OLTL Update Thursday 7/10/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex kisses Gigi. They reflect that the last time they did that was the 4th of July. She asks him if he feels any guilt. He replies no. He feels better than he has in a long time.

After Charlie goes to see Vikki and she tells him that they are through and there’s no point in his efforts to get back with her, he tells her he did not come there to talk about them. He came there to talk about Dorian. She asks what Dorian has to do with anything. He tells her that he believes that Dorian might have had something to do with his falling off the wagon. Hearing that, Viki looks at him irritated.

Cole goes to see Starr at her home. She asks him if he really went and told her father that she was pregnant and planning to give her baby to Marcie and Michael. He admits he did. She screams at him how could he do something like that to her.

John is on the phone trying to get some information about the mysterious invalid woman whom Todd is hiding in his new apartment.

Marty is getting ready to get better and lifting weights. Janet tells her she is making really good progress. Marty then tells Janet she knows that Janet must know more about Todd than she is telling her. And she asks Janet to please tell her all about Todd.

Right then, Todd goes to tell Marcie and Michael that they are not going to take his grandchild away from him. So they better not even try. Not having a clue how he could have known about Starr’s plan, they are shocked. He enters their apartment. But Marcie appears very confident and unafraid of Todd. And she tells him that Starr has the right to give her baby up for adoption to her and Michael if she wants. Todd tells Marcie she knows that she must have given Starr her “victim” act by making her feel sorry for them. Marcie is pretty pathetic to be playing on the sympathies of a 16 year old girl. Hearing that, Michael tells Todd if he has problems with his daughter, maybe he should get some family counseling. He needs it now that his entire family has turned their backs on him. Marcie then tells Todd that he needs to get it through his head to Starr is their friend. She knows what is right for her baby. Nobody will take what Todd wants into consideration. He drove his daughter away, assaulted Cole, put Starr in the hospital. And now Blair has finally come to her senses and is no longer going to help him. Hearing that, Todd informs Marcie that he and Cole get along now. Cole told him all about this secret that everybody else waned to keep from him.

After Cole comes to talk to Starr, Blair lashes out at him demanding to know how he could do that to her daughter. He protests that he did not want his child to be given up for adoption. She tells him that he has gone too far telling Todd what Starr has planned. Now Todd will be able to ruin her daughter’s life. And all he cares about his spiteful vendetta. Starr listens to their conversation silently and crying.

Gigi admits to Rex that Brody, (whom she still affirms is Shane’s father) sleeps only on her couch. He tells her that he doesn’t want to make any problems for her. If there is a chance for her and Brody, he will back off. She tells him what she is trying to say is there is no “her and Brody”. He is not even….And she cannot finish her sentence in telling Rex what is really on her mind. He asks her to tell him more. But she stumbles on her words. And right then, they are interrupted by Shane and Brody.

Charlie tells Viki that he believes that Dorian somehow got him to drink that night. Viki asks him how she could have done that. He tells her that it’s kind of coincidental that he would have wound up outside Rodi’s passed out drunk right on the very night that Dorian did he hostile takeover of B.E. He also found out that nobody saw him or served him at Rodi’s that night. Viki sounds like she wants to believe him but still believes that his story is a bit far fetched.

Marty tells Janet that Todd has told her that he is worried that John McBain will ruin Todd’s marriage. Hearing that, Janet reveals to Marty that she does know some things about John McBain.

Right then, John is on his computer, digging up some “clues”.

Marcie informs Todd that Starr offered them her child. He then asks her if he need remind her that she is the trigger happy lunatic who prevented Starr from ever knowing her baby brother. Marcie then reminds Todd that he ripped his child away from his own home and did not even have a child safety seat. Then he got into an accident. Now no court will let him near his own child. He has no business judging her for her past mistakes.

Blair tells Cole that she is going to protect Starr from her father and from him. And she swears to God if he does anything to hurt her daughter, he is history. Cole then turns to Starr and tells her he is so sorry. He just wishes she could understand. Hearing that, she tells him what she understands is that he stabbed her in the back and betrayed her.

Marcie tells Todd he can do whatever he threatens to do. And he will ruin any chance he could ever have with his daughter. Not only will she never understand. She will never forgive him. He makes more threats. Michael pushes him out the door. And then John grabs a hold of Todd.

Viki tells Charlie she really wishes that she could be able to blame all of this on Dorian. But she cannot. He chose to drink. He chose to do what he did. He chose to lie to her and to Rex when he was stone cold sober. She cries. He tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. And that is why it’s so hard. He hugs her and then he kisses her .

Shane tells his mom about all of the new tricks that Brody has taught him. Rex turns away and looks uncomfortable. Gigi and Shane go off together. Alone with Rex, Brody asks him what his plans are.

Starr tells Cole that even if he or her dad can prevent Michael and Marcie from having their baby, there are plenty of couples who would want to adopt their baby. Nobody can stop her from given her baby up for adoption even if he doesn’t want it. And even if he thinks that he’s become “buddies” with Todd, does he really believe that Todd won’t go after him? Does he think for a moment that Todd will let him have her child? Doesn’t he know what Todd is capable of doing?

Outside of Marcie and Michael’s apartment, John and Todd argue. And Blair appears out in the hallway. Todd asks her if she doesn’t even care about their grandchild. Blair tells him she does care about their daughter and her baby. And she knows what is right for Starr. She reveals that she is completely ok with Marcie and Michael adopting Starr’s baby.

Starr tells Cole that she cannot believe that he would go behind her back to lawyers. He tells her that she acts like this baby is nothing to him and doesn’t even want him to have any say in the matter. She tells him that he doesn’t care about his own mom if he would go to the man who hurt her more than anybody else in her life. Starr tells Cole that Marty must be turning around in her grave and ashamed of him for what he has done.

Marty is in Todd’s new place asking Janet just what this big mystery is involving Todd and John McBain. She knows that there is something she needs to know that she cannot remember and that nobody is telling her. Janet attempts to distract Marty by telling her she needs her rest. But Marty tells Janet she has to get to the bottom of this. She needs to search online and get some answers about all of these people as well as about herself.

After Charlie kisses Viki and she pulls away, he tells her he fell in love with her the moment she walked up to his table at the Bon Jour cafe. And he says to her if it takes him for the rest of his life, he is going to prove himself to her or die trying.

Brody tells Rex that he knows that he and his son just “walked in” on something. He knows that Rex has some sort of plans involving Gigi. Rex replies that Gigi will always be a great friend to him. Brody tells Rex that he (himself) is a lot more than a friend. He is her son’s father. And he is determined to make it up to Shane for all the of time he has lost. And if Rex cares as much as he says about his “friend”, then he will back off and let Brody and Gigi raise their son. When Gigi and Shane return, Rex excuses them telling them he has some work to catch up on. He obviously has some secret plan.

Marty tells Janet and Todd that she needs a computer so that she can look herself up. Janet tells Marty she will go and get her medication. Alone with Todd, Marty asks him if he can find her a computer so that she can find out some things about herself. He tells her that he hates to break it to her but she was not exactly famous. He asks her to drop it. But he knows he has to remain cordial and as if he is her friend. He admits to her that he had a “hard day”.

Starr tells Cole that he does not care about her any more than her father does.

Marcie tells Michael that Todd cannot prevent Starr from doing what she plans to do. She reminds him that when they lost Tommy (Sam), everybody told them there is no hope or chance of ever having another baby again. But she somehow knew not to get rid of any of Tommy’s things. She knew that they would have that other chance. He tells her that this is going to cause too much pain. She is very adamant about adopting Starr’s baby at all costs. Michael then asks her if she is willing to choose Starr’s baby over their marriage.

Blair goes and talks to John about the situation. She tells him that they have done everything they can to “protect” Cole from Todd. And what does Cole do? He goes and turns on Starr by going behind her back to Todd. She tells him that she would really like to be able to let Marcie and Michael have Starr’s baby if there was just a way. He asks her if she really wants to help his brother and sister in law get the baby. She admits that part of it may have been merely to get back at Todd. But she wants to help Starr to get what she wants. But he must know how Todd is. He’s not going to back down. He’s just going to make this an out and out war. And she is very worried what this will do to Starr. He asks her what it will do to her. She tells him she is not as concerned about herself as she is about Starry.

Todd admits to Marty that some “terrible people” want to take is daughter from him. But he knows that if she asks more questions about it, he won’t know how to answer. So he tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it. She reminds him it’s the 4th of July. Maybe they can watch some fireworks.

She tells Cole that she will never forgive him for what he did. SO he needs to just go.

Marcie tells Michael that she loves him with all of her heart. But she also wants this baby more than anything. He tells her he cannot watch her get her heart broken. He won’t.

As we see the fireworks, Viki sits in her bedroom, holding her waitress uniform crying and remembering Charlie.

Charlie is alone in the angel square park. He notices Rex not far away looking equally depressed.

Michael packs a suitcase and goes out the door. Marcie cries alone.

Starr tells Cole he must go. But he does not. She is ready to push him away And she cries. At that point, Cole gets up and walks away.

Blair and John watch the fireworks from outside his window alone.

Marty and Todd sit in the bedroom and watch the fireworks together.

Rex observes Gigi with Shane and Brody looking like one happy family. She stares at him and looks distracted.

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