OLTL Update Thursday 6/19/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/19/08


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Starr tells Cole that she doesn’t want to hurt him. He tells her in that case, she needs to know that they cannot give up their baby. But she tells him that is completely unrealistic. She can barely drive. They cannot work. They are minors, not even done with high school and not ready to be parents. She concludes that they are just kids who did a really stupid thing. He then asks her if she believes that making love to him was a stupid thing.

Langston and Cole are at their friends’ home while the parents are out, playing poker. They talk about the things they can do together, secretly. But she doesn’t seem to be having the type of “teenage fun” that the others are having. The mom of the house demands they let her in. Langston opens the door and tells her the reason her daughter shrieked is because she saw a spider. The mom replies in that case, then why don’t they have “one of the boys” kill it for them. She knows they are hiding boys in the room

Cristian reminds Tina that her daughter has not seen or heard from her since she was a child. Is she unaware that her daughter has been hurt? Does she even have a clue what is going on with her daughter? In response to his implication that she does not care about her daughter, Tina tells Cristian that that hurts. He tells her he does not care. He cares about Sarah. Sarah has not seen her mother throughout most of her life. The only time Tina comes back is when she needs their help. He tells Tina all she cares about is herself and her dog. She cares more about her worthless dog than about her daughter. But Sarah tells Cristian she wishes he would ease up on her mom. She asks him if he’d go take a walk so that she can talk to her mother alone. He leaves to go to the diner. She then apologizes to her mother. But Tina tells her daughter that Crsitain is right. They both have no reason to trust her or help her with anything at this point.

Marcie returns home and informs Michael that she saw Sam today. They make it clear that they miss him. Right then, John enters with his arm in a sling. He asks his brother if he has any evidence of the mysterious woman that disappeared from Ramsey’s home, from the x rays he has. He tells him they must find her. She could be the key to the unsolved mystery regarding Ramsey.

Meanwhile, Todd and his body guard have Marty in a bed in a private residence. He tells her that she is safe with them. But she does not remember anything. She asks where Lee(Ramsey) is. Todd tells her that he is no longer there and she will have to trust them. That’s all he can tell her.

Talia goes to meet Antonio at the diner after he’s asked to see her. When he thinks they are alone, he kisses her. Right at that moment, his mother enters. Carlotta is shocked to see what she sees. She has been under the belief that they broke up and that this woman broke her son’s heart by dumping him for John McBain. Antonio attempts to explain to his mother that it was all “undercover”. They are cops. It’s part of their job. But she tells him that he crossed the line. It’s her job to be a mom all the time. Not just “undercover”. She’s spent the last 6 months worrying about her son’s “broken heart”. She wishes he had not lied to her. But they explain to Carlotta that Ramsey is corrupt and they have had to play it just right in order to nail him. They still have to unravel a mystery after he’s gone. But hopefully they will get to the bottom of it soon.

Marcie informs Michael that she was on her way to the hospital to see him. Then she ran into Starr and Cole in the park with Sam. They didn’t have a clue how to take care of him. But she calmed him down and Starr was very impressed by how good she is with children. She leaves Michael to talk to John alone. He looks over the medical records of this “Jane Doe” in Ramsey’s apartment(Marty). And he informs John that she is lucky to be alive.

Marty lies in the bed and makes it clear to Todd that she does not want him to touch her. He tells her she must know that he is trying to help her. But she tells Todd she demands answers. She needs to know where Lee is. He informs her that Ramsey cannot help her anymore because he’s dead. He’s sorry but he(Todd) is all she’s got now.

When Mrs. Cassle comes to check in on Langston and her fi4ends, she asks if there are any boys there. They assure her that they are not. They are very excited about the next day. So they need to get to sleep, they tell her. But she knows better and calls to Markko. She tells him he better get out of the house or his ass is hers. At that point, Markko comes out of the closet and the girls know that they have not fooled the woman.

At the diner, Antonio and Talia have breakfast and tell his mother that they have been masquerading for Ramsey and now still need to have Eddie believing that Talia is seeing John McBain. Antonio tells her that they have to solve his case soon.

After Todd has informed Marty that Lee Ramsey is dead, she tells him that cannot be. Ramsey promised to take her to the new doctor today.

Right then, John asks Michael what he’s found out about the “mysterious woman” who was staying at Ramsey’s before he got shot.. Michael concludes that he’s pretty certain that she would have to have some sort of dementia or memory loss from what he’s gathered regarding her medical records.

Right then, Marty freaks and realizes she doesn’t remember anything.

Michael concludes to John that unfortunately, even if they found this woman, it’s highly unlikely she’d be able to “help” them unravel anything. She is more than likely a blank slate.

The guy who was Tina’s “agent” is in his limousine on his cell phone, reporting that he knows something about officer Talia Sahib.

Antonio and Talia assure Carlotta that they know what they are doing and everything will be worth it when they solve their case. But she tells them that she is concerned about what this is doing to Jamie. She has really grown attached to Talia and now one more person has abandoned her. She tells her son she should be furious at him but hopefully she will be able to forgive him. Cristian walks in. They all stand up. He tells them he wants to pick up some food for him and Sarah. He sits down and asks Antonio and Talia what has happened recently. They inform him that mysterious woman who ran out of Ramsey’s place with the stolen goods and they must find her. Knowing exactly whom “that woman” is, Cristian has a real dilemma keeping the secret for his girlfriend’s mother.

Alone in Cristian’s apartment. Tina can sense that her daughter has suffered a loss. Sarah admits that Jessica’ husband died. He was a good friend of hers. Tina hears that and tells her that she is really sorry she ahs not been there for her. Sarah cries. Tina tells her daughter that she wishes she could make it up to her. She admits to her daughter that she has involved her in all of her drama. Sarah tells her mother she wouldn’t mind so much if she just knew what was involved in “the mess”. She tells her mom she doesn’t want to lose her again. That’s the main thing she is worried about.

John asks Michael if he thinks that the “injured woman” stuck in Ramsey’s apartment had something to do with the stolen jewels. They can’t figure out who stole the jewels from Lindsay Rappaport’s gallery or what their motives were unless Ramsey needed the money in order to care for the invalid woman. And John informs Michael that he has no clue about what happened in regard to Ramsey getting shot and killed when the one woman and the goods disappeared together and the invalid woman disappeared. The only person who was there or who’d know anything was Todd Manning.

Marty asks Todd just what happened. How did he suddenly appear in Ramsey’s penthouse? He doesn’t even know his name. He tells her he is Todd.

Starr tells Cole that she really wishes that he would understand why she feels she cannot have this baby. Does she regret making love to him? She tells him that she knows of many adult couples who are ready, willing and able to take care of a baby and give it the life that they cannot. And they must be realistic and know that they are not ready to be parents. How can they be parents when they still need parents? He reminds her that “not all” of them have parents. She has two living parents. But the only family he has left is their baby. And he cannot let her give their baby away. She tells him she loves him but she cannot do what he asks. He leaves very upset. She cries.

Langston, Markko and their group of friends are all attempting to sneak out of the house to go on their outing. But they ask Langston and Markko where Cole and Starr are. Isn’t it odd that they haven’t seen them in such a long time? Langston and Markko don’t know how to answer that.

Marcie tells John that she ran into Starr and Cole with Sam. And she suspects that Todd was watching them. He asks her if she shouldn’t be a little more careful. She tells him she is not worried.

Marty asks Todd what his last name is. He tells her his name is Todd Manning. Right then, Janet the nurse enters and tells Marty she’s so glad she has finally found her. Mr. Manning is a good man who has kept her safe. She can trust her. Unfortunately, Lee Ramsey has been killed. And now she(herself) and Mr. Manning will take care of Marty. Marty then stares at Todd like she is not completely trusting of him.

While Sarah is talking to her mother and entertaining the dog, she gets a call. It’s her dad. Sarah greets her father, tells him it’s really sweet that he’d think of her. But she thinks he should offer his condolences Jessica. She informs him that “somebody” is there. Somebody very special. But she won’t tell him who that is.

Cristian and his mother go off together. Antonio and Talia are alone in the diner. She asks if it’s really going to be ok with his mother and brother that they have scammed them. And now they have to find both of these “mystery women” that have disappeared from Ramsey’s home. But he tells her not to worry. They will find them. And it looks like he’s more interested in kissing her than worrying about anything.

After Sarah is done talking to her father on the phone, she notices that her mother is “kinda quiet”. Tina tells Sarah that she needn’t worry about Jessica. Viki will be there for her daughter. Viki is not “like her”. Hearing that, Sarah doesn’t want her mother believing that. Tina then tells her daughter she believes that it’s good that Cristian is not afraid to stand up for her. Sarah then talks about Nash. Tina admits that she didn’t know about Jessica getting married and asks how Nash died. Sarah replies that he fell and she’d rather not talk about that. She then recalls that before her dad called, Tina wanted to talk to her about something. Cristian then returns with the food from the diner.. Tina asks if she can talk to Cristian alone. Sarah says sure. She will take “David Vickers”(the dog) for a walk. She tells Crsitain she knows she may be asking for a lot. Tina tells Cristian that there are many things she wants to say to him. He asks her if she might want to tell him what is going on. He reminds her that he just saw his brother, the cop. And if Sarah is in any danger because of her, he demands to know what is going on. She tells him that she does not intend to put her daughter in any danger. And she has two things to say to him. One, she believes he is really good for Sarah. And she is grateful for that. And two; if he has to turn her in, he may do that. She tells him she can see that only wants what is best for Sarah. And that’s the main thing.

Michael asks Marcie if she is really ok after running into Sam. She tells him that she will be fine. Right then, John tells them he has to go. He gets a call. Michael then gets a call to go back to the hospital.

Todd and Janet talk outside Marty’s room. He thanks her for encouraging Marty to trust him. Janet tell shim she just did what he asked and she doesn’t want Todd making a liar out of her. Todd “assures” Janet he won’t. When Janet goes out the door and Todd is alone with his bodyguard, the guard asks Todd just what else he failed to tell Marty. Todd stays in her room when she awakens again. She tells Todd that she knows he is hiding something. She tells him she can sense that he knew her before the accident. It’s all over his “body language”. She tells him the way he looked at her and had some sort of fear. She demands that Todd tells her just how they know each other and he better not leave anything out.

The teenagers gossip about how Starr’s father caught Cole with his daughter and almost killed him. Langston tells them that she really doesn’t want to hear them gossiping. The girl who starts the gossip tells Langston that she can sense there is more than what Langston is revealing about Starr and Cole and it’s something Langston does not want them to know.

Marcie is alone in the apartment looking at a picture a child drew of a mother and child.

Right then, John goes to find Cole at his mother’s gravesite.

Antonio and Talia are in the diner kissing and assuming they are alone and unseen. But Eddie spies upon them from outside the window.

Marcie gets a knock on her door and is surprised to see Starr. She tells her she might want to be careful if her dad were ever to find out. Starr them blurts out to Marcie that she is pregnant. Marcie is shocked to hear that out of the blue. And Starr asks Marcie if she wants to adopt Starr’s baby.

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