OLTL Update Monday 6/23/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/23/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David Vickers enters the kitchen in Dorian’s home wearing nothing except his Speedos. Addie enters in her luxurious nightgown. They say good morning and kiss. At that point, Dorian enters and yells at them demanding that they stop this instant.

Clint and Nora read the paper and notice the article that Jared has been acquitted of all charges. They know that this will not be ok with Jessica. The man who ruined and got her husband killed has gotten away with it.

Right then, Natalie and Jared awaken after he’s had a nightmare. She consoles him, knowing what his nightmare has been about. She tells him he must know that what happened to Nash was merely and accident and he cannot blame himself. And she admits that she has a very similar problem having to deal with the fact that her sister hates her.

Right then, Viki plays the message on her answering machine while in her kitchen where Clint warns her about letting Jessica see the article. Right then, Jessica comes downstairs looking like she wants to recover from her terrible tragedy. Viki hugs her daughter not knowing what to tell her.

At Bo’s home, he tells Lindsay he is not certain what they will do now that Jared has gotten away with his dastardly deed. She tells him that maybe it’s in large part her fault since she went behind his back and “teamed up” with Clint. But it sounds like Bo does not blame her for anything. She is still keeping the crucial secret from him.

At Roxy’s motel, Charlie tells her that he wants to pay her to stay in the place. But she doesn’t want to take his money. She tells him that maybe she is responsible for the big mess he got into. They agree that maybe he can reconcile with Jared. But he tells her he is very worried that Viki will never forgive him for his lie to her family.

Jessica cries and tells her mother she doesn’t know what she is going to do now that she is pregnant. She cries and admits that she doesn’t know how to go on. She misses Nash so much. She admits that she woke up this morning after having a dream that he was there. She awoke and Bree was already awake. She reached down and brushed her hair. And Bree told her she loved her. She wanted so much to go and tell Nash. She admits that she is furious with Natalie. She could care less where her sister lives or where she sleeps. And maybe Natalie can just “share a cot” with Jared in his jail cell.

When Natalie and Jared are together after waking up, he tells her that there was one good thing that came of all of this. It was having her in his life. But they both know that Jessica will never forgive either one of them.

Jessica then tells Viki that she hopes they put Jared away in prison for the rest of his worthless life. She also tells her that Natalie deserves to be without the man she loves for the rest of her life. Having him locked up in prison might help her to understand what it’s like. Viki does not know what to tell her daughter.

David and Addie dance in the kitchen totally uninhibited. Dorian, again, screams that they stop it. And she admits that maybe God is punishing her for what she did by letting this happen.

Realizing that Jessica has not seen the article that says that Jared got away with his crime but that she will see it sooner or later, Viki does not know what to tell Jessica when she expresses her anger toward Natalie and Jared. Viki tells Jessica that maybe, for all we know, Natalie might have “changed”. Jessica reflects about what a worthless little bitch Natalie was when she came into town and first discovered she was Viki’s daughter.

While alone in Bo’s apartment, Lindsay discovers a letter written by RJ. He writes that he realizes that maybe they will never be more than friends, now that she is getting “serious” with Bo. He tells her he is going to visit his family and put some distance between them. He tells her he wishes they could become more than friends. He admits that it takes a “special woman” to pull off the secret she did that enabled her to get away with murdering Spencer Truman. He tells her he will never forget all she did to help him raise Jamie when she was living with them. And he assures her that “her secret” is safe with him.

While watching David with Addie, Dorian tells him that he is a “low rent Casanova”. He tells her that she “made her choice” and must now live with it. But she tells him she thinks not.

Viki tells Jessica that she realizes the loss she has suffered. And she would never dream of telling her how to feel. Jessica goes on about all that she has missed out and all the future she would have with Nash had it not been for the abhorrent thing that happened.

Natalie tells Jared that she knows that nothing can ever justify the tragic loss of Nash. But he cannot beat himself up with guilt. She tells him she wants to be there for him and help him get through his “crises”. He promises her that he will not “fail her now”. And he will always be there for her.

David and Addie talk about their plans to go and find a car and go for a romantic ride together. He will show her how to drive. She can sit on his lap. They can have all the fun together. They both seem to want to annoy Dorian and flaunt their mutual adulation. But Dorian tells her sister that she is “not going anywhere today”. She tells her there is a very special person who has come to visit. It’s Addie’s doctor from St. Anne’s. Dorian lets the doctor in the door. Noticing him, Addie greets him and introduces him to her husband. David greets him and tells him he’s happy to have him visit. Dorian then tells David he is an idiot to think that’s why the doctor is there. He’s not there to “visit”. He is there to take David’s “meal ticket” back to St. Anne’s.

Alone in the apartment, Lindsay is having a “vision” that Bo has discovered her “secret” and is ready to end it with her.

Charlie and Roxy talk about whether he should forgive himself or expect to be forgiven by Viki. She concludes that she doesn’t want to let his relationship get ruined. She will go and talk to Viki and tell her that she put David up to lying and she will urge Viki not to end it with Charlie. But he tells her that a major part of his 12 step program is to take responsibility for his actions and not expect others to bail him out. Right then, Jared enters. Charlie tells his son he is really glad that the Buchanans dropped the charges against him. He just hopes they don’t reconsider. Jared tells his father he knows they won’t. But his major concern is Natalie. Natalie enters and cries. Roxy hugs her daughter and tells her it will be alright.

Clint enters Viki’s home. They are all dressed in black and are ready to attend Nash’s funeral. Jessica tells her father that she is so happy he is there. Things will be better after he locks Jared away and makes him pay for his crime. But Clint tells his daughter he is terribly sorry. He has decided not to press charges against Jared. Hearing that, she cries and demands that her father tells her how he can “do that” to her.

Bo returns home and notices that “something” is going on with Lindsay. He knows that she wants to avoid talking about what is really bothering her. She replies that nothing is bothering her. He tells her he believes he was being a jerk earlier. When he assumed that she did the “wrong thing” involving Cobb and Webster, he jumped to the wrong conclusions. He wants her to know that he trusts her. And in regard to that, he reveals to her that his father’s long lost son is non other than David Vickers. Hearing that, Lindsay is very surprised.

Dorian tells Addie’s doctor that her sister is behaving very irrationally and she is concerned about her well being. Hearing that, Addie asks her what the problem is. Dorian replies that she has married this “twice convicted gigolo”. David argues. The doctor tells them that he does want to do an “evaluation” with Addie. He does understand her sister’s concern. But David tells the doctor that he will not leave his wife’s side.

Jessica frantically asks her father how he could even consider dropping the charges against Jared. He replies that Natalie told him he would have to in order for her to reveal just whom Asa’s real son is.

Roxy tells Natalie that when Natalie found out for the first time that she was a Buchanan, Roxy wanted her to be a part of the family. She realizes that she raised her daughter pathetically. She doesn’t want Natalie to give up on becoming a Buchanan. And she tells her daughter she will always be there for her. Natalie cries.

Charlie tells Jared that he intends to prove to him that he can be a good father. He hopes can be a better man than the one who lied to Viki. Jared tells his father that he does not want to hold that against him. And they both agree to no guilt.

In Dorian’s kitchen, the doctor asks David and Dorian if he could just have a “moment” alone with Addie. He sits at the table with Addie and does an “ink blot” test with her.

Dorian tells David that he has really crossed the line by expecting her sister to be his personal ATM. He is only doing it in order to get back at her (Dorian). He does not care about her sister. He protests that Addie is fun. He loves being with her. She has given him all the things that Dorian cannot do for him. At that point, the doctor is “done” with Addie. Dorian assumes that he has concluded that she must now “say goodbye” to David and return to St. Anne’s. But the doctor surprises Dorian by informing her that he does not intend to send Addie anywhere. HE believes she is saner and more lucid than he has ever seen her before. Hearing that, Dorian demands to know “what kind of a quack” the doctor is. She tells him he must know that her sister has completely lost it to marry Mr. Vickers. But Dr. Bonner protests that he does not believe that there is anything “wrong” with Addie’s choice to marry this man. He tells Addie he believes she is making excellent progress. He does have a “concern’ however. He believes that her sister is experiencing extreme paranoia and needs some help.

Bo tells Lindsay that he is really sorry if he distrusted her. Right then, she gets a call from her son. He wants to send Jessica a correspondence. Lindsay gets distracted in the conversation. Bo is almost out the door. Lindsay assumes he is gone. But he returns and finds a “book” that he needs to bring to Nora while Lindsay does not see him.

Roxy tells Natalie that she is going to church today and she’s going to ask the “big guy” for a big favor. She is going to attend Nash’s funeral. Hearing that, Natalie knows she better not join her mother but asks Roxy if she can help her with something.

Jessica breaks down in the kitchen. Viki consoles her daughter.

Natalie returns to her room with Jared. She tells him that she just found out that Nash’s funeral was today. He admits that he did not know. She tells him that she believes she should be there. But he doesn’t seem to want to let her go.

Dr. Bonner concludes to Dorian that he strongly suggests that she seeks treatment. And he congratulates Addie on her marriage. At that point, David gloats to Dorian about how she’s “failed her plan”. He tells her that he and Addie will have a fun and fulfilling day. Addie happily joins him as they leave. And he encourages Dorian to “keep that money coming”.

Alone with Viki, Clint asks her if she has some “secret understanding” about Jessica’s anger. He knows something is going on that is leaving her equally angry. He asks her what ever became of her and Charlie. She admits that she and Charlie are through. He takes her hand and tells her he is sorry. He knows how much Charlie meant to her.

Right then, Charlie is having coffee and talking in a friendly manner to Roxy.

Nora meets with Bo and again expresses her distrust of Lindsay. But he tells her that he trusts Lindsay.

After Lindsay is done talking to her son on the phone, she discovers that Bo has taken the “secret letter”.

Bo admits to Nora that Clint and Lindsay did something behind their backs and Nora forgave Clint. Nora clarifies to Clint that Lindsay did something very slimy and inexcusable. He doesn’t want to argue with her and he goes out the door. He leaves her with the papers, tells her he is going and he will see her at the funeral. And right underneath the pile of papers and files is the “secret letter” that Lindsay does not want in the wrong hands and it's ready to go into Nora's hands.

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