OLTL Update Friday 6/27/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/27/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

After the funeral, Bo asks Lindsay to marry him. She is speechless and walks away not knowing what to say.

At the diner, Antonio and Cristian are wondering why Talia asked them to go there, promised to be there and informed them that their mother sprained her ankle and needed them. Nobody is there except for the two of them.

Right then, Tina’s “agent” corners Talia in her apartment. And when Sarah enters and asks Talia why she is not at the diner, the agent comes up behind Sarah and covers her mouth with chloroform. Sarah falls to the ground. Talia demands that the guy tells her why he is doing this. But he tells her he is not “doing this”. She did it.

While Jared is looking through the paper for jobs and apartments for himself and Natalie, she is distracted and not interested in abandoning her family. She tells him that she has to somehow try to make things right with Jessica. But he warns her that she will only make things worse if she attempts to do that.

Right then, Jessica is lying on the floor in her empty home while the phone rings.

Sarah escapes the “agent” and goes to Cristian’s looking for her daughter. But she cannot find her.

Carlotta Vega appears at the diner. Antonio and Cristian find her and tell her that they will help out since she sprained her ankle. Talia called them and asked them to come down to the diner. Carlotta tells her sons that she did not sprain her ankle and hasn’t been in contact with Talia. Cristian then inquires why in the world Talia would call them, tell them that and ask them to get to the diner. Antonio gets on the phone to call Talia. But there’s no answer.

Right then, after the “agent” has knocked Sarah out, Talia’s phone rings. She attempts to answer it. But the agent grabs the phone to prevent her from answering it.

BO again, tells Lindsay that he wants to marry her. Hearing that, she tells him this is the last thing she expected. Especially today at a place like this. He admits to her that a funeral may not be a “romantic” place to propose. She turns the other way, not knowing what to tell him. But she asks him if he really wants to marry her. He then asks her if there is any “reason” why he would not want to. Right then, she remembers reading the letter that RJ Gannon wrote to her where he tells her that it takes a “special woman” to murder Spencer Truman and get away with it by having the court falsely believe she is suffering from temporary insanity.

And right at that moment, Nora is in her bed, with that very file that has RJ’s letter in it. She has not yet gotten around to reading it but it’s right there. Clint enters and tells Nora that he is very concerned about his two daughters. Natalie had a lot of gall to appear at that funeral. And he’s worried about Jessica’s well being with what happened. Nora tells him that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with letting Jessica have it all out. She knows that she’d rather let her daughter scream her head off than keep her rage inside.

Right then, Jessica awakens, picks up her phone and talks to her mother.

Tina is alone in the empty apartment where she cannot find her daughter. And she tells her she promises to make this alright so that nobody will ever hurt her.

After Sarah is passed out in her apartment and the “agent” is holding Talia hostage, he sarcastically tells her that this will be the time when he gets to “help” Ms. Roberts. And Officer Sahib gets to help him do that.

At the diner, Antonio, Cristian and Carlotta are trying to figure out why Talia would ask them to meet at the diner, lie and not answer her phone when they try to call her.

Jared protests to Natalie that she needs to leave Jessica alone. She blames Natalie for everything. Natalie protests that Jessica is her sister and she loves her. But Jared tells Natalie he does not want to set herself up by going over there now. Jessica lost her husband and believes that they both killed him. She protests that it was an accident. He didn’t mean for Nash went over the skylight. He didn’t mean to hurt Nash. But Jared protests that he did hurt Nash. He caused him to lose his vineyard and his hopes and dreams.

Jessica tells her mom that she needs to be alone and keep her phone off for a while. She tells her not to worry. She will be ok. She will call her in the morning and she loves her too. She then goes over and looks at herself in the mirror. Right then, it looks like something might happen..

Cristian and Antonio go to Sarah’s apartment, knock on the door but nobody answers. Antonio then gets the door opened and searched the apartment with his gun. He tells his brother he hasn’t a clue what is going on. Cristian then admits to Antonio that he might have “an idea”. And he will tell Antonio all about it. He informs his brother that he found out whom that mysterious woman in the park with the dog was. She is Tina, Sarah’s mother. She is the mysterious woman in the limo with the dog who went to Ramsey’s home with the jewels, right before Ramsey got shot. Antonio asks his brother how he knows this. Cristian replies he knows because he and Sarah have been “hiding” Tina in his apartment.

Jared tells Natalie that he wanted to be a Buchanan. He was so stupid to do what he did. It ruined so many lives. But she did nothing wrong and she doesn’t deserve this. She tells him that she still believes she has to make it right with Jessica. He tells her he needs her not to go and see Jessica right now. She is too angry right now. He knows how he would feel if somebody took the person he loved from him. He tells her he believes that none of them will ever forgive him. And maybe all of the Buchanans would be better off knowing that their “heir” is really David Vickers. Right at that moment, David Vickers, the dog (Tina's) wanders up to them. Natalie picks him up wondering where he came from. And when she looks at his name tag, she sees that his name is David Vickers.

Bo tells Lindsay that after they get married, there will be no more secrets. He will know that every day when he comes home, she will be there for him. And he will be there for her. She reminds him that they have tried that before and it didn’t work. He then tells her that they made mistakes in the past. But now they know each other. He knows he wants to be with her. Hearing that, she asks him if this has something to do with Jessica losing Nash. He admits to her that it does have a lot to do with that. He realized that anybody can lose the person they love in an instant. SO he doesn’t want to waste any more time by holding back his feelings for her. She reminds him that Nora will go ballistic when she finds out about his proposal to her. He tells her he doesn’t care. He has spent so much of his life loving her but never admitted to it. He spent so much of his life either trying to please Asa or fighting him when he failed to live up to what Asa wanted. Now his father is gone and he can’t get him back nor change the past. But he doesn’t want to spend any more of his life missing out on a life of value and happiness.

Clint tells Nora that he is worried that if he had not “pushed” Jared to be the big business tycoon in order to be “part of the family”, then maybe Jared wouldn’t have resorted to what he did, Nash would still be alive, his daughter would have her husband and that baby would have a father. She tells him that he mustn’t blame himself. And he must know that Jessica will recover from what has happened in due time.

Right then, Jessica looks at herself in the mirror, takes off her conservative funeral clothes, lets her hair down, strips down to her underwear and smashes the mirror.

Lindsay admits to Bo that she has loved him for so long. And things are “so good” the way they are right now. Hearing that, he asks her to stop and not say that marriage ruins everything. He also informs her that once Matthew asked him what the point is in people getting married if they are only going to divorce later. And he told his son that people cannot live their lives in fear of taking risks when they have a chance for happiness. She tells him that she has to live with the big mess she got herself into having almost gone to prison for killing Spencer Truman, losing her daughter and everything. He tells her that she cannot worry about all of the negative things. She must look forward and believe that positive things can happen. But she tells him that there are so many things they do not know.

After the “agent” has taken both Talia and Sarah, Antonio asks Cristian what he knows about this guy. Cristian admits that Tina informed him and Sarah that the guy’s name is Jonas Chamberlain. He has been Tina’s agent. But now he needs the money and the jewels and might kill Tina or anybody else with whom he can get leverage.

Meanwhile, Jonas has taken Talia to a place and tells her that he will get what he wants with her help.

Alone in Cristian’s apartment, Tina is on the phone to her “contact” trying to find out about what Jonas might have done to Sarah and where her dog is.

Right then, Natalie and Jared call to people in the park to find out who might be the owner of “David Vickers”. She holds the dog and indicates to Jared that she might want to keep him. She and Jared conclude that they have each other and that might be all they want or need in their lives.

Jessica looks at the smashed mirror. And it seems as though the “old Jessica” is gone.

Clint and Nora look through the paperwork. He asks if she thinks there is anything in these contracts that will help them get BE back. She tells him she doesn’t know. She has just started. Again, we see the file that says RJ Gannon, in the pile of paperwork that she is about to go through. She notices that he is silent and asks him to talk. He tells her that it seems like everything in his life is crashing all around him. But she is there for him as his “life line”. He admits to Nora that he loves her and now he needs her more than ever.

After Lindsay tells Bo that she has kept too many secrets from him, he reflects that he remembers that she prevented him from knowing that Matthew was his son in order to keep him from Nora. She had her secret business deal going on with Clint. She’s made mistakes in her life. But that doesn’t make her a bad person. He has gotten past what has happened in the past. He tells her that people do things that may be wrong because of what they believe is right at the time. And he tells her that he knows that they are both taking on a risk by committing to each other. But he learned today that you cannot put off happiness. He wants a future with her. SO he asks her what does she say.

Right then, we see a “faceless” person go to the funeral parlor to open up Nash’s casket and see his face.

Natalie and Jared kiss and she tells him she is worried about what will happen with all the people that they have hurt. He tells her he realizes that it will take a while to get past that. But he wants to be with her. They agree to go to the hotel to be together and hold each other. She tells him that’s great. But she wonders what they will do with “David Vickers”.

Cristian and Antonio return to the apartment to find Tina alone. Seeing Antonio, she demands to know what he’s doing there and why Cristian let him know she is there. They inform her that Sarah and Talia are both gone and they bet that Jonas Chamberlain is endangering both of their lives. Right then, Antonio gets a call from Talia. She calls him at Jonas’ (gun-threatened) request. He demands that she tells him why she with Jonas Chamberlain.

Bo tells Lindsay that he can see she is scared. She asks him if he is not. He tells her he guesses that it’s true that neither one of them has a great track record. But they must have learned form their mistakes. She then tells him that he must know what the definition of insanity is. It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Are they going to do that? He tells her he does not know. But he knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He wants to travel with her and make her Matthew’s step mother. SO he asks if she will marry him. She replies yes. And they kiss, right by the photo of Nash.

Clint and Nora also kiss and get distracted from going through the files. And we see the folder with RJ Gannon written on it

Jonas Chamberlain grabs the phone from Talia and tells Antonio that Sarah can’t come to the phone right now. Tina yells that he tells her where Sarah is. Antonio tells him he better not harm Talia or Sarah. Jonas tells Antonio that he (Antonio) is in no position to give him any orders. Talia tells Jonas Chamberlain that he is not going to get away with this. He grabs her arm and tells her she better not even try to contact either Antonio or Cristian. And he tells her he has to go somewhere with her.

Natalie holds the dog, David Vickers and seems very attached to him. Jared observes her and tells her it’s great to see her smile again. And it looks like the three of them might become a “family”.

Jessica wears the dress she wore as “Tess” when she first met Nash. She goes to his casket and tells him she is back.

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