OLTL Update Wednesday 7/9/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Rex corners Gigi at the diner about what it may have meant for her to interrupt his wedding in order to announce that she is still in love with him. But she tells him that she does not want to talk about it. He tells her that he knows it must have meant something.

Not far away, Jessica (really Tess) sits with Natalie and Jared and tells them she wants to be one big happy family with them and she wants them all to live at Llanfair.

At the diner, Rex and Gigi are standing at the counter. Rex tells Gigi she didn’t make a fool of herself at his wedding.

In a booth, Jessica tries to convince Natalie to move back.

In Viki’s bedroom, David tells Viki he married Addie. David says it was a good way to get back at Dorian.

Charlie is in Dorian’s bedroom and confronts her about the night he got drunk. He won’t let her leave until she tells what she knows.

John opens his door to Cole. Cole tells him he did something he shouldn’t have.

Blair and Starr are in the back yard. They talk about the baby. Blair says John told her he saw her and Cole together. Starr says Cole hates the adoption idea. She says he’s mad at her because of the other decision.

At John’s apartment, Cole says he messed up bad because he told Todd.

Todd walks into the back yard where Starr and Blair are talking. Blair yells at him but Todd asks when Starr was going to tell him she’s pregnant.

John and Cole talk about what Cole did. Cole thought Todd wouldn’t let Starr give up the baby. Cole says the last thing Todd wants if Marcie raising the baby.

When Mike comes home Marcie talks about Starr’s visit. Mike says he told Starr it was impossible. Marcie hesitates and admits she told Starr she was considering it.

Todd yells at Starr about lying to him. Starr yells back saying she learned from the best. Starr says she didn’t tell him because he would murder Cole. Starr says she made love to Cole because Todd had them thinking they would never see each other again. Blair tells Todd to leave or she’ll call the police.

Back at the diner, Rex wants to talk about what Gigi said at the wedding, but Gigi says she has to work and goes in the kitchen.

Jared tells Jessica he doesn’t know how she can stand him. They talk about their feelings. Jessica says keeping the family close is important. Natalie refuses her offer to move in.

Gigi avoids Rex by taking an order from a customer. They are discussing the different kinds of soups when Rex suddenly yells at the guy to make a decision. Gigi yells at Rex to stop. The man orders. Gigi goes in the kitchen and Rex tells the man he better give her good tip. He gives one to Rex. Telling him that life is all about making choices. The right choices.

Jessica pleads with Natalie about moving in. Natalie says she’ll come over all the time. It’s too soon and the family is too upset with her. Natalie tells her they don’t want to put things on Jessica. Jessica says that’s her choice. Natalie says her place is with Jared. Jessica says she doesn’t want her to leave Jared. She wants them both to move in together.

David admits Addie’s is a shrewd woman and he’s living large at Dorian’s. He says he’s making Dorian suffer for reneging on promises. David asks her to congratulate him. Viki says she takes marriage seriously. Viki lists the things Dorian did to her family and kids. David says not to mention what she did to Charlie.

Dorian taunts Charlie and tells him to go to AA. Charlie says he has been and it’s been working. He says he didn’t feel the pull of alcohol that night. Charlie says she was there. He remembers telling her he was going to come clean about the truth. He wants to know why that was the last thing he remembers. Dorian remembers drugging him. She tells him he was upset and maybe lost control. She says he said something about going to Roadies. Charlie says Roadies was having a private party. Dorian says maybe he bought his own vodka and crawled into the alley behind Roadies to drink it. Charlie says he never said he was drinking vodka or was found in that alley. How does she know that?

Dorian says he once told her it was his poison of choice. She just assumed it. The news about Viki’s paramour being found drunk in an alley was all over the hospital. She says she used to be the chief of staff. Charlie thinks about that fact. He says its interesting timing. Charlie is out of commission when she outs Jared for not being a Buchanan. He starts figuring out that if he had told the truth she never would have been able to take over BE.

Rex and Gigi walk out to where bleachers are set up for 4th of July. She remembers high school. She says she didn’t expect him to do anything when she said she loved him. Rex says he’s glad she did. He says she was honest and now it’s his turn. He says he has feelings for her and has had them for a long time.

Mike and Marcie talk about Starr. She says Starr asked them to give it more thought. Mike says it’s impossible. Marcie argues with him. Mike says not this baby. Marcie says Starr understands her and believes she’s a good mother. This is their only chance to have a baby.

Cole tells John about Starr picking Marcie for their baby’s adoptive parents. John remembers that Marcie was with the lawyer. Cole says he tried to talk Starr out of it. John asks if he told Todd about Starr wanting to give the baby to Mike and Marcie. Cole says he’s tired.

Starr tells Todd he doesn’t care about her. Todd denies it. He says Blair kicked him out. Starr lists the bad things that Todd has done to her and the family. Todd wants to make it right. Starr says all he wants to do is get even. Todd starts to say if he knew the truth in Virginia, but Blair says he wouldn’t have changed. She almost lost the baby because of him. He asks how she can consider giving the baby to Marcie McBain. Blair asks what he’s talking about. Starr says she was going to tell her. Starr tells Todd Marcie is a great mother. Todd asks if she hates him this much. Starr says she’s doing it out of love and it’s the right thing to do. Todd asks if Marcie keeping him away from his son was right. Starr says look what he did to Cole. Todd says who do you think told me about the baby in the first place.

John and Cole talk about what to do next. John says he should warn Starr.

Starr says Todd is lying. Todd tells her what Cole said to him.

Mike tells Marcie adopting Starr’s baby would be a disaster. He tries to make her understand.

Viki asks David what Dorian did to Charlie. Then says it doesn’t matter. She says Dorian didn’t make Charlie lie about Jared or Rex. She says he broke her heart. David says he could make her feel better and lays on the bed. Viki says that’s not the answer to everything. David says Addie won’t mind. Viki says it’s not going to happen. David feels bad Viki is so sad. Viki says she loved Charlie and was really happy.

Charlie tells Dorian she’s hiding something and he’s going to find out what it is. Dorian says knock yourself out and opens the door. Charlie turns and looks at the bed. He remembers lying there. Dorian orders him out again.

Jared tells Jessica it’s a bad idea. Jessica says they are all apart of each other’s life. They talk about Bree. Jess tells Natalie Bree needs her, too. She says she can’t live with all the hatred and blame. She says Nash taught her you can’t live without forgiveness. Nash forgave her. He would understand. Jared asks for a second to talk it over. Jess walks away and watches them. She says to herself, okay Tess, there’s the bate, just reel ‘em in.

Jared says grief is a monster and this could go so wrong. Natalie wants to do this. She says Jessica’s forgiveness will pave the way for the rest of the family to forgive them. She asks Jared if he thinks Jessica is going to kill them or something.

David hates to see Viki so sad. He says he likes it when she’s happy and remembers the lottery ticket she gave him. He tells her that ticket meant a lot to him. She starts to cry and he takes her in his arms as Charlie walks in. Charlie asks what’s going on and David says what does it look like. Charlie asks to talk to her. David offers to kick his butt. Or at least have Dorian’s goons do it. Viki thanks him and David leaves. Charlie says all he can think of is how much he still loves her.

Gigi asks if his feelings are for Adriana being gone. Rex tells her that he told Adriana he had feelings for her. Gigi says he’s not really into her. Rex says he almost kissed her, showed up on her doorstep the day before the wedding. What does that mean? Gigi says and then you married Adriana. Rex’s phone rings and its Adriana.

Blair tells Todd not to threaten Starr. Todd asks if Blair is okay with her giving the baby away. He asks if it was Blair’s idea to keep this from him or was it John McBain’s. Starr says that’s right, always blame someone else. Todd tells her she will give the baby to Marcie McBain over his dead body. He leaves.

Charlie says he still loves her so much. Viki asks him not to say that. She has nothing more to say about them. Charlie says he didn’t come about them. He came about him and Dorian.

In her bedroom, Dorian looks at herself in the mirror and says well done. She sees the bed and remembers pouring vodka down Charlie’s throat.

Jared agrees. Jessica says she’ll see them at home. Natalie is very happy.

Rex tells Adriana he’ll go to the fire works with Natalie. Then he says lets check out tickets and make a plan. He says you too and hangs up. Gigi turns to him and says she’s out of there. He stops her and she says he’s still in love with Adriana. He says he knows but…and then he kisses her.

Blair tells Starr she’ll support her no matter what. Starr says she doesn’t want the baby to feel like an accident. She wants the baby to feel wanted, special, like a miracle. To really be wanted and that’s why she chose Mike and Marcie.

John tries to call Blair but gets voicemail.

Marcie tells Mike it might work. She says she’s not afraid of Todd. There is a knock at the door. Marcie answers and it’s Todd.

Starr asks if she’s going to be a mess like this for the next four months. She doesn’t believe Cole would tell Todd. She says he was mad but he’d never do that to her. Cole walks up.

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