OLTL Update Monday 7/7/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In Mendorra, Jonas Chamberlain and Tina “negotiate” the deal involving the jewels. While Talia and Sarah are in the jail cell, a mysterious man enters. It’s Carlo Hesser. He reveals that he is Talia’s biological father.

Starr goes to see Marcie. But she’s not there. Michael tells Starr he knows why she is there. Starr appears awkward to see Michael , not knowing what he might know or what he might have decided.

Meanwhile, Marcie is at Lindsay and Bo’s wedding ceremony as Lindsay’s maid of honor. Rex, Clint, Marcie and Nora gather around. The judge is ready to finalize their wedding vows and declare Bo and Lindsay husband and wife when Nora interrupts him. She holds a piece of paper in her hands and tells everybody she apologizes. But Bo needs to read this. Bo tells her she needs to back off. He is ready to marry Lindsay whether she approves or not. But she tells him he needs to read this first. It might change his mind. Hearing that, he tells her that he has no interest in what she has on that piece of paper.

Carlo Hesser observes Talia and tells her she has turned into a beautiful woman. More so than her sister, Charlotte. She protests she is not interested in having anything to do with him. He should be in Statesville. He reveals to her that he believes she could have a good life if she’d lived with him. But she reveals that he and her brother and sister did terrible things to her when she lived with them while growing up. And she is very happy that she was raised by the Sahib family instead of by him. But he tells her that the other family took his little girl away from him. Right then, Sarah overhears and listens speechlessly.

Michael lets Starr inside the apartment and tells her he is more than willing to talk to her about the reason she came to see Marcie. He knows she’s pregnant and wants to give her baby to them. But he knows that there are many things involved that would make that very complicated..

Right then, Cole goes to see Todd at his new place.

Talia asks Carlo Hesser if this is his attempt to have a family reunion and to “bond”. Hearing that, Sarah tells him that it’s too late for him to be the proper father to his daughter. Hearing from Sarah, Carlo reveals that he can tell that she is a Buchanan. He happens to know that Dorian Lord has made a fool of her family, he reminds her. He smirks. He also tells her that her mother was a worthless slut who broke his (Carlo’) son’s heart. Sarah protests that her mother may have her problems. But he has no right to judge her. He reveals he may have to seek “revenge” upon Sarah because her mom and aunt Viki were responsible for the death of somebody near and dear to him. And he reveals that he brainwashed Talia’s mother into marrying him because she had something to do with that.

While Cristian and Antonio are alone, they “brainstorm” as to what Jonas and/or the people in Mendorra have on Talia or Sarah. And what does that have to do with Tina and the jewels?

Tina tells the mysterious man who has revealed himself to her that she is done with him. But he reminds her that he gave her a better life as the princess of Mendorra than she had as a Buchanan in Llanview.

At the wedding, Marcie and Rex both tell Nora that she needs to back off. Bo tells Nora they are right. But she protests that whether they all hate her or not, she must let Bo see this letter. Clint tells her that she can’t go through with this and must realize that Bo and Lindsay are getting married. But she opens up the letter and reveals what her plans are. Lindsay take the letter and tells the others she will read it.

Talia tells Carlo Hesser that he is not her father. He is just a worthless criminal. But he tells her she has “wounded” him. She informs him that her mother didn’t even want her to be a cop. She was afraid of what would happen to her. But Carlo Hesser tells her that she has his blood and is part of him. She tells him all she wants with him is to have him go back to that cage where he belongs.

Nora hands the letter to Lindsay to read. Lindsay reads that RJ Gannon has written to her that he accepts the fact that she is going to marry Bo and he will only be friends with her and nothing more. He tells her that it takes a “special woman” like her to take out Spencer Truman and then fake a nervous breakdown in order to avoid doing time. She also reads that RJ will always be grateful to her for helping him raise Jamie. So her secret is safe with him. Lindsay then reveals to the others that she “knew what she was doing” when she killed Spencer Truman. She knew that Spencer was going to take away Marcie and Michael’s son. And she didn’t want that to happen. She should have come clean long ago. But she was falling in love with Bo. She didn’t want to lose him. And that is the truth. Everybody is silent. Bo then asks all the others to leave the room so that he and Lindsay can talk alone.

Starr tells Michael that she realizes that she is too young to raise a baby. But she knows that he and Marcie would make wonderful parents. She also knows that they cannot have a baby biologically nor adopt. He tells her it’s not as simple as that. She then asks him why he doesn’t want to take her up on her offer. Is he afraid that she will change her mind at a later time and take the baby from them? She will sign anything that he or Marcie wants. She wants them to have her baby and knows that that is the right thing to do.

When Cole goes to see Todd he informs him that he (Todd) has been lied to. There are many people who are keeping a secret from Todd which he is about to enlighten Todd with. He knows that Todd will be very interested when he hears it.

Antonio and Cristian open the door of where they are staying to see two “guards”. They seem to have a different “agenda” that what Tina wants. They reveal to Antonio and Cristian that they do not “take orders” from “the princess”.

Talia tells Carlo Hesser that she can give him money, loyalty and undivided attention in exchange for his letting Sarah and Tina go. He then tells her he is sorry to disappoint her (Talia)). But not everything is about her. He seems to have his own agenda with Sarah and her family.

Alone with Lindsay. Bo asks her if she thinks he cares why it was that she killed Spencer. He gave her every chance to tell him the truth. She protests that she wanted to tell him so many times. But, he reminds her, she managed to keep it to herself all this while. She tells him that he gave up so much for her. He lost his job and then his dad. And then Nash died.. And she has always loved him and was ok with whatever was going on. She thought she had to keep quiet in order for the two of them to have some happiness together.

In the room where the wedding was going to happen but didn’t, Marcie and Rex leave. Alone with Nora, Matthew reveals to his mom that he does not believe that she had any good intention. She just wanted to hurt Lindsay and ruin his dad’s wedding.

Marcie reveals to Rex that she feels responsible for what Lindsay did. Lindsay killed Spencer for her. Rex tells Marcie that Lindsay loves her and sees her as a daughter.

Starr asks Michael if he does not want a chance to have a baby. She knows that it has broken both his and Marcie’s hearts that they can’t have a baby. Hearing that, he tells her that that is true. And for that reason, he has to realize that sooner or later, Todd will find out that he and Marcie have adopted his grandchild. And he knows that he and Marcie cannot survive losing another child.

Cole reveals to Todd that Starr is pregnant by him. Blair knows about it. The rest of the family knows. He and Langston know. Blair found out when Todd pushed Starr down the stairs and she almost lost the baby. And that was when she decided to kick Todd out of the house. Starr was ready to abort when she first found out she was pregnant. Now she wants to have the baby. But she doesn’t want to keep it. She plans to give it up for adoption.

Tina’s ex (the fake prince) reminds her that the two of them are the last of the “royal line”. But she reminds him that they are both frauds. She no longer cares about the crown nor the jewels. All she cares about is Sarah. She loves her daughter and believes they have a chance. So she thinks it’s time they just give it all up and come clean about the scam they have pulled off. He asks her if she is willing to risk them going to prison. Right then, Carlo enters and reminds Tina’s “ex” that he is known as “your majesty”. Yet he is not what he says he is.

After Matthew tells his mother he believes she has gone too far, she tells him he must realize that Lindsay is no good. She killed a man and lied to a judge in order to get away with it. She doesn’t want such a woman to marry Matthew’s father nor be around him. Matthew does not seem to care however and affirms to his mother that he believes she just wanted to ruin his dad’s marriage and he’s very disappointed by her behavior. Clint enters and seems to agree with Matthew. She asks if everybody is so blinded to what that woman did and why she has good reason not to want Lindsay to marry Bo. Clint tells her that he has a different opinion.

After Michael tells Starr that Todd could very well find out, at some point, that she is pregnant and ready to give him and Marcie her baby, she asks him why he’d believe that Todd could ever find out. She asks him whom he believes would be so “suicidal” and out of their mind as to tell Todd.

Right then, Cole reveals to Todd that Starr intends to give up their baby to Marcie and Michael McBain.

Starr protests to Michael that he mustn’t’ believe for a minute that he nor Marcie will get in any trouble nor that Todd could ever find out that she gave them her baby.

Cole can see that Todd is certainly not ok with the mere thought of Marcie and Michael adopting his grandchild. Todd reveals that he won’t let “that bitch” who kidnapped his child have his grandchild. Cole reminds him he has not only Marcie as a sworn enemy. But Michael, brother of John, will get to be a “father” to Todd’s grandchild.

Right then, Starr asks Michael if he would please at the very least consider talking to Mrs. McBain and see if they might want to reconsider. Right then, Marcie walks in the door and asks Starr what is up.

Nora protests to Clint that she did not “do this”. Lindsay did this. Lindsay lied in court pleading insanity in order to get away with murder. She weaseled her way into Bo’s and Matthew’s lives. He tells her he is not as concerned about that as he is by noticing that he has never seen his brother this happy in so long. She asks him if he believes that should excuse Lindsay for her behavior. He tells her that his father always said that some secrets are left better never revealed.

Bo tells Lindsay he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know how they can work their way through this. And he goes out the door. As he walks out. Nora tells him she’s sorry that she had to do this. He says nothing to her. Nora then goes into the room to see Lindsay on the floor crying hysterically.

Tina’s ex (the fake prince) wants to keep the secret with the servants. He and Tina dismiss the man who has revealed that he is on to them. The man leaves. She grabs the bag with the jewels and tells him that she is going upstairs to take a bath.

Cristian tells Antonio that there has got to be some sort of “mix up”. Right then, Antonio asks the two guards who gave them the orders to keep him and Cristian confined to this room. They do not answer.

Carlo Hesser informs Talia that that he went to great efforts to bring her there as well as Ms. Roberts, daughter of Tina. And also the Vega boys. They wouldn’t want to leave them out of this, he tells them. He is ready to leave and tells them he forgot to welcome them all to Mendorra.

Marcie tells Starr that she is ready to put plans into motion to adopt Starr’s baby. Starr hugs her. Marcie warns Starr that it may not be as easy as Starr thinks. Starr tells Marcie that does not matter to her. She cries happily and tells Marcie she knows that she and Dr. McBain would make great parents.

Cole tells Todd that he thought he should know what Starr wants to do with his grandchild. Todd is silent. Cole goes out the door. When Cole is alone, he says: “Sorry, Starr.”

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