OLTL Update Wednesday 7/9/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David Vickers goes to see Viki. He announces that he got married. Hearing that, she asks to whom. Does she know her? He replies that she is a “Cramer woman”. Hearing that, she naturally assumes it’s Dorian and asks him what Dorian did to manipulate him. He clarifies to her that it was not Dorian. It was her sister. Hearing that, Viki is shocked to hear that David would marry Addie.

Charlie goes to confront Dorian now that he has a hunch that she might have had something to do with his winding up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning a few weeks ago.

Cole goes to see John. He admits he had a “rough night” last night. He admits he did something he probably shouldn’t have.

Starr and Blair sit by the pool. Starr admits that she is not ready to be pregnant and have a baby. Blair knows nothing about Starr’s plan to give their baby to non other than Marcie McBain.

Right then, Cole confesses to John that he just went over and informed Todd Manning that Starr is pregnant and she plans to give the baby to Marcie and Michael.

Right when Starr is about to reveal the secret to Blair, Todd appears and tells Starr he wants to talk to her. Blair yells at him to get out. But he asks Starr when she was ever planning on telling him she was pregnant.

Cole tells John that he felt he had no choice except to tell Todd that Starr wants Marcie McBain to raise his grandchild. It might be the only way that he can prevent Starr from giving the baby up for adoption.

Michael returns home to Marcie. Neither have a clue what Cole has done. She asks if they might talk about Starr’s visit. They both “rationalize” that it would be a very complicated and unrealistic thing to assume. But Marcie admits to Michael that Starr asked her again. And she admitted to Starr the she has reconsidered and wants to adopt the baby.

Todd demands that Starr tells him why she kept the secret from him that she is pregnant. She tells him it’s because he almost murdered her boyfriend. He protests that he had to protect her from Cole. But she tells him that she and Cole made love to her because he made them believe that they would never see each other again. He has been threatening both of them. And is he really incapable of understanding why she couldn’t ever tell her father that she was pregnant? He acts like he cares about her but has he even given any thought to what she might want?

At the diner, Jessica (as Tess) tells Natalie and Jared that she wants to let bygones be bygones. But they find it hard to believe.

Rex talks to Gigi and attempts to get her to tell him what is on her mind. But she wants to just to her job waiting on customers.

Jessica tells Natalie that Bree really wants her to be part of the family. She misses Nash. But she needs the rest of her family. Natalie tells her sister that she wants to be there for her in every way that she possibly can. But her “place” is with Jared. Hearing that, Jessica tells Natalie she doesn’t want her to leave Jared. She wants the two of them to move in together. She wants them all to be a family.

After David Vickers has completely shocked Viki by admitting to her that he has married Addie, he tells her that he and Addie both know what they are getting into. Viki asks if maybe the two of them are just doing it in order to annoy Dorian. He tells her that Dorian has reneged on enough promises to both of them. And he tells Viki he knows she wants to stick it to Dorian just as much as he does. Hearing that, Viki admits that David is right. Dorian set her up for a scandal when she was the president of the University. She took over the B.E. company and hurt Viki’s kids. And what she did to Nash. In response to that, David adds what Dorian did to Charlie.

After Charlie tells Dorian he is “on to” her, she tells him that she knows he is an alcoholic and got into a lot of trouble. The next time he needs to “share”, he may go to a meeting. She cannot help him. In response to that, he tells her he has been going to meetings for a long time right up until the night in question. He’s stayed sober all that while and knows he was not feeling the slightest urge to drink that night. He tells her he remembers what happened before he had the blackout that he has no explanation for. She admits she knows something about his drinking Vodka and winding up at Rodi’s. But when he hears that, he tells her that it’s a little coincidental that he never told her anything about drinking vodka or going to Rodi’s. He happens to know there’s no way he could have gone to Rodi’s that night because they were closed for a private party. And just how would she know those two things about it? What does she know? Hearing that, she again “bluffs” by telling him that she just assumed that it was vodka because she thought he told her that that was his favorite poison. He also inquires just how it is that she seems to know a lot about when it happened and how it happened. He does remember running into her at the hospital and knowing that she had “motives” to want to silence him since he and Jared got the goods on her. And it’s very coincidental that on the very night when he blacked out and wound up at Rodi’s right after running into Dorian, of all people, at the hospital, who just happens to be a doctor and knows about alcohol, it was the same night when she went to expose him and Jared and take over B.E. So it would make sense that Dorian would have a really good reason to want him out of the way before doing that.

Rex shows Gigi a place where there are bleachers to watch fireworks. They relive old memories of their high school romance. He tells her that he knows that she really came clean about the way she really felt about him. And he also, has had feelings for her for a very long time.

Marcie admits to Michael that she realizes that adopting Starr’s baby could be “problematic”. But it’s not impossible. Having a child of their own is impossible. She tells him that there are ways they can go through with it. There is no other chance for them. But Starr knows that she is a good mother and will work with them.

Cole admits to John that when he knew that he could not reach a resolution with Starr, he thought the only thing left to do was to inform Mr. Manning about what his daughter was about to do. John then recalls that that must have been the reason why he saw Marcie in the diner talking to the lawyer the other day. And he also saw Cole and Starr together obviously arguing. John asks Cole if he thought that telling Todd Manning that he (Cole) got Todd’s daughter pregnant, much less that she wanted to give the baby to Marcie of all people was the thing to do. Cole tells John he was desperate to prevent somebody from taking his kid from him. But he realizes now he wasn’t thinking.

Todd tells Starr she must know that he is her father. She tells him that is right. He tried to kill the young man she loves and threatened her best friends. He put her in the hospital in Virginia Beach. He crashed his car with her baby brother in the front seat. That makes him a great father. He acts like he cares about her. But he’s hiding in his new place without acting like he could care less about her. Hearing that, Blair asks Starr if it’s really true that she plans to give her baby to Marcie and Michael. Why didn’t she tell her mom? Hearing that, Todd tells her she needs to see that their daughter hates him so much she’d give their grandchild to the woman who kidnapped his son. Hearing that, Starr tells her father that she knew that he would make this all about himself. The reason she wants to give her child to Marcie is because she knows that Marcie is a wonderful mother and she could give her child a great life. She’s not doing this to stick it to her father. She is doing what is right. She thinks that Mrs. McBain should be able to have a child when there’s no other way she can have one. He reminds her that that Marcie kept her from her baby brother for two years. And now he can’t see Sam. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve to have Sam.. Look at what he did to Cole. In response to that, he asks her whom she thought told him about her plans. He informs her it was Cole. Hearing that, Starr is horrified to hear that Cole would have dropped the bombshell upon Todd.

Meanwhile, Cole discusses with John that he realizes what Todd might very well do now that he knows what Starr wanted to do.

Starr tells her father that she does not believe that Cole would do that. Todd tells his daughter that Cole went knocking on his door and informed him of the whole story. He knew that Todd would not let her give their baby to Marcie. And Cole was right, Todd tells her.

Michael tells Marcie that regardless of Starr’s good intentions, she cannot realistically assume that everybody is going to keep quiet so that Todd never finds out. It will only rip their hearts out again to have to lose another baby.

Viki and David talk about his marriage to Addie. She tells him she does not understand why they’d do that. But he informs her that he and Addie and many other know that Dorian is keeping a lot of secrets which they must get to the bottom of. And not the least of which involves somebody very near and dear to Viki.

Right then, while in Dorian’s bedroom, Charlie observes her making the bed. And it all comes back to him that he lied in that very bed unconscious after the blackout.

Jessica (as Tess) rationalizes to Natalie and Jared that she knows that Nash would want them both to be part of the family now. But they have difficulty buying that. She gets up and leaves them alone. But she looks at them from her make up compactor mirror. Natalie and Jared talk privately about Jessica’s “offer”. He tells her that he feels her sister’s pain and would like to live with Natalie and the whole family at Viki’s home. But he just doesn’t see it as something that is right for him, given everything. But Natalie really wants him to change his mind.

David tells Viki he hates to see her so sad, so slouchy and teary eyed. He wants her to be happy. He knows what it meant when she made him happy by giving him the winning ticket. And he wants her to be happy for him.. He can see that she is ready to cry when she thinks about how she wishes things were different between herself and Charlie. She hugs him and thanks him for being her friend. Right then, Charlie appears unexpectedly. Noticing Viki and David Vickers hugging on her bed, he is kind of surprised. David sounds like he might be protective of Viki and tells Charlie if she doesn’t want him there, he can kick his butt or get one of Dorian’s goons to knock him out. But he will leave them alone. He leaves. Alone with Viki, Charlie tells her he still loves her.

Todd tells Starr that she will give his grandchild to Marcie McBain over his dead body.

Alone with Viki, Charlie tells her he does still love her so much. Hearing that, she asks him to please not tell her that. But he tells her it’s true. And he believes she could love him too. He then tells her that he did not come there to talk about the two of them. He came there to tell her something about Dorian.

Jessica tells Natalie and Jared that she will get all of her stuff moved into Llanfair and wants them to do the same. Natalie smiles and tells her sister that it means so much to hear her say that. She leaves with Jared. Alone, Jessica smirks and confirms that she’s gotten them right where she wants them.

While with Gigi, Rex gets a call from Adriana. And it looks like he’s about to “jump” at the possibility of talking to her, Hearing that, Gigi concludes that she better leave him alone. He is still in love with Adriana. But he tells her he doesn’t want her to go. And he kisses her.

Alone with Starr, Blair tells her daughter that she will support her in anything she wants to do. But she needs to really give her decision some thought and realize how it will affect the lives of many people. Not just her daddy’s. Starr tells Blair that she doesn’t want her child to feel that it is a burden to anybody. She wants it to feel as though it is a miracle. And that’s why she wants to give it to Michael and Marcie.

John is on the phone to call Blair and gets her answering machine, after Cole has left.

Todd goes to confront Marcie and Michael.

Cole goes to find Starr and talk to her.

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