OLTL Update Tuesday 7/1/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Todd is checking on Marty in his new home. But she announces to him that she wants to get out of there.

In Dorian’s home, Madame Delphina reveals to Starr and to Langston that she can see “something” going on involving Starr’s baby. She tells her that Starr’s baby is in great danger. Right then, Blair enters. Starr informs her mother that the fortune teller has just told her that the baby is in trouble.

Cole goes to the diner. Markko sees him and informs him that he needs to return Starr’s messages. Cole tells Markko that there are many things that Markko does not understand. Markko tells Cole he’s right. He (himself) has never gotten a girl pregnant. He and Langston are not ready for that yet. They both agree that they are both too young to be parents. Cole then clarifies to Markko that he doesn’t want to let Starr take away his kid.

Marcie meets with her previous lawyer, Judy. She tells her she realizes she made a very stupid mistake to kidnap Tommy. She realizes his name is Sam. Judy tells Marcie she does not hold against her what happened. Marcie tells Judy that the reason she called was to ask her some questions. She asks Judy of she believes that it would be possible for Marcie and Michael to adopt a child again.

Jessica goes to talk to Natalie and Jared. At first glance, they wonder if she might be there to make peace or forgive them. She tells them that nothing they can say or do will bring Nash back. Jared asks her why, then she’s there. She asks if she can come in. Natalie tells her sister of course. She reflects to them that it must be “tough” to live in a place like hat motel after all of the luxuries they have both become used to. She tells them that it’s way too late for them to make amends after all that has happened. She tells them if she were them, she’d be terrified. She reaches into her purse. And they can only wonder what is about to happen now.

After Marty informs Todd that she is ready to leave, he tells her she is in no condition to go anywhere. She still needs medical care. She tells him she thinks she knows her body better than he does.

Starr tells Blair that she believes that the fortune teller knows some things. But Blair tells her daughter that the fortune teller wants her to believe that so she can scare her. She demands that Madame Delphina leaves and tells her she is a scam artist. But Madame Delphina clarifies to Starr that her baby is fine, physically. But spiritually, the cards are stacked against him or her.

At the diner, Markko tells Cole that he needs to realize that it would be hard for anybody his age to be a parent. Cole tells Markko that’s easy for him to say since he doesn’t have a kid on the way. Markko clarifies to Cole that he really wants to be a father. But not at this time. He needs to be able to do some other things with his life before he can have a kid. He tells Cole that he would have to forget about college. He won’t be able to have a life or any money. He’ll only be able to get a worthless underpaying, dead end job. He tells Cole that he wants to be young and live and have fun before having a child. In response to that, Cole tells him that he (Markko) has never had anything bad happen to him. He (himself) lost both of his parents. And he has a different situation. Markko tells Cole he realizes that. But Cole must consider what Starr wants. Maybe she is making the right choice to want to give her baby up for adoption. Cole tells Markko that he wants to fight her for custody of his kid.

Jessica tells Natalie and Jared she did not come there to fight. She came to bring some roses to the burial that Viki bought. And she thought that maybe the two of them would want to go to the cemetery and say good bye to Nash. It sounds like she is cordially inviting them and no longer angry.

Marcie tells Judy that she realizes that there is no way she could get a baby through any agency. Judy tells her that that’s probably true given both hers’ and Michael’s recent track record. And she tells Marcie that as her attorney, she must advise her not to pursue any more options or expend any energy chasing after unlikely possibilities of adopting that will not happen for her. Hearing that, Marcie asks Judy what she believes about a “hypothetical situation” where a young expectant mother might choose to let Marcie and Michael adopt her child. Hearing that, Judy asks Marcie if she knows a specific young mother who has asked Marcie and Michael to adopt her baby.

Cole tells Markko that if he could win custody of his child, he could find a way to raise him or her without any help. Markko tells Cole he must realize if he goes to court and engages in a battle with Starr, it will really ruin their relationship and will only hurt the baby in the long run.

After Madame Delphina tells Starr that there will be “danger” involving her baby, Starr is very curious to find out just whom or what she is talking about. She asks if it involves Todd. Hearing that, Blair tells her daughter of course, it won’t go over well when or if Todd finds out that Cole has gotten Starr pregnant. And it doesn’t take a psychic to tell anybody that. Madame Delphina clarifies to Starr that the up and coming danger has nothing to do with Starr’s father. It involves other people who have different ideas than Starr has and conflicting plans.

Right then, Marty asks Todd just what his plans are with her and why he doesn’t want to let her leave.

Jessica informs Natalie and Jarred that she realizes she said some very cruel things to them. Natalie tells Jessica she does not owe them any apology. But Jessica (who is really Tess) tells them that they are not responsible for what happened to Nash. It was an accident. Believing she is “for real”, Natalie hugs her sister and tells her she is so grateful that she is not angry at them. But Jared looks at them skeptically.

Markko tells Cole that he needs to talk to Starr before going to battle in court. He tells Cole that he knows that when women are pregnant, they are not “fun”, He saw that his mother was physically and emotionally spent when pregnant. But his dad was there for her. And they would not have been able to be parents if they were not there for each other. He tells Cole that he must reach out to Starr. He urges Cole not to do anything stupid, to hold off on the lawyers and not to do anything without discussing it with Starr first. And he tells Cole whatever he does, he has Cole’s back.

At Dorian’s, Madame Delphina tells Langston and Cole that they both must go to respective boys in their lives. Blair tells the two teenage girls that they mustn’t heed a word that this woman says. But right at that moment, Langston gets a call from Markko. She tells him that she and Starr intend to come and meet him at the diner. But, noticing that Cole is there, he tells her it “might not be such a great idea”. Blair tells Starr that what she is hearing from Madame Delphina is a scam. But the fortune teller tells Starr and Langston they must go and talk to people that they need to talk to. Langston tells Starr she better go and face Cole. Starr tells her that Cole is the last person she intends to see. Cole is not willing to accept her choice. Langston tells Starr in that case, maybe she needs to be the one to reach out to him and make him understand. Starr asks Langston just what she believes Cole will do after he finds out that she intends to give their baby to Marcie McBain.

Right then, Marty asks Todd just how they first met and in what context when they were in college.

Judy asks Marcie if she knows of somebody who wants to give Marcie her child. Marcie replies that she just wanted to ask her what would happen, hypothetically if there was. Judy tells Marcie that they have known each other for a long time and she wishes that Marcie would trust her and share with her what is going on. Marcie then informs Judy that there is a girl she knows who is pregnant and has told Marcie she wants her and Michael to adopt her baby. She admits that she told the girl no. She had some concerns about the girl and her family and the father of the girl’s baby. But she knows the girl. The girl knows that Marcie and Michael were good parents to Sam. So she is seriously considering taking the girl up on her offer. Judy warns Marcie that even if this girl has the best of intentions, Marcie must realize that teenage girls many times are not certain what they want and what is best for everybody involved. It’s entirely possible that it would only get Marcie’s hopes up for adopting only to have her heart broken if, for any reason, the girl changed her mind about letting Marcie keep the baby. Hearing that, Marcie tells Judy that she realizes that there are always risks involved in every decision that one makes and no guarantee with anything. But she doesn’t want to live her life being afraid of taking chances and risks. And she doesn’t want to give up on having a baby.

Right then, Langston tells Starr that maybe she should think twice about giving her baby up for adoption to Marcie and Michael. What if Todd found out? Starr tells Langston she doesn’t want to live in fear of her dad. It’s not his decision to make. She knows that Mrs. McBain was a great mom and she should seriously consider it whether anybody else approves or not.

Right then, in the living room, Madame Delphina tells Blair she knows all about her history with Todd. She knows that Blair is not done with Todd yet. Blair tells the fortune teller that she knows nothing about Blair’s history or future with Todd. He has the emotional maturity of a hamster. He has disrupted their family. She is done with Todd.

Meanwhile, Marty probes Todd about their “relationship” in college. Was she a “party girl” whom he dated? Was she a nerd? What was his “role” in college or in regard to her? Hearing that, he has difficulty answering that.

Markko tells Cole that he needs to give serious consideration to just how realistic it is to fight Starr for custody of their baby and not even consider giving the baby up for adoption.

After Jessica goes to see Natalie and Jared in order to convince them that she intends to make peace, she tells them that she cannot dwell on what has happened. She realizes that Tess messed up Jared and sent him to jail for two years. So he has good reason to be angry at her and she has no right to “point fingers” any more than he can at her. Hearing that, he clarifies that that was not “her” that sent him to prison. That was Tess. She tells him but she is Tess.

Judy asks Marcie just what Michael thinks of all of this. She admits that he is not in favor of the idea of adopting this girl’s baby. But Marcie admits she does not blame her husband. She went off the deep end kidnapping Sam. He almost lost her. He lost Sam and went to jail and has good reason not to consider it. Judy tells Marcie that maybe Michael blames himself for the situation involving Sam more than he judges or blames her. At that point, Judy asks Marcie if she wants to go and grab a bite with her and talk. Marcie tells Judy absolutely. She would love to get out and talk to her old friend and lawyer. Judy tells her that while they go out to lunch, she wants Marcie to tell her all about “this girl”.

Starr sees Cole at the diner. He tells her he has missed her and wants make things work out between them. But they have not yet discussed what to do in regard to the pregnancy.

At the house, Madame Delphina informs Blair that there is “a woman” who is currently involved in Todd’s life. Hearing that, for the first time, Blair becomes curious just whom this mysterious woman in Todd’s life is. The fortune teller informs Blair that it’s somebody with whom Todd has had a “dark history” with. Assuming it must be Margaret Cochran, Blair tells the fortune teller that she knows for a fact that “that woman” is dead. So it shows that Madame Delphina hasn’t a clue what she is talking about. But the fortune teller informs Blair that it’s not “that woman”. It’s somebody from Todd’s past whom he knew before he met Blair. Hearing that, Blair concludes that she “gets it”. Obviously the fortune teller wants Blair to give her a bunch of money and leave Blair “hanging” to find out the answer. Madame Delphina tells Blair that she has another appointment to get to. If Blair is interested in finding out more, she may call or email her later.. Madame Delphina departs. And Blair is becoming interested in what she’s just heard about Todd.

Right then, Marty asks Todd if he will carry her out of the house. It sounds like she is trusting him and believing he might have been a friend or more than that to her when they knew each other many years ago.

Jessica departs after convincing Natalie and Jared that she intends to make peace with them. But when she’s out the door, she smirks and declares that they are suckers.

When Natalie is with Jared after Jessica has visited them, she tells him that maybe this will be a good day after all. She really believes that she has reunited with her sister. But Jared looks like he senses that something is not right. When Jessica (Tess) walks out of the angel square motel after seeing Natalie and Jared, Madame Delphina enters and asks if she is Jessica. Very confident and smug that she’s accomplished what she wanted, Jessica (Tess) informs Madame Delphina that Jessica has left the building. And she walks out.

Right then, Blair is looking for Todd in his new house.

Todd is carrying Marty out the door and tells her she will get a bill from his chiropractor.

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