OLTL Update Thursday 6/26/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/26/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jessica speaks at Nash’s funeral, realizing that were it not for Nash, she would be dead. She admits that she was on a path straight to oblivion. He found her and he took care of her. And he forgave her when he found that she was not the woman he fell in love with. And the miracle of all miracles happened when they fell in love again. She cries when she talks about what Nash would say and do if he was there. At that point, Roxy goes outside to let Natalie and Jared in the door. When Jessica sees them, she is startled. At that point, Natalie assumes that they should leave. But Jessica tells them no. They must wait and stay.

Tina is with her dog in the angel square park. And she runs into her “agent’ who has wanted to kill her. And he pulls the gun on her again.

When Todd is out of his new place, attending Nash’s funeral, John enters and asks what Todd is hiding.

Marcie notices Gigi filling out an application to work at the diner and expresses that she thought that Gigi was done with waitressing. Gigi tells her she thought she was too. But she believes she is out of a job at B.E. And she knows the family is grieving not only for the loss of the business but for Nash. Marcie tells her she knows all too well. Michael was the attending physician when Nash got brought it. And when she heard that he died and Jessica is all alone, it made her really think about whether she shouldn’t be grateful that she has Michael.

At the funeral, Jessica remarks to Natalie and Jared that were it not for the two of them, Nash would still be alive. Viki and Clint stand up and look like they do not welcome Natalie or Jared there. Natalie tells them she is really sorry. She just wanted to pay her respects. Jessica wants to confront them. But Viki tells Natalie that maybe she should leave. Jessica, however insists that they stay. She expresses that this is about closure. That is what funerals are all about. She tells them that Bree is alone at home And now that they are there, she has many things to say.

In the park, the “agent” tells Tina that he knows that she has taken Ramsey’s jewels as well as the case of money. And he tells her she either hands them over, or he will charge her for the murder of Lee Ramsey.

While John is looking around Todd’s new home, Todd’s body guard catches him and demands to know what he’s doing there.

Gigi talks to Marcie about how Shane and Brody won a father and son race at school. And she remembers throughout Shane’s life, he’s only “gotten through” father’s day. And now, for the first time in his life, he actually has a dad. Marcie reflects that she was without a mother growing up and had the same issue on mother’s day.. Gigi admits to Marcie that she has a real dilemma about whether Brody should be the father figure to Shane or if Rex should.

Jessica tells everybody she really appreciates them all coming. Nash was a great man, a great husband and father. And she now needs to talk about why he died. She addresses Natalie and Jared and tells them she wants to talk about why they killed him. Viki tells her daughter that maybe she should not get into this now. But Jessica demands that she gets to speak her mind. Clint tells Viki that Jessica has to say what is on her mind. She cries. Roxy asks why Jessica had to “open up that stinking door”. And she is worried about how Jessica might “go off” on Natalie. But Todd smirks and tells her this is the best part. He can’t wait to hear Jessica blast Natalie. Jessica then tells Natalie about all the plans that she had for Nash to be there for Bree on her 1st birthday. She was ready to see Nash’s face light up when she tells him that he will be a dad again. At that point, Sarah remarks to Cristian that she is shocked to hear that Jessica is pregnant. Jessica then announces to the crowd that she is pregnant. And she got a chance to tell Nash for the first time when he lay on the hospital bed in the emergency ward, with an oxygen mask dying. She asks Natalie if she had a great morning waking up with “Uncle Jared”. She asks Jared if he got a “good laugh” being able to scam the Buchanans and take them all for idiots. Viki asks Jessica to calm down. But she refuses.

John runs into Todd’s body guard and Janet the nurse. She asks if she can “help him”. He flashes his badge and tells her maybe she can.

Jessica announces, at the funeral, that her sister, Natalie helped Jared pull off the scam that he was their uncle. All the while they were sleeping together. Jared then tells Jessica if she wants to yell at him, she may be his guest. But she cannot embarrass herself here. Hearing that, she tells Jared that it’s “so thoughtful” of him to be concerned that she has “embarrassed herself”. And she knows that he must have come to seek revenge on Tess. She remembers that he got sent to prison because of Tess. So he had to ruin everybody’s life and kill Nash all because of Tess. Before Nash even went over that skylight, he was already dead. Jared killed his soul. She tells Jared she bets he had somewhat of a decent family. His father was obviously a worthless drunk. But she bets his mom did the best she could. Natalie, however, is just a piece of worthless trailer trash who came to take her family for a ride.

After Marcie asks Gigi if she has plans involving Rex, Gigi reminds her that Rex is married. Marcie reminds Gigi that Rex is separated. Gigi tells Marcie that they are only temporarily apart and ready to work things out. Marcie urges Gigi to know that Rex really wants to commit to her and her kid. But Gigi tells Marcie that Rex is all alone. Everybody has lied to him. His mom. His wife. And he has nobody. Marcie replies except her (Gigi). Gigi tells Marcie she is very worried that it will turn Rex’s life upside down as well as Shane’s if either of them find out that she’s lied to them. Marcie then tells Gigi that when one has a child, they “do everything” to keep their child safe. Hearing that, Gigi asks Marcie what is going on with her. Marcie replies that she “might get to adopt a baby”.

The “agent” pulls the gun on Tina and looks like he’s going to kill both her and her little dog.

In Todd’s new home, John remarks to Janet that he’s seen her before. He knows she used to work for Ramsey. And he knows that she knew some of his “secrets” which she is not about to tell him.

At the funeral, Jessica physically pulls Natalie to Nash’s casket and tells her and Jared she wants them to see what they have done to her husband. She becomes hysterical. Viki and Clint take her out of the place. Natalie cries. Jared turns to her. Roxy runs to her and asks if she is ok. Natalie yells and asks how she could be ok. Roxy then reflects on the remark that Jessica made about the “trailer trash”. She tells Natalie she knows they didn’t have much but they are survivors. Rex enters and tells his mother and sister he is not happy with either one of them.

Todd returns home to see John interrogating Janet and the body guard. He tells John he thought he told him to get lost. John replies that he won’t. He wants to know just whom Todd is “hiding” upstairs.

Outside the funeral parlor, Nora goes to talk to Sarah. Lindsay and Bo are nearby. Lindsay asks him if he is ok. Bo admits to her that it’s a tragic loss that Nash is gone. There are two little kids and Jessica has lost her husband. This makes no sense. He wishes he could go back in time and “fix things”. Lindsay tells Bo she knows how he feels. But nobody can turn back time. All we can do is move on and make the future better than the past.

Jessica insists that her parents go with her to hers’ and Nash’s home. Clint asks his daughter if it might be a bit too soon after his death. She gets out the paper that Nash was reading right before he left the house on the day he died. She remembered that he got engrossed in the sports page. She remembered how she used to yell at him when he’d go out in the yard and get his boots all muddy. And now she will never see him again. She breaks down crying again.

Gigi asks Marcie to tell her about baby she can adopt. Marcie tells her there might be a chance but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up and doesn’t seem to want to talk about it. It wouldn’t be fair to a kid for her to assume she could adopt. She wants to evade the issue and not tell Gigi the specific details. Gigi asks Marcie why she would doubt whether she could be a good mom. Marcie tells Gigi that if something went wrong in the adoption process and “the wrong person” found out, it would be a big mess and only hurt the child. Having no clue exactly whom the baby is who Marcie is considering adopting, Gigi tells Marcie that she must not be discouraged about having a child again.

Jessica asks Viki if she can watch Bree while she (Jessica) stays alone in the house. Viki tells her daughter sure she can. Jessica tells her parents she wants to be alone in hers and Nash’s house tonight. Viki and Clint leave. Alone, Jessica cries. She walks and looks around the house. She notices a teddy bear that says I love daddy.

At the funeral parlor, Bo asks Rex how he is doing. Rex tells Bo he doesn’t know. He thought he was handling it pretty well. Finding out that his mother lied to him about his real father. Adriana leaving town. He doesn’t “blame” Jared for Nash’s death. It was an accident. But were it not for the lie that Natalie and Jared had everybody believing, it wouldn’t have happened.. He expresses to Bo that he believes it might be his fault that he let Adriana go. Lindsay comes to see Bo and tells him maybe they should go to Asa’s. Right then, Antonio gets a call from Talia asking him and Cristian to come to the diner

In the park, the “agent” tells Tina he will count to 3 and shoot the dog if she does not give him the jewels. She protests that the dog is a full bred shiatsu. And the animal rights will come after him. But she “relents” and tells him she will help him get the jewels. However, when his back is turned, she knocks him over, takes his gun out of his hands and encourages “David Vickers” to run while she runs.

When Todd comes back to see John asking questions of Janet and the body guard, Janet asks Todd why she should not call the police and inform them what he’s been doing. He tells her that taking care of Marty is his number one priority. From outside, John hides behind the bushes seeing if he can uncover some clues.

Bo asks Lindsay to marry him. But is it merely a “fantasy” she is having?

Antonio goes to the diner to meet Cristian. And they wonder why Talia is not there.

Talia is stuck in the apartment doing what the “agent” has demanded that she has done. Sarah asks her why she is not at the diner with Antonio and Cristian. At that point, the agent grabs Sarah and covers her mouth.

Jared tells Natalie that he knows Jessica is suffering through a terrible tragedy. But she has no right to blame Natalie. He knows Natalie has been a great sister to Jessica. And he knows that they are going to get through this. He loves her and he will be there for her. Natalie then tells Jared that she and Jessica are twins although they are not identical, don’t look alike and were not raised together. And now Jessica hates her.

Jessica looks at the pictures of herself and Nash. And she relives how they met. She remembers all of their times together. And he promised that they will be together forever. But then a voice tells her that she will have to prepare for the worst and say her goodbyes. And then she remembers awakening after he died to find that he is gone forever. And right then, it looks like she is having a breakdown when she remembers Nash’s tragic death

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