. Remembering what Hesser did to him and to Antonio, if he had the chance, he’d do it.. But she tells him that she believes that none of this has been his fault. She blames her mother. He tells her that he would go anywhere in order to find her. He wants to bring her home and is going help her get away form all of this.

Carlo looks at Talia and Antonio and concludes to them that he always wins. But she tells him not this time. She tells him if he thinks for a moment that she will welcome him back into her life, he’s got another thing coming. He tells her she will do a lot more than welcome him back into her life. IN regard to that, she looks at him stunned.

Michael tells John that Marcie is fooling herself because she wants this baby more than anything else. She tells him that given the choice, she’d give up her marriage with him in order to stop at nothing so that she can adopt the baby. And she’s not even looking at her future right now. John reveals that he seems to understand what Marcie is thinking and feeling.

Cole asks Todd what is up his sleeve. He knows that Todd hates him and wanted to kill him. Now Todd acts like they are buddies. Todd admits to Cole that they both want to prevent Marcie McBain from getting her hands on Cole’s baby. SO they need each other. He clarifies to Cole that he still hates his guts. But they have a common goal.

Marcie informs Starr that her lawyer called when Starr was in the lady’s room. She informed her that they can get adoption proceedings started. That is, if Starr is up to it. Starr tells Marcie that she does want to start the ball rolling. The sooner the better. They go out the door. Starr looks at Gigi and tells her it was nice meeting her. At that point, Rex enters and asks Gigi if she is busy. She replies not currently. He informs her that he went by looking for Bo but cannot find him.

Talia tells Antonio she knows she should have revealed to him who she really is. But she believed she had to forget all about Carlo in order to stay sane. And when she met him and she fell in love with him, she couldn’t bring herself to let him know. But she now knows that she is the daughter of the man who tried to destroy him and his entire family. And she is worried he will never forgive her. He sits next to her and tells her there is nothing to forgive. It’s not her fault that Carlo is her father.

At the diner, Rex admits to Gigi that he looked for Bo but could not find him. And now he has to go and attempt to find him. Bo was ready to marry Lindsay but found out a startling secret. And now Bo has disappeared. She asks him how his 4th of July was. He tells her he spent the time by himself. It wasn’t fun. They relive their old memories. He confirms that he is not the person he used to be. He has grown up. She watches him move toward the door. And at that point, she runs to him and kisses him goodbye, on the cheek. IT sounds like she might have feelings for him that she does not want to let on.

Marcie and Starr go to the courthouse together. And they are stunned when they come face to face with Cole and Todd together.

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