OLTL Update Monday 6/30/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/30/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Natalie admits to Jared that she is very worried that Jessica will never forgive either of them for what happened to Nash.

Right then, Jessica has turned into Tess and is standing over Nash’s casket. She declares to him that the one and only thing she can do for him now is make sure that Natalie and Jared pay.

Right then, the headlines in the Sun say Funeral Mayhem.

Jessica returns to the house, plays loud music, puts on her make-up and “Tess” clothes. She declares that the only person who has ever loved her (Tess) is dead. She tells Nash that she will make everybody who took him away from her pay if it’s the last thing she does. Right then, Viki appears outside her daughter’s door and notices an article that says “widow accuses sister and boyfriend of murder”

Right then, Natalie and Jared awaken in their bed in the hotel with David Vickers the dog lying between them. They notice that he has a “bladder problem”.

Starr and Langston are in the living room with Addie and David. The two teenage girls are very baffled to find that Starr’s grandmother has married Dorian’s ex. Langston remarks that Dorian must be “freaked” by that.

Nora and Clint come into Nora’s living room and greet Matthew. Nigel serves them coffee. Bo and Lindsay enter holding hands and smiling. Bo asks if Viki is going to be there soon. Clint and Nora ask why. Bo replies that he and Lindsay have some news. They ask what news. He replies that he asked Lindsay to marry him yesterday. And she replies that she said yes.

Viki knocks on Jessica’s door, hearing the loud music and asks if she can come in. At that point, “Tess” knows she better make herself look more like Jessica. SO she gets into her robe before letting her mom in. But she won’t turn down the music. And Viki knows that something is up.

After Jonas Chamberlain has taken Sarah and Talia hostage, Antonio and Cristian are baffled as to why. Tina overhears their conversation and tells them that she can “fix this”. She informs them that all Jonas wants in exchange for those girls is “this”. So she shows them the jewels.

After Bo and Lindsay have announced their engagement, Nora cannot hide the fact that she is furious. She asks them where they got this idea. Bo reminds her that they have been living together for months. She reminds him that he has been Lindsay’s court appointed guardian and he’s making a serious mistake. Can he trust Lindsay with all of her lies? Bo then replies that there will be no more secrets between himself and Lindsay.

Jared tells Natalie that she must know that Jessica is her sister and she loves Natalie.

Right then, Viki has entered Jessica’s home. While Jessica is Tess, she attempts to sound to her mother like the Jessica everybody knows. At that point, Viki notices the smashed mirror and is very alarmed.

Natalie tells Jared that she doesn’t know what her life would be like without her sister in her life. But she does seem to like the little dog named David Vickers. Hearing that name, Jared asks her what her family will do when they find out that David Vickers, the person, is their real heir.

David and Addie are whispering to each other in Dorian’s living room. Dorian drinks her coffee and attempts to sound, to them, as though she is not upset about their decision. She informs them that she has decided not to aggravate herself about their marriage. David tells her that he knows all of the things she is willing and able to do when she disapproves of something like this. But she tells them that she is far too busy running Cramer Enterprises. Right then, the doorbell rings. She asks Starr and Langston to get the door. She tells David and Addie that she has a gift for them. They laugh and wonder what it could possibly be. She replies that it’s something neither of them have ever had but which they can both use. And a woman enters who introduces herself as Madam Delphina.

After Viki notices the smashed mirror, Jessica (as Tess) tells her mother that there is nothing to worry about.

Cristian asks Tina if she really wants to bargain with a “terrorist” in order to get Sarah and Talia back. But she clarifies to him that Jonas is not a terrorist. He is merely a crook. He just wants the jewels. And if he gets them, he will let the girls go. But Antonio is suspicious. Right then, Jonas enters. Antonio pulls the gun on him. Cristian demands to know where Sarah and Talia are.

At Nora’s home, Bo announces that they are about to bury a young father with his entire life ahead of him. So he and Lindsay concluded that they don’t want to waste any more precious time. Observing them, Matthew tells his father (assuming his mother will not argue) that he will be coming to the wedding. Bo tells his son of course. When nobody is certain just where Bo and Lindsay will get married, Matthew suggests that they get married “right here”. But when Nora hears that, she reveals that she is not ok with what is going on.

When “Madam Delphina” enters, Dorian tells David and Addie that she believes the fortune teller can enlighten them. Delphina looks at David’s palm and assumes many things about him. She tells David and Addie if the two of them stay married, she sees death, destruction, doom. At that point, she reveals to them that she is merely telling them what Dorian has paid her to tell them. Dorian demands that she gets out. David gets up and tells Dorian that he could have done better than that. Right then, Jared and Natalie enter with the dog. The others wonder where the dog came from. Jared holds him up and tells David he thought that he belonged to him (David). Starr informs them that the dog’s name is David Vickers. And she smirks.

After Matthew asks his father and Lindsay if they plan to get married in Nora’s (formerly Asa’s) house, Bo clarifies to his son that maybe his mother would not be too keen on throwing a wedding in her home and entertaining all the guests when she’s so busy. But Matthew protests that if they are all family and this is his deceased grandfather’s house, wouldn’t this be what Asa would want? Hearing that, Nora tells Bo and Lindsay that she is happy to open her home for their wedding. Lindsay tells Nora that is most generous of them. Nora, Clint and Matthew depart. At that point, Lindsay appears like she is a bit dizzy. BO wants to make certain she is ok. She assures him she is. He tells her she may rest up and he will meet her later. Alone, Lindsay looks as though she may have her worries.

Antonio pulls the gun on Jonas and attempts to frisk him. Tina tells him the jewels are right in there. He just can’t hurt her daughter. But Antonio tells him that he will not give him anything until he tells them where Sarah and Talia are. Jonas tells them that he wants to make certain that all of their passports are up to date.

After Natalie and Jared bring the dog to Dorian’s, Addie really takes a liking to him, especially since he has the same name as her new husband. And she asks Dorian if they can keep him. Dorian then begrudgingly tells her sister why not. They already have enough “strays” in this house. Dorian then asks Natalie and Jared what they are doing in her house and tells them they may now leave. But Natalie tells her that she must know that she (Dorian) is responsible for Nash’s death. At that point, “Madam Delphina” tells Dorian that that is not her real name. And she asks Dorian how she can live with herself after what she has done. It seems she really does know what is up with Dorian and isn’t willing to “cooperate” with Dorian.

Lindsay is alone in the room lying on the couch attempting to look as though she is sick. When she believes she is alone, she goes to the phone. But Nigel asks her if she wants some Téa. At that point, she knows she better, yet again, pretend that she is ill.

At Nash’s funeral, when they are about to bury his casket, they all recite “the Lord is my shepherd”. All of his friends and family gather around and receipt the hymn. But Jessica looks like she has a secret plan.

David and Madam Delphina know that Dorian is not going to fool anybody. At that point, Dorian tells the fortune teller that she demands a refund. David smirks that that must mean that Dorian has no faith in Cramer Enterprises. Noticing the dog, David admits that he wonders just who would name him after him. Starr suggests it may mean that it’s because David, the person, is a dog. Madam Delphina tells them that she believes that the dog belongs to some member of royalty.. Natalie and Jared tell the others that they can keep the dog. And they go out the door.

While Lindsay lies on the couch, she asks Nigel if he has anything for heartburn. At that point, he gets up and leaves her alone in the room. While she’s alone, she is successful in finding the letter that RJ wrote to her that mistakenly got put in Bo’s files and that Nora is about to read. And she burns it in the fire place, admitting, privately that she “feels so much better”.

While Nash is being buried, Jessica asks the others if she can be alone. Before leaving, Matthew tells her that he is really sorry. He really liked Nash. He was a really cool guy. Jessica says thank you. Nora hugs her and tells Jessica if there is anything she can do. Bo hugs her and tells her they are always there for her. Clint tells his daughter he loves her. Viki then tells her daughter she realizes Jessica does not want her to check up on her. Jessica says thank you to her mother for her understanding. Viki tells her daughter she loves her so much. After they are all gone and Jessica is alone with the casket, she lies on top of it and tells deceased Nash that she had to “let them do their thing”. And “now it’s just the two of them”. She tells him that it will be the end for the people who put him in the ground. And it should not be him. It should be them. And she tells him she swears on his grave and on their love that they will all live to regret taking Nash away from her.

Alone with Madam Delphina, Langston tells her that she doesn’t know much about the afterlife. But she would really like to know that her parents are ok. Madam Delphina assures Langston that they are in peace and she calls her “Langsey”. Hearing that, Langston is really fascinated to be called that, knowing that only her dad called her Langsey. Right then, Delphina feels Starr’s belly and tells her that there is something “Terribly wrong”. Starr asks if she means with her baby.

Jonas tells Cristian and Antonio that they better get to the airport. They didn’t come through for him before. Nobody trusts anybody. Jonas tells them that “the princess” will be back in her country and safe. And the two of them will be back in Llanview. He leaves. Tina asks Antonio what this is all about. He tells her that this is all about the jewels. And he asks Tina why this all has to take place in Mendorra.

Lindsay stays behind when the others go the Nash’s funeral hoping she can have the “alone time” she needs. After she manages to burn the secret letter, she is perfectly content. When Bo returns, she tells him she wishes the best for Jessica and tells him she is feeling much better. She and Bo leave. When Nora is alone with Clint, she tells him she has a brief of every piece of paper she has.

When Natalie and Jared return to Roxy’s motel, she tells him that she is not going to let her family hate him just because he wanted to get revenge upon Tess. Right then, Jessica enters. They are surprised to see her. And again, she doesn’t look like the Jessica everybody knows.

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