OLTL Update Thursday 7/3/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

In Mendorra, in the royal palace, everybody gathers to greet “her royal highness”. It’s Tina Lord Roberts, accompanied by Cristian and Antonio Vega. The “host” asks her how her trip to the US was. She says it was swell.

At the diner, John can tell that Blair has something on her mind. At first she indicates she does not want to talk about it. But when he gets up to leave her alone, she reveals to him that it’s Todd. She assumes he’s not interested as he does not care for Todd. But he tells her perhaps he can listen.

Meanwhile, Todd is ready to “share” with Marty his issues involving his “wife”. He assumes she may not be interested. But she tells him she could listen.

At Nora’s (previously Asa’s) home, Bo and Clint have a conversation about BO’s up and coming wedding with Lindsay. Bo tells his brother that he makes his own decisions even if their deceased father and others may not approve of it. Clint tells Bo that he just wants his brother to be happy. Right then, Nora enters. Clint goes to see her. She warns him that Bo cannot marry Lindsay. And she is about to tell him the reason why.

When Tina enters her palace, she informs her host that Cristian and Antonio are her guests. The host asks her about “David Vickers" (her dog), remembering how important he has been to Tina and noticing he is not with her. In response to that, she cries and admits that she has lost her precious David Vickers and he may be all alone eating garbage in Llanview, PA. When Cristian and Antonio are alone with Tina they tell her they really don’t care about anything except finding and rescuing Talia and Sarah.

Right then, both women get taken to a prison cell by Tina’s “agent”. Having not a clue how it has happened since she was passed out on chloroform until now, Sarah asks Tina what they are doing there. The “agent” informs them that everything will be explained to them now. But if they will excuse him, he has to go and announce their arrival. Alone with Sarah, Talia asks her if she is ok. Sarah tells her she doesn’t remember anything. Talia informs her that the agent held a gun and demanded that she call Sarah, Cristian and Antonio so that they could all be “trapped” and then sent on a wild goose chase.

At that point, the agent goes and finds Tina, Antonio and Cristian. They grab a hold of him and demand that he tell them where Sarah and Talia are. The agent replies that their women will remain safe as long as they cooperate with his wishes.

Starr and Cole talk in the park about their present situation. She tells him that she understands that he wants to keep and raise the baby since he is alone without his mom or his dad. But she tells him that they have each other. And isn’t that enough?

Right then, Gigi enters the diner and informs Markko and Langston that she is looking for a job. She has waitress experience and would rather work at a place like that than for Dorian Lord. Hearing that, Langston asks Gigi why she has a problem with Dorian. Gigi asks Langston if she knows her. Langston replies yes. Dorian is her legal guardian.

Bo talks to Rex admitting to him that he knows many people have their doubts about his future with Lindsay. But he affirms that this time, he and Lindsay are “going to make it”.

Nora tells Clint that they must all know that Lindsay is evil. Clint, however does not understand what is up and concludes that Nora hates Lindsay and doesn’t want Bo to marry anybody. He does not know what it is that Nora has just discovered about Lindsay. He concludes to her that she must accept the fact that Bo and Lindsay are going to get married whether she approves or not. Right then, Matthew enters and tells his mother he can see that she is not ok. He asks her if she has a problem with the fact that Lindsay will be his step mother. She does not answer that question. But Clint confirms that Lindsay will be Matthew’s stepmother and that’s the way it will be. Matthew seems ok with that. He goes into the room where Bo and Rex “brief” him for getting ready for the wedding.

At the diner, Blair tells John that she has had so much history with Todd. He tells her that somebody could say that Todd does not deserve her. She tells him she needs to get some things off her chest. She admits that many people “do not understand” her relationship with Todd. He then reminds her that she just recently served Todd with a restraining order so she must be serious about getting Todd out of her life for good. She tells him that is true. But recently, this “Delfina” woman got her all fired up about Todd. She admits to John that when Todd got Sam back and they remarried, she really thought that this time things could be different and it could work.

Todd shares with Marty that he has had so much history with Blair. But she has betrayed his trust. Hearing that, Marty asks him how he can be in love with somebody whom he cannot trust. She can sense, although she has no memory of anything, that Todd is still in love with Blair. He admits to her that “that guy” (John) who was ready to leave Marty to die, is also in Blair’s life. And he knows that John is no good for Blair.

Blair affirms that she is better off with Todd and could care less if he’s now with another woman. John tells her regardless, he can see that she still loves Todd.

Marty admits to Todd that all she knows about John McBain is what Todd told her; that John left her to die. He tells her that John did not only that. He wants Todd’s wife. He guesses that his wife is ready to move on. And he may not be ok with that.

At the diner, Blair can tell that John got a call summoning him to Todd’s address.

In the Mendorra palace prison, Talia admits to Sarah that she lead her, Antonio and Cristian into a trap. And she informs her that the man who is the agent of “the princess of Mendorra” came to her apartment, held a gun to her head and demanded that she called them. They conclude that that is the same guy whom Sarah and Cristian met in the park. That’s Jonas Chamberlain. And he is after her mother and the jewels. But she wonders just what they (herself, Talia, Cristian and Antonio) have to do with all of this.

Cristian tells Jonas that he’s gotten what he wants. Tina is willing to give him the jewels. SO he needs to release Sarah and Talia. But it looks like Jonas might have other plans.

Starr tells Cole that he needs to understand that it is totally unrealistic for either of them to believe that they can raise a baby at the present time. Hearing that, he tells her if that is true and she won’t “see things his way”, then he did the right thing to seek legal counsel. Hearing that, she demands to know why he would contact a lawyer behind her back. He tells her he will not let her give up their baby to strangers. In response to that, she tells him that “they” are not strangers.

Nora talks privately to Nigel, asking him what he would do if he had first-hand information that somebody she loved was going to be hurt by somebody. He doesn’t know exactly how to answer that. She admits that she did something similar behind Bo’s back, years ago. And it took a long time for Bo to forgive her. But she feels as though she must risk that since Bo is her son’s father. Right then, Nigel gets the door and it’s the judge who is about to perform the wedding ceremony. Nigel leads him into the room. The judge greets Nora. Everybody seems happy about what is about to happen except Nora. Bo tells the judge he is very happy that he’s come and has agreed to do this, especially on such short notice. The judge smiles and tells Bo and Lindsay it’s his pleasure. Rex is there for Bo. Marcie is there for Lindsay. Matthew is wearing a formal suit. Everybody is happy. Nora enters. Matthew asks if she is ok. She smiles and assures her son of course. Knowing that is not entirely true, Clint tells Nora that she must let Bo make his own mistake if she believes that’s what he is doing. Nora says nothing while the judge gets ready to perform the ceremony.

Blair tells John that she can see that he is investigating what Todd’s “secret” is. And she tells him she might be able to help him.

Todd shares with Marty that all he ever did was love Blair. But John McBain was able to use that to his advantage. John was able to convince Blair that he (Todd) was no good for her. He convinced her that he (Todd) was a danger to her and the kids and helped her get a restraining order. Now he can’t even see his kids. Hearing that, Marty tells Todd she thinks it’s terrible that he cannot even see his own kids. She knows she could not accept anybody keeping her away from her child. And at that point, she asks Todd if she has any kids.

In the park, Cole concludes to Starr that he thinks he knows what her plans are. He saw the way she stared and Marcie and appeared like she wanted to talk to her but didn’t dare when he was there with her in the diner. Then she reveals to him that the people whom she is considering giving their child to are “not strangers”. Starr wants to give their baby to Marcie. Doesn’t she? She does not answer. He then demands that she answers him. She wants to give their baby to Marcie McBain. Doesn’t she? She tells him that Marcie and Michael are better fit to raise a baby than they (herself and Cole) are. He tells her yes. And Marcie is her father’s worst enemy. And does Starr simply want to do this in order to get back at her father? Starr protests that he must know that Marcie and Michael were excellent parents to Sam. Then they lost him. And she just recently found out that Marcie can’t adopt nor get pregnant. He tells her that he won’t let them have his kid. She cries. And he walks off telling her if her mind is made up, then he has to do what he has to do.

Marty asks Todd if he has contact with his kids. He replies no. He can’t see his wife or his kids. They have all turned against him. And sometimes he wants to get back at the people who took his life away from him. And he asks her if she blames him. Hearing that, she can sense that Todd probably has something going on that she would know about first hand.

At the diner, Blair tells John that she believes that the two of them would make a “great team”. They went to Virginia together, found Starr and Cole, rescued them from Todd. They helped Todd find Sam. But he tells her that he can see she is not entirely over Todd no matter what she says. And her “relationship” with John might only be a means for her to get back at Todd if she believes he’s with another woman.

Bo tells Lindsay that he wants to share his life and his joy with her. She is his friend and his partner. He wants them to share a home with love, laughter and trust. She smiles. Nora stands alone, silent and uneasy with her secret.

Antonio tells Jonas that the jewels are worth tons of millions. And he will have them after he releases Talia and Sarah. But it looks like Jonas does not want to make the first move. He tells them all they must wait. Tina concludes she does not get it. Why doesn’t he just exchange the girls for the jewels? Cristian replies that he wants more money. Antonio tells them he believes it’s more than just the money. He has a hunch that “Jonas” might be working for something else.

After Talia finds out for the first time that Sarah and Cristian have been harboring her mother without telling anybody, she concludes that Cristian might get them into a lot of trouble. Sarah tells her no. She trusts Cristian. But she tells Talia she is really sorry that her whole big mess had to put her friends in danger. Talia then admits to Sarah that she also has a secret. And she concludes to Sarah that it might be time to tell her “the whole story”.

Lindsay tells Bo that when he first asked her to marry him, she was blown away. But she realized that the reason was because she could not believe something so wonderful could happen to her. They have been together for a long time. When she was lost, he was there to help her find her way. He means everything to her. And she loves him with all of her heart and soul. The judge then ask Lindsay if she takes this man to be her husband. She replies she does. He then asks Bo if he takes this woman to be his wife. And right then, before Bo can answer, Nora demands that they wait. They must listen to what she has to say regardless of anything else.

Not knowing what they are going to do in order to force Jonas’ hand, Tina concludes to Antonio that he has been a police detective for a long time. He must have some sort of “idea”. But he doesn’t. Right then, a man enters who looks like he might have been close to Tina. She rushes up and hugs him, tells him he must help her because they have taken her daughter.

Right then, a man enters the jail cell to see Sarah and Talia. He tells one of them they may not remember him. She was very young when she last saw him. We, then, see his face. He’s Carlo Hesser. And Talia reveals that he is her father.

John asks Blair if she wants to get out of the diner. She tells him yes. She then thanks him for listening to her. It helps to get all of this off of her chest. He admits to her that he knows what is going on between Starr and Cole. She tells him she knows that Cole really loves her daughter. And Starr needs all the support she can get now that she is pregnant.

Right then, we see Starr alone on a park bench, crying very intensely.

Todd gets a knock on his door. He goes to answer it. It’s Cole.

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