OLTL Update Tuesday 7/8/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dorian awakens in her bed and is startled to see the dog (David Vickers) beside her. But Addie rushes in and expresses that she finds him adorable. David (the person) is right beside Addie.

Bo is very upset and drinking. Rex knocks on his door. Bo tells him he doesn’t want any company and demands that he gets out of there. But Rex enters through the door. Bo lets him in and asks him what part of “get out of there” doesn’t he understand.

Charlie and Roxy are at Rodi’s in the morning. A guy enters and tells them that they are closed. And even if they were not, he is not serving Charlie. He doesn’t want “that guy” in his bar ever again. Charlie then asks him if he knows him. The guy replies that he remembers Charlie passed out drunk in the back alley (the night in question). And he demands that Charlie gets out of his bar.

At the diner, Jared and Natalie talk about what they are going to do together and with their lives.

Jessica and Bree appear at Viki’s doorstep unexpectedly. Viki does not know that her daughter has turned into Tess. She asks what they are doing there since she hadn’t expected them. Jessica (as Tess) informs her mother that they are moving in. Viki replies that’s wonderful. She hopes they can stay. And she asks her what caused her to make this decision. Jessica (Tess) replies that she woke up in the bed that she shared with Nash and realized he is not there. She also knows that the investors of the vineyard are no longer there now that he has died. Viki tells her daughter she is so sorry. She wants to be there for her. And she asks them to come on inside.

Natalie and Jared are sitting at a table in the diner when they notice that Gigi is their waitress. She informs them that she would rather light her hair on fire than work for Dorian Lord. And she asks them if they want any coffee.

Rex tells Bo that he cannot sit around and watch his best friend drink himself insane over anything. Especially over a woman. Hearing that. Bo asks Rex what woman he is referring to. Does he mean Lindsay? Does he mean Bo’s ex wife, Nora, who wanted him to find out “the truth” in the most brutal way possible. Hearing that, Rex tells Bo that he believes it might be better that he found it out now rather than later. And he reminds him that Adriana had been lying and scheming behind his back and he didn’t even find it out until they were married. Hearing that, Bo asks Rex where the “body” is. Where is the person that Adriana murdered and faked an insanity plea and lied to him about? Rex tells Bo that he still believes its’ better that Bo finds out the truth about Lindsay before it was too late. Bo tells Rex he better get out of there or he will throw him out.

Right then, Nora goes to find Lindsay and tells her that she (Lindsay) is under arrest for the murder of Spencer Truman. And she will spend the rest of her life in prison.

After the owner of Rodi’s has informed Charlie that he “remembers” Charlie from seeing him passed out drunk in the back alley, Charlie asks what else he may know about that. He tells the guy that he really needs his help. The owner tells Charlie he could care less about him nor wanting to help him. He doesn’t want to deal with people who “choose” to do what Charlie did. But Charlie tells him that so many things to not add up. He has absolutely no recollection what happened or how it happened. The guy tells him that it was called a black out. Charlie tells the guy he knows all about blackouts. He’s an alcoholic. He remembers when he first drinks and when. And he needs to know if the guy knows if anybody at Rodi’s served him. The guy replies that he knows nobody at Rodi’s did and he has no clue where Charlie got drunk. But it wasn’t there. Hearing that, both Charlie and Roxy are really interested in how he could have gotten drunk “elsewhere” and wound up outside Rodi’s.

In Dorian’s room, she tells David that she is not going to put up with him. She reminds him that this is still her house and she can throw him out. He tells her he realizes that is true. But if she does, he will take her sister, his wife, with him. And she will never see Addie again.

At the diner, Gigi tells Jared that she is really sorry about what happened to B.E. and to Nash. And she asks Natalie how her sister is doing. Natalie admits that Jessica is devastated. Gigi tells her she knows all too well what it’s like to lose the person one loves.

At Viki’s, she tells Jessica she realizes that it takes anybody a long time to get over their anger after something like that happens. And she can understand why she is not about to forgive Natalie for the situation. But Jessica (Tess) replies, calmly, that she went and talked to Natalie and informed her that she can forgive her. Viki tells her daughter that that is wonderful. Jessica (Tess) tells her mom that she realized that there is no sense in holding a grudge forever. Hearing that, Viki realizes that it’s not “real” for anybody to get over their grief or anger that soon. She knows all about the grieving process. Jessica (Tess) rationalizes that she knows that Natalie is her twin sister and she loves her. She doesn’t want to make any trouble for Jared. And she doesn’t think that Viki should hold a grudge against Charlie. Hearing that, Viki is pleased but seems to know how unrealistic it is for even the real Jessica to tell her that. Right then, Jessica (Tess) calls her daughter “grape” and Viki asks her why she’d call her that. Only Tess and Nash knew that Tess wanted to name their baby after grapes. Viki leaves and tells her daughter and granddaughter they can stay as long as they want. When she is alone, Jessica smugly confirms that she can hopefully pull this off and fool everybody.

After Nora has gone to arrest Lindsay, Lindsay tells her this is crazy. Nora tells her no. What is “Crazy” is that Lindsay thinks she is above the law. She faked insanity and got away with murder. Lindsay protests that she murdered an evil man that was about to take her best friend’s child from her. Nora reminds Lindsay that she let Marty Saybrooke go to prison and take the rap for it. Lindsay tells Nora that she (Nora) is the only person who hates her (Lindsay). Everybody else has gotten over it and is not holding a grudge against her. Nora then tells Lindsay that she has gone too far trying to scam Bo and Matthew and RJ and all the people whom Lindsay claims she loves. She tells her she may have fooled them but Lindsay is not going to fool her. And she (Nora) is not going to put up with it anymore.

The Rodi’s owner informs Charlie that he knows that nobody there could have served Charlie and he wasn’t anywhere at the bar before they found him passed out in the alley because they had a wild bachelorette party that night. He distinctly remembers everybody that was there. They had a bunch of women there. If he or anybody else had served Charlie, they would have known and remembered. He found Charlie passed out in the alley the morning after and hasn’t a clue where he came from. Charlie was just mumbling Viki when he found him passed out. The owner found Viki’s cell phone number, called her and let her “take it from there” with Charlie. That’s all he knows and all he cares to know.

David tells Dorian she needn’t kick him out of her bedroom. She can undress in front of him. He finds some men’s pants on the floor. He tells her they look like they might belong to Clint. But he bets that they belong to that “mystery guest” whom she hid there. She screams at him to shut up. He tells her that he was willing to help her get the goods on Jared Banks. But she turned on him. She tells him that she will never forgive him for “taking advantage” of her invalid sister. He tells her that it has nothing to do with Addie. She hated his guts long before he married Addie. And he bets it’s because he became “friends” with Viki. She admits that that is true. He asks her what her problem is with the fact that he and Viki get along. When will she get over her issues with Viki? She tells him that he slept in the room right next to her mentally ill sister and messed with her mind. He tells her that Addie is not mentally ill. Dorian demands that David gets out of her room and slams the door in his face.

Jessica (Tess) tells her mother she has to leave and do some financial stuff. Viki asks if she can come with her. Jessica (Tess) tells her no. Viki then tells her daughter she is so proud of her. She asks Viki for what. Viki replies for forgiving Natalie. She admits that she, herself, is furious at her other daughter. And she thinks it takes a great deal of emotional maturity on Jessica’s part to let bygones be bygones with her sister. She leaves. Alone, Tess affirms that Jared Banks is not going to know what hit him when she is done with him.

Alone with Roxy, Charlie tells her that she is right with her “psychic” belief that he did not drink at Rodi’s. She tells him she knows that that guy knows what he’s talking about. He tells her that the last thing he remembered before the blackout was running into Dorian. Roxy suggests that maybe Dorian was the one who got him drunk. Maybe he was with her.

Nora brings uniform cops to arrest Lindsay. Lindsay tells Nora that she knows this is all about Nora’s inability to let go of Bo. Nora cannot stand to see Bo with her or Gabrielle or anybody else. She just wants to prevent Bo from moving on. Nora tells Lindsay that is crap. She (Lindsay) has an obsession about Bo.

Bo tells Rex that he should have seen this whole situation coming. He’s a cop. Rex reminds Bo that he (himself) is a PI and he also failed to see what was going on with Adriana. Bo tells Rex that he did see something not right about Lindsay. But he didn’t want to face it. He loved Lindsay and didn’t want Nora to be right. Rex tells BO he (Bo) is one of the most important people in Rex’s life. So he has to know what Bo wants him to do. Bo tells Rex there is nothing he can do except go. Rex agrees to go but tells Bo he won’t give up on him.

At the diner, Gigi tells Natalie and Jared that it may be none of her business. But she bets that they are both beating themselves up over what happened. Natalie admits that’s about true. She tells them that she harbors no bad feelings toward them. Alone, Natalie tells Jared that that is the first person who has talked to them without regarding them like they are trash. He confirms to her that he agrees. She tells him she just wishes there was some way to make it right for Jessica and for Nash.

Dorian tells Addie she must realize that David Vickers is not her (Addie’s) husband. Can’t Addie see that he is merely using her? Addie asks Dorian if she is merely jealous. Dorian tells her sister she is not. She just doesn’t want to see Addie hurt. Addie assures her sister she is not going to get hurt. And right then, Addie admits to Dorian that she remembers Dorian keeping Charlie in her home. And he suddenly disappeared. And she asks Dorian what happened to Charlie. Dorian does not know how to answer that.

Roxy tells Charlie she wants to help him get back with Viki. Once Viki finds out that he was set up, she might reconsider her decision to dump him.

Right then, Viki looks in her drawer and notices her waitress uniform. And she has a flashback of the first time she met Charlie at the Bon Jour Café. And right then, she notices “Jessica” spying upon her through the window. At that point, she knows that something is not right.

Rex goes to the diner and talks to Gigi. He asks her why she’d work in a place like that. She tells him she has enough waitress experience. She can tell that he is upset. He tells her that Bo Buchanan, the father he never had, had his wedding last night. And he was Bo’s best man. And the wedding ceremony was stopped right before it commenced. Bo decided not to go through with it.

Nora tells Lindsay that she knew all along that she was lying and getting away with murder and didn’t think she should have any consequences. And the thought of Lindsay being her son’s step-mother is more than she could take. She then asks the cops to read Lindsay her rights and arrest her for murder.

Right then, Bo gets a message on his answering machine form Lindsay telling him that she really needs him right now. But he ignores it and goes out the door.

Dorian asks Addie why she is talking about the past. She tells her sister she loves her very much and just wants her to be happy. Addie tells her sister, in that case she wants to go and play with David Vickers. She confirms the dog. Not the man. When Dorian is alone, Charlie enters her room. He looks very angry. She demands to know what he is doing there. He firmly tells her that he will be asking the questions.

Right then, David Vickers goes to visit Viki. He informs her that he got married.

At the diner, Rex informs Gigi that they never had a chance to talk after his wedding. She tells him there was nothing to talk about. He tells her that he remembers she told him she loves him. And he needs to clarify that.

Jessica goes to find Natalie and Jared at the diner. Natalie asks her how she is. She tells her better and informs her sister that she moved into Viki’s home. And she tells Natalie that she came there to convince her to live at Llanfair. She wants them to be together.

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