OLTL Update Wednesday 6/25/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

John visits Todd’s new place. He sees Todd holding painkillers and questions him about it. Upstairs Marty thinks about what Todd told her about John.

Entering her apartment with Antonio, Talia see the door is ajar. Antonio pulls his gun. They go in and the place is trashed.

Sarah and Cristian come into his loft with David (the Dog) Vickers and Cris shows Tina a ticket for not scooping the royal dog doo. Tina remarks that usually her server, assistants walk the dog. Cris asks where are the assistants when she has no place to crash. He asks where the assistants are when someone holds a gun to her daughter’s head when they are looking for her.

The ambassador is talking to someone on the phone saying in a few short hours they’ll have everything they want.

Shane, Brody and Gigi are in the diner talking about the father son race. Shane is very happy. Rex comes in and introduces himself to Brody.

Natalie and Jared are in the park. Natalie wants to go to Nash’s funeral and wishes Jessica would want her there.

Jessica is in the hallway of the funeral home. She’s having trouble going in. Vikki and Clint are at her side, helping her. Clint suggests she has time to take a walk. Jessica asks for a few minutes alone.

Roxy finds Jared and Natalie in the park and ask why they aren’t going to the funeral. Natalie explains, Roxy understands. Roxy stopped at a liquor store before coming to the park. She pulls a bottle of Nash’s wine out of the bag.

Rex sits with Gigi, Shane and Brody. Brody apologies for the wedding. Rex says who can resist a beautiful girl and a checkbook. Shane shows him the cup they won. He tells Rex that Brody moved in.

Todd swallows a pain pill and tells John he has tennis elbow. John asks about the woman from the penthouse. He says she needs medical attention. Todd asks what it has to do with him. John says he was in the penthouse when the woman disappeared. He asks who the woman is and what has Todd done with her.

Antonio and Talia look around and find the apartment empty. Nothing was taken. Antonio says they have to find Sarah. It could be related to the man in the park with the gun. Layla walks in and Antonio and Talia point their guns at her.

Tina asks Cris to be quiet because David Vickers (the dog) has a nervous bladder. Cris goes off on her about putting Sarah in danger. Talia calls and Sarah answers the phone. Talia asks where she is and if she’s alone. Sarah lies and tells her that it’s just her and Cris at his loft. Talia tells her to brace herself.

Cris follows Tina into another room and questions her about putting Sarah's safety in danger over whatever scam she has going. Sarah comes in saying someone broke into her apartment and that they think it’s the guy with the gun in the park. Cris turns to Tina and says to come clean now. Tina pulls out the jewels and says the guy in the park was Jonas Chamberlain and he’s the U.S. ambassador to Mendorra and he’s looking for the jewels. Cris says they have to tell Antonio. Tina says she waited too long to get the jewels. She confesses she’s a princess.

Todd asks John about chasing some woman at Ramsey’s place. John says it’s a different woman. John presses him to say what he did with her. Todd starts yelling for John to leave. Upstairs Marty hears. John leaves.

Gigi explains Brody is staying on the couch temporarily. Shane says he should move upstairs and Gigi tells him that’s inappropriate. Rex leaves. He looks back and sees Shane playing with Brody.

Roxy gives Natalie a hug saying she still has a mom who loves her. Rex walks by and Roxy asks to walk to the church together. Rex says no, he has nothing to say to her.

At the funeral, Bo, Lindsay, Clint and Nora talk in the hall. Nora says she hasn’t gone through the papers yet. Lindsay remembers stuffing RJ’s letter in Bo’s papers. Bo tells Nora its okay and Lindsay says today is not a day to worry about business.

Vikki asks if Jessica is ready. Jessica is upset and asks how is she supposed to bury the love of her life. Viki says you just do it because life goes on whether we’re ready or not.

Antonio asks Layla if she is sure nothing else was taken. She says they have to go or they will be late. Talia says to go without her. Antonio asks if she’s sure and Talia says yes. She’ll hustle the other angle.

Cris drills Tina on her behavior. He says Tina is only here for the jewels. Sarah questions Tina. Tina says she met the prince last year. Sarah says she married him and didn’t tell her children. Tina says she doesn’t deal with guilt. Tina goes off about taking care of David Vickers (dog). Tina says the bogus ambassador killed four people. They have to let her leave the country with the jewels. Tina says Jonas would have killed her.

Talia reads an internet article about the jewels. She finds Jonas’s photo and matches it to Cris's sketch. Just then Jonas walks in.

Cris tells Tina she has until tonight to get out of town. Then he goes to Antonio. Sarah says they have to go to Nash’s funeral. Cris says if she leaves this place for any reason but to get out of town, the deal is off. They leave and Tina sits down.

Todd goes to see Marty, gives her the pills. He tells her John was here. She asks if he knows she’s alive. Todd says no. John seems happier that way. Todd says John hates him. Marty asks what John has done. Todd goes to leave and says he’ll tell her when he gets back. She asks it its Lee’s funeral and Todd just says he doubts John will be man enough to show up. Todd goes downstairs and out the front door. John is hiding in the bushes watching him leave. He goes to the door.

Roxy asks if they can talk later. Rex says don’t count on it. Roxy leaves. Natalie starts to talk to him but Rex stops her. He asks Jared if he had a nice father’s day. Jared says, “Rex, for what its worth-“ Rex cuts him off saying its worth nothing. Natalie tells him to call her. Rex asks how long was she going to keep the secret. Natalie asks him to tell Bo something. Rex says he can’t speak for her, not today.

In the funeral home, Jessica and Vikki talk about losing Nash. Jessica says she’s not as strong as Vikki. Vikki reassures her. Clint comes in to see if she needs more time. They go out.

The eulogy is read while we see everyone hugging and consoling Jessica. The casket is carried out. The priest says prayers. Jessica lays a picture Bree drew on the casket.

At the diner, Shane goes to the restroom to wash his hands. Gigi and Brody talk. Gigi says she can handle her son. She says Brody needs to reel himself in. Gigi says it’s hard enough to deal with this without him getting in Rex’s face. Brody asks if she wants him to leave. Gigi says no. Brody says he wants to stay. He likes Shane and likes being a dad.

Talia picks up the gun and tells Jonas he’s under arrest. He comes forward and says he knows everything about her. She says take one more step and she’ll shoot. He closes the door and says he doesn’t think she will.

John goes into the house. Marty is upstairs looking at his picture.

Jared suggest going to the funeral and just listen. Stand in the back so Jessica can feel her love even if she can’t see it.

Tina is talking to someone on the phone asking to stay longer for Sarah.

At the church Sarah sings a song. They bring the casket in. Sarah's voice breaks a bit as she looks at the casket. Todd comes in the back. Sarah finishes her song, stops to kiss Jessica and takes her seat. The priest begins to talk. Jared and Natalie are in the foyer. The door to where Nash’s mass is being said is closed but they listen at the door.

Tina tells the person on the phone that they are right. It’s too dicey to stay. But she makes the other person promise they could come back and visit.

At Talia’s Jonas is on the phone saying Talia Sahid was no problem.

Shane comes back to the table. Shane is happy to be with his parents.

Clint gets up to talk about Nash. He says at first he didn’t like Nash. Then he found Nash to be fearless, ready and in love with Jessica. He was proud to call him family. Vikki talks about Jessica’s near fatal illness and how Nash helped. Bo talks about how in love Jessica was with Nash. Natalie and Jared listen at the door. Roxy talks about how Nash accepted her. How he had a big heart. Jessica gets up, crying and talks about Nash. She says when she was lost he was her guide. When she was hurting herself, he healed her.

John looks around Todd’s place. He goes up the stairs. Marty is looking at the picture and remember what Todd said.

Tina is walking David Vickers when Jonas finds her.

Jessica says if it wasn’t for Nash she’d be dead. He found her and took care of her. He forgave her and loved her. As Jessica talks about forgiveness, Roxy looks at Rex and walks out. Jessica keeps going as Roxy opens the doors at the back of the church and Natalie and Jared are standing there. Jessica stares at them.

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