OLTL Update Tuesday 6/24/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Marty awakens in her bed. Todd is ready to serve her breakfast and “program” her to trust him. But she demands to know what happened to the picture of her and John. She somehow knows that there is significance in her relationship with John.

Blair sits in the kitchen looking, grimly of wedding photos of her mother and David Vickers. John knocks on the door and asks her if this is a bad time. She makes a comment about how she’d like him to arrest her “new stepfather”. But when he asks her where that came from, she replies it’s not worth talking about.

Cole returns home and tells Nora he wants to talk to her about “his rights”. She asks him exactly what he means.

Marcie stops Michael right when he is getting out of the shower and ready to go to work, by informing him that Starr Manning is pregnant. Hearing that, he is shocked. He asks her how she found that out. She tells him it doesn’t really matter. He tells her that that is shocking information since Starr is only 16. Marcie replies yes. And for that reason, she told Marcie that when the baby is born, she wants them to adopt it.

Blair asks John to sit down and have a cup of coffee. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her about the “recent development”. He asks her if she has talked to Starr recently. She replies of course she talks to her daughter. Right then, Starr enters and asks John if he might have heard from Cole. She has been leaving messages and texts and he has not replied. John knows the reason why. But Blair has not yet heard until Starr informs her that she told Cole she wanted to give her baby up for adoption.

Todd asks Marty if it wouldn’t be better if she just forgot about John. She then demands that he tells her who he was. He wants her to forget about him but he won’t even tell her if he was her boyfriend or husband or whom he was. She assesses that this guy supposedly left her to die. She lost her memory. And she asks him just what the positive side was. Todd replies that the positive side is she has him (himself). Todd then goes downstairs and meets with his lawyer. He tells him that he really wants to buy this place and serve Blair with divorce papers. The lawyer asks him if he is really sure he wants to go through with this. Todd tells him absolutely.

After Starr announces to her mother that she told Cole she wanted to give the baby up for adoption, Blair asks her daughter just how he took it. Starr admits that he did not accept it. She tells her mother that she really believes that this is the best thing for the baby. John then tells Blair and Starr that he has to go. But Starr tells John that she wishes he would stay. She wants to discuss it with him. She knows that Cole really looks up to him and might listen to him. John tells her that Cole believes that the baby is the only family he has left. Blair protests to John that he must see that it’s completely unrealistic to believe that Starr and Cole could raise a baby. Hearing that, John tells Starr that he will do everything he can to get Cole to understand that she has to do what she has chosen to do.

Lindsay goes to Nora’s home and runs into Nigel at the door. He seems guarded when he sees her and doesn’t want to let her in or leave her unattended. She tells him there’s “something” she has to pick up that Bo would have in his files. But he is not about to let her do what she intends to do.

Inside, Nora is distracted talking to Cole. He tells her that he has to fight Starr on this situation. He cannot let some stranger adopt his kid.

After Marcie has dropped the bombshell upon Michael that Starr is pregnant and wants them to adopt her baby, he doesn’t know what to say. He asks her if maybe Starr is “playing” her again. He remembers the other time when Starr came to their home to inform them that Todd abused Sam. But Marcie tells Michael that this is the “real deal’. Starr really is pregnant. She does not believe she can raise a child nor can Cole. She’s right. She also tells Michael that Starr really gave a lot of thought to the fact that she (Marcie) would make a good mom. Starr admitted to Marcie that she came to the realization that Marcie was more fit to raise Sam than Todd was. She could see that Marcie should be a mom. Michael is not certain what to say but he asks Marcie if she wants to take Starr up on her offer. He tells her he assumes that Cole is the father. Marcie replies yes. He asks her how Cole feels about it. Marcie replies that Starr informed her that Cole knows nothing about Starr’s idea to have them raise the baby.

Starr tells John that her mind is made up. She is only 16 and knows that neither she nor Cole can raise a baby. And she wishes that John would help Cole to realize that.

Cole tells Nora that he is very worried that Starr is going to take away his rights. And he cannot accept having his child taken from him. She tells him that he needs to realize that he may not be able to change the way Starr feels about it. He tells Nora that he really needs to convince Starr that they can be good parents. But Nora tells Cole that maybe Starr is being more realistic about the situation than he is. And she reminds him that Starr is pregnant. Her body is changing. She has to give birth to it. She has to give up the life she wants to live when she is so young. Nora tells Cole she does not believe that Starr is ready.

When Blair is alone with John, she tells him that she can see that her daughter’s mind is made up. A part of her is relieved that Starr doesn’t want to give up her life. But it is really sad that Starr wants to give up her baby for adoption.

Cole asks Nora if she does not believe that his feelings matter. She tells him of course not and that she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his wanting to raise a kid. But he must know that he has so many years ahead of him. Some day he will get married and have a child. IT will be the right time when he’s finished school and has a career and is ready to support and raise a child. He tells her that he wants to sacrifice his life for a child right now. But she tells him she really believes that his mom would not want him to have a child now and she would respect Starr’s decision. Cole tells Nora he does not believe that his mom would think that. And he knows that his mom is not there right now. He has no choice. Nora asks him about what. He replies to sue Starr for custody.

Michael asks Marcie if Starr plans on giving up the baby without telling Cole and, moreover without Todd knowing. Marcie admits that if Todd ever finds out that they, of all people are raising his grandchild, that would not be what they want. But he can tell that she has given this idea some serious consideration. And he tells her they both must know that this cannot happen. She tells him she knows.

Nora asks Cole if he is really considering suing Starr for custody. He tells her he is not “considering” it. He is going to do it.

When Nigel guards Nora’s house from Lindsay after she’s told him she just has to pick up something of Bo’s, she protests that he must know that she loves Bo and he does not have to protect Bo from her.

After Cole has told Nora what he plans to do, she asks him if he is not aware of what it will mean to sue the mother of his child for custody when the baby is in utero. Whether they win or lose, he needs to know what this will do to the two of them.

After Marty demands that Todd tells her about her relationship with John, he tells her that John almost got her killed. She asks if John tried to kill her. He tells her not exactly. But he let her get into a van and see it fall off of a cliff and catch on fire. John did not care what happened to her. He doesn’t care about other people. He had a chance to save her and chose not to.

Blair asks John if she thinks that Starr has made the wrong decision. He tells her it’s not that. But he knows that lots of guys would be very relieved to be “off the hook” by hearing their girlfriend wanting to give their baby away. Cole is not like that, however. He wants to take some responsibility. But, hearing that, Blair tells John that if Cole had taken the responsibility to wear a condom the night in question in the first place, they wouldn’t be having that discussion. Right then, she hears a knock on the door from Todd’s lawyer. And he informs her that Todd is suing her for divorce.

Marty asks Todd if it’s true that John left her to die. She asks him to tell her more. He “warns” her that she does not want to know. He tells her that the van caught on fire. Both John and Ramsey made a run for it but never really tried to do anything for her. All John seemed to want to do was save his own ass. He knew that if she died, then she wouldn’t be able to answer Ramsey’s questions about what really happened. Hearing that, it sounds like Marty is beginning to believe Todd that she cannot trust John.

After Blair reviews the divorce papers, she concludes to John that the only reason Todd remarried her in the first place was to help him get custody of Sam. But that’s no longer an issue. She tells him that it really looks like Todd is “moving on”. He has a new address as she can see. He then tells her that he is not fit to judge others’ relationships. But Todd is an idiot. He tells her that he realizes he has not had a lot of success in that department. At that point, he notices a picture of her mother and Vickers with “Elvis”. He asks her what happened and tells her this must be a joke. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about that. But she is very worried about her daughter and Cole. They are good kids and it breaks her heart. He tells her that he wanted to let her know that Starr is lucky to have such a good mom. She says thank you.

Marcie goes to the hospital to do her volunteer job in the maternity ward. She smiles. She notices a woman looking through the window with her and asks which one is hers. The woman points out her baby daughter and informs Marcie that she never thought that she could be a mother. But there she is. She tells Marcie that there is no feeling like it. Hearing that, Marcie realizes that that is true.

Nora asks Cole if fighting for custody is what he or Starr or the baby need. He asks her why she would think it’s ok for strangers to raise his child. Nora tells him it may not “be fair” for him to believe the adoptive parents are strangers. He tells her that Starr is completely selfish. She has two parents and extended family. So giving up a baby may seem like no big deal to her. But he has no family whatsoever. He does not mean any disrespect to her. She has been great. But his mom is gone. And he really needs her legal help. At that point, Nora tells Cole she agrees to help him. But she tells him she begs him to think long and hard about what he is doing. He is crying and she holds him.

Lindsay asks Nigel what he thinks she’s going to do. Steal the silverware? He tells her that Mr. Buchanan knows that she has a “colorful background”. She reminds Nigel that so does he with Jared. Right then, Nora enters with the “file” in her hands and asks Nigel if there is a problem or anything she should know about. Lindsay tells her it’s very simple. There was a private file that Bo had that he didn’t want to leave his home. Nora then asks Lindsay if she thinks for one minute she will let Lindsay get her paws on those papers. And they get into a fight.

The woman Marcie talks to in the hospital informs Marcie that she and her husband tried and failed for a long time to have a baby and thought they’d never be able to. But today, she proved the statistics wrong. She asks Marcie if she is somehow “related” to any of these babies. Marcie replies no. She just got a volunteer job working in the maternity ward with the newborns.. The woman asks Marcie if she ahs any kids. Marcie tells her no. Marcie acts friendly. But that conversation is obviously hurting her. When the woman goes in to see her baby and Marcie is alone, Marcie turns around and sees Starr.

After Todd has informed Marty that John abandoned her and left her for dead, she sounds “devastated”. Todd tells her he realizes that is a lot for her to handle. But he can tell her right now that she is a lot safer with him than she was with John.

Not far away, John is outside. He has found the address that Todd is staying at from the divorce papers that Todd had served to Blair.

Nora asks Lindsay if she thinks that she’s going to let Lindsay do her slimy tactics and ruin Matthew’s father’s life. Lindsay tells Nora that she wishes that Bo could hear Nora talk to her that way. And she remarks that she has noticed that Clint looks like he’s getting older. Nora seems to suck the life out of all people. Nora then demands that Lindsay gets out of her house.

Alone in his room, Cole goes online and gets into Llanview.net.

At the hospital, Starr informs Marcie that she has been researching online and finding out about girls her age who give babies to good parents like Marcie and Michael and she’d really like Marcie to reconsider. Right then, Blair appears and greets Marcie (although she has not heard Starr’s plan). She informs her that Starr is there for her checkup. Marcie informs Blair that she is volunteering in pediatrics. She is doing that to lift her spirits. Blair informs Marcie that Sam is doing really well. She leaves with Starr. Alone, Marcie stares at the woman holding the baby.

Marty awakens in her bed again. John appears at the door. Todd answers the door. John asks Todd if “the lady of the house” is there.

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