OLTL Update Friday 6/20/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/20/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Marty demands that Todd tells her how they know each other. He doesn’t want to answer that question. He tells her all she needs to know is that he is taking care of her now.

By Marty’s “gravesite”, John asks Cole why he came down there. Cole informs John that the reason he had to go and see his “deceased mother” is because Starr wants to give their baby away.

When Langston and Markko are with their group of friends, the friends demand that Langston and Markko tell them what the big secret is involving Starr and Cole. They demand that Langston and Markko tell them the secret that they have been keeping for Starr and Cole

Starr goes to see Marcie, privately. And she spills it right out to her that she is pregnant. Marcie is speechless. Starr then asks Marcie if she(Marcie) wants to adopt Starr’s baby. Marcie is stunned not knowing what to say with this sudden “bombshell”. Starr then tells Marcie that she knows that she cannot raise a baby at her young age. And when she saw how good Marcie was with Sam in the park, she thought that Marcie and Michael should be the ones to raise the baby. Marcie then asks Starr if Cole is the father and if he knows about the baby. Starr admits that he knows all about it. But she tells Marcie that doesn’t want to talk about Cole right now. She is ready to tell Marcie more. But Marcie interrupts Starr to ask how far along she is, if she’s seen a doctor and getting prenatal care. Starr assures Marcie yes. But Marcie appears angry and turns away. She tells Starr that it’s a little too much for Starr to be suddenly appearing on her doorstep to tell her this like it’s on Starr’s “to do” list. Marcie reminds Starr that she came to see her not long ago to lie about her dad abusing Sam. She had no consideration for anybody including Sam. Starr then admits to Marcie that she knows she acted without thinking when she did that. Marcie then tells Starr that that is what Starr’s “nuclear family” is all about. Lying and hurting other people just to get what they want. Starr tells Marcie she realizes and cannot do anything about what has happened in her family. But regardless, she wants her baby to have two parents who will raise him or her and be the right kind of parents for an infant.

Marty demands that Todd tells her how long they’ve known each other. He replies since college. Hearing that, she asks how it is that all of a sudden, somebody like himself would want to take care of her after Lee Ramsey is no longer there. She demands that Todd tells her what is really going on. At that point, Janet comes into Marty’s room with her medicine and the picture of Marty with John. Marty again looks at the picture and seems calmer and as if she knows that “this man” in the picture (whom she also has no memory of) is somebody whom she could trust.

By his mom’s gravesite, a distraught Cole tells John that both of his parents are dead. He has no family. And Starr wants to take away the only family he can have left. He just cannot accept that.

Marcie calms down and apologizes to Starr for yelling at her. She explains to Starr that she was just overwhelmed to hear all of this so suddenly. Starr then informs Marcie that she did some research online and found out about a teenage girl who got pregnant and gave her baby to parents of her choice whom she knew would take care of it. Starr found out that if she authorizes for Marcie and Michael to adopt her baby, their “track record” wouldn’t matter. They have the legal right to adopt if she wants them to. It’s called “closed adoption”. Hearing that, Marcie admits to Starr that she has never heard of that.

The kids tell Langston and Markko that they know that they are keeping a secret for Starr and Cole. That’s why they are calling Starr and Cole every 15 minutes. That’s why Langston and Markko are in such bag moods. They know that Starr and Cole slept together. Starr’s dad caught them together and beat Cole up. But they know that there is more to it than that. At that point, Markko tells them that they can reveal “the truth” to them although it sounds like Langston doesn’t want that. Markko tells them that he and Langston are “covering” for Starr and Cole. Her dad does not want his daughter to be in the same room with Cole. So they are “covering” for Starr and Cole so that they can be alone in secret. Hearing that, the kids seem to buy that and stop asking questions. They leave. When Langston is alone with Cole, she tells him that the fact that those young people will be able to vote in a couple of years really scares her. But she tells him he came up with a good “story”. He looks at her and can tell that she is kind of “down” about something. She tells him that it’s everything.

Marcie tells Starr that she doesn’t know everything about adoption laws. But she knows if Cole does not agree to let her and Michael adopt the baby, Starr cannot do it without him. Starr tells Marcie that she has to find a better choice than to give this child two “crappy” teenage parents. She knows that Marcie and Michael are fit to be parents. And she believes that Cole will have to see that sooner or later. Marcie then asks Starr if her parents know about her pregnancy. Starr replies that her mother knows. But her father doesn’t know and she must make certain that he never does.

In Marty’s room, Todd tells Janet he wants her to run off and get him a drink. Janet reminds Todd that she is Marty’s nurse. Not his personal maid. She goes off. Along with Todd, Marty tells Todd that he must tell her how long, exactly they have known each other.

Cole tells John that maybe it’s because he has great parents and Starr has a “bad dad” that she cannot see how the two of them could raise a baby so that it can be happy. John admits to Cole that he may not know a lot about parenting. But he knows that Cole’s mom always put him first. Hearing that, Cole tells John that is exactly what he is talking about. He believes that he could “put this baby first”. Just like his parents did with him. In response to that, John asks Cole if he thinks that that might not be just what Starr is doing right now.

After Starr informs Marcie that Todd has no clue that she is pregnant, Marcie asks Starr if she knows what will happen if he ever finds out that she gave her baby up for adoption to herself and Michael of all people. Starr tells Marcie that she need not be afraid of Todd. John won’t let Todd get away with breaking the law or doing anything rash. Marcie then asks Starr if she is really all that concerned about her baby. Or if she just wants to “use” Marcie and Michael and the baby as a way to stick it to her father.

Marty asks Todd if she has parents or siblings. He informs her that her parents are gone. And she was an only child. She looks at the picture of herself and John and asks when this was taken. Todd admits he does not know and doesn’t want to talk about John nor encourage her to trust John.

Cole informs John that he remembered his father wanting to stay with his mother and him forever.. Then when he died, Cole just about lost it. But his mother helped him get through it. They went to every amusement park in the country. He tells John how his mom just kept going and laughing. And he was finally able to see that maybe there was “life” after his dad. She did all that for him.

Marty looks at the picture of herself and John and asks Todd if that man is her husband. Todd then “admits” to Marty that he didn’t want to say it. John was not her husband. He was the one who left her to die.

John then admits to Cole that he doesn’t have any simple solutions for the fact that Starr wants to give up their baby.

Marcie tells Starr that she cannot believe that somebody other than herself and Michael would want to adopt her baby. SO why would Starr select them of all people? Starr then tells Marcie that she can see how devastated Marcie and Michael both were when the judge denied them custody of Sam. Marcie looks at Starr and attempts to assure her that she(herself) is ok. She is coping with the fact that Sam is Todd’s child and not hers’. At that point, Starr reveals to Marcie that she was in the ladies’ room, overhearing Marcie having a meltdown after the judge’s ruling. She heard her telling Michael that there is a “hole” in her heart. And she tells Marcie she believes that giving Marcie her baby would fill that whole in Marcie’s heart.

Langston tells Markko that all of those girls drive her crazy. All of their giggling and gossiping is so stupid. It annoys her that they get to act “so young”. Starr will never get to do that or be that again. He concludes that Starr has had to grow up too soon. And maybe she(Langston) has had to also. She then tells Markko that if she is ever not nice to him, he needs to let her know. She tells him what she really wanted to tell him is how much it means to her that he is there. He understands what most boys do not. And she is worried that she “doesn’t have time” with him. But he tells her that they are not like Starr and Cole. They have lots of time together.

After Todd has informed Marty that “this man”(John) hurt and abandoned her, and she seems to buy that, she is able to tell that Todd suddenly appears “happy”. She then asks Todd what “this man’s” name is. He replies his name is John. And he is a “bad man”.

John tells Cole that when he sees him(Cole) he sees Marty living on in Cole. Cole tells John that that is the very reason why he wants this child. It will be Marty’s grandchild. Her blood. Is that wrong?

After Starr has revealed to Marcie that she saw her have a meltdown in the bathroom, Marcie rationalizes that she hit “rock bottom” at that point. But she is getting to be ok with the fact that she had to give up Sam. She tells Starr she cannot tell her how much it means to her that Starr wants to give her the baby. Starr asks Marcie if that means that she is saying yes. Marcie tells Starr that she really has a dilemma about this. She doesn’t want Starr to give her her baby because Starr feels sorry for her. The situation that Marcie got herself into his not Starr’s responsibility. But Starr tells Marcie that she saw how great she was with Sam in the park, the other day. Neither she nor Cole had a clue how to take care of a baby. But Marcie did. She tells Marcie that she doesn’t believe for a minute that she is doing the wrong thing to give her baby to Marcie.

Marty asks Todd to tell her more about this “terrible man” whom she was involved with(meaning John). She asks if this man is a threat to her. Todd tells her no. But he could have saved her and did not. Janet them comes in and asks Marty if she needs “more pills”. Marty at first tells her no. But Todd tells Janet that Marty needs more pills. He obviously wants her to sleep.

Cole tells John that he believes the only reason why Starr does not want to raise their baby is because of her dad. Why is it that his mom had to die and that jerk has to live(Todd Manning)? John tells Cole that he(Cole) has every right to hate that son of a bitch.. But he(John) really does understand why it is that Starr does not believe that she can raise a baby nor can he.

Marcie tells Starr that the reason why she kind of “freaked” when Starr “dropped the bombshell” upon her is because she finally moved on with realizing that Todd cannot be a threat to Sam or to her or Michael. She realized how grateful she was to have Michael. She concludes to Starr that her baby is so lucky to have her. And there is no way that she can be a part of that. She cannot be a “tool” for Starr to use against her father. She tells Starr that she cannot give up her baby. And she(herself) cannot be a part of that baby’s life. It just couldn’t work.

Langston tells Markko that he has to go. He tells her he will. But he wants to tell her that if the two of them get to have fun and laugh and behave like kids, it will not “hurt Starr’s feelings”. He tells her that he wants to be with her and can’t wait for tomorrow with her. He kisses her and goes out the door.

Starr asks Marcie if she won’t even consider her plan. Marcie tells Starr she is so sorry. Starr gets up to leave. But Marcie tells Starr she is already ‘half way there”. She knows that Starr will do whatever it takes to give the baby the best life it could have. Starr asks Marcie if she should just talk to Dr. McBain and hear what he has to say. And maybe she will change her mind in the morning. But Marcie tells her she doesn’t think that will happen.

John tells Cole he knows that Cole only wants to do what is right for that baby. So he asks what Cole says about getting out of there. Cole tells John yes but he just needs a moment. Alone, Cole goes to his mother’s gravesite plaque and tells her that he won’t let anybody take away her grandchild.

Marcie tells Starr she must know that there are so many people out there who would give anything to have her baby. Starr tells Marcie she never thought that Marcie would say no. Marcie tells Starr that this is the hardest thing she could ever do. But she believes it’s for the best. She hugs Starr. Starr cries.

Todd stands by Marty’s bedside while she falls asleep and observes the picture of Marty with John.

While John is alone near Marty’s gravesite, he pull the picture of himself and Marty from his wallet. Cole joins John and they leave together.

Starr leaves Marcie’s apartment.

And we hear the song: ‘Let it be love’

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