OLTL Update Wednesday 7/2/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At Gigi’s, Gigi and Brody share lemonade as he fixes Shane’s bike. Dorian comes in. She tells Brody he has a lot to answer for.

At Nora’s, Bo tells Rex that he and Lindsay are getting married today. Rex is happy for them.

At the country club, Nora sits at a table and goes over her files. Viki comes up. They talk about how Jessica is. Nora tells her that Bo is marrying Lindsay. Viki is shocked.

Marcie goes into the diner with her Lawyer, Judy. She hesitates as she says hello to Starr and Cole. They go to a table on the other side of the room. Cole and Starr sit in a booth by the window. Cole wants to know what’s going on with her and Mrs. McBain.

At Marcie’s table John walks up. They tell him that the judge says Marcie’s volunteering at the hospital will do for her community service. John says that’s great and walks away.

At Todd’s condo, Blair rings the bell and yells for Todd to answer the door. Todd is holding Marty and she asks who that is.

At Roxy’s hotel, Roxy introduces Charlie to Madam Delphina. She asks how the meeting is and Charlie is confused as to how she knew what he was doing. Roxy tells him Madam Delphina is a psychic. She tells him to ask her about Viki.

Nora tells Viki she threw up when she heard the news about Bo and Lindsay. Viki commiserates with her and they talk about Lindsay. Viki asks if Lindsay’s history is all that’s bothering her.

Back at Nora’s, Lindsay leaves to get ready for the wedding and Bo stops her and says he wants everything to be perfect. He gives her an engagement ring. They kiss and Lindsay leaves. Bo is very happy. Rex says he’s sorry Bo had to go buy another engagement ring. He shouldn’t have given him Gabriella’s. He’s sorry because his marriage to Adriana lasted only hours. Bo says if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t be getting married.

At the diner, Judy (Marcie’s lawyer) questions Marcie about why she’s exchanging strange looks with Starr. She guesses Starr is pregnant.

Star tells Cole she didn’t want to talk to Marcie, she wants to talk about them. Cole apologies for not returning her messages. He says he loves her but also loves their baby. He wants both of them in his life. Starr says she understands but wants the baby to have a better life.

John sits at the counter with the judge. He asks if the judge will approve his request. He says he needs the warrant today.

Blair continues to bang on Todd’s door. Todd puts Marty in another room. He asks her to stay quiet and sit tight. He closes the doors and goes to the front door. He sees Blair and says, “What the hell do you want?”

Cole and Starr discuss the baby. Starr asks him to wait for their family until they are ready.

John tells the Judge it’s about Todd Manning.

Todd tells Blair he was moving furniture. She says she just came by to see how he decorated. He blocks her way. She asks what’s her name. The woman he’s shacking up with.

At Roxy’s, Charlie goes to read the want ads. Roxy tries to stop him but Madam Delphina says he doesn’t want her help. She then tells Roxy she knows she changed her age on the beautician license. Roxy asks if Rex will ever forgive her.

Bo tells Rex that he has to make every day count. So he decided he wants to spend the rest of his life with Lindsay. They talk about Adriana and Charlie. Bo thinks Rex isn’t bitter. Rex says it helps to have someone to talk to who is wise and he looks at Bo. Bo asks him to be his best man.

Brody asks why Dorian is there. She wants to know if he wants to discuss it with the latest chick he’s shaking up with. She says she paid him a lot of money to leave. She wants her money back. Brody says he opened the account in Shane’s name. He tells Dorian she’s sending Shane to college.

Rex is flattered but asks about how Clint will feel. He says Clint was married to Lindsay and is dating Nora. So, since Rex was important to Jen that makes him the best choice. Rex jokes about having an old girl friend interrupt the ceremony and if he’s lucky Lindsay will punch her out. Bo asks how he feels about Gigi.

Nora says she still loves Bo because he’s Matthew’s father. She says Dorian used her relationship with Clint to take over BE, but it only drove them closer. Viki says when she first heard about her and Clint she was taken back but got over it. She tells Nora her and Charlie are over.

Charlie asks to use Roxy’s computer. Madam Delphina says the forgiveness hinges on the truth. Roxy is afraid it will hurt Rex too much.

Rex admits Gigi’s confession at his wedding was like a punch in the gut but a good kind. Bo asks if he would be married to Adriana now if he Gigi had confessed earlier.

Brody tells Dorian he owes her nothing. Dorian says she’ll tell Rex about Shane.

At the diner, Cole tells Starr she doesn’t have to give the baby away.

Judy tells Marcie no one could stop Starr from giving her the baby as long as the baby’s father agrees. Judy asks what do you think will happen when Todd finds out.

The judge demands to know what evidence John has to search Todd’s residence. John says the woman needs medical attention. The judge asks John to tell him exactly what he has.

Blair asks if Todd is up to his old stunts. Is he shacking up with a bimbo to take the kids away from her? Todd says the last person he did that with was her. Todd says not only is she jealous, but she’s still in love with him.

Marty listens to Blair and Todd fight. Blair says she came by because she was confused about the divorce papers. Todd says she threw him out of the house, put a restraining order on him so he thought divorce was next. He says she wants him and he could have her right here and now if he wanted to. But he doesn’t. He orders her out.

The judge says John doesn’t have enough evidence. He denies the warrant.

Cole apologies for upsetting Starr. Cole thinks it’s all about her father. Starr says its not. When they were down at the beach it wasn’t real. She says this is scary and real. She says she can’t believe he’s not as scared as she is right now.

Lindsay interrupts Marcie and Judy. Judy leaves and Lindsay asks Marcie to be her maid of honor. She tells her about Bo’s proposal and shows her the ring.

Nora asks what happened to Charlie and her. Viki says Charlie lied about Jared and Rex. When the time came to tell the truth he got drunk. Viki says he’s still lying to her and she can’t trust him. She says Charlie said he doesn’t remember drinking.

Roxy pays Madam Delphina. Madam turns to Charlie and says you didn’t drink alone. Then she leaves.

Brody says the only thing that matters is that Shane thinks he’s his father. If Rex finds out Shane is his son then Adriana will be sharing him with the son by another woman. Just what she doesn’t want. Brody will make sure Adriana will find out Dorian made it all happen. Dorian says this isn’t over and leaves. Gigi says Dorian drives her nuts but she’s right because she still loves Rex.

Starr says she knows she cannot raise a baby. Cole says they have five months before the baby is due. Can’t she wait before making a decision?

John asks the judge what if the lady ends up dead. The judge says he still needs evidence.

Blair says you want he divorce you got it. She signs the papers and hands them to him. Blair leaves. Todd goes back into see Marty. Marty says she’s sorry he’s getting a divorce.

Nora is confused why Charlie would deny drinking. Viki doesn’t know. Dorian walks up and jokes about Viki being the ex-wife and Nora being the currant live-in. Dorian sits and says she’s sorry about Nash. She’s sorry Natalie and Jared caused his death. She says she wouldn’t blame Viki if she wanted to jump into the bottle with Charlie. Viki says she’s an evil witch and should fly away. Dorian says she’s having a low blood sugar moment.

Lindsay walks in on Bo and Rex’s talk. Bo says to Rex he should put those secrets behind him and move forward. Bo goes to put Lindsay’s packages away. She asks Rex about his secrets. Rex says its nothing. She tells him she loves him and Jen would want him to be happy. He should do whatever he has to do to make that happen. Bo comes back. Rex says goodbye and leaves. Bo and Lindsay kiss.

Viki says goodbye to Nora. She starts to leave and runs into Madam Delphina. The psychic tells her not to give up on Charlie because there is more to his story. Then Madam Delphina walks over to Nora. She says if she is looking for something she’ll find it inside a sea of blue. Nora is confused but Madam Delphina walks away. We see R.J.’s blue stationery with the letter he wrote to Lindsay among the papers on the table.

Cole tells Starr he loves her but its not going to work. She asks if the only way they can be together is if she keeps this baby. Cole says he doesn’t know and leaves. Starr calls after him.

Todd tells Marty Blair was seeing someone else and that’s why he’s divorcing her. He says Marty knows the man.

Blair walks into the diner and sits at a table all upset. As we hear Todd tell Marty about John and her being involved, we see John puts a hand on Blair’s shoulder. He hands her a napkin to wipe her tears.

Gigi tells Brody she doesn’t’ expect him to put Shane through college. He says he’s not, Dorian is. He hands her a bank book. She looks at it and gets tearful. She hugs him. Rex is at the door and sees them. He leaves.

Roxy tells Charlie Madame Delphina is a great psychic. Charlie wonders what the woman meant by he did not drink alone. Roxy says if Madame Delphina said he wasn’t alone, he wasn’t alone.

Nora finds R.J.’s letter.

Bo tells Lindsay that nothing will stop this wedding. We see them look at the bridal bouquet as we hear Nora read the letter. Nora says “I finally got her.” As we see Bo and Lindsay kiss.

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