OLTL Update Friday 7/11/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jared and Natalie are together in bed when Tess appears. She walks into the room and very boldly tells them that their days are over. She senses that they know whom she really is. She pulls a gun on them and shoots them. Right then, she awakens from her dream. And she smiles declaring that today is the day

Clint is downstairs talking to Viki when Natalie appears. They are not happy to see her and have no clue why she’s there nor that she is planning on moving in as per “Jessica’s request”. She informs them that Jessica wanted them all to live together. They look at her revealing that they never heard that form Jessica. She asks why Jessica would not have told them.

Right then, Tess relives being with Nash. She promises him she will get back all that “they” took from them.

Nora is in the courtroom ready to prosecute Lindsay. Rex comes in and asks her if she really wants to go through with it. She tells him she has to. It’s her job.

In Mendorra, Cristian and Antonio find a way to outsmart the guards and get out of the place where they are imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Talia and Sarah attempt to find a way to pick the lock of the jail cell.

Rex asks Nora if he should congratulate her now or after they drag Lindsay away. He reminds her that Bo is very upset and drinking. She then turns to him and tells him he may go ahead and say it. She knows that he believes that she did the wrong thing

Tess envisions being with Nash as Jessica. He tells her that he has to leave her. She has to take care of this “mission” without his help. But she urges him not to go and tells him she cannot do this without him.

After Jared enters Llanfair with Natalie, Viki and Clint make it very clear that neither of them are welcome in their home. Clint tells her that he has not forgiven her. And he should have let her boyfriend rot in jail. And they all find it very odd that Jessica has never informed Viki nor Clint that she’s invited Natalie and Jared to move in.

Antonio and Cristian attempt to get out of their locked room. Tina appears and tells the guards who are keeping them that they don’t have authority. She is the princess of Mendorra. Nobody has any more say than herself. Right then, her “man friend” enters and adds except him. Antonio looks at him and notices that he knows him. They remember his alias as Henrich Keiser. And they remember his history of having many names and many scams. But they know that his name is Cain. They reveal that they are onto him.

Carlo Hesser enters the jail cell and tells Talia and Sarah that he has big plans for both of them. Sarah sounds like she does not want to “cooperate” with what he wants. He smirks and asks her if that is any way to talk to a man who is about to reunite her with her beloved Cristian.

After the guards leave Antonio, Cristian, Tina and Cain alone, Antonio asks Cain what he is doing these days. It’s been a long time since their “Statesville days”. Cain evades the question. But they tell him he is not going anywhere. He is going to tell them the whole thing.

Rex tells Nora that he realizes she did what she had to do. She asks if he really understands. He tells her that Bo had to know the truth and he only wishes he could have known the “truth” about Adriana. Right then, Addie and David enter and look like they want to offer their support for Lindsay.

Natalie tells her father that he can be as angry as he wants. But he is not going to get her to stop trying to get their family back.

Right then, Tess is imagining being with Nash in her room. She promises him that she will make everybody pay for what they have done to him. Right then, Viki enters and asks her daughter whom she was talking to. Realizing she must now “play Jessica”, Tess replies that she was talking to Nash.

Addie and David Vickers enter the courtroom wearing Free Lindsay t shirts and carrying David Vickers the dog who is also wearing the Free Lindsay t shirt. When Addie notices Rex, she tells him that he bailed on her niece. David asks Addie if it is not a bit too much to expect him to support the woman who killed his brother. He obviously sounds like he is joking.

A guard takes Sarah away while she and Talia are in the jail cell. Alone with Carlo Hesser, Talia demands that he tells her where he took Antonio. Carlo Hesser tells his “daughter” that her taste in men is really lousy.

Tina’s friend (Cain, the con artist) negotiates a way to get the jewels back as well as Sarah and prevent Jonas from holding all of the cards. Antonio reminds them that he can expose the fact that Mendorra is being “governed” by two crooks. Tina tells them she does not care what happens as long as Sarah is ok. Cain then tells them that he will find Jonas Chamberlain. But it looks like Jonas has found them first.

Natalie tells her father he must know that she and Jared love each other. And they are not going to split just because Clint wants that. He must know that Jared worked really hard and earned his place in the company. Clint tells Jared her realizes that he (himself) might have “driven” Dorian. He is partly to blame for what happened to B.E. But he will never forgive Jared for the scam he pulled off. Jessica may be ready and willing to forgive him. But he is not.

Viki goes to see Jessica (whom she does not realize is now Tess) and asks her if she really did ask Natalie and Jared to move into the house. She replies yes. She tells her mother she has concluded that life is too short. She doesn’t want to spend any more time hating her sister. She realizes that Bree loves Natalie. But, Viki reminds her that Natalie loves Jared. “Jessica” replies that she is willing to forgive Jared. Viki tells her daughter she is really happy that she is home and ready to forgive Natalie. She hugs her. Tess continues to play the Jessica act as she sees Nash on the bed telling her he needs her to “play it just right”.

Nora calls a court hearing and tells the judge that Lindsay is being retried for murder. The judge reminds Nora that the very same trial took place a few months ago. She was acquitted. She cannot be tried for the same charge twice. It’s double jeopardy. But Nora explains that this is a different court preceding than the one before. There is now different evidence. And Lindsay is guilty of murder. Lindsay’s lawyer argues. But the judge agrees with Nora and asks Lindsay how she pleads. Lindsay replies that she pleads guilty. Everybody is very surprised to hear that. Addie stands up and protests that Lindsay obviously needs to rest. She is not well and needs to go to St. Anne’s. But Lindsay tells her that she is ready to accept the consequences of her actions. She admits that she knew what she was doing and faked a nervous breakdown in order to get away with the murder of Spencer Truman. The judge rules to sentence Lindsay. Addie, David and Rex are not happy that Lindsay has confessed to murder and will be sent away. Lindsay turns to Nora and asks her if she is happy. She asks Nora what she will do without her.

Tess talks to dead Nash in her room. She tells him that she has fooled and scammed everybody into believing she is Jessica and has forgiven them. But he tells her it won’t accomplish anything. It won’t get him back. She protest that she has to live her life without him. She realizes there is nothing she can do about that. But if she has to be stuck in this boring town, she has to make Natalie and Jared pay.

Natalie tells Clint that given David Vickers’ history with Dorian, maybe they could use David to help them “get to” Dorian. Hearing that, Viki walks in and informs Clint and Natalie that David just married Addie. Hearing that, Clint is very surprised and admits he did not realizes that Addie is no long in St. Anne’s. Viki informs him that Addie is no longer institutionalized. She’s been out and doing better for a long time. She has no clue why Addie and David would get married but she believes is largely so that they can “stick it” to Dorian. She turns to Natalie and admits that Jessica is “very happy” to have her and Jared there. But she appears cold. Natalie tells her mom that’s great. Viki then concludes that the only thing left is to “pick out rooms”.

Carlo Hesser reminds Talia that “her mother” dragged her away. So he believes that it’s high time that they all get reacquainted. She tells him it might be high time to get rid of Senior Vega. He reminds her that Antonio turned on him. She is his daughter. And “they” will find a suitable man for her.

Sarah then returns to her mom and Cristian. They are both happy that she is ok. Tina explains that her daughter’s happiness is all she cares about. Jonas then asks Sarah to “think very carefully”. Antonio then grabs a hold of him and demands that he finds Talia. Jonas then reminds Antonio that he is wasting his time. He has no control over Talia.

Jared tells Viki he realizes that she is not comfortable with him living with him and it’s in large part due to his father. She tells Jared that his father has nothing to do with the fact that he is not welcome in her home. She concludes that Jessica has asked her to let Natalie and Jared stay in her home. She will respect her daughter’s wishes. But she is obviously not ok with that. Right then, “Jessica” enters all happy to see Jared and Natalie.

Nora asks Rex if he knew that Lindsay was going to plead guilty. He tells her that he believes that Lindsay has changed. Nora asks if he thinks that she has grown a conscience. He tells her that Lindsay has lost too much by losing Jen and then losing Bo. And at that point, they both wonder where Bo is. Why hasn’t anybody seen him?

Clint goes and finds Rex and asks if the hearing is over. Rex informs Clint that she pleaded guilty. Clint then runs into David and Addie with the dog. He asks them if it’s really true that they are married. They confirm that they are. They know that it’s driving Dorian insane. And they are certain that he has no misgivings about that.

In Mendorra, Antonio tells Cristian that he is going to leave. Nobody needs worry about anything. Cristian need only take care of Sarah. He goes off with Jonas who seems to want to “show” him something interesting. Sarah is worried. But Cristian tells her that Antonio can take care of himself.

Talia protests to Carlo Hesser that she loves Antonio. He tells her that passion is a very appealing trait in a woman. She reminds him that he cannot auction her off nor decide whom she marries. She also reveals that she has “kept tabs” on him throughout her life. He is surprised to hear that. She tells him she knows that he has appeared out of nowhere because he “wants something” from her. Right then, Antonio enters with Jonas Chamberlain. Carlo Hesser then informs Antonio that they are having a family reunion and perhaps Antonio would like to join them.

Clint observes David Vickers with Addie and the dog wearing their Free Lindsay T-shirts. He looks at them not knowing what to say. He meets up with Nora and tells her he heard that Lindsay plead guilty

Rex goes to find Bo in his apartment but only sees movers. He asks what is going on and where Bo Buchanan is. They reply that he’s gone.

Sarah asks her mom if she can have a little time with Cristian alone. Tina reminds her daughter she just “got her back”. But she leaves. Cristian asks Sarah if she ok. She tells him that she and Talia just found something out. It’s true that it’s not Jonas who is in charge of this operation any more than it’s Tina or “the prince” (Cain the con artist). He asks her who, in that case, is behind all of this. She replies it’s Carlo Hesser. She and Talia just found that out.

Right then, Antonio sees Carlo Hesser near Talia, assumes he is threatening her, goes up behind Carlo with a knife and threatens to slit his throat. But Talia urges him not to do it. And she reveals to him that Carlo is her father.

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